The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

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The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.



8 кві 2019





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mariam ghvinjilia
mariam ghvinjilia Годину тому
Sriharsha 4 години тому
The creators really messed up the finale/ ending aftr waiting for so many years.
ES Muori
ES Muori 15 годин тому
How this can be the final season if there is two books coming?
Raymond Waskita
Raymond Waskita 16 годин тому
"The cast remembers" but "The writers kinda forgot"
DoubleDuck 17 годин тому
10:23 well, it wasn't good.
greego saju
greego saju 20 годин тому
I start love emilia from my last Christmas...❤️❤️❤️
m k
m k День тому
演技力がやばすぎるんだな… みんなニコニコ… よかった…笑
K M Hasan
K M Hasan День тому
No Emillie, one thing didn't get better as the seasons passed, that's the story. After season seven your character lost it's originality and you started to sound more like Cersei that Dragon Queen. Bend the knee bend the knee was really annoying. Cause it didn't suit your character also it was conflicting with earlier stories. Remember when you freed Unsilied, you said they can go free. So what made you do different this time was not clear. Also in your entire story, you never was worried about the safety of your children even though you learned they could be hurt and killed, that was so unlike Dragon Queen who was so intelligent. There was other ways to write all these parts, better ways.
K M Hasan
K M Hasan День тому
There's a rumor that Drogon took his mom to a Red Priestess who is gonna make her alive again. Then she is gonna find more Dragons and gonna come back for revenge on Jhon Tyryan and Sana
SummerTime High
SummerTime High День тому
We will never forget you guys and what you done.....but we will forget the last seasons tho.... like no lie
Liam Palvin
Liam Palvin 2 дні тому
Jaime fookin Lannister
Xprotor 2 дні тому
I love how at the start of the video everyone's like I was really anxious, never done it before then Emilia just says "I fell of a FKIN HORSE"
Hola que hace Hsjs
Hola que hace Hsjs 2 дні тому
Iain Glenn : Emilia knows nothing
Jaja Shah-Mohen
Jaja Shah-Mohen 3 дні тому
4:06 is my favorite
Nathyele Bueno
Nathyele Bueno 3 дні тому
Anya Black
Anya Black 3 дні тому
maisie & emilia's voice are everything
Anya Black
Anya Black 3 дні тому
maisie & sophie's friendship is my favorite thing ever
Amal Anil
Amal Anil 3 дні тому
Disappointed about the ending
Leil Armstrong
Leil Armstrong 4 дні тому
I just finished watching all of it today. All i can say is that the wounds will never heal perhaps
Manuel Ortega
Manuel Ortega 4 дні тому
I can say, from Spain, the whole cast and crew are kind and lovely. We miss you in Almería.
Jay M
Jay M 4 дні тому
"It will be good" Yes it will be for you bran
Oğuzhan Alak
Oğuzhan Alak 4 дні тому
who is here 2020?
Jackie B
Jackie B 4 дні тому
Missin' Game Of Thrones ☹
Manoj khichi
Manoj khichi 4 дні тому
Peter is the real actor with his great acting who had never hated in GOT by anyone he always tried for making the better world in GOT (Oh I miss Tyrion Lannister) and also he is my favorite character in GOT. ✨
Sea Oh
Sea Oh 4 дні тому
10:24 “But it must. And it will be good.” Those who wrote the script for season 8.... shame!
Prafful Kumar Solanki
Prafful Kumar Solanki 5 днів тому
whose favourite characters are jon snow and tyrion lannister?
Kumar D
Kumar D 5 днів тому
0:34 - neither now
Panashe Vuragu
Panashe Vuragu 5 днів тому
watched all seasons in 2020
psychogman37 5 днів тому
Rory McCannnnnnnnnnnn ❤❤❤
_ ecoholic _
_ ecoholic _ 5 днів тому
The great series finally ended with unsatisfied ending.
MS Awesome
MS Awesome 6 днів тому
The cast also remembers disappointed of season 8
Ging2x Grasya
Ging2x Grasya 7 днів тому
My emotions are mixs 😭😭😭missing them all
Mahendra Thakor
Mahendra Thakor 7 днів тому
Suggest ...Any better series than this one?
Damian Ikejioha
Damian Ikejioha 8 днів тому
Funny enough my favourite characters was Sir Davos and then Tyrion Lannister. Accent for Sir Davos and sheer astuteness for Tyrion.
Damian Ikejioha
Damian Ikejioha 8 днів тому
Yeah, I got to truly understand "hodor"😢😥
Maude Rogers
Maude Rogers 8 днів тому
shrtlink.ca/xxx35camladies ඩ්‍රෝන යානය එහි පසුපස පුවරුවේ කාවැදී ඇති මිසයිල වෙඩි තැබීය දෙසිය කුඩා
Amit Sahni
Amit Sahni 8 днів тому
GOT is emotion ❣️
Paloma Rodríguez González
Paloma Rodríguez González 8 днів тому
best show ever
jokes on you
jokes on you 9 днів тому
We all missing you
Will Moshe Carr
Will Moshe Carr 9 днів тому
Kit saying his wife was the best to work with made me smile
Liroz Vaz
Liroz Vaz 10 днів тому
I Stan them all ❤️
Vincent Meade
Vincent Meade 10 днів тому
Tell me I'm not the only one looking at the eyebrows the whole video
GeistDesKlos 11 днів тому
It could have ended better :(
Father of Dragons
Father of Dragons 11 днів тому
Kit : most shocking moment was... hmm . my death Really?
IMSANS 11 днів тому
Imagine Daenerys meeting Emilia
Ariel Bruce
Ariel Bruce 11 днів тому
4:46 There must have been... if he ended up marrying her!
Adams Adams
Adams Adams 12 днів тому
We wana sequales❤
NELSTAR HS 12 днів тому
Rahul Khatri
Rahul Khatri 12 днів тому
Jon: My most shocking moment was my death. : It was so obvious. That's why they say you know nothing Jon Snow.
ADITYA UJJWAL 12 днів тому
I am the only one who is watching game of thrones in lockdown 😜😜
ChrisBrengel 12 днів тому
Amelia Clarke is SO not Daenerys Targarian! Good acting!
milo20060 13 днів тому
Spoilers: Dany could have fixed everything and Jon. I kinda relate on the hate train of Season 8 So much stuff happening so suddenly? The night king, First Dany wants no ashes but literally becomes queen of ashes lol. I do like Bran becoming the ruler tho. Basically the all knowing but Jon would have been a good choice too.
milo20060 13 днів тому
"Brienna fucking tartrethn" :DDDDDDDDDDDD
karvakake 13 днів тому
So this is how Iain Glen really talks. Seen him in Jack Taylor too, but still this surprised me a lot.
Elvin Adham
Elvin Adham 13 днів тому
Red wedding scene made me burst into tears 😭
Dominik _pg
Dominik _pg 13 днів тому
Today finished,it was fantastic
2020 13 днів тому
Anyone else love that Sam is called John
Catie Kiplinger
Catie Kiplinger 13 днів тому
Iain and Emilia choosing each other 😭😭😭
Asahel 14 днів тому
Ugh No. I distinctly remembers him in Narnia.
Eyosyas Tebeje
Eyosyas Tebeje 14 днів тому
Imagine no red wedding
Yoshimitsu John
Yoshimitsu John 14 днів тому
Im just here to read the coments about s8
Shedong Bol Juol-Thor
Shedong Bol Juol-Thor 14 днів тому
tbh when i heard kit was getting married i cried it wasnt it but i love rose so i just.... ye
Naw Say
Naw Say 14 днів тому
The future number of people in the game of thrones is. 0.
Bobychand Aheibam
Bobychand Aheibam 14 днів тому
where is khal drogo..????
Anje Dewrance
Anje Dewrance 14 днів тому
Anje Dewrance
Anje Dewrance 14 днів тому
00:05 CORRECT.
AM V 14 днів тому
Most shocking was dumb .s8..
Younes Muslim
Younes Muslim 15 днів тому
I've never seen this series like this, really it's the best in the history of cinema in the world, I love all the characters of this series, even RAMZIE !!! 😈 ... really you are the tops of tops thank you for the teams who worked on this great series. it really touched me in the heart ... thank you .. i hope this continues.
Fypo M
Fypo M 15 днів тому
I'm late to finishing game of thrones, jon going back to castle black sucked, I was waiting for drogon to appear as he is aegon t. One of the greatest shows I have had the pleasure to watch, I just binged it all, had seen seasons 1 to 4 a while back but the last episode killed it, shame
Little Director
Little Director 15 днів тому
Its been 1.5 yr...stil Im missing GOT😫💔
Lewis Vowles
Lewis Vowles 15 днів тому
Lena headey played cersie lannister so well.
Lewis Vowles
Lewis Vowles 15 днів тому
Wtf they all sound different.
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Ian Glen.. how i love that guy! I wish him my best!
Donya M
Donya M 15 днів тому
I watched the whole seasons in one week,guess i need some rest now
Bonita Bastos
Bonita Bastos 15 днів тому
I will watch it over and over 😁
Froody McFock
Froody McFock 16 днів тому
Zaki LV
Zaki LV 16 днів тому
Spoil : I didn't like the fact the Jon snow was lined away he didn't get any credit and been sent away and deneryse made one mistake and got killed she could've understood jeime didn't had to die with her cause we all know he loved Bryan 💔 and the night king that been hyping us for 4 8 years killed by Arya who came out of no where it you could've done better by Jon marrying Dani and becomes king and queen but the houses doesn't agree so they use magic and creat other creatures such as giants monitors ... But anyway thnxs for the experience u gave us 🖤🥀
S A I S I D D A R T H 16 днів тому
I watched all series in 5 days 😂
Super Vid
Super Vid 17 днів тому
I just finished this show in 1 fcking week.
ashley ebanks
ashley ebanks 17 днів тому
The beard comment from the hound has me creasing 😂😂😂
The trenches
The trenches 17 днів тому
I love game of thrones so so much 💔, ima miss it man. 💔
Vinnie Cardinale
Vinnie Cardinale 17 днів тому
Ya the red wedding definitely scarred me 😂
Harry Schinas
Harry Schinas 18 днів тому
8 seasons were nowhere near enough to compete the series properly. Such a pity...
Siddhesh Y Pawar
Siddhesh Y Pawar 19 днів тому
Thank you for this great show 🙏🏻Love from 🇮🇳
Prutv Raj
Prutv Raj 19 днів тому
Jorah still loves his khaleesi
Pinchoe 19 днів тому
Ser Clegane thinks they still shooting
꧁】TheEldritchOne【꧂ 19 днів тому
AHHH GOD. I want a Game of Thrones 2 man with new people, grown up cast. Just to see the whole world evolve and a new main threat
Jack Ammo
Jack Ammo 20 днів тому
I wish it just ended in season 7
a Pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps
Being in lockdown it gave me time to watch the full series...took me 2weeks from start to finish. I'm a big guy 6'4" with tough skin and a soft heart....my emotions over the last 2 weeks have awoken...watching this show and listening to its music score i have wept...on a few occasions....last time i wept i was 18 (32 yrs ago) when i lost my father to cancer. To all involved in this absolutely fantastic show may i say a big Thankyou.
Jr. M E R L I N
Jr. M E R L I N 21 день тому
Shay M
Shay M 21 день тому
Season 8 was only disappointing because of how rushed it was and how much better it could have been. Most the season was still incredible though!
Racist Princess
Racist Princess 22 дні тому
Sophie...sooooo beautiful...😍😍😍
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 22 дні тому
I binged it this week❤️
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 22 дні тому
Sandor and ayra's firendship was ❤️❤️
Shoaib Tantray
Shoaib Tantray 22 дні тому
At 09:59 Emilia surely didn't check the ratings of the final season.
king sufi
king sufi 22 дні тому
man... still want a prequel.
emmanuel neils hesse
emmanuel neils hesse 23 дні тому
the middle
Gulia -Brothers
Gulia -Brothers 23 дні тому
Game Of Thrones: What Are The Cast Members Doing Now? ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-KFp_xfq1XXU.html
Harsh John
Harsh John 23 дні тому
You fucked up the last season. Everytime I watch it. I get more and more disappointed.
Threeleaves 23 дні тому
09:49 Season 8 : Wait for it
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