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ChuckE2009 13 днів тому
Find me on Instagram! lance.in.texas
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden 2 дні тому
I edited my comment ChuckE2009, I think you need to read it and you should better understand it now not that you didn't before. Also I'm fixing to post your name to another UKvid subscriber so hopefully you are notified of the UKvid page. I think you will like it. I know I do
gota know
gota know 5 днів тому
Tell us about the scrap metal bisnes you use to do
farmallman2013 10 днів тому
Hey chuckE2009 what is the best amazon plasma cutter for the money
Stephen West
Stephen West 10 днів тому
It's a tractor!! It's going to the field to work! Let the man have a good working tractor his way they get scratch up and dented when you actually use them there not trailer queens
Anthony Meyer
Anthony Meyer 10 днів тому
ChuckE2009 ok Lnce if your name is Lance
Reagan Dolan
Reagan Dolan 8 годин тому
Chuck I think you are in over your head on this one 😬
Abey Norman
Abey Norman День тому
have you hear anything new or been able to work with any of the bew craftsman tools. according to their website, they are trying to start making most of them in the us again and the new gunmetal toolsets are suppost to be pretty good. i havnt been able to find a decent review on them
Cabal2600 3 дні тому
It is good to see fellow mechanic,it is good to see somebody with talents and patience to build or rebuild something that others would consider as scrap...
Tsunauticus III
Tsunauticus III 3 дні тому
Would you be surprised if I said that the only reason ole buddy hangs out with you... was to build his UKvid channel? He hates your guts. Ask his wife. She knows about the entire plan(and what he really thinks about you). You may have to piss her off but she will spew forth the truth. Just wait till both are in front of you. Get her attention... and ask her what you want to know. If she won’t answer... then you make her mad. Tell her that he told you about the abortion she got after she cheated. She will get PISSED. If that doesn’t quite set her off enough... tell her that he told you about “the prolapse”. That should top it off nicely. Have a great day.
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 4 дні тому
your forgetting replacing the through-out bearing
David Goodall
David Goodall 4 дні тому
You probably can't get it into gear with the engine running at the speed the engine was turning. Now that you have an idle, it will most likely work.
Cy Early
Cy Early 4 дні тому
It needs a new pilot bearing.
Chris Geeseka
Chris Geeseka 4 дні тому
You should look into dustless blasting. The equipment would pay for it self. You could use it on alot of your projects.
Sam Ebie
Sam Ebie 4 дні тому
Flywheel looks like it got hot like the clutch stuck and got burnt replace it and get flywheel resurfaced..
Paul Hart
Paul Hart 5 днів тому
That clutch and fly wheel is far from mint 😑
Michael Beirne
Michael Beirne 5 днів тому
It may have been a waste of time for you, but it was GREAT for me. I have an 860 ford almost exactly like yours and it taught me a lot! Thanks Thanks Thanks!
gota know
gota know 5 днів тому
You said you used to do scrap metal tell us about that
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone 6 днів тому
You wouldn’t have figured out the problem without splitting the tractor. And the clutch and flywheel aren’t mint. I’d replace it all. $300 is short money compared to time spent to split the machine
googacct 6 днів тому
Is it possible to get a borescope inside to see what is going on before splitting the tractor?
Matthew Macek
Matthew Macek 7 днів тому
I bought a cheap yanmar has water in the hydraulic fluid how do I get it out? 3 point hitch doesn't work because of it.. Front and loader does work..
Jock Stewart
Jock Stewart 7 днів тому
I know you don't read your comments, and I can see why! But, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos, it takes me back to when I lived on my family farm and did many of the same jobs as you. Mind you, my welding is a lot less elegant than yours and I reckon that the kit I was working on was in a generally worse state too. Keep it up good fella, you brighten my days!
Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson 8 днів тому
You know what Chucky anybody that works on stuff has been there as I have sometimes something simple we go right past but it was really cool to see you break this down and fixing it back up always a big UPS to you bro very very cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊👊👊
Joe R
Joe R 8 днів тому
I would replace the clutch pedal spring as well.
CPUDOCTHE1 8 днів тому
A bad pilot bearing will keep the transmission input shaft spinning without much load on the transmission. Also, you have good clutch material over the riveted ends of the rivets but the head of the rivets are getting close to cutting into the flywheel and pressure plate.
CPUDOCTHE1 8 днів тому
I have NEVER heard of tying a tractor to some immovable object to break a clutch loose. We had one tractor that lived outside. When the clutch would not release, I would put it in 1st gear, start it, drive it around with the clutch pedal pressed and hit the brakes. Always popped the clutch loose within 15-20 feet. No chain required.
johnnyg256what 8 днів тому
make sure you put the disc back in facing the right way. Although it looks like either way will work and it will bolt back together, most clutch discs are specific and will not disengage if installed backwards.
Wmpaul Minder
Wmpaul Minder 8 днів тому
U are good but Rachel Gingell is easier to watch doing it,clutches
roach 8 днів тому
replace the clutch anyways since you have it apart
guyina4x4 9 днів тому
Why did you remove the front axle?
ALLxoxoxoxo 9 днів тому
A bolt through a link of that chain with one end in each of the hole in the block would have been sufficient to move that engine a short distance. They really aren't that heavy. 3 guys, two if they strong can lift an engine. I used to be able lift a v-8 without a transmission onto a pallet. No need for all that extra steel.
Cypsmen 9 днів тому
Christopher Chikosky
Christopher Chikosky 9 днів тому
When will we get to see more videos on the yellow backhoe and frontloter
Miles Parris
Miles Parris 9 днів тому
Try transmission fluid instead of diesel fuel, it absorbs water and will keep things lubricated better while you drive it around.
Craig Durbin
Craig Durbin 9 днів тому
I would replace that clutch setup anyways because you are there and a new flywheel on an old tractor never hurt anyone
Sam Mig
Sam Mig 9 днів тому
That was no fail. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have to do this later on at my Fordson with backhoe.
Jon Theshredder
Jon Theshredder 10 днів тому
Check to make sure the springs inside your clutch pressure plate are working properly and not binding
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson 10 днів тому
a gasket and a bearing? I was expecting worse :/
Pseudorandomly 10 днів тому
So he goes to the trouble of fabricating a fancy lifting jig for the engine and then just wraps a chain around the legs of it? I don't get it ...
Caleb Austin
Caleb Austin 10 днів тому
We don't split tractors to fix them, we split them to see what is inside;)
Mars Rover
Mars Rover 10 днів тому
Why do you think this was a fail? Chuckee got low self esteem issues? LOL, Ya done great.
Robert Quast
Robert Quast 10 днів тому
Make sure splines of clutch disc slide on input shaft splines. We had a dump truck with a bad input shaft that wouldn’t let the clutch disengage
Stephen West
Stephen West 10 днів тому
Paint does not fix or make a piece of equipment run any better there made to work and make you money
Stephen West
Stephen West 10 днів тому
Replacement of pilot baring and through out baring and clutch is a must especially when you have the tractor broke apart, you're there checking the clutch disc pressure plat through out baring and pilot baring and clutch fork anyways ( better to have than wishing you had later) I am with you all the way Stretch saving hear saving there but when it comes to your safety. you can't let your wallet dictate you fixing and maintaining your equipment poorly
Tom Pip
Tom Pip 10 днів тому
Is the pressure plate Weak
Stephen West
Stephen West 10 днів тому
Just because it's in good shape does not mean the clutch was not stuck and it's better to do the extra work to insure you parts are good and to just know for your self that everything is good you never know with old equipment you save your self heart achs and head aches just by dubbel checking
Albert Fiallos
Albert Fiallos 10 днів тому
JMHO Chuck, based on my experience, the clutch disc is contaminated with oil and some of the rivit heads on the clutch disc are ready to rub on the flywheel, throw-out bearings are cheap. I would check the fingers on the pressure plate for wear and uneven height. The pilot bearing alone was worth the teardown. I would change the whole clutch assembly, but that's JMHO. Kind regards, Al
john merlino
john merlino 10 днів тому
Chucke,,, just wanted to than you for all these videos, so much added to the world you have!!!... Your Mother must be a Good, Proud woman as well as your Father!!… Keep it up My Man!!!
Billy Conley
Billy Conley 10 днів тому
With a tractor that old, I would expect to see a pilot bushing in the back of the crank. The pilot bearing you have is worn out, and probably a modern "upgrade." I'd try to find a bushing, I think they hold up better in intermittent usage (they won't rust from sitting a few months.)
Richard Kern
Richard Kern 11 днів тому
Clutch pedals don't move forward or release the clutch when the clutch disc is backwards. It just wont move, don't ask how I know. Consider verifying which side is front. Best
niper99 11 днів тому
pressure plate no good... replace both disk and pressure plate
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez 11 днів тому
Paint it
aceadman 11 днів тому
Hey @ChuckE2009. Love your channel! I know you never read comments but just in case, are we gonna get a video showing progress on the small old kubota project? I saw it running on a recent video but the project stream still has it broken in first gear. We gonna see how you fixed it? I’d love to.... many thanks for all your hard work. I’m hooked.
Richard Warnock
Richard Warnock 11 днів тому
ChuckE the diesel sludge may have impregnated the clutch and plate huh!! It's nice to find surprising stuff it's not a fail it's a learning curve!!!; ) Your AOK!!!, Why Lucky knows!!!
markam campbell
markam campbell 11 днів тому
the pilot bearing will prevent it from shifting and turn your flywheel.
Dave 11 днів тому
I really should learn how to work on tractors too
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 11 днів тому
you need a new throw out bearing
hartstudebakerkid 11 днів тому
You had better pull that flywheel and check the freeze plug in the back of the block and replace it and the one in the back of the head too.
ANTIVNM 11 днів тому
I would still replace the clutch and turn that flywheel to make certain it’s all functional for years to come...
Fu Dog Whisperer
Fu Dog Whisperer 11 днів тому
Its great to see you mechanic's skill improving..........thanks to mechanic Steve! You should have title this one, things that cops don't want you to know about splitting apart tractors, but I guess that's mechanic Steve's shtick! HAHAHAHA!
L.E. Batte
L.E. Batte 11 днів тому
I know you have said that you no longer read comments on your videos . But I hope that you ask for a second opinion from Mechanic Steve about the condition of your clutch . It doesn't look to be "mint" . In fact it is fairly worn . There's definitely hot spotting on the fly wheel surface and while the rivets are still well below the surface of the clutch friction surface , this is not the wear indicator . The grooves in the clutch disc serve 2 purposes . First is as wear indicator . Second it allows the clutch disc to release from the flywheel and pressure plate when the clutch opens . Suction can hols the disc to one surface or the other when the clutch opens and keep the clutch from disengaging or at least disengaging smoothly . These grooves let air in between the clutch disc and steel surfaces so it can disengage and lets air escape when the clutch is closed on the disk for smooth engagement . Those hot spots on your flywheel are caused by clutch chatter on engagement . Part of this is caused by the worn disk .
Cory Kulinski
Cory Kulinski 11 днів тому
For somebody that goes on rants about people not repairing things the correctly sounds a little like the pot calling the kettle black
Andrew Churchley
Andrew Churchley 11 днів тому
Thank you Chucke. Taken with the viewer comments, this is a thorough training in what to look for and what to do.
R Monkey
R Monkey 12 днів тому
Thomas Edison said, I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work.
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 12 днів тому
Thats a pilot bearing in the center of crankshaft
Ron Schmitt
Ron Schmitt 12 днів тому
Fixed the same problem on a tractor and it had the same sound coming from the pilot bearing. If the pilot bearing drags to much it will keep the input shaft spinning like the clutch isn't letting go. The trans input shaft has to stop spinning to make the shift into gear. Make sure you don't get rid of too much free play at the clutch peddle or you will cook the throwout bearing.
Basil Keen
Basil Keen 12 днів тому
Not a fail if you learnt something
24auhr 12 днів тому
4:34 its why im here Chuck , best win/learn for a while !
TK Tinman
TK Tinman 12 днів тому
Hi ChuckE. I would replace all and turn flywheel if I could afford it. Seal O ring looks like it slid out of place probably before it was tightened down maybe . From the guy before you that didn't split the tractor to correct same leak. Looks squished against steel plate to paper thin. Thanks for the information and education as usual. TK tinman
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler 12 днів тому
Well it wouldn’t be you unless you tore something apart ! I was surprised there was something wrong inside there !
Brandon Richter
Brandon Richter 12 днів тому
Am I the only one who noticed he actually welded something with the mig instead of stick welding it? I watch some of his videos, see numerous mig machines in his shop but he always grabs the stick welder, despite the fact most of his little projects would be done far more efficiently with a mig and be just as strong
TheSoloAsylum 12 днів тому
That clutch does not look good to me, also that flywheel has clutch material stuck all over it, it should look like a machined surface. That tells me that clutch has been stuck to the flywheel for a little while..age can do that, heat or fluid on the flywheel can burn the clutch to it.
fredy gump
fredy gump 12 днів тому
He said, "Fabri-cobble"!
MrJeep75 12 днів тому
I would still buy a clutch
Samantha Treasure
Samantha Treasure 12 днів тому
Its definitely not a fail. After watching the video and reading the comments, I've learned a lot. Thanks everyone for the education.
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson 12 днів тому
Feed Lucky Dog!
Awesomus Maximus
Awesomus Maximus 12 днів тому
Just to be safe check the pressure plate assembly it may be faulty on the clutch linkages check the shaft that goes through the throw out fork the locking pin may have sheared off at time stamp 6:15 bit hard see but
Les Olcott
Les Olcott 12 днів тому
That bearing is bad is called the pilot bearing. Pressure plate, release bearing, clutch disc. They all need replaced and leak fixed
Les Olcott
Les Olcott 12 днів тому
Dude replace that clutch. It’s oil soaked. Your clutch is mostly slipping and not stuck.
grafvonstauffenburg 12 днів тому
If you wants the bolt heads uniform, acquire some 17 mm hexagonal stock and slice off 10 mm "chunks" which you can them TIG weld to the existing bolt's head.....
grafvonstauffenburg 12 днів тому
That should read: "which you can THEN Tig weld to the existing...."
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 12 днів тому
I dunno. I think it's a pretty good idea to have first hand knowledge that things inside really are in good shape. You are learning how to fix things simply by taking them apart.
Carl Miller
Carl Miller 12 днів тому
Why make that frame? Only needed to bolt lifting eyes on the front and back of the engine diagonally and your good to go, the engine isn't all that heavy. I would have replaced the clutch, I'd rather be kicking myself for doing it and thinking I didn't need to, than having to tear it down again because I didn't. I think that you need to start listening to those that give you good advice.
N/ A
N/ A 12 днів тому
Lesson learned
Ben Butler
Ben Butler 12 днів тому
I don't know why I'm waisting my time making a comment since you don't read comments but since you soaked the whole area with oil the clutch disk needs replaced along with the throw out bearing because it needs pressure against it to test and thats when it will make noise if it were mine and I have split many of Ferguson 35s in my life I would put all new goodies in there and you are also going to need a line up tool or you will play hell getting it back together and it would have made it easier for you if you wouldn't have removed the from axle so you just have rolled it appart.
Darell Sunderlin
Darell Sunderlin 12 днів тому
I'm with Berry , DON'T Assume Anything , the clutch and parts don't look all that good , if you wait till clutch etc go it will cost a whole lot more than it will now , just saying! :-)
Henrik Hjelvik
Henrik Hjelvik 12 днів тому
I like your videos you make. keep up the good work
Mark H
Mark H 12 днів тому
Every video you make should be titled," this is Exactly how not to do anything".
dance3476 12 днів тому
I believe that type of shifter you have is a ford selecto-speed and if I am right those 2 oil lines that leaked are the lines for cooling the transmission oil.
Carson Jensen
Carson Jensen 12 днів тому
Nice fabrication on the hoist bracket!
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden 12 днів тому
I don't know what other people are saying but if you look at minute 6:53 you (at say) 3:00 o clock position, have plenty of clearance for the rivet but, if you look at the rivet pointing at 5:00 o clock position it's almost to the point of touching the flywheel. That clutch disc is bad. You need a new clutch pressure plate put in a new throwout bearing a new pilot bearing and get your flywheel turned. As long as you're there do it. When those lines on the disc are gone the clutch is gone. You can barely see them
Arnold Romppai
Arnold Romppai 12 днів тому
ok so he looked at the clutch, and it is fine, but he didnt show he looked at the presser plate and that is what releases the clutch, the presser plate may have a broken spring or distorted, not letting the clutch go
RON SALES 12 днів тому
make sure you check the front trans seal and rear engine seal also, and the clutch is gone see the flat tops on the rivets is close to the surface of the clutch pads it is gone.THE FLYWHEEL IS GLAZED ALSO.
scotty362100 12 днів тому
WOW..."The Farmer Fix", ChuckECheese is ALWAYS putting down others, when he is the biggest joke on the internet!!! What a freaking DoucheBag! And yet the "know it all" puts back in a junk clutch and throwout bearing, no rear main seal, and no new transmission seal. Total Idiot Moron.
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale 12 днів тому
That spigot dragging may be the release issues. The flywheel too is all heat spotted so while it is apart get it machines. And lube up all of the pedal mechanism. And use some brakeclean on the plate to get rid of most of the oil. That is actually what brakeclean was made for!! The acetone however may do the job as well.
Greg Turner
Greg Turner 12 днів тому
You have 5 speed tranny. 3rd and reverse all the way up, 1st and 2nd in the middle, 4th and 5th all the way down. With 3rd and reverse at top great for loader work.
Terry Pendergrass
Terry Pendergrass 12 днів тому
0:33 Come on, you've never gotten hungry before dinner time? LOL
James Wilburn
James Wilburn 12 днів тому
Back in the day a farmer would buy 1 set of wrenches. If the nut and bolt are the same size you cant do up the connection. If one is half inch and the other side is 7/16 inch then you have way two wrenches that fit both side of the connection.
T G 12 днів тому
Great video as always!....(From a transmission guy) Do yourself a favor and replace the clutch components... Thanks again for the vids, always enjoyable
Tommy Schauer
Tommy Schauer 12 днів тому
MARK LOCKWOOD 12 днів тому
We all get brain farts.
Joseph M
Joseph M 12 днів тому
With symptoms like you have it may be the clutch disc was installed backwards, Best check before you bolt it back together.
Barry Simmons
Barry Simmons 12 днів тому
Boy you're heartless, making that poor neglected dog wait to eat like that.
Lomax 321
Lomax 321 12 днів тому
Get the flywheel turned and get a clutch kit. A clutch kit will have everything you need ie, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and lineup shaft. You already have the tractor split. It will be money well spent.
Klaus Van Heusen
Klaus Van Heusen 12 днів тому
Check the roll pin below the throw out bearing and the connection point on the end of the shaft where the linkage connects. When you replace the clutch, pressure plate and pilot bearing replace that rear main seal. I know you will do the right thing..........
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