Sylvester Stallone Hated Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Jimmy and Sylvester Stallone talk about his movie The Expendables 3 and the time he auditioned for the first Star Wars film.
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Sylvester Stallone Hated Arnold Schwarzenegger




15 сер 2014





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thahll dajj
thahll dajj 13 годин тому
two lion cubs dancing, sly would be the bitch so Swigg is gentle with her, haha,
Ali 62
Ali 62 13 годин тому
His rocky films was a lot of hope for new generations
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku 19 годин тому
That photo IS amazing. Only person missing is Jackie Chan and Bruce Willis.
Giliberto Paparauchas
Giliberto Paparauchas 20 годин тому
Despite competition, the beatles and the stones were good friends back in the day and even collaborates on each other’s records.
Str8 2SAX
Str8 2SAX День тому
Anyone who grew up watching these action stars (Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger) know that there is no one who comes close to these class of action stars today. They were the best, hands down; a class in their own right; a class who exemplify a different era; a golden era really. They have may have been competitive arch nemesis’s but they managed to put on a show for decades of Hollywood entertainment and pure action. You have two men born on two different soils but who both solidify the dream that can only be made possible in America. On a deeper and more nationalistic level, they are patriots reminding us of what made this country so great.
Gladys Ogle
Gladys Ogle 2 дні тому
No one could have ever been Rocky except Sly.
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 2 дні тому
why are all the US chat show hosts so pathetic?
George Parker
George Parker 2 дні тому
Love that Stallone admits to getting tricked into doing movies by Arnold lol
Neurophobos 2 дні тому
Is that a fart at 1:48? 😂😂😂
Jay Birdy
Jay Birdy 3 дні тому
HE RULED in Copland.
Marcelle Ratafia
Marcelle Ratafia 3 дні тому
why that hate? you are both idiots
Arch13 M03
Arch13 M03 4 дні тому
1:47 he farted😂
RYNO LASCAVIO 4 дні тому
Iron sharpens Iron.
Tiaki Mildon
Tiaki Mildon 5 днів тому
Apparently John Cena was in that photo too.....
jtrue71 6 днів тому
I don't know why Stallone has never done a mob movie. He is made to order for that kind of film. I think he'd do great.
FutureGhost 3 дні тому
Debra Williams
Debra Williams 4 дні тому
He did Oscar, which I thought was quite funny
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson 6 днів тому
Does Jimmy ever stop talking and fake laughing?
LIZA DOOLITTLE 6 днів тому
Hey did anyone notice that Harrison Ford was in the picture
laurentiu iliescu
laurentiu iliescu 6 днів тому
Strangle the terminator?🤣try
Chelsey Nathania
Chelsey Nathania 7 днів тому
Rambo and Commando 😆
Hikari Naru
Hikari Naru 8 днів тому
Sylvester: "Guys like this don't look good in space suits." Gaurdians of the galaxy: *exists*
Cryogenius333 4 дні тому
Heard that and literally paused to come down here and make this very comment. XD
warren3427 9 днів тому
Very funny
notsoyoung 1234
notsoyoung 1234 9 днів тому
1:47 did he just farted lol
SkillShooter88 7 днів тому
LMAO seriously tho lol..that pause and that odd sound ..
Mike Samo
Mike Samo 9 днів тому
Thanks mr Stallone we enjoy watching you amazing Character
Rakesh Nair
Rakesh Nair 9 днів тому
Guys in space doesn't have this kind of face.... except the Ravagers in MCU..... (and then there was Taser Face :D)
hunter brown
hunter brown 9 днів тому
Guys from space don't have this kind of face. Fast forward to guardians of the galaxy vol.2
Andrian Questell
Andrian Questell 9 днів тому
"Guys in space dont have this face..." Goes on to play a character in space in GOTG 2. Lawl!😁👍
J- ic
J- ic 10 днів тому
Arnold and Stallone would be like Superman and Batman.
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 10 днів тому
I hate mel Gibson the dude is a piece of shit
Love _Matters
Love _Matters 10 днів тому
Why's Sylvester being an asshole??
Jordan Norton
Jordan Norton 10 днів тому
guys from space DO look like you, you ended up in gotg2 :)
TheKingDagon108 10 днів тому
I really hate Jimmy Fallon with his fake over the top laughs and talking over the guests constantly
N乇イH乇工M 10 днів тому
1:48 fart ?????
Zen The Nerd Gamer
Zen The Nerd Gamer 11 днів тому
I mean, they sound more like rivals to me😂
Mister Mk4
Mister Mk4 11 днів тому
The difference between Schwarzy and Stallone is that Stallone is forced to make his own movie to be in it. While Schwarzy is still hot as a Terminator.
thahll dajj
thahll dajj 11 днів тому
I'm led to believe that Epival psyche med is a lesser form of EPO, I'd love to know the first gen thing of my meds that turned into sports drugs,
goat llama
goat llama 12 днів тому
I wanna see arnold and sylvester arm wrestle
Chuva Reyes
Chuva Reyes 12 днів тому
I thought they were the same person
Brandon VanHoozier
Brandon VanHoozier 12 днів тому
I think Stallone would be good as like a space commander that’s more like the captain in the clover field paradox where he’s not a huge part of the story but is an leadership figure that may eventually sacrifice himself
Jancey Alamos
Jancey Alamos 13 днів тому
This talk show host is such a fraud
LivingEvans 13 днів тому
Stallone: I get it, guys in space don't look like this. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Hold my beer.
LP Flowers
LP Flowers 13 днів тому
He said that about Star Wars, but the little time he spent in Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing 🙏🏾
Cyclops 13 днів тому
I mean Arnold is hella better than he’ll ever be
Tom Kay
Tom Kay 13 днів тому
That wound was still fresh the way he spit out Commando.
Jedidah Fire
Jedidah Fire 6 днів тому
Yeah, they're selfish, spoiled disgusting children that cannot forgive or grow/mature. They're mentally retarded animals/devils who only truly care about themselves and get worshiped for it...
Brian Peck
Brian Peck 13 днів тому
Stallone wore spandex in Judge Dredd
DaveIn2Fray 13 днів тому
Jimmy Fallon is the most fake, annoying, interrupting little maggot on TV .
catoblepag 13 днів тому
Trailer: "Back in their time, they were all stars. Way too expensive to cast. Way too proud to share the screen. Now they are old. Now they are... ...The Affordables". DUN-DUN-DUNNN
warrcc c
warrcc c 7 днів тому
Actually thats why he named the film "The Expendables"
Brody S. Luckymann
Brody S. Luckymann 10 днів тому
God damn, this comment is gold
ToxicSkull0 11 днів тому
Dylan 13 днів тому
Sylvester or Arnold
Esacus 14 днів тому
”I did Rambo and he did Commando” Fallon: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! * spin chair * * slams table * * continues to laugh as if he just inhaled an entire tank of nitrous *
are you reading this with socks on
Spudish Gambino *IT'S OBNOXIOUS*
Spudish Gambino
Spudish Gambino 9 днів тому
It was pretty funny tho
Scorge 9 днів тому
It's obnoxious
ToxicSkull0 11 днів тому
Celebrity: Exists* Fallon: BAHAHABAHABAHABAHA
Teresa Linton
Teresa Linton 14 днів тому
i met arnold once in a restaurant in dc. hes an ass
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 14 днів тому
Would have been great to see Sylvester Stallone in the Terminator series.
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 10 днів тому
Uh no thanks your brains are shit fuck off
facuxmr 14 днів тому
Pero si es Piia Gohda
Chrissy G city
Chrissy G city 14 днів тому
And Apollo (Carl weathers) was in predator too 😂 as Dillon the shady CIA man
BAKKENTRUCKND 14 днів тому
Stallone is a good actor. Though I've heard he's kinda a dick to fans. But man I can't stand Jimmy Fallon! What a non-funny yes-man talentless hack. Definitely doesn't hold a candle to his predecessors or the competition.
Jon Rodriguez
Jon Rodriguez 15 днів тому
Sylvester:Hate Arnold Also Sylvester: Thxs arnold For Congratulations for his new Movie
Joeshar 15 днів тому
Rambo beats Commando Total Recall beats Demolition Man Rocky beats Conan Terminator beats Judge Dredd Any comedy by these two: sucks
Bruce Cain
Bruce Cain 15 днів тому
Stallone is a very intelligent man, I’m about sick and tired of Fallon always interrupting his guest! It’s annoying, he comes off sometimes as a dick especially with his recent interview with Joaquin Phoenix, revealing that outtake footage was out of line
marcus ramirez
marcus ramirez 15 днів тому
denzel and bruce willis shouldve made the cut also.
Rick Woollens
Rick Woollens 15 днів тому
romania rom
romania rom 15 днів тому
Stallone u bastard tell ur mom she should not so bitching
MagicDetailing 16 днів тому
Aha-hahahaha-ha !
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