Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Marques Brownlee
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Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.
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18 сер 2018

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GALAXY 5 годин тому
GALAXY 5 годин тому
Talking tech ? wtf
liep kuel
liep kuel 18 годин тому
The 1st flying car will be Tesla made
R J 20 годин тому
The older he gets his hair gets thicker, wtf. Btw if that was me speaking like that, everybody would think i am retarded.
John Nash
John Nash День тому
I think he is an alien.. it can't be possible to run Tesla and Space X at the same time..
Ani Jose
Ani Jose 2 дні тому
Humans are really good at doing x... He sounds like a alien overload lol
BloodSpiller Gaming
BloodSpiller Gaming 12 годин тому
I do believe there are times when he feels like one, shaking his head at some of the things "humans" do, or robots, in this case.
Austin Bell
Austin Bell 3 дні тому
2:05 in to the video and I'm gonna shoot myself if he says "um" again. 😅
Rasmus Sterup
Rasmus Sterup 3 дні тому
He is literally to clever to talk, just like Einstein
Kenneth Paul Saman
Kenneth Paul Saman 3 дні тому
"What's my purpose?" "You pass doors."
kaguutk 3 дні тому
while breathing between sentences his brain is planning a new company
Daniel King21
Daniel King21 3 дні тому
Anyone notice that Elon musk whistles a little as he talks
Michael T. McGovern
Michael T. McGovern 3 дні тому
Great interview
ARUN NEGI 3 дні тому
Elon is the best
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 4 дні тому
Elon musk ... The real iron man
Tybetts 4 дні тому
Elon is my idol man greatest entrepreneur ever 🔥 wish i could afford a Tesla 😅
shejuti bhuiyan
shejuti bhuiyan 4 дні тому
Miqseri GX
Miqseri GX 4 дні тому
Mark ass brownie
kiLLjoy24CALI 4 дні тому
if he drops a really good, reliable tesla for 25K, Oil company gonna be mad
Leo Buckman
Leo Buckman 5 днів тому
Interesting to see how Tesla has done in the year since this video made. They still have a relatively uneasy future
D HOP 5 днів тому
Why do people call this man a genius but call Trump a blabbering idiot? Their speech sounds similar, Trump actually makes more sense, Elon blabbers. Elon sounds like a young girl.
Chris DF
Chris DF 6 днів тому
Ew going to pretend this ad for Elon musk doesn’t exist
Ioannis Stavrakellis
Ioannis Stavrakellis 6 днів тому
Ray charles Eshun
Ray charles Eshun 6 днів тому
DUCKarena 7 днів тому
12:13 space balls reference XD
E-best agressive agressor
E-best agressive agressor 7 днів тому
All those people saying elon musk is fucking crazy believing we live in a simulation for gods sake random celebrities believe earth is flat
E-best agressive agressor
E-best agressive agressor 7 днів тому
Cant wait for the electric powered phone tesla will release next week
They use LG TVs in Tesla company.
R.F. Khoury
R.F. Khoury 8 днів тому
Tesla is a Trailblazer in the EV Industry & Innovation. While Market Penetration (price) Strategy is a necessity at this phase, Tesla could stay ahead of BMW EV and others by focusing on Range & Reliability. Tesla Fanatics wish they could buy one top unit of each Model. Alon aught to clone himself and place Clones in each & every Department.
Jimmy Tear
Jimmy Tear 8 днів тому
How did you like, like the video?
John Russel Tatel
John Russel Tatel 8 днів тому
These both African-Americans are talking to each other lol.
Austin Cahill
Austin Cahill 9 днів тому
his hands look huge when he puts them on his knees
Nathan Smalley
Nathan Smalley 9 днів тому
where's the tech talk? its all Tesla talk
david dolce Rex
david dolce Rex 9 днів тому
Kaygan Zemin
Kaygan Zemin 9 днів тому
the view gonna gather devil soon
Ali Zaidi
Ali Zaidi 9 днів тому
Sam T
Sam T 11 днів тому
This guy is AGI trust me. Try listening to Sophia from Handson Robotics as she decode questions and you can relate.
BJA Tulus
BJA Tulus 11 днів тому
2 african-american dude
Hussam 11 днів тому
markass brownie
Vladimir Simic
Vladimir Simic 12 днів тому
Everything discussed and questions asked are questions already being answered and discuss being discussed
J Du
J Du 12 днів тому
Hey guys im having a in person interview for tesla in fremont,CA. Any suggestions? Im nervous
Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman 12 днів тому
Just be as polite as you can, be confidant, keep eye contact and talk clearly. Make sure you don't understate or overstate your abilities.
sharp15. geometry
sharp15. geometry 12 днів тому
I love Elon. He operates on another level.
Christian Jordan
Christian Jordan 13 днів тому
Yea why would Elon waste his time on twitter and be a nerd with no life he is to good for Twitter and is extremely busy
Hulisani Matsila
Hulisani Matsila 13 днів тому
He moves like a Robot at 1:10
GeorgeSkate 13 днів тому
I love Elon
Hardik Vaidya
Hardik Vaidya 13 днів тому
Love how Elon is equally excited about sharing his thoughts on this interview! Well done Marques.
Richard Saunders
Richard Saunders 14 днів тому
17:12 "I'ts a tough ShhsSsshHsSshs strategical".
perry portfield
perry portfield 15 днів тому
This Dude is a wizard ❤️
quelorepario 15 днів тому
*Question:* "how long will it take?" *Normal guy's thought process:* "not much". *Normal guy's answer:* "not much". *Musk's thought process:* "Are we talking about 'long' as time or 'long' as length, or 'long' as a data type? I assume that based on how the question is formulated he is -with a high probability- referring to the unit of time, but which unit would that be? Are we talking about seconds, hours or years? Should I ask him that? No, that is weird, let's stick with months. So based on the context I guess that with 'it' he is referring to the delivery of the model 3, so the calculation of the estimated time of delivery should factor in Baynesian probability of failure of any point in the supply chain and manufacturing accidents, which if I remember correctly... *Musk's actual answer:* er... er... uh... (looking up) er... I... I... thi-think (looking at the interviewer) 458.38 mo-months.
•Gekyume• 23 години тому
BRUH LMAO this clever asf
Uask Ianswer
Uask Ianswer 15 днів тому
Elon, make a mf phone man .
Ne Ne Ne
Ne Ne Ne 15 днів тому
Great interview, well done!
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