Sylvester Stallone Hated Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Jimmy and Sylvester Stallone talk about his movie The Expendables 3 and the time he auditioned for the first Star Wars film.
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Sylvester Stallone Hated Arnold Schwarzenegger




15 сер 2014





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Ronaldo Moura
Ronaldo Moura 10 годин тому
Eu admiro muito ele
Ronaldo Moura
Ronaldo Moura 10 годин тому
Eu vejo os filmes de desde piqueno
vishnu shankar
vishnu shankar 15 годин тому
Jackie Chan is missing 😒
Daz Ediss
Daz Ediss День тому
Who is the guy who keeps asking him questions and then shouting over the answers? He’s like a slimmer better looking James Cordon but just as fucking annoying
Isaac Mounce
Isaac Mounce 2 дні тому
Remember Arnold's epic hand shake with Carl Weathers? Now imagine that, but instead with Sylvester. The former triggers a nuclear blast. The latter triggered the Big Bang.
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 3 дні тому
Fallon stfu your a talk show HOST meaning you host the show, you’re not the center of attention
JVS 3 6 днів тому
Sylvester was enviously jealous of Arnold. Arnold was the real thing, he worked his ass off in world competitions and then coming to America he went against all odds to be a giant Hollywood Star. Sylvester got lucky with a manuscript, then pretended to be a strong man. Sylvester isn’t half the “person” Arnold is. Never will be
Jömpa 4 дні тому
He's an insecure jealous Jew. Good actor though.
Richy Pittman
Richy Pittman 7 днів тому
If Sylvester Stallone was Hans Solo the whole world would be completely different right now.
b4tp3n9uin 9 днів тому
Carl Weathers is also in that picture
caliv0608 9 днів тому
That face was perfect for Space a different universe. GOTG for the win.
John Beliveau
John Beliveau 10 днів тому
Guys, movie sales? Insta pops on FB? Maybe a body count People are out there. Good people and I realize that. The big pointer is Big Change, is far Beyond. Not original really. Just got to understand. There are good Great People.
Isaac Lobo
Isaac Lobo 12 днів тому
I need subtitles to understand Sylvester 😂😂
ldjstudy 12 днів тому
Jimmy Fallon has the fakest smile. Just stop it.
s rico
s rico 13 днів тому
Sly bring back Kurt for expendables 4 and make Steven segayle the bad guy !!!!
Michael Dib
Michael Dib 14 днів тому
Annie has “tricked” other competitors before Sly. Watch Pumping Iron and hear him say about Franco Columbo (his Freind and bodybuilding competiter) ..”it’s not hard for me to give him the wrong advice” he said while he smiled. .Then Annie won the Mr Olympia after that. Wow. 😎👌
keyboardbeats 14 днів тому
All-star line-up, like the avengers of actors
pnut3844able 15 днів тому
And now he's part of the OG guardians
fanaber70 15 днів тому
What sense does it make to invite one's guests not allowing them to utter any full answer? Sylvester more often than not was unable to get a word in edgewise!
Pedro Daniel Pfaff
Pedro Daniel Pfaff 16 днів тому
How the hell did Sylvester get in.Can't stand him
B_moneyGo 17 днів тому
I can watch all sly movies over and over again. Never get tired of them.
malenkas3 20 днів тому
Why is host's chair higher than the interviewee?
James Kid
James Kid 20 днів тому
Are we all gonna pretend not to notice Wezzas back on the scene?
Marc Ludford
Marc Ludford 21 день тому
They are both terrible actors made some dumb movies
James Kid
James Kid 20 днів тому
@Marc Ludford Anyone that stands up and says Arnie and Sly are both crap must be doing pretty well for themselves i would imagine, so call it instinct
Marc Ludford
Marc Ludford 20 днів тому
@James Kid how did you know are you a time lord
James Kid
James Kid 20 днів тому
whereas you are exceptional and all your movies have been great
david woods
david woods 22 дні тому
Wearing a RM skull series watch lmao guy has made mad money he definitely dont care about not being cast star wars.
Edward 22 дні тому
1:48 can you hear this>??????
Javid Mohammady
Javid Mohammady 23 дні тому
Te quero mucho jahn yo quero hablr contigo
M 24 дні тому
Arnold is still a jerk
Jason Huang
Jason Huang 26 днів тому
Jimmy is easily one of the worst talk show hosts. Fake-ass cringy laughs, constant interruption of the guests, he's just like a dog begging for attention when everyone's focused on the guest.
Jani Kainulainen
Jani Kainulainen 26 днів тому
I think that Sly is better dramatic actor..
Sunita Panta
Sunita Panta 27 днів тому
Hello sir. Nice to see.
Anti-Woke Antagonist
Anti-Woke Antagonist 28 днів тому
Why didn't Fallon mention Mel Gibson...#Stooge
Orion3741 28 днів тому
Watching this interview made me realize ( again ) just how good Johnny Carson was.
Daniel Andrei Rusu
Daniel Andrei Rusu 28 днів тому
People love Wesley Snipes.
Vaibhav Shirke
Vaibhav Shirke 29 днів тому
Go to 2:17
Nirmal 2
Nirmal 2 29 днів тому
Did anyone else hear a fart at 1:47 ?
WorldRenownedCFE 29 днів тому
The beginning of the film was classic "What were you for?" - "Tax Evasion" Wesley Snipes. Expendables 3 Great Film!
John Holland
John Holland Місяць тому
If they made a movie about Sly and Arnold's competition over the years it would be so funny and I would watch it for sure.
Brian Місяць тому
Jimmy Fallon is a douche, always has to interrupt his guests by making stupid comments, thinking he is funny. He sucks.
Layton Pratt
Layton Pratt Місяць тому
“Guys from space don’t look like this” Plays in Guardians of the Galaxy.
K H Місяць тому
The fact that Kelsey Grammer wasn't brought up during the pictorial introduction killed me
DeeArGeeAitch Місяць тому
Mybe I’m just blind but I can’t see Dolph Lundgren in the picture !
Rotilio Madeira
Rotilio Madeira Місяць тому
He is talking with somebody drinking some juice....
T S Місяць тому
Love him
Brad88ford Місяць тому
He made a lot of great films but Arnold was better haha
foleywill569 Місяць тому
Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger played Drago in Rocky IV
Matthias Brugger
Matthias Brugger Місяць тому
Sylvester Stallone= like Arnold Schwarzenegger= coment
Ruger Місяць тому
@One Particularly Smart Ape because he's fishing for likes and attention
One Particularly Smart Ape
One Particularly Smart Ape Місяць тому
Why not both?
Karim Amin
Karim Amin Місяць тому
This guy is so charismatic. Arnold and him were the best and I'm so happy I was able to experience all their greatness growing up as a kid. Those action days will never come again.
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva Місяць тому
This Rambo guy interrupting Fallon just got on my nerves...
Flipje NL
Flipje NL Місяць тому
Because Arnold is better than Sylvester.
Amer Hamed
Amer Hamed Місяць тому
Ur so God at doing his accent
Chris Wakefield
Chris Wakefield Місяць тому
He's a very nice chap.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Місяць тому
Why haven't we ever seen Sylvester Stallone in a Italian mob film is puzzling
Fs777 Fs777
Fs777 Fs777 Місяць тому
We don’t know if civilians do things better than military, we are not here to stablish comparations, it’s about peace and respect between people..,
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Місяць тому
Guest: Breathes Fallon: Hagshahahhshsjwkjajajajajja
Lil Trash
Lil Trash Місяць тому
Luke Skywalker true
Halle Misha
Halle Misha Місяць тому
noah fence but i think jimmy laughs and talks a lot because he’s just super excited/anxious to be talking to celebrities he has always looked up to. i would be acting like him too LOL you guys need to chiillllll
Halle Misha
Halle Misha Місяць тому
also imagine how self conscious he is knowing people criticize him when he laughs like i’d be overthinking shit too
Tech News for Tech Noobs
Tech News for Tech Noobs Місяць тому
Sly: "Guys from space don't have this kind of face." Marvel: "Hey SLy...we have a script for a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy for you to read." Sly: "I'LL DO IT!!!!"
frabber Місяць тому
best part at 2:47 for sure
Rolly uk
Rolly uk Місяць тому
Jimmy ass kissing
gabe lol
gabe lol Місяць тому
i wanna see those two fight
Princess La Blanca Obama
Princess La Blanca Obama Місяць тому
😎💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕⭐⭐⭐⭐🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠The little Star is for Arnold👍
Bing bong Tooda loo
Bing bong Tooda loo Місяць тому
Miss u 2014 my best year😥😥
John Gotti
John Gotti Місяць тому
Jimmy Fallon is so fake.
Will Flavell
Will Flavell Місяць тому
Sylvester Stallone - Like Arnold Schwarzenegger - Comment
Jabir CP
Jabir CP Місяць тому
ca trivullia
ca trivullia Місяць тому
No matter what with action megastars, arnold will always be numero uno becsuse of predator, terminator 1/2 true lies and commando. These have immortalized arnold as the greatest action star ever.
Supreme Being
Supreme Being Місяць тому
Sly was that guy but Arnold was King in the 80's with those action movies...Rambo was first but uhh yeah
Joey D
Joey D Місяць тому
Guest: breaths Jimmy Fallon: fake laugh
Nissim Levy
Nissim Levy Місяць тому
Jimmy's own laugh is funny to him. It's like a negative feedback loop
John Franklin
John Franklin Місяць тому
Rocky in Star Wars!.....Yo....Princess How Ya Doin?
Vinay V
Vinay V Місяць тому
1:48 was that a fart?
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley Місяць тому
I like predator 1 but I feel like predator 2 is underated, keep in mind they had less time to film that movie than the 1st.
Ka Na
Ka Na Місяць тому
I live for nothing now I'm gonna die for something
NightJay0044 Місяць тому
And he's still making movies at his age nowadays, what a legend.
Keith Bittinger
Keith Bittinger Місяць тому
When Arnold had his heart surgery scare Sly was one of the very first to be there by his side.
Victor Ferri
Victor Ferri Місяць тому
Schwarzenegger made better movies than Stallone in the 90's
Doug Green
Doug Green Місяць тому
No Steven Segal ? lol
Dimitris Orestis
Dimitris Orestis Місяць тому
They must have different numbers,like 33 minus.
aman ram
aman ram Місяць тому
Name one actor of the current lot who will come close to our 90s action icons. Sly, Arnie, Chan, etc
Nikko Endres
Nikko Endres Місяць тому
"this isnt the face you see in space" Sylvester Stallone goes on to have a significant role in guardians of the galaxy
Deanos22 Місяць тому
Nikko Endres not significant. He was only in 2 scenes
JimmyCash Nasty
JimmyCash Nasty Місяць тому
I was wondering who this guy that was being interviewed was, an then I remembered that he was the bad guy in Spy Kids 3.
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