The assassination of Anna Politkovskaya: The first detailed account of a murder investigation

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15 years ago today our colleague and journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered. Today we will tell you the story of the investigation into her murder we’ve been pursuing all these years.

What was the role of the MVD and the FSD in the killing of our journalist? Why were the authorities doing everything they could to follow a false trail in the search for the customer? Today, for the first time ever, we will show you our secret witness, thanks to whom the investigation was able to find the murderers and the organizers, but fell short for political reasons.

All this and more in the documentary film “How Anna, whose life brought immense good to the country and whose death caused great damage, was murdered”.

Video 18+

00:00 “Today we will tell you what not many know”
03:29 About Anna
18:55 Anna’s murder
21:01 The private investigation by Novaya Gazeta

25:32 Versions of event
31:27 The first suspect
33:00 The premature arrests
34:30 The first trial
38:57 Natalia Estemirova and Chechnya
49:53 The secret witness
01:02:58 The testimony of the secret witness
01:06:45 The killer was turned in
01:08:00 The second trial
01:10:21 Questions without answers
01:16:30 The tried
01:22:15 The results of the investigationя
01:30:55 Beyond the confines of the case
01:34:23 The last chance
01:36:53 The permission to commit murder

We would like to apologize for the following mistakes in the film.

1) Issues with the dates. Corrections:
- The interrogation conducted of the witness Oleg Golubovitch by the lawyer Anna Stavitskaya took place on May 23, 2010, in Simferopol ( 1:03:16 )
- The interrogation conducted of the witness Oleg Golubovitch by the investigator Petros Garibyan took place on June 9, 2011, in Kyiv ( 1:04:16 )

2) In the following schemes ( 59:27 и 1:08:08 ) Pavel Ryaguzon is presented in the lineup of the performers. During the second trial he was not among the suspects or the accused.

Production team:

Anna Artemeva
Vlad Dokshin
Anna Pindyurina
Sergei Sokolov

Anna Artemeva
Film editor
Kirill Sakharnov

Vlad Dokshin
Gleb Limanskiy
Oleg Mamonov
Roman Stepanovitch

Andrei Novokhat’ko

Computer graphics
Alexander Lavrenov
Anna Zhavoronkova
Maxim Loginov

Archival work specialist
Rinat Nevlyutov

Anna Muratova

Anna Zhavoronkova

Photo editors
Anna Zhavoronkova
Alexei Komarov

Ekaterina Sedova

Executive producer
Pavel Kanygin

General producer
Dmitry Muratov

Clips from Marina Goldovskaya’s “The Bitter Taste of Freedom” and archival footage by the TV “Rain”* were used in this movie.
* Considered by the Russian government as a foreign agent

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