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Get ready for another round of taking Supes down! #TheBoys Season 2 is coming in hot, mates… are you ready?
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About The Boys:
The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.

About Season 2:
In a more intense, more desperate Season 2 of THE BOYS, Butcher, Hughie and the team reel from their losses in Season 1. On the run from the law, they struggle to fight back against the Superheroes. As Vought, the company that manages the heroes, cashes in on the panic over the threat of Supervillains, and a new hero, Stormfront, shakes up the company and challenges an already unstable Homelander.
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The Boys Season 2 - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video




4 сер 2020





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Quix Silver
Quix Silver 14 хвилин тому
So in this trailer alone we see a fight scene for Starlight vs Stormfront and Starlight vs Black noir. Man episodes 7-10 are gonna be great
Noah Iellina
Noah Iellina 3 години тому
“We can’t just kill everyone” “That’s exactly what we’re gonna do”-Billy Butcher
ethmann17 3 години тому
I’m watching this show for the girls characters I saw badass clip of a girl, I don’t like any of the boys
shekh salman
shekh salman 3 години тому
Max Looter
Max Looter 5 годин тому
What happened to Clark why he loses his power?
just a human with a mask
just a human with a mask 6 годин тому
I can't be the only one who hates Hughy.
SubFlow22 10 годин тому
Season 2 is woke trash as gender-swapped Stormfront wraps Homelander around her finger and makes him look stupid. Gave up, just like Ozark. Trash woke BS.
aadiction 8 годин тому
SubFlow22 stfu stop complaining
Orange Sheep
Orange Sheep 15 годин тому
"We got lucky with Superman. He shared our values. The next Superman might not" - Amanda Waller
eric eagle
eric eagle День тому
Came back to see what has happened from trailer, queen Maeve vs Stormfront still not happened, Oki doki
Nelly Ortiz
Nelly Ortiz День тому
It’s a fast shot but we get to see Queen mave versus stormfront at 1:56
Qaz Plm
Qaz Plm День тому
1:15 that the communist sign
Randall Wade
Randall Wade День тому
1:57 is Queen Maeve fighting Stormfront? I think stormfront is against homosexuality by the way she was disgusted with Starlight “eyeing her”. Maybe she finds out about Maeve’s love life & goes to kill her woman.
Dunbe Stoopit
Dunbe Stoopit День тому
1:39 That's the car Cindy got into. Butcher is present also. 1:55 Black Noir slamming Starlight's face into a table. 1:57 Maeve punching Stormfront, and stormfront bleeds. 2:10 Starlight blasts Black Noir.
Dunbe Stoopit
Dunbe Stoopit 17 годин тому
@Huy Dang If you pause at 1:02 you can see two people getting blown back from the explosion.
Huy Dang
Huy Dang День тому
1:01 looks like Starlight is there too
Abhi Karthikeyan
Abhi Karthikeyan День тому
1:01 is that Becca behind kimiko
raseaCFT День тому
Guess she's safe...for now. I feel like Homelander is gonna kidnap her son in the next episode.
RawMaterialENT День тому
who caught the starlight vs noir scene at the tower?
Edwin Lara
Edwin Lara День тому
2:00 Is A-Train going to help?
Jet Nacanaynay
Jet Nacanaynay День тому
queen maeve punching stormfront 😮😯
Marwari Chhoro
Marwari Chhoro День тому
Butcher is not super hero but he is still round 😁😁
Shane Brennan
Shane Brennan День тому
4 episodes in and season 2 is awful.
aadiction 8 годин тому
Shane Brennan your dumb
King Belial
King Belial День тому
What with this show and killing sea creature's !? The Deep just can't catch a break. 🤣
Ebony Taylor
Ebony Taylor 2 дні тому
wow, very cool !
Saisesh nag
Saisesh nag 2 дні тому
1:57 Queen Mavee vs Stromfront
Saisesh nag
Saisesh nag 2 дні тому
1:56 starlight vs Black noir
Saisesh nag
Saisesh nag 2 дні тому
1:01 Becca with boys
SPACEK 2 дні тому
Bakwash ha
Demetri Parker
Demetri Parker 2 дні тому
One thing is despicable about season 2 is that fucking Fresca garbage.
lololol 2 дні тому
Nelly Ortiz
Nelly Ortiz 13 годин тому
Maeve made stormfront bleed too UGH I can’t wait to see those two fight each other
i like raccoon
i like raccoon 2 дні тому
does anyone know that name of both songs?
god of the birds
god of the birds 2 дні тому
Queen Maeve, Starligh and the boys vs Stormfrond starligh vs Black Noir uffff i need the fight NOW
Nelly Ortiz
Nelly Ortiz 13 годин тому
In this trailer we got stormfront throwing a car at Butcher and then we see queen Maeve punching the hell out of stormfront and making her bleed..... I really can’t wait to see those two fight😩
djuraster 2 дні тому
I can`t believe this died after season 1... Season 2 is nowhere close - pathetic, mushy, with no idea where its going...It`s like every episode is written in 45sec...shame
Tay_Hilfiger19 2 дні тому
So after watching last nights episode...starlight and stormfront will face off I’m calling it
Dewitos Alt
Dewitos Alt 2 дні тому
"we got soup terrorists"
Asip 2 дні тому
So.. Butcher is RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) in The Boys..
Doctor straing Strange
Doctor straing Strange 2 дні тому
Spoiled too much but otherwise great trailer
Pro Wolf
Pro Wolf 2 дні тому
Season 3, please spare the boys members who died in the comics AND Queen Maeve
Tripple A
Tripple A 2 дні тому
Homelander and Butcher both have the perfect cast in fact all of the cast is perfect for their roles
Shyrah Charlebois
Shyrah Charlebois 2 дні тому
Good video!!
Doug 2 дні тому
Who's stand back the female at 1:01? It could be Butcher's wife?
Fujin 2 дні тому
it is
Ravadge 2 дні тому
Yeah it is
nottys92 2 дні тому
Maeve punch Stormfront in the last episode is probably going to be the death of her!
Miwsky 2 дні тому
Still awaiting the Queen Maeve x Stormfront and Starlight x Black Noir clashes !
1 Minute Tributes
1 Minute Tributes 2 дні тому
Not enjoy long season 2 as I did season one and it’s only Homelander that’s making season 2 look ok.
ONI 2 дні тому
1:28 eleven but she is an adult
Danny 2 дні тому
She’s freakyyy
Franklin Richards
Franklin Richards 2 дні тому
Hopefully in the final episode, for the final fight the boys do a raid on Vought Tower
Pratik Yalameli
Pratik Yalameli 3 дні тому
Are you fucking kidding me? Starlight kills hugie?
Pranay Jain
Pranay Jain 2 дні тому
Nope she didn't
Alexander Cactaur
Alexander Cactaur 3 дні тому
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Mosab Zahedi
Mosab Zahedi 3 дні тому
- What's with the accent? - What's with yours?
John Oldman
John Oldman 3 дні тому
1:57 Maeve vs Stormfront, I want to see that.
Conner Hawke
Conner Hawke 3 дні тому
What song is this? "1 2 3 HIT IT"
غدير Popo
غدير Popo 3 дні тому
Jorge Najar
Jorge Najar 3 дні тому
1:36 wtf is going on
M 3 дні тому
The Boys Season 2 Trailer music = ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-wsXrs1z7jbk.html
The Blue Crab
The Blue Crab 3 дні тому
That blonde guy looks like a cross between Superman and Zack Morris.
Gilby Rodriguez
Gilby Rodriguez 3 дні тому
Starlight VS Black Noir I’m here for it 🤩💪🌟
Rhodynit Kühne
Rhodynit Kühne 3 дні тому
Valorant :v
Roberto Ventilii
Roberto Ventilii 3 дні тому
"daddy's home now" !
Harshal Mhatre.
Harshal Mhatre. 4 дні тому
1:52 Karen be like 😂😂😂 I am ready
big head
big head 4 дні тому
Asintha Senethmal
Asintha Senethmal 4 дні тому
Teaser blood on homelander"s face os stormfront or ryan 100percent sure
Styli Ajeeth
Styli Ajeeth 4 дні тому
Please dub Tamil seasons 1 and 2
Anjali Rana
Anjali Rana 4 дні тому
I would not like to see this homelanders face again but I have to because of the boys, but he is terrible!!
guil. meister
guil. meister 5 днів тому
Can't wait for Maeve vs. Stormfront
Enigma 5 днів тому
Why does homelander look like he has dip packed into both cheeks all the time 🤔
TheSportsGuru 5 днів тому
1:56 Aaand I no longer like Black Noir.
TheSportsGuru 5 днів тому
1:01 But...but that's his wife right there in the background.
TheSportsGuru 2 дні тому
@Doug Or it's a deceptive vision from Butcher. I could also see his son going on a sort of warpath and Butcher stopping him. Butcher saving the Supes, now that would be a twist.
Doug 2 дні тому
Yeah, I spotted her too. Idk, probably something happened to Ryan?
TheSportsGuru 5 днів тому
0:47 Well that's an interesting group...
TheSportsGuru 2 дні тому
@Doug More than likely, Stormfront knows who she is after all.
Doug 2 дні тому
Probably Starlight won't get back to the Vought Tower after the sixth episode, so she wanna protect her mother
Daniel brown
Daniel brown 5 днів тому
Daddy's home!!
Yaurid 5 днів тому
I hate Stormfront more than the Skyler White
You can be anyone in the comments
Just finished S2 E2. Seeing butcher deck hughie was so satisfying
Satyam Kumar
Satyam Kumar 6 днів тому
Dubb in Hindi Please for Indian Audience
cklindo4646 6 днів тому
Anybody else disturbed by the scene with Homelander and Stormfront at the end of S2E5???
Pina Is Pink
Pina Is Pink 6 днів тому
I dunno why but i think the deep and a train are gonna become friends by the end of this
vishal yadav
vishal yadav 6 днів тому
1:57 will be epic...stormfront vs meive..p.s i cam after episode 5 jst to see the trailer in 0.25x to find some more details and scenes abt to come..
Justinhulk 3 дні тому
thats exactly what im doing lol
PBX Sniper YT
PBX Sniper YT 6 днів тому
Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️
PBX Sniper YT
PBX Sniper YT 6 днів тому
Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️
PBX Sniper YT
PBX Sniper YT 6 днів тому
Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️Hindi Dub plz🔥❤✔️
someone else notice the head-exploding supe looks like a bald kristen stewart?
HumanoidCableDreads 6 днів тому
I love how the bad guys are anti-communists. Because you have to be evil in order to not support the Soviet Union or something. I liked that the first season wasn't overly partisan, but I kinda expected this.
Doug 2 дні тому
The bad Guys are the Capitalism personalized (Jean Carlo Esposito's character) and the Nazi soldier who wanna rise up the fourth reich
CAPTAIN's gaming
CAPTAIN's gaming 6 днів тому
Hey Amazon Can you release the boys both season in Hindi dubbed 🙏🙏🙏 Please 😭🙏🙏🙏
Chris Su
Chris Su 7 днів тому
Please don't let season 3 move to weekly schedule!
ZOMBuckaCurt 6 днів тому
R u dumb season 2 is already on weekly schedule
Scott Gust
Scott Gust 7 днів тому
If you love woke, white hating, anti christian, pervert anti super heroes...this is the show for you. Its pure trash
Sadab Ansari
Sadab Ansari 7 днів тому
Release the whole episode at once.. This weekly season sucks
Rob Quin
Rob Quin 6 днів тому
they would have released em all at once back in july. they were going to. then they couldnt because everything got fucked by the corona.
Renaldo Soleyn
Renaldo Soleyn 7 днів тому
i just came to thank the boys cast for bein the best series i ever watch and enjoy for a long time
Adam Camacho
Adam Camacho 7 днів тому
If you pause at 2:10 you can see black noir and starlight fighting each other.
Raidoton 7 днів тому
Yeah quite a big spoiler in the trailer.
shaik Ishaaq
shaik Ishaaq 7 днів тому
Homelander is the best fuckin character matched to butcher ❤️
Fontana 7 днів тому
Season 1 was ok , season 2 is terrible, a bunch of nonsense.
Doug 2 дні тому
Season 2 it's still going, maybe we should wait it to end and then talk...
Raidoton 7 днів тому
Season 1 was amazing, season 2 is great so far.
Ajay Boudh
Ajay Boudh 7 днів тому
For Gus Fring I will watch
Lucas Farias
Lucas Farias 7 днів тому
Cade o leo
Mr.Robot 7 днів тому
What would be better is that in order to even the odds at some point Hughie and his crew get some powers. Otherwise this means bringing a knife to a gun fight so do it Amazon gave some compund V to the BOYS
Urdu Ebert
Urdu Ebert 7 днів тому
Malaika junaid
Malaika junaid 7 днів тому
Jensen Ackles in it... I m Soo excited
Eshaan Wahane
Eshaan Wahane 8 днів тому
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 8 днів тому
Very disappointed with the new season what a drag
coffe jack
coffe jack 8 днів тому
Sees stormfront supporters with hammers, & sickles *Ironic*
Mark Burt
Mark Burt 8 днів тому
🥇 : The Boys Season 2 - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video played>>>> stream-watch-prohd.blogspot.com
jarl Andruha der grosse her
jarl Andruha der grosse her 8 днів тому
Garbage. Aboult nothing. 3rd serie and no meaning AT ALL, bullshit, very boring
sike its Golem
sike its Golem 8 днів тому
Imperio Classic Movies
Imperio Classic Movies 9 днів тому
Please amazon make a season 5 Banshee , lucas hood need to back :D
Earning Attorney
Earning Attorney 9 днів тому
Is it just me or did they edit this after uploading episodes 1-5 to reveal more?
Raidoton 7 днів тому
Nope it's the same.
Unsubed from Prime even the Boyz is going Woke . Get Woke go Broke .....
Raidoton 7 днів тому
You are pretty stupid if you think The Boys is woke. The show makes fun of wokeness.
Jared Drey
Jared Drey 9 днів тому
This show makes me want some milk
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