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lol pokemon amirite

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12 лип 2020





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Shawnee Guzman
Shawnee Guzman 24 хвилини тому
I like that battle music also remember the old lady that thought u were mabel😂😂😂
anti dumm
anti dumm 24 хвилини тому
she went Yeet 4:55
ᴠɪᴄᴋʏ ᴠᴇʟᴀᴢǫᴜᴇᴢ :ᴅ
When jadien says Their name is dam son
Emmanimations 35 хвилин тому
Jaiden and James (TheOdd1sOut) have inspired me to start my own animation channel. As of posting this comment I dont have any videos yet but I'm working on one. Sorry for the self promo but I dont want them to flop
Shigeru Miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto 38 хвилин тому
Jaiden you should really play Sekiro if u like Japan culture but it’s insanely difficult
Sinnster -Nugget
Sinnster -Nugget 43 хвилини тому
Hey Jaden I got a cockatiel bird and I was wondering if I can call him Ari
mosinboi 46 хвилин тому
petscop 2?
AccurateMemin 48 хвилин тому
9:55 I don't care about "Touch the Bidoof," or friendship loops, or even Ice dabbing, nonononono. What I want an answer to is why the heck is Issac blushing when looking at her?
link king
link king 52 хвилини тому
If you’re looking to play another Pokémon game with some JAMS try Pokémon XD or Pokémon XD gale of darkness
Anela Gonzalez
Anela Gonzalez Годину тому
Jaiden’s animation quality has improved so much. When she first started working with other animators on her videos the parts of the video done by other people were obvious. (well at least to me). But, in her most recent videos the parts done by other people are pretty much indistinguishable from the parts done by Jaiden herself. And the animation quality has just improved overall. I felt I just needed to say this because Jaiden’s videos are so enjoyable. So I just want to say thank you to Jaiden and the other animators for bringing people joy. (especially in these times) P.S. I apologize for my miss placed punctuation and run on sentences
Joey Stirling
Joey Stirling Годину тому
You should play the game “A Town With No Name” its humor was ahead of its time.
Benjamin Persons
Benjamin Persons Годину тому
11:58 i have to. "Change da World, my final message, goodbye"
Gamer Man 125
Gamer Man 125 Годину тому
Hi I’m 9 and I love your videos when I’m sad I woch your videos you make my day 🙃
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg Годину тому
Mi compleaños es el noviembre 18 por favor un vídeo en español o España? Si?
Modest Eagle Gaming
Modest Eagle Gaming Годину тому
Go on a date with lil mayonnaise official
DipDatChip 030
DipDatChip 030 Годину тому
**U SAVED THE MILK MAN** u saved me dad. now bring him bacc
Dylan :3
Dylan :3 Годину тому
That dance is so funny xd
Ness Годину тому
Hey Jaiden, do you still have uglydolls?
christian anderson
christian anderson Годину тому
3:47 have you seen enough
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre Годину тому
I thought they were team rocket
U no See me
U no See me Годину тому
4:56 for y'all like me
I_Hate_ Everything
I_Hate_ Everything Годину тому
Ngl, I kinda want a gaming Channel now-
June Годину тому
I loved this game! Time to buy a new Nintendo and this and replay it :)
A random potato With random videos
A random potato With random videos 2 години тому
Jaiden: BiDoOf Me * dying laughing *: TwT
Dogeboi Thedud2
Dogeboi Thedud2 2 години тому
When will u make another birthday vid from ari??
Helen N
Helen N 2 години тому
can you do a video about weird trips or embrassing moments that happen
Ana Cardozo
Ana Cardozo 2 години тому
I love the animation of your person dancing it’s so clean and so funny I lOve ❤️ 👏🏻👏🏻
First clouds
First clouds 2 години тому
Is that a zombie bat?
Brother Dragon
Brother Dragon 2 години тому
Played this when I was younger and it was awesome and thanks for telling me about the three game I didn’t know that the was a on so I’ll be getting it later.
Jess 2 години тому
YES!!!!!! so underrated !
Jacob Stoner
Jacob Stoner 2 години тому
Your probably not going to see this but i'm going to do some animations for my own channel but my art style looks kinda similar to yours is that ok or not.
Mondlicht Kyle
Mondlicht Kyle 3 години тому
I know this video was mainly about Shadow of Almia but... Couldn't there have been just a *little* room for the Go-Rock Quads? Or the nightmare fuel known as capturing Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza in the original?
Banjeely Fiel
Banjeely Fiel 3 години тому
I love your videos every time when I’m sad you’re videos make me happy
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 години тому
Good videos
Trenton Crowl
Trenton Crowl 3 години тому
I still play my copy of Pokémon ranger to this day
TR ASH 3 години тому
Did you die
gl 1itc4
gl 1itc4 3 години тому
The way pickachu licked the blueberry is cute!!! Whyy so cuteee💖💖💖
Jaydon 3 години тому
textaffect yay
textaffect yay 3 години тому
Why do i feel like jaiden would like the Earthbound OST?
raptor cagua
raptor cagua 3 години тому
Viva mexico
king explosion murder
king explosion murder 4 години тому
Dose anyone know what she uses to animate....just wondering.
Kamran Cleary
Kamran Cleary 4 години тому
Oh yeah and please make another video
Kamran Cleary
Kamran Cleary 4 години тому
OK so I’m not trying to be rude but I saw a video of you the other ones out in something else Whitey and convention so I saw you not trying to be rude but do you have a guy invention maybe because you’re wearing glasses of the convention
JosephTPG 4 години тому
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang 4 години тому
Hamilton,James,Alex,Dennis, Corl Long Ago The Four UKvidrs Lived In Harmony All Of That Changed When Dennis Attacked Only Alex Mastered Four Animation But When UKvid Needed Him Most He Vanished. Years Later Hamation And James Found The New Yt A Girl Named Jaiden. All Tho Her Skills Needed Work But I Think *Jaiden Can Save The World*
Magesticwanderer 4 години тому
How to draw circles *flipaclip ruler and tap on the circle option*
Michbot Mfang
Michbot Mfang 4 години тому
The next Pokémon game: POKÉMON BATTLE ROYAL (every one is here!!!!)
Michael Teran
Michael Teran 4 години тому
0:00 is where the vid starts
Magesticwanderer 4 години тому
Now ik why animations take so damn long to make bc how I'm a animator *bc it takes me a day to do a single frame*
flamingo is not dead
flamingo is not dead 4 години тому
Hmmmmmmmmm when is next vid
Shayli Andrews
Shayli Andrews 4 години тому
4:54 (thank me later)
Jennica Pence
Jennica Pence 4 години тому
loops of love
President George W Bush
President George W Bush 4 години тому
Gosh I can’t believe she could be gone that quick, the person who brought me out of depression and sadness, made me laugh made me cry, gone just like that, RIP Jaiden 1997-2020, you will be missed
Mini Rix
Mini Rix 4 години тому
damn that dance do look motion captured tho
Carlos Nery
Carlos Nery 5 годин тому
Jaiden made something original. Gaming animation
etho 1810
etho 1810 5 годин тому
10:24 jaiden just wanted some snacks
SophiaGaming: A Simple Gaming Channel
who thinks pokemon ranger shud be on the nintendo switch or lite
Sleepy_ Chan!
Sleepy_ Chan! 5 годин тому
"Not gonna lie their battle music kinda bangs though" *ad plays*
Jasero O_o
Jasero O_o 5 годин тому
Animator and gamer girl!! Jk jk. I enjoyed the video and i remember i used to to play pokemon rangers as a kid
Manuel Browning
Manuel Browning 5 годин тому
4:55 thank me later
Franciszek Majewski
Franciszek Majewski 5 годин тому
Sonnenblumen Kind
Sonnenblumen Kind 5 годин тому
0:54 the paper clip in the right corner !!! :D
Zach Spry
Zach Spry 6 годин тому
Video idea: wholesome dancing ari's
Ryce Igo
Ryce Igo 6 годин тому
Were can you find a ds
bluewolfy-w- 6 годин тому
Touch the bidoof
Daniel Sousa
Daniel Sousa 6 годин тому
I have the game xD
Eievui Akushako
Eievui Akushako 6 годин тому
I have Almia
Mackenzie Ferreira
Mackenzie Ferreira 6 годин тому
Pokémon ultra gun and Pokémon ultra bullet
Shadow 6 годин тому
Who came back just to rewatch the jaiden dance
Scrambled Meggs
Scrambled Meggs 6 годин тому
Wait in your thumbnails are all the dots over the background Ben day dots?
Caroll La Dorito Verde
Caroll La Dorito Verde 6 годин тому
I have an idea for a video of you with James, how about you read your stories together from wattpad? It would be amazing and I love you uwu
Gacha Jake
Gacha Jake 6 годин тому
When I was watching this vid I realised Me:huh I have Pokemon ranger and it seems pretty good time to get my styl- I LOST IT ;-;
Gacha Jake
Gacha Jake 6 годин тому
Oh I have all of them
Jaydon Nguyen
Jaydon Nguyen 6 годин тому
6:10 w-what no one can just deflect the 20 metre radius emerald splash
Albin0 Kr0we
Albin0 Kr0we 6 годин тому
Hey can you accept m y snapchat request again lol
The one
The one 6 годин тому
When are you doing a video of aria’s birthday 🎁
MangoBlasters 7 годин тому
hi jaiden! touch the bidoof with no engagement in sexual activity accept u will have to engage ;)
Liz Laker
Liz Laker 7 годин тому
90%of comments are about the Jaiden dancing part 5%actual comments 5%just random things
Annikamations videos
Annikamations videos 7 годин тому
Random fact Did you know that "Ari" means yes in japanese
Dramatic 6mr
Dramatic 6mr 7 годин тому
I played this without a stylist on the 2ds
ChiefTomahawk Gaming
ChiefTomahawk Gaming 7 годин тому
Watching this video made me go find my copy of Shadows of Almia and replay it, it is just as fun as I remembered.
TheGamingBuffalo XYZ
TheGamingBuffalo XYZ 7 годин тому
What happened to Ari's fourth birthday?
Ineedhelp Otero
Ineedhelp Otero 8 годин тому
How old is Air? 🤔
Dominic Southwell
Dominic Southwell 8 годин тому
68 percent old
Iman Flexington
Iman Flexington 8 годин тому
The dance looks like the dance to weird al's "eat it"
mimi creampuff
mimi creampuff 8 годин тому
Galaxycrystal103 8 годин тому
Unintended hyperlink
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg 8 годин тому
Eres la mejor quisas amiga si
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg 8 годин тому
Te justa Queen o los Beatles? Hablás español o escribes Español?
Snoopy is Funny
Snoopy is Funny 8 годин тому
Pokemon, heard of it.
Mike Animates
Mike Animates 8 годин тому
𝒕𝒐𝒖𝒄𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒊𝒅𝒐𝒐𝒇
demon games
demon games 8 годин тому
Is ari your only bird
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg 8 годин тому
Puedes venir a México Tlaxcala Calpulalpan en 18 de noviembre por favor es mi cumpleaños si?
Sky Comix
Sky Comix 8 годин тому
5:08 Howd you capture them, when I try that, it says I can't steal the pokemon. (And also they can't run from a trainer battle)
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg 8 годин тому
Puedes escribir en el Español si o España
jdhghsy bcsfg
jdhghsy bcsfg 8 годин тому
No sé si sabes español pero ere la mejores que visto de inglés cuanto termine ésto de la virus quieres venir en México Calpulalpan Tlaxcala contestame por favor si.
Kid Breen
Kid Breen 9 годин тому
I'm extremely surprised by the lack of loops cat jokes in this video.
Areej Iqbal
Areej Iqbal 9 годин тому
I am going to make a minecraft ser6
legendary Anil BRUH
legendary Anil BRUH 9 годин тому
legendary Anil BRUH
legendary Anil BRUH 9 годин тому
king kotto
king kotto 9 годин тому
Plz play yo Kai watch next the second one is the best I think it fits ur channel and u would enjoy it
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 9 годин тому
Soy el unico q habla español
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