The 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Is the World’s Fastest Sedan

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The 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye is an amazing sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new Hellcat Redeye, and I'll show you a few quirks and features -- then I'm going to drive the Redeye and show you what it's like on the road.
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28 лис 2020





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Aidan Shaw
Aidan Shaw Годину тому
8:26 doug did a jeremy clarkson there
Joseph Furtado
Joseph Furtado 14 годин тому
Yohann Likes McFlurry's
Yohann Likes McFlurry's 15 годин тому
Supra owners be laughing in the back
Atilay Kurtoglu
Atilay Kurtoglu 17 годин тому
What a ugly car 'cause of colur comb.... I would prefer full black version :))
LewiEU 18 годин тому
its not a dadge its a dodge
Honey Singh
Honey Singh День тому
Bro audi rs 7 is also fastest car
Paul Cuckastein
Paul Cuckastein 13 годин тому
how much it worth pal? you forgetting those European trash mobiles are double the cost, heavy awd, no manual transmission, they are for rich business men who cant handle a real rwd v8, I mean no offense id take a jaguar before an Audi.
Derrick Malcomb
Derrick Malcomb 2 дні тому
thats not a redeye its just a hellcat
juan cena
juan cena 2 дні тому
Why does this guy sound like the purple dude from home
D 2 дні тому
I wan this car so bad
Ziad Alkhadher
Ziad Alkhadher 2 дні тому
doug: A doug score subtitles: A dUg ScOrE
Pratham Vir Singh
Pratham Vir Singh 3 дні тому
Dodge in 3021: we present you the charger hellcat purple eye with 120liter v8 with 6000hp and 6281 pound feet of torque
Bald Brad
Bald Brad 3 дні тому
Jaymie Harris
Jaymie Harris 3 дні тому
The door opening too far isn’t a issue if you get in and out of the car by climbing through the window like you’re supposed to.
Cyborg Soda
Cyborg Soda 3 дні тому
Insanity...should've made this a mid engine muscle car.... damn...think about that shit.
Cameron Allen
Cameron Allen 3 дні тому
It's a race car not a luxury car. You pay for the muscle and race aspect not the luxury corks and screws. That's just extra weight with all the whistles and bells . MORE POWER!!!!!
Jonah Hicks
Jonah Hicks 3 дні тому
I like cars for nice interiors not for the power since you can’t drive it as fast as it goes so not the car for me
Prince Abrahams
Prince Abrahams 3 дні тому
Inside peanut butta outside jellllllyyyyy - Juicy J
Anant 5 днів тому
Im sorry bro but that is the most ugly dodge I've ever seen
Ronnie Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie 5 днів тому
A video that’s less than 40mins yippee 👏🏽 👏🏽
George 5 днів тому
This car sucks and for 87k who would ever buy this ?
M. Sami
M. Sami 5 днів тому
The hellcat widebody is cooler than 2020 GT500 based on doug's score lol.
Shane 6 днів тому
Think I'll go luxury this time. Cadillac ct6
Adromelk 6 днів тому
I'm in love.
Green Brown
Green Brown 6 днів тому
The only thing dodge knows is too put powerful engines in everything
Justin Evans
Justin Evans 6 днів тому
Chrysler takes the Mitsubishi Evo approach with all HellCats. Make the performance high enough that you don't care about anything else.
Tasty Tears
Tasty Tears 6 днів тому
Can't believe my wife is actually okay with me getting this...
Zaifromthe9 7 днів тому
"For Now"😈😈😈
Sean The Baptist
Sean The Baptist 7 днів тому
That exhaust sounds amazing
Amerikings Will Billi
Amerikings Will Billi 7 днів тому
Doug it’s called peanut butter and jelly
corrupted peanut
corrupted peanut 7 днів тому
This.......is an ugly ass charger
Kismias 8 днів тому
That's Dodge for you......cheap low quality.
Dtae M
Dtae M 8 днів тому
I like how the fluid in the engine bay matches the color of the car
Mikey M
Mikey M 8 днів тому
I owned a charger scat pack and it’s built quality is shit. The inside of the car looks like a 2003 Chevy cavalier. Great exhaust note. Hard to get traction with all that power. Car does not handle well, unless you have the wide body. All said and done, this car is still bad ass.
Mike Morelli
Mike Morelli 8 днів тому
aaand my 3,000 dollar built 94 civic would still take it to gapplebees.
Javon Kelly
Javon Kelly 8 днів тому
And it's a automatic😷
Nathan Leuthold
Nathan Leuthold 8 днів тому
BMW m5 is a faster sedan.
Edward Alonso
Edward Alonso 8 днів тому
The model is OLD and the color is UGLY! They need to remodel the charger big time! Its plan crazy to place more horse power for what reason it not like you going to race it on everyday driving! Drink gas like mad!
Larry Kang
Larry Kang 8 днів тому
Could it beat the model s?
Bullet Soul
Bullet Soul 8 днів тому
fastest sedan in existence doug: PEANUT BUTTER INTERIOR
Romm.___ Chanel’s
Romm.___ Chanel’s 8 днів тому
Follow my TikTok @lukapalot 800 ? 🖤
Lasen Senanayake
Lasen Senanayake 9 днів тому
Sir B
Sir B 9 днів тому
Y’all in the US can’t use the full horsepower 🤣🤣
Ed venuto
Ed venuto 9 днів тому
It's fast
Shawn Brennan
Shawn Brennan 9 днів тому
No adaptive Cruise Control? No worries everyone is gonna be behind you anyway you won't need it.
Tanisha Howard
Tanisha Howard 9 днів тому
Q see
FAQ with K. R
FAQ with K. R 10 днів тому
Interior 💀😑😑👎👎👎
KLEVER ok 10 днів тому
RedPill JT
RedPill JT 10 днів тому
Can someone make the caption make sense for me? “Fastest sedan” ? Like wtf lol
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera 10 днів тому
It looks like a Chrysler 300
Angshuman Sarmah
Angshuman Sarmah 11 днів тому
gggghhhiiisss is a Dodge Charger ........!!!!!
Ben Broomhall
Ben Broomhall 11 днів тому
couple tunes on the golf R will beat it
d1353lp0w3r 11 днів тому
"Fastest saden in the world" isn't that the BMW M5 competition? (which gets a 10 for acceleration where as this gets a 9).
Caleb Bromley
Caleb Bromley 12 днів тому
Faster than Audi RS7?
wildman605 12 днів тому
Dodge don't care about those cheap buttons, all the money goes straight to more powah babey
justin west
justin west 12 днів тому
What about teala
chad haire
chad haire 12 днів тому
This clown never drives these cars, and never took this 800 hp car more than 40 mph...driving only a few minutes...how do these shit videos get all these viewers.......
Trent Jordan
Trent Jordan 12 днів тому
2021 Cadillac escalade 70,000 with 400hp or a sedan with 800hp for the same price
Lone Wolf Sniper Trading
Lone Wolf Sniper Trading 13 днів тому
Dodge Hellcat in 2035: 1700 DP (Dragon Power)
Kettujäbämiesukkeli ukko
Kettujäbämiesukkeli ukko 13 днів тому
What about Challenger srt hellcat xr? It has 888hp and 999nM.
Dashingjam 13 днів тому
kasimere edwards
kasimere edwards 13 днів тому
Elon Musk reads the headline. Can we make a blue eye?
Asfhex 13 днів тому
and its the same body as those police cars
aka KingKxm
aka KingKxm 14 днів тому
Damn imagine the cops with this 😳
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 14 днів тому
Ima b late for work.. I gotta clock in 15 min.. And I'm 40 min away from work.. Red Eye Hellcat 2021: Hold my beer..
isiunavailable 15 днів тому
Shame it looks like the worlds fastest boat.
DoubleCuppShawty 15 днів тому
Idk lol
JaKBaLL TV 15 днів тому
i wish the Scat Packs could get this hood.. i mean the Challengers do, so doesn't make sense
eric amolo12
eric amolo12 15 днів тому
Faster than E63///AMG
junior benitez
junior benitez 15 днів тому
inside peanut butter.. for when you shit yourself rippin it
Only Football
Only Football 15 днів тому
This interior was created by a guy without a mother and a wife and a daughter and a grandmother and a aunty and a sister.
Jason Cross
Jason Cross 15 днів тому
Dodge makes some ugly cars man
Thomas Jacques
Thomas Jacques 16 днів тому
$85K starting for a Fiat, who should have thunk it.
CarGuy19 16 днів тому
203 mph? not too much faster than the 2018 charger srt hellcat, only 2 mph difference
Daniel Combs
Daniel Combs 16 днів тому
I don't think the amenities are why people buy this car....
2prize 16 днів тому
dodge chargers are for people with erectile disfunction
Robert Pressley
Robert Pressley 16 днів тому
If you were in the Charlotte area I would have hoped you would have took it round 485
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 16 днів тому
Exterior: Purple Aka Grape Jelly Interior: Peanut butter Cue song: it's peanut butter jelly time 🥜🍇💃🕺
Andre Azar
Andre Azar 16 днів тому
That colour is disgusting ....... not in a cool way wtf who would buy that?
Jack! 16 днів тому
hearing a hellcat called a sedan just doesn’t sound right to me for some reason, just doesn’t sit right
firelord9000 16 днів тому
jelly and peanut butter
Los 513
Los 513 16 днів тому
Damn. I want one but the way my account set up.....hopefully one day 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
andrew valle
andrew valle 17 днів тому
Those fenders are uuugggly looks like a old Ford focus fender
burinaeno 17 днів тому
SRT with no mileage SRT it's not silent
Gregg Burke
Gregg Burke 17 днів тому
Basically it's like Barney the dinosaur ate a few hundred Reece's peanut butter cups and threw up all over the interior.
apizzle23 G
apizzle23 G 17 днів тому
Dimitri from cobra Kai? Is that you?
Yankum 18 днів тому
Coolant was the same colour as the car under the hood 😱
John Richardson
John Richardson 18 днів тому
I ended up cracking up at Hell Raisin' throughout the bulk of this video.
ArthurFleck 18 днів тому
That supercharger whine is music to my ears 😌
CFree 18 днів тому
Automatic 😞
AA Panda
AA Panda 19 днів тому
The peanut better n jelly effect
UbeRNooB24 19 днів тому
This car looks like its a 2012 model, rather then a 2021. Cheap materials everywhere and a dated interior haha!
jessim -s
jessim -s 19 днів тому
100/100 👌👍
HAZOXX 19 днів тому
There's a difference between fast and Quick, off the line, this thing will get shitted on even by a 550hp Aston Martin LMAO
R McMaster
R McMaster 19 днів тому
The backup camper is for people who can’t back up I’m sorry dodge is a drivers car if you need a back up camera to back up your car you shouldn’t buy a dodge
Taylor Paquette
Taylor Paquette 19 днів тому
It's not the fastest sedan by a long shot... Not even the fastest american car. The Cadillac CT6-V is even faster
Dianna Chevalier
Dianna Chevalier 19 днів тому
It’s not a real charger. Chargers have Two doors, which would probably make it faster and not so much like a family car. Call it Dodge Stupid but that’s not a Charger.
Big Sabbath
Big Sabbath 20 днів тому
A stinger would smoke it
CincoSays 20 днів тому
He gotta be a ford guy hes ripping mopar,
SQR 20 днів тому
An all wheel drive version should be in the lineup.
Goku 20 днів тому
Is this Scotty Kilmer son
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