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Ted Cruz tells Hannity about the border crisis in Texas

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Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn weigh in on the immigration crisis on the southern border and how it's affecting their home state on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews
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11 січ 2019

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Jeremiah Miller
Jeremiah Miller 4 години тому
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz 5 годин тому
Dig my beard?! Mehhh
frenly Neybur
frenly Neybur 6 годин тому
I just don't understand why they want to corrupt the USA, if America goes down, they go down...
riptorn 14 годин тому
Guys like him don't want to be seen as un american because they're of hispanic descent, especially now with Cortez fuking up in the house LOL so predictable.
The Hawk
The Hawk 14 годин тому
Dwight Knuckles
Dwight Knuckles 16 годин тому
Ted, I take you you more serious now you support the wall with the president Donald Trump.. I also take you more serious with the man beard. Build the wall, change the laws, like our leader whom keeps it real wants. It's not rocket science.
cute hure
cute hure 20 годин тому
Why does Hannity interview cruz regarding the border wall. He should be interviewing him regarding his involvement in paedophilia ....
T San
T San День тому
When did George lucas become a TX senator?
Freerider День тому
What's up with Ted's bobblehead
Jeffery Barmann
Jeffery Barmann День тому
Honestly, it appears there is a force controlling the Democratic Party. No human brain can be that dysfunctional and be able to carry out every day physical and mental demands for being human.
Josh Raines
Josh Raines День тому
Impeach or remove Schumer and Nancy they don't belong in government trump should hold the state of the union at a stadium some where not at the White House
Josh Raines
Josh Raines День тому
80% of drugs come in threw the ports other than the boarder still need our wall tho I stand with the president🇱🇷
Ron Holloway
Ron Holloway День тому
Why aren't we blaming Mexico more than we do? They let them cross their Southern border and facilitate their travel to our Southern Border! Close our border, build the wall and make Mexico police their Northern Border with ours! Petition removal of Pelosi and Schumer, if possible, and any other Liberal Socialist. Why can't "We the People" remove anyone who doesn't perform their "oath of office" to protect and defend the Constitution. All they do is try to change and implement Socialist Dogma.
Joe agado
Joe agado День тому
I voted for the first time last year it was for TED CRUZzzzzzzz.....
Joe agado
Joe agado День тому
I’m from The Valley I voted Republican from Dallas I know what goes down there a lot of people vote Democrats cause we been raised like that we’ve been so brainwashed good thing I got educated
Nikbecool 2 дні тому
Ted Cruz has become Cruz Missle
Brent Waits
Brent Waits 2 дні тому
I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because I was misinformed, but I have recently joined the Trump train. I will be voting for Trump in 2020 no matter what. He's fighting for Americans and is doing so amazing.
Jehovah Jesus
Jehovah Jesus 2 дні тому
Dems want the crime provided by the open border. Globalists stole the Gold from WTC.
Crystal and Bruce Parsons
Crystal and Bruce Parsons 2 дні тому
One point that needs to be mentioned is 9/11 and National security because if you forget all the drug cartels and all the other human trafficking violations this is National security if one of these Caravans gets infiltrated by a terrorist ends up in the United States what's going to happen so Nancy and Chuck are you just waiting for another 9/11 ?
kurgon1976 2 дні тому
actually big Pharma companies created the epidemic..
Hunter Doxtater
Hunter Doxtater 2 дні тому
Ted is my dawg but he looks like a bobblehead.
Thomas Jacky
Thomas Jacky 2 дні тому
Hannitys wrong doings of deceptions Cohen has submitted to Mueller investigations next. FOX BETTER THINK ABOUT THEIR RACIST PLATFORM
Thomas Jacky
Thomas Jacky 2 дні тому
Cruz is the Puppet of Trump. The Drugs were planted! FBI Will be investigating Cruz.
ProbablyPublic 3 дні тому
Liking the beard on Cruz
Austin Pruitt
Austin Pruitt 3 дні тому
We need to deport lying Ted to Canada and immigrant melania to where ever she came from and build the wall and vote against democrats and trump in 2020! Then the problem will be solved.😎👍🇺🇸
workingbrain 3 дні тому
Sean Hannity is a loser
workingbrain 3 дні тому
Fox news.....what a joke.
Michael Vechnak
Michael Vechnak 3 дні тому
Building the wall is not a political option it is a constitutional obligation!
Daniel Campos
Daniel Campos 3 дні тому
We pay see 5 republican figures assassinated this year 😂 can’t wait!
Victor O
Victor O 3 дні тому
Even if a wall gets built USA crackheads will knock it down to go get there fix in Mexico REDtards. Rehab programs for support for drug abuse victim's. Is what you need REDtards!!
Victor O
Victor O 3 дні тому
🖕🖕 Donald n Texas
ideaquest 3 дні тому
Ted Cruz looking good. Build the Wall and let the grass beard grow on it.
KINADOE doe 3 дні тому
We have amazing boarder for Canada. Nothing goes through there.
Michael Jade
Michael Jade 3 дні тому
Fat man Hannity is getting ready to hibernate: will someone please stuff another cheese burger in his mouth to keep him quiet. He is like Trump; talk, talk, talk and hoping to hear an echo response of all his brown nose stupidity.
Shon McClure
Shon McClure 3 дні тому
A guy born in Canada ran for President. He represents the party that pretended a guy born in Hawaii was not an American-born citizen. Thus he somehow he couldn't legally hold the highest office here. Now the guy born in Canada is talking about a non-existent crisis.
Sharon Boston
Sharon Boston 3 дні тому
Did Ted Cruz speak up or fight for a paycheck for his unemployed constituents due to this shutdown? I heard that many it's workers have been called back to work without pay.
MacguffinsTV 3 дні тому
Ted Cruz seems different here, more sure of himself. Must be the beard.
TheJayster571 3 дні тому
We need border security now. Can't you see that. That's how we got this dumb Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz.
Bakchod Engineer
Bakchod Engineer 3 дні тому
Clintons are criminals. They should be locked up
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones 3 дні тому
The real solution would be to invade Mexico cut it into states and add those states to the United
Nbr1 Dallasfan
Nbr1 Dallasfan 4 дні тому
Why should we now listen to "Lyin' Ted"????? We were told not to believe anything that came from his mouth. I forget who gave him that nickname. Also, wasn't Cruz's dad in on the Kennedy assassination? What about his ugly wife?
frank da tank
frank da tank 4 дні тому
Let’s be honest, trump caused the shutdown. He admitted on live tv. Yes I’m a Republican.
Stuart Hancock
Stuart Hancock 4 дні тому
So get Mexico to pay for it just as you promised.
LT Weaver
LT Weaver 4 дні тому
Thanks Ted for not shaving and being a man!
Jerry 4 дні тому
Bill Hargate
Bill Hargate 4 дні тому
Ted Cruz looks great with the beard!
little_faith 4 дні тому
Ted Cruz is such a cuck
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly 4 дні тому
At the time of writing Fox News has 372,950 views. Stephen Colbert has 5.2 MILLION in the same time period. What does that say to advertisers?
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly 4 дні тому
Question from Australia - this the same guy Trump called "lying Ted"? Is he lying now, or lying then...sorry a bit confused.
Leonard McCaffrey
Leonard McCaffrey 4 дні тому
Over stay visas. Most of them are from France and the UK. Oh yeah, don't forget the ones that pass through the border where the agents are.
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 дні тому
San Francisco is Pelosi's District isn't it? Pelosis District where they're giving out needles and there's junkies shooting up in the Subways and on the streets Where there is feces are all over the place
David Stelter
David Stelter 4 дні тому
Cruz actually looks kind of cool with the beard.
Alex Guajardo
Alex Guajardo 4 дні тому
What victims did Cruz meet with? I was here...he was non existant
Greg Mccumber
Greg Mccumber 4 дні тому
Hell has open borders... Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy... TRUMP 2020! (pass it on)
Saluki 4 дні тому
We've known for twenty years that the lefties in the news business are coordinating the memes and cliches they use. The repetition, the drumbeat of frequently-repeated phrases and words lend strength to whatever they say. But just because you've heard "there is no crisis" twenty times today doesn't mean it's true. Stop listening to the media liars.
Tech Priest
Tech Priest 4 дні тому
Pray for our President
Caleb Salvatore
Caleb Salvatore 4 дні тому
I am a government employee and I 100% support Trump and the wall!!! Whatever it takes to keep us safe!
kray421 4 дні тому
Watch Ted Cruz in Avengers:Endgame as Wolveriene
Rock 4 дні тому
Ted Cruz, Hannity, Rush, Trump. Is that a mental health asylum for the delusional freaks or a new chapter in the Wizard of Oz.
Jason Ward
Jason Ward 4 дні тому
Walk around the rio grande 😂 I don’t think those two walk other than to get in the car to drive up to a whataburger 😂
Shannon Jensen
Shannon Jensen 5 днів тому
Use Planned Parenthood money to build the wall. Human lives saved!
Jack Shite
Jack Shite 5 днів тому
Trump as Prez, Ted as Senator, it's best this way.
Mickey J. Duke Sr.
Mickey J. Duke Sr. 5 днів тому
I'm sorry but what this seems like is... The parents want to install an alarm system in the house to keep EVERYONE inside safe. The children are saying no! They don't want it because their friends who don't belong coming and going, bringing drugs in the house won't like it! And they won't feed the family pets until the parents drop the idea of safety. (not saying our wonderful workers are pets only using parody)
Mickey J. Duke Sr.
Mickey J. Duke Sr. 5 днів тому
Ted Cruz's beard is smashing. I would trust a man allot more with a beard in politics. Masculinity in politics shows strength. Honest Abe.. and I'll leave it at that!
gabriel carabello
gabriel carabello 5 днів тому
"Lyin Ted" is now supporting Trump, the man who not only insulted him but his wife?
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 5 днів тому
Oh, man,....Wow! Look at Ted Cruz with the beard and everything. Cool. Wait to go. That's what's wrong with the Democrats. No spine. They have a manly man in the White House and they don't know how to handle him. Because they can't handle him. It's the other way around. He's handling them. As it should be.
P Zak
P Zak 5 днів тому
Len Dington
Len Dington 5 днів тому
Fake crisis. Fake news. Still waiting on the invasion footage. Everything Trump does is in favor of Putin. EVERYTHING!
Karen Degenhart
Karen Degenhart 5 днів тому
Love the new beard.
They Are His Minions
They Are His Minions 5 днів тому
The resistance is there simply due to the fact that Chuck & Nancy want to be in the spotlight and be the ones that are doing it. BUT! Since DJT, The POTUS that the IMMORAL LEFT all hate is wanting to GET IT DONE, they are fighting it. They are just P!$$3D 0FF that they will be profiting from it. Nothing but Greedy Attention Whores! Every one of them!
deonfenbauer comments
deonfenbauer comments 5 днів тому
Lying ted
deonfenbauer comments
deonfenbauer comments 5 днів тому
Cruz u mexican too bastard
Pamela 5 днів тому
Pelosi is going senile and Chuckie is just brainless and the left votes for these types !
Adam Worrell
Adam Worrell 5 днів тому
wow, that beard makes him look like a man, instead of a sniveling beta cuck soy boy, i like it Theodore.
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 5 днів тому
This absolutely is not right. We have people here that need their pay check to pay bills and feed their families while the Dems are at a retreat having fun. We all know what a retreat is and what their doing there. Dems get your asses back to work in Washington and sit down with the President and work this boarder problem out. Your vacation and we have people dying. What the hell is wrong with you? And you call yourselves Americans.!!
Luis Cortez
Luis Cortez 5 днів тому
As a democrat , Mr Trump is not my President ; but Mr. ted Cruz you can Keep kissing Mr. trump Behind all you want. He is the President of Rich and Famous. Nothing last forever . Mr. trump will pass to History in two years Maybe 6 years. I got patience.
fibsernum30 5 днів тому
I don't know why a pretentious, pompous personality like Sean Hannity would listen to a liar. We know that Ted Cruz is a liar because our distinguished President made that clear when he succinctly labeled him "Lyin' Ted". We know that President Trump would never lie. If we deny that Mr. Cruz is a liar, that means we are calling our President a liar. Hmm... this is confusing; why are all of these lies and liars becoming entangled? Oh wait, this is Fox News! Okay, that explains it.
Nathan Bodnar
Nathan Bodnar 5 днів тому
Ted your awesome
n f
n f 5 днів тому
canada has border...too
Teo_ 5 днів тому
And the Dems call Republicans conspiracy theorists........
Joseph Hooper
Joseph Hooper 5 днів тому
The Democrats are so foul and disgusting, to even dispute a border wall!!!!! When so many people die every year from that border!!!!
Mona C
Mona C 5 днів тому
Someone needs to tell cruz he looks even more ridiculous with that beard, it's right up there with trumps wig.
velencei gábor
velencei gábor 5 днів тому
So, USA has the biggest, strongest army on Earth, ut they cant defend a few thousand miles of the own border against some non-militarized groups?
Nicholas Kudin
Nicholas Kudin 5 днів тому
so non scripted compared to cnn or other liberal media. just randomly brings in a guy to talk lol
Nicholas Kudin
Nicholas Kudin 5 днів тому
there ya go Ted, 6th man of the year
john smith
john smith 5 днів тому
i hear they want a wall to keep us in and thats why they are putting up checkpoints 90 miles inland from the border if you get past them then you have to make it over the wall.
robert gillies
robert gillies 5 днів тому
hEY, how'd that guy sneak over to here from Canada!
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble 6 днів тому
That beard on Ted Cruz is kinda hot.....😏
neutron flux
neutron flux 6 днів тому
There is no immigration crises other than the fabricated lies of the Republican party. There will and have always been illegals. the way they are handled is the only thing that has changed. Sanctuary cities is wrong. So is holding federal workers hostage by demanding a worthless wall that can be readily breached by a ladder, tunnel, etc. This is simply a manufactured issue that Trump is using to deflect attention from his Soviet ties. Of couse, if you're an uneducated red neck from a standard issue trailer park in the Midwest or deep south, your intelligence level is not sufficient enough to think critically about important issues like this. So you turn to Rush or Fox and believe whatever garbage they feed you without doing the least bit of unbiased research. Sad and pathetic.
S Li
S Li 6 днів тому
Who is that brown immigrant in the yellow jackets with the beard that Sean Hannity talking too. If he don't be careful Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep him out. 🤷‍♀️📣 _TRUMPANZEES R DUMMIES_
steve jaubert
steve jaubert 6 днів тому
Cruz looks pretty snazzy with that beard. He looks like one of the old civil war generals.
Kathy GARBEŔ 6 днів тому
The dems should loose their paychecks instead of swimming in the sun in Puerto Rico ! They don't care about the people of this country ! Why, why are they still in positions in our govt ?
Frederick Meens
Frederick Meens 6 днів тому
Three ass kissers
174joe 6 днів тому
show some actual people crossing that are a threat
p ledman
p ledman 6 днів тому
“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”
G.V. 6 днів тому
HOLY SH!@#!! Ted Cruz and Hannity together?? This is going to be bullsh@# overload! I hope the internet doesn't assplode!
cyb3rpunk 2077
cyb3rpunk 2077 6 днів тому
642,000 crimes? Wtf is going on over there in Texas? Jeez.
Dan Suolo
Dan Suolo 6 днів тому
The opposition party is using the sound byte "a manufactured crisis" What they are trying to do these brainwash the American people into thinking this is a manufactured crisis!
Eldia Resendez
Eldia Resendez 6 днів тому
The wall is bo going to work until all corrupt border patrol are caught .
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory 6 днів тому
Trump use your own Money to build the wall AND whatever you make from the wall is your return profit!! Help Prove to this GREAT NATION, a wall must be BUILT!!!
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