The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine is BLOWN UP (again)... Introducing Junkyard Ripper Version 2.0!

Cleetus McFarland
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Ruby will be back... back for an 8 second pass!!!
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9 лют 2019

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Jose Vitela
Jose Vitela День тому
Should of got the 6.0 from that denali
Felix24148 2 дні тому
Somebody needs to save that Bug
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 3 дні тому
James really is a wealth of knowledge! Good luck with the 4.8L.
NOT SO SLIM JIM 4 дні тому
What's an address I can send y'all a box?
AC GARAGE 4 дні тому
There is a rummer going around that Florida has shortage of LS engines lol
T Lee
T Lee 4 дні тому
I like how he says yuuutuube
Negrolo Ortiz
Negrolo Ortiz 4 дні тому
Yaa awsome ☝️💪🇵🇷😎
Shawn Jerome
Shawn Jerome 5 днів тому
In a lease of a property get don't have to be specific when the shit is coming since you don't go in a drainage pond that's meant to collect storm water and drain out of something you'll fuck it all up and he'll have to repair it and it cost a lot of money so you know learn a little bit about the construction World come out of the turbo zone for a minute and do a little learning and that's why your landlord was complaining about it technically you could make you guys fix that
Dcalhoun 38581
Dcalhoun 38581 5 днів тому
BalcyVR6 6 днів тому
I've got a newer 4.8 in my work truck. It is "better" than that one bc it has variable valve timing but its a turd with a terrible powerband for a truck
Mike Soda
Mike Soda 6 днів тому
That's why you never rent, uptight retards always gotta hinder fun. I live in an HOA so I know what it's like to be inhibited by bullshit. No clothes line for fence across the front. Just gotta let every god damn jehovah witness knock on our door. I'm about ready to chase em off with a bat.
Ronald Mercer
Ronald Mercer 6 днів тому
I'm a grown man a veteran and have no idea how this trivial nonsense got on my phone
UltraGaming23 6 днів тому
You guys should put a small Diesel engine in it after you blow this engine😂 Y’all go through engines like copy paper😂
BroMeAn Vlogs
BroMeAn Vlogs 6 днів тому
I love this video brother
Dayton Griffin
Dayton Griffin 6 днів тому
Please put a 25 dollar trash guard on that turbo...... it will save you a lot of time and money
C OB 6 днів тому
MiLeYs On OuR sIdE LeTs AlL cOmE In LiKe A wReCkInG bAlL and sub to pewdiepie ya freakin some year old army ukvid.net/video/відео-BxJNeUEoXMc.html?t=1304
C OB 6 днів тому
Edit: Had to show more flordia
CURB 99 7 днів тому
Please cage ruby, you are a huge roll model. Love the channel
Christopher Gump
Christopher Gump 7 днів тому
"shout out to the bardle skeet ripper" hahaha
Ryan Faili
Ryan Faili 7 днів тому
4:59 “Kyle was here”
Blair Woodhouse
Blair Woodhouse 7 днів тому
Ahhh man you guys have so much fun...living the dream!
Jason Bates
Jason Bates 7 днів тому
am i the only one that noticed that Cooper is in this video?! The xmas tree video one day prior they said the voice of reason Cooper was in vegas lol. Iam calling Cleetus out on this one someone is lying or the footage is before he left which makes no sense.
Jason Bates
Jason Bates 7 днів тому
Can someone explain why Cooper is in this video but Cleetus said he is in Vegas?
Ron LeClair
Ron LeClair 7 днів тому
5:10 min in, the glowing pipes and flames out the stack. That would look cool on a T-shirt.
Yan Elgaard
Yan Elgaard 7 днів тому
There can be no success without failure. It's good to hear ya say you make mistakes but learn from them. There's a reason why they call it manning up. Good luck with Ruby. No extra oil! It'll cause foaming of the oil without a scavenging plate between the pan and block.
Nicholas Maisonneuve
Nicholas Maisonneuve 7 днів тому
Time to build your own shop/house! burnouts in your front yard!
Stephane Perron
Stephane Perron 7 днів тому
One thing we do is run the fuel lines through the cooler for cold fuel. cold fuel = more power....!!!
FordRacing5oh 7 днів тому
These guys should have their own tv show.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets 7 днів тому
Before you take off the heads, there is a small 'borescope' that has the ability to turn the self-contained camera led lights, to inspect the entire inside of the cylinder including the valves. It's fairly inexpensive. Bang Good, I think, is the company that sells it.
john s
john s 7 днів тому
Get a custom carbon fiber hood.
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
I'm going to propose to your bearded power conversion expert friend an idea for water injection. Use a temperature sensor at one or both exhaust manifolds, place at hottest point available, near the junction to the block. Use that temperature signal (or the average of both) to regulate the rate of the water pump or water injectors.. That should allow the engine to get warm and crank faster. This should produce a foldback effect as soon as the valves become overheated, open more time, and too much mix escapes and burns in the exhaust manifold. But also, increasing water injection at high manifold temperature should lower valve temperature and move the overload foldback point higher. I think this scheme, while preserving the service time of the engine, can get close to the HP figures that were into play.
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
If this system works, then the overload point of the engine can always be determined in a non destructive way. Then, a study on lubricant types, oil pups, valve model, valve adjustment, coolant pumps, radiators, and othe things, can be performed.
Benjamin Bartlett
Benjamin Bartlett 8 днів тому
I'd love to see them use a 6.0 out of a denali, that thing had some pep in my 3 ton SUV, imagining it in a vette makes me happy
Hernandez Alfredo
Hernandez Alfredo 8 днів тому
yall were just wantin to use the dingleberry hone again.
crazyman8472 8 днів тому
21:38 Obligatory Wrecking Ball Scene. 😎
Kody Whittington
Kody Whittington 8 днів тому
4:50 Hhhoooooly shhhiiiiiiittt lol
ShamelessTR 8 днів тому
There is so much truth to that statement "The Junkyard is where every great engine starts their life."
Mark Lance
Mark Lance 8 днів тому
Why is Kyle from BoostedBois beefing with this guy? I thought they were friends.
Oliver Craner
Oliver Craner 7 днів тому
Mark Lance Where has he been ‘beefing’?? 👀
Marko Tarma
Marko Tarma 8 днів тому
Try a bigger engine when this blows up.
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams 8 днів тому
*4:58 "Kyle was here" -- No I wasn't! Wish I was...
Trevor Collins
Trevor Collins 8 днів тому
Stop by Texas speed and grab the motor for Leroy I want to see him in houston
Gail West
Gail West 8 днів тому
That's great
Joshua Hoover
Joshua Hoover 8 днів тому
You should start a patron for the auction corvette!
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
As some of you probably know, air pressure inside the engine is proportional to the ratio between turbo boost pressure and atmospheric air pressure. These truck engines are of classic strong construction, lots of metal weight and stength. However, I think you are repeatedly blowing up these truck engines because the stock oil pump inthese engines is designed for atmospheric operation only. The air pressure inside the engine fights oil propagation through oiling ducts to friction sites. As air pressure inside the engine increases, oiling propagation into locations furthest from oil pump decreases. In an atmospheric engine, air pressure inside the motor is roughly constant with RPM, but oil pressure increases roughly proportionally to RPM. (Assuming oil pump driven from crankshaft.) A lubrication/RPM ratio can be defined. For atmospheric case this ratio increases rougly proportional to RPM. In a supercharged engine, air pressure inside the motor increases roughly proportionally to RPM, so does oil pressure, so oiling is roughly constant across RPM range. Lubrication ratio is roughly constant. These engines shall have a stronger oil pump, rated for continuous high pressure operation, providing gentle pressure already at low RPM In a turbocharged engine, air pressure inside the motor increases roughly proportionally to turbo RPM, but oil pressure increases proportionally to crankshaft RPM. This can lead to scenarios where the turbo PSI limiter adjustment found in dyno is not safe for doing speed runs. In the video, it is clear that the turbo PSI limiter overheats just before the engine blows. The PSI setting probably drifts up as the mechanism starts to get red hot (if it was drifting down, it would be reducing chances of blowing, that could be an issue with the manufacturer of the mechanism). But depth of lubrication is also reduced at that time, because the oil pump of the engine has aged after many speed runs, so heads of pistons are hotter and suffering more dilatation, compression is higher, as internal motor temperature is higher than at dyno test, more power than expected is actually being put out. I think you need to fit a different, custom, oil pump, in order to get that engine reliable. One that does not measurably age during a single race. Otherwise you would have to be replacing oil pumps periodically, or replacing engines periodically.
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
Again, a little electronic fixture, involving a pressure sensor, some adjustment and regulation circuitry, and the drive for an electric pump, would be required. But, where is the suitable electronics freak for inventing these things? Were they fired? Did they move to China?
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
That little amount of oil would also produce a foldback effect on the engine above overload point, making it inherently overload proof.
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
Oh, but since such a great pressure is made by the turbo, a small amount of 2T oil coild be injected at the turbo into the intake, proportionally to turbo PSI...
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
In 2T engines usually 2% to 5% of oil is added to fuel mix. In 4T engines it actually works much like that. The % of oil leaking through the valve rod lubricates the valve rod. The % of oil leaking from crankshaft side of piston lubricates piston. Increasing pressure inside the engine, or reducing oil pump pressure, both cause the % of oil leaked to be lower. "4T: It is lubricated due leaks."
Eva Paz
Eva Paz 8 днів тому
btw: I've read that a reference figure for engine oil pressure is 10psi per 1000 RPM. This is about 40psi at 4000 RPM. Now subtract from that 20psi of turbo. Only half the lubrication quality remains.
Plumdum 8 днів тому
Where did the tractor flap go? 4:09
ryan corry
ryan corry 8 днів тому
lol "kyle was here"
routt ookc
routt ookc 8 днів тому
did you blow the tractor flap off !?
Brett Wilkins
Brett Wilkins 8 днів тому
I'd say just run it as is, what a the worst that could happen?
Justin Shook
Justin Shook 8 днів тому
Anyone else slow it down at 4:59 to see what it said? Lol
K 9 днів тому
I just want to watch a video of you guys tearing down and rebuilding the engine. I think it's just cool video content and it's cool to watch.
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 9 днів тому
4.8 hell ya ! I saw a video with 4.8 twin turbos stock engine not rebuilt 1,200 hp on dyno and more than 6 hrs dyno time 🤯😳
Harris garage and exhaust center
never late in a 4.8, boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lsonechevelle 9 днів тому
do I spy gen 3 rods? haha
Ricardo Morfin
Ricardo Morfin 9 днів тому
4:46 their jamming in the background
Ronald D Meacham
Ronald D Meacham 9 днів тому
I wonder if the slurry from the wd 40 and the dingle ball hone got into the oil galleys causing the bearing wear? that stuff would be really abrasive!
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore 9 днів тому
"Kyle was here"
ShortedToGround Racing
ShortedToGround Racing 9 днів тому
Disposable engines. LOL Hope the next one lasts longer.
BackRoadBiker 9 днів тому
Where’s the hood at though 😂
Liam Watts
Liam Watts 9 днів тому
Kyle was here 4:58
Matt Slocum
Matt Slocum 9 днів тому
12:30 - How did you smash the windshield? I must have missed that video.
jospi2 8 днів тому
It's in the powerglide installation video.
Chris Christman
Chris Christman 9 днів тому
That must be a Grade 15 intake bolt lol! Was waiting for it to snap when you jumped on. AND KEEP THE COOLER! Just make a bracket and straps to hold it down, more original and adds to the junk yard factor.
Oldjohn52 9 днів тому
maybe don't turn the boost to "eleven" and make more than, oh I don't know, TWO passes! Unless you guys really love taking apart and reassembling V8's.
Rose city sliders Car club
Rose city sliders Car club 9 днів тому
You guys Should talk to Forza and try to get the car on they game for like a new dlc
dohcKTM 9 днів тому
You could definitely hear it wasn’t exactly cranking even on all the cylinders
Savage 2_valve TV
Savage 2_valve TV 9 днів тому
Why no put Ruby on a diet I’m sure if you loose some doors and fenders you will get her in the 8’s no problem 🇺🇸
Right Price 6.blo_anfriends
Right Price 6.blo_anfriends 9 днів тому
Yes!!!! He got a 4.8 I'm so excited. That motor should get y'all some passes!
DividedWeFall1000 9 днів тому
Not having a roll cage installed will be one mistake you wont be learning from
Broke Wing
Broke Wing 9 днів тому
Probably time to upgrade shops. That shops gettin kinda small for all your cars. And when the el camino gets back the land lord is gonna shit a brick!!!
MapleStreetGarage 9 днів тому
Aw man, that z31 300zx makes me sad
richard penner
richard penner 9 днів тому
Midday junk yard crawls are awesome..
zach lewis
zach lewis 9 днів тому
I'm telling you cleetus. Get the 6.0 LS7 you can't go wrong man.
Canuck 9 днів тому
bro those plugs look yellowed which means the engine is running too lean at high speed and rpms, your getting some glazing on the plugs which can cause misfiring
Out-Of-The-Box Thinker
Out-Of-The-Box Thinker 9 днів тому
LM7 Truck motor and vette drive train in the Patina BUG??? !!! Future "Turbie"???
Jess Davis
Jess Davis 10 днів тому
Buick 3800 swap it they love boost
Gerry Maloney
Gerry Maloney 10 днів тому
Watching your vids is like hangin out with my best buds at the bone yard and i aint even gotta get muddy or greasy
Gerry Maloney
Gerry Maloney 10 днів тому
Better music video than skanky miley cirus WRECKING BALLS
Life With 4 Wheel Drive
Life With 4 Wheel Drive 10 днів тому
Cleetus How much do you want for the cooler? #LW4WD
Brandon Foreshew
Brandon Foreshew 10 днів тому
cleetus is like the tory lanez of street cars... not a junky yard build at all! #thankssloopymechanics
Brandon Cantrell
Brandon Cantrell 10 днів тому
I could watch a channel of them just junk yard shopping
Jerrick Camacho
Jerrick Camacho 10 днів тому
4.8 are better for boost lower compression
Sloppy Mechanics
Sloppy Mechanics 10 днів тому
four, point, great
Sloppy Mechanics
Sloppy Mechanics 9 днів тому
Great 62 heads
Gregory Lambert
Gregory Lambert 10 днів тому
A tailpipe/ chain style cutter works good for cutting open filters for future reference.
Russell Reed
Russell Reed 10 днів тому
Come on down to Wrnch X Part in Austin midday on a Tuesday. Not so simple !
AjaredstoneA 10 днів тому
Okay so this is so random but something you need to do for Halloween is get a wig and glasses and become napoleon dynamite and go driving in the streets
lerch400block 10 днів тому
4.8 is a good motor. Grandpa's Silverado use to smoke Ford and dodge that same year '01
Chris Reese
Chris Reese 10 днів тому
I have a question about Cleetus and cars Houston my dad was planning on racing his car would it be fine if I road passenger
Eric Lemos
Eric Lemos 10 днів тому
James FTW
Chris Riester
Chris Riester 10 днів тому
What is the double stack lift you guys have? Looking at a lift to double stack cars in a garage.
T wagner
T wagner 10 днів тому
I guess to keep the channel going you have to use stock parts and blow up engines but also you know that stock parts need to be upgraded to heavy duty blocks with machined recesses around the pistons to contain a blown or turbo applications pressure. You have to upgrade everything at once to prevent destruction which is impossible without $. Carry on guys.
broly rcf
broly rcf 10 днів тому
Ruby should get a 445 engine
Cliff P
Cliff P 10 днів тому
Hey Guys have you seen this? youtu.beqObzWnWlCfM
2018chevyhighcontry Durmax
2018chevyhighcontry Durmax 10 днів тому
You should do a Duramax engine swap in the auction Corvette
Sean 10 днів тому
You wouldn't have this problem if you just put a Coyote in it xD
Austin Avery
Austin Avery 10 днів тому
Albert Tremblay
Albert Tremblay 10 днів тому
how sick is that trans.
Andy Hilins
Andy Hilins 10 днів тому
Damn ricers
355 Cutlass
355 Cutlass 10 днів тому
Well at least you guys understand mistakes were made. Now it’s time to move on and do it right 👍 also, when it comes to head gaskets always remember that aftermarket gaskets like that of cometic or felpro mls, require an RA=Roughness Average of 40 or greater. What that means is that the cylinder head and block mating surfaces must be milled to a mirror like finish so that the MLS gasket will seal correctly.
THOMAS LOCHER 10 днів тому
I thought James' holy water was a bit more Nitrousy.
Black Beard Dave
Black Beard Dave 10 днів тому
billetatomizerinjectors.com new injectors for leroy and ruby
EvHexRC 1
EvHexRC 1 10 днів тому
Omg a 4.8L? 😂😬 really? Why not just get a junkyard 6.0L? Or even better, get a junkyard 8.1L vortec
TheGarageCrew2013 10 днів тому
"Kyle was here"
Chris David
Chris David 10 днів тому
Should send me the junkyard 862s for my suburban
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