Sylvester Stallone on His Old Beef with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Sylvester Stallone sat down for Variety's cover story and discussed how he likes to stay out of politics despite being mislabeled a Republican for portraying patriotic characters like John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. He also touched on his former beef with fellow star Arnold Schwarzenegger.




9 сер 2019





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Luis P
Luis P 6 днів тому
Arnold and Sly both have beeyooteefull families.
StuUngar 11 днів тому
I was and will always be Team Stallone rather than Team Schwarzenegger. Outside of Predator and Total Recall, I dont care for Arnolds movies....yes, that includes T2
Michael Dib
Michael Dib 14 днів тому
Annie has “tricked” other competitors before Sly. Watch Pumping Iron and hear him say about Franco Columbo (his Freind and bodybuilding competiter) ..”it’s not hard for me to give him the wrong advice” he said while he smiled. .Then Annie won the Mr Olympia after that. Wow. 😎👌
the the
the the Місяць тому
These two are like Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. They both are born to be friends even tho they didn't want to :')
Gino Asci
Gino Asci Місяць тому
not much about his old beef with arnold....why put that in the title....i hate mislabeling
Scott Turner
Scott Turner Місяць тому
I'm Rocky Balboa the Italian stallion. People say I'm the American dream..
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fletchlee49 2 місяці тому
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buzz magister
buzz magister 2 місяці тому
I enjoyed Paradise Alley
3DsbsMx 2 місяці тому
Damn! His face is turning into an scrotum, that’s not normal aging.
Bob & family productions
Bob & family productions 3 місяці тому
Arnold is so much better Stallone makes decent movies but it's not cause he brings a whole lot to the film.
Bob & family productions
Bob & family productions 2 місяці тому
@Jake Garnett Nice. I think Arnie is just as good of an actor, far more entertaining and knows how to get the most out of a film. Stallone is great at his writing and creating films. Being able to keep rambo rocky and the expendables movies good throughout all the sequels is impressive.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 2 місяці тому
Clyde Michael To me, Sly is the better actor & Arnold is the one who has better films. But I’ll still take Sly over him.
Bob & family productions
Bob & family productions 3 місяці тому
Stallone you don't look good. Just age don't mess up your face.
Igor Teller
Igor Teller 4 місяці тому
Sylvester Stallone is a living legend.
Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker 4 місяці тому
Wow! Sly what's up with the Botox???
Eileen Mclaughlin
Eileen Mclaughlin 4 місяці тому
jacob mitchell
jacob mitchell 5 місяців тому
Arnold was buff back then, now stallone is the buff one in their 70's
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 2 місяці тому
jacob mitchell Arnold is still in great shape too.
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 5 місяців тому
I love ❤️Sly as Rocky I love all the Rocky movies and I ❤️ Arnold as The Terminator
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 5 місяців тому
I love Sly and Arnold I'm glad they realized they are both amazingly talented people and should be good friends.
Connor solid
Connor solid 5 місяців тому
Hes voice sounds younger.
Johnny King
Johnny King 5 місяців тому
Terminator vs Rambo who will win
Jay P
Jay P 5 місяців тому
Nice makeup Mr Stallone
Darrien pennington
Darrien pennington 5 місяців тому
breadfan262 6 місяців тому
That is a LOT of plastic surgery
elghark 6 місяців тому
00:54 Try to set English subtitles and read what it automatically write
alan wisdom
alan wisdom 6 місяців тому
Now he looks old OK he's old but I mean he took an old shot lately, the skin of his arms is all wrinkled and sagging. We all want the heroes to be young forever.... 😔
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 2 місяці тому
alan wisdom I get what you’re saying, but he’s 73, dude.
Truth Now
Truth Now 6 місяців тому
I thought sly was on HGH he needs twn take more as he looks like a old bag
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 2 місяці тому
Gary Christopher He’s 73 years old, what do you expect?
RVZ 6 місяців тому
I actually grew up loving stop or my mom will shoot... when he finds that his mom washed his gun is comedy gold.. I related cause my mom meddles all the time lol
f-Stop Movies
f-Stop Movies 6 місяців тому
whoever setup the audio on Sly should be fired.
Alpa Chinos
Alpa Chinos 6 місяців тому
He looks like an alcoholic 84 year old actress
UsJoe 6 місяців тому
He seems to be in progress for a facial reconstruction. Just look at the vast differences between both sides of his face! I'm surprised he let himself to be exposed to this.
SI Punk
SI Punk 6 місяців тому
When he said Arnold Schwarzenegger, the subtitles showed ''All the shots and nigga'' LMFAO
matalata 6 місяців тому
I love Sly. But he has to take it easy with the facelifts and hair plugs.
Tiger G
Tiger G 6 місяців тому
Botox much?
Новый пользователь
Новый пользователь 6 місяців тому
I can't look at this... Where is my youth? Sly, Arnold... Why you so old?! I want to go back...
Tadas Dovidauskas
Tadas Dovidauskas 6 місяців тому
Stallone looks like old granny
Rafael Birkner
Rafael Birkner 6 місяців тому
it hurts to see this super-hero of my youth fading away.... he needs some TRT
D Taylor
D Taylor 6 місяців тому
Does anyone remember dried apple faces?
buttieboy666 6 місяців тому
Pretty sure arni is winning this race.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 2 місяці тому
buttieboy666 Not right now.
BottleBrassMonkey 6 місяців тому
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor 6 місяців тому
Sly needs to lay off the Botox.
Alex Gia
Alex Gia 6 місяців тому
my friends and i still randomly shout ANDREAAANN and Get to da choppa! in certain situations. lol. cheesy or not, those guys had some very memorable movies!
ghostdog2041 6 місяців тому
Sly, sly. Please, let your eyebrows go greyer. It’s silly looking. They look pencilled in like Big Ang’s or something.
chitlika 6 місяців тому
The Movie where he's underground in New york (cant remember name ) leading survivors to safety and The Cliffhanger film are far better movies than the ones where sly is killing people left right and centre .Copland was good too, a bit of thought rather than mindless violence.
C K 6 місяців тому
Andrea Libero
Andrea Libero 6 місяців тому
dukkar123 6 місяців тому
JCVD... THE legend of Van Damme
Jemima victor
Jemima victor 6 місяців тому
Age :) but bad lighting.
Jason Swanson
Jason Swanson 6 місяців тому
The thumbnail looks like David S Pumpkins ANY QUESTIONS?
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 6 місяців тому
Terminator and Rambo vs THE WORLD. I want to see that happen.
Doug Tarnopol
Doug Tarnopol 6 місяців тому
Stallone, of course, is right about the change in H-wood since the 70s. (As well as highly intelligent: you forget!) It mirrors all of society: the data-crunching bean-counters have taken over. We just saw Elaine May's Mikey and Nicky last night. That's cinema. Yes, we like scifi and Avengers stuff, too. It's great. It's not fucking exploring the human condition. C'mon. I like roller coasters, too, but it's just a different experience than, say, telling someone you love them for the first time.
Doug Tarnopol
Doug Tarnopol 6 місяців тому
Of course, if you can manage to tell someone you love them for the first time on a roller coaster, you're totally set. :)
Noodle T
Noodle T 6 місяців тому
Stallone has not aged well. Look at those flappy arms (triceps) and too much facial surgery!
Wilmer Lubian
Wilmer Lubian 6 місяців тому
I like them both equally. That’s the tea spilled.
Tom Joad
Tom Joad 6 місяців тому
This guy is very much smarter than I used to thought
Rockygirl 6 місяців тому
I Love Stallone
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 6 місяців тому
"I'm the only non hispanic in the movie" Aren't Italian's Hispanic? I know some of you trying to claim that white card... but ya'll aien't haha
Josh Gellis
Josh Gellis 6 місяців тому
Richard Andrews 'Latin' is what you're thinking of. His intelligence lays within things other than cultural histories.
David abott
David abott 6 місяців тому
He's aging terrible skin looking like wore out
adec avdic
adec avdic 6 місяців тому
He is 73 you realise that?
ransua17 6 місяців тому
I think that the real issue with how movies are made today, is that there is no real originality anymore. Today most movies that are made are either reboots, sequels or adaptations of books. If you look back at the greatest movies of all time, the reason that they were the greatest is because there was nothing else like them at the time. I miss the times when film makers would simply make a movie because it was one that they would like to see, regardless of what public perception was at the time, but now they work off of this formula that dictates what the public wants. Because of that, studios pump out mediocre movie after mediocre movie rather than giving their writers and directors the artistic freedom that they crave and that the public so desperately needs. If they were to do that, sure there would be some failures, but there would also be greatness.
Liam Martinez
Liam Martinez 6 місяців тому
Dude looking rough.
Jesse James
Jesse James 6 місяців тому
They hated each other playing on The Expendables. And other movies they star in.
FisheeC3 6 місяців тому
Wow, he's had a shit ton of work done on his face + hair.
yellowburger 6 місяців тому
Sly would have looked like an awesome old man, it's too bad he went for a plastic surgery freakazoid version of a young Sly.
yellowburger 6 місяців тому
OMG, I heard Arnold tell that Stop or my mom will shoot story but I thought he was full of crap, hahaha.
Twinkie Cakey
Twinkie Cakey 6 місяців тому
Seriously, I hope to God that Arnold and Sylvester live till 100. Those are legends I'm dying to meet.
Apo Plexic
Apo Plexic 6 місяців тому
McCartney got muscles huh?
Matias Laurila
Matias Laurila 6 місяців тому
Man he looks like a dead avocado.
kjlovescoffee 6 місяців тому
He looks more and more like the clay model of him in Green Jelly's Three Little Pigs music video
Best Electronic Music From New Geniuses
Best Electronic Music From New Geniuses 6 місяців тому
he is so italian he looks like he could be the emperor of rome.
Ralph Mancini
Ralph Mancini 6 місяців тому
I've never seen his face look this bad. Is it the makeup, the lighting or some bad work he had done to his mug?
SqueeBopBadoo 6 місяців тому
An american icon.
Chris May
Chris May 6 місяців тому
Holy Fuck! Look at his face!! What is that, Botox??? Looks horrible... Like the "Christman With the Kranks" Movie
untamedoffice 6 місяців тому
this guy knows his shit
Saturnian Pytonwielki
Saturnian Pytonwielki 6 місяців тому
I realy like him, but cant stand looking at that face
Billy SteelerFan43
Billy SteelerFan43 6 місяців тому
The only bad thing about this interview is that is should have been 20 minutes long!! :)
Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange
Yikes... his cosmetic surgery looks worse every time. He looks like a clay mould of a face that some kid smudged his fingers into.
Ciarán 6 місяців тому
Did he only get a facelift of the left side?
Trev Or
Trev Or 6 місяців тому
He's the only non-Hispanic so that makes it very real... u lost me....
Rex 6 місяців тому
Sly is wearing away, starts to look like a grandma, his next role is to be one of the Golden Girls: Next generation main cast. I'm not saying this as a fact, but as being an Arnold fan before puberty.
JoE Stuff
JoE Stuff 6 місяців тому
@ 5:25 - Wtf does that even mean?
quatz1981 6 місяців тому
It will be one of the saddest days ever when we no longer have Sly or Arnie. Both are gods in my eyes.
Alexx S.
Alexx S. 6 місяців тому
what happened to his face , anyone knows? he looks like a muppet
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