The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

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The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.



8 кві 2019





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Parvez Arif Sana
Parvez Arif Sana 2 години тому
I love Hodor ! I miss that character ❤️
Martin Pius Phiri
Martin Pius Phiri 4 години тому
Aaaww still in the friend Zone
Toddy Jones
Toddy Jones 7 годин тому
No matter what people say about the ending, for me, this was the most epic and memorable show of my lifetime….
Hayden Curry
Hayden Curry 41 хвилина тому
Mr D
Mr D 11 годин тому
Where's Reek?
Samiul Azim
Samiul Azim 20 годин тому
Lena Headey (Cersi) was the best actress fo sure...
Nihal 22 години тому
Burh it's gives me spoiler damm! Snow death uff.. can't sleep now 😥
Jason Scott
Jason Scott День тому
LMAO 8:03
Huzaifa Gill
Huzaifa Gill День тому
*I really miss this show! I will never forget this masterpiece*
Jack Cade
Jack Cade 2 дні тому
The thing is, a good director, etc. in a genre piece, can teach basically any actor no matter how talentless to play a specific role, as long as it is close to the actors actual identity. The trick part comes when that actor has to find work after that role. See, Mark Hammill & Carrie Fisher as examples, and many of the cast of GoT, not the folks who already had careers before, but the ones who hadn't. Most of them will NEVER come close to what they achieved on GoT.
Super Bananas
Super Bananas 2 дні тому
The North remembers the murder of season 8.
DJHaloM3 2 дні тому
The show doesn't have to end like this. There's still life that could be pumped back in. We continue, 5 to 10 years in the future, which is reasonable since the cast has aged slightly. Jon Snow has been picked as leader of the free folk. He spends much time in isolation and has never recovered from what he had to do. He is content with spending the rest of his life in semi-isolation however.. Meanwhile, Arya's location remains a mystery. She's become a mercenary assassin and has gone down a very dark path. The Faceless God worshippers, now larger in numbers, have hunted her for years, seeking revenge. She has heard rumors of Greyworm attempting to track down Jon to have him killed, which sets up for a major conflict between them. Bran the Broken is experiencing diminished abilities, and must return north in search of the next three eyed raven. He has had visions that his successor exists, but cannot see who it is. His journey will re-unite him with Jon Snow with grave consequences. With the Tyrell family vanquished, a new sinister family has taken control of Highgarden and presents a challenge to the peace. Except Olenna may have final trick still up her sleeve, a bastard son that would give (two handed) Jamie Lannister a run for his money with a sword. Tyrion has reverted to a life of debauchery and misery when Bronn, who was ran out of Highgarden, tracks him down and needs his assistance convincing King Bran that an attack is imminent. While the Night King is gone, rumors of unnatural events from across the sea are swirling. While winter came and left, something more terrifying than an army of wight's is on the horizon. Will Jon leave the north to find Drogon, which will be desperately needed in this new war. Will war break out in Westeros as a new enemy approaches? The North Remembered, but what little remains of House Frey also does. As does Highgarden. What will happen? Tune in never, for the story we will never see. :(
Deepesh Kumar Mishra
Deepesh Kumar Mishra 2 дні тому
I just rewatched this master piece again and hell it was a nostalgia. I did stop at season 7 though.
Bilal Qureshi
Bilal Qureshi 3 дні тому
The ending sucked
rahul kate
rahul kate 3 дні тому
Nobody gives a damn about Hodor. Why? Why? Why?
Kayla Casey
Kayla Casey 3 дні тому
“And it will be good” 😬
heyysimone 4 дні тому
I loved the part where Robert and Cersei were talking in private and both laughing at the idea that they keep the realm together. They both know its a lie
heyysimone 4 дні тому
The actors and actresses of the most hated characters were just perfection. They did the most amazing job at making the audience *hate* them. Joffrey, Cersei, The Hound (we learned to love him), Tywin, Jaimie (learned to love him too), and so many others. It was just an amazing cast.
Łukasz Borówka
Łukasz Borówka 5 днів тому
HALO FRINDS !!!! I like too play Game of Thrones-Winter is Coming. I LOVE JON SNOW ! :) Ad my in Facebook pisse - Łukasz Borówka - I'm from Poland ♥
Shaheen Pervin
Shaheen Pervin 5 днів тому
Glen didnt even change a single looks
keepITsimple 5 днів тому
How ironic that emilia Clarke (Dan) is such a humorous person snd she gets to play a badass girl with 3 dragons.
Ropi Looms
Ropi Looms 6 днів тому
My Emotional moment = Sansa lost verginity to that beast.... it was so stressful....
Rullarata 6 днів тому
Another Random
Another Random 6 днів тому
4:17 Briennes of Tarth guide to easiest way for getting rect on a battle field. One simple trick to check if afterlife is real.
ajrl 26
ajrl 26 7 днів тому
unfortunately, it ended ugly
sohil baria
sohil baria 7 днів тому
All character have grown well with the whole series.
ISB15954 7 днів тому
We'll never forget Ian Glen going all Khaleesi please . . .
Dragon JPT
Dragon JPT 7 днів тому
Why all British actors and British english used in the series? 🤔🤔
Alyssia R
Alyssia R 7 днів тому
4:51 of course you are saying that you married her irl
bob494949 7 днів тому
Liam Cunningham... that beard, that voice. What a specimen!
The StickMan VA
The StickMan VA 7 днів тому
That's Jaime Fooking Lannister
Hashim Merri
Hashim Merri 7 днів тому
Emilia is cuuuuuttteee and hilarious
Rogelina Monicit
Rogelina Monicit 7 днів тому
Amazingly . I'm so inlove with you all 😍😍😍
Rogelina Monicit
Rogelina Monicit 7 днів тому
Amazingly . I'm so inlove with you all 😍😍😍
Rogelina Monicit
Rogelina Monicit 7 днів тому
Amazingly . I'm so inlove with you all 😍😍😍
Carlitos 7 днів тому
Bran Stark "I've never had any acting experience before". EVERYONE: WE KNOW! WE COULD TELL! BRAN THE BROKEN MY ARSE!!!!!
Lakshya Prajapati
Lakshya Prajapati 7 днів тому
You forgot Joffrey?
Lakshya Prajapati
Lakshya Prajapati 7 днів тому
I just finished the 8th season... Wtf just happened😭😭
Jeann Puno
Jeann Puno 8 днів тому
Most shocking moment was - The Hound bursting into tears after watching the red wedding - I'm like aww come on
Booperino _
Booperino _ 8 днів тому
Each cast got them worried so much who would die next and be out.
Prit 8 днів тому
Young Bran looks like a angel😍😍
The Toadstool
The Toadstool 9 днів тому
This video is an all in one spoiler for someone who just started the show
Let me sleep in peace
Let me sleep in peace 9 днів тому
D&D deserves all they hate they get for butchering this series. They were ungrateful to the original author and thought they could produce a better story. They got carried by George R. R. Martin's books and when they rushed the material they demanded more. Just awful people. I'm partly glad season 8 was so bad. It finally exposed how trash D&D were, as writers and as people.
Spectrea 9 днів тому
"I think a lot of fantasy is heavy on the dragon and light on the character... we are the opposite" Oh if only Peter.
Fort_ Oink
Fort_ Oink 7 днів тому
Everybody seems to forget this, GoT was never meant to be a ninja warrior and dragon queen go destroy the great evil kind of show. That’s why the writing was awful, the show became everything George hated in a story yet dumbasses at bars clapped and shit themselves whenever a dragon showed up anyway. It’s depressing just how many people think flashing a dragon on a big set-piece means that a show is goodn
ThinkCMYK 10 днів тому
but the ending was shit.
sanz rival
sanz rival 10 днів тому
yup, timeless! the choice of cast is perfect!
Miles 10 днів тому
Emilia is a horrible actress.
KissMyAsthma 10 днів тому
I guess someone must have said “This is better than Season 8” already.
Puglia 11 днів тому
Such a Gorgeous set, including the Characters that have developed 💜
velvetsteele 11 днів тому
I don’t care how nice Lena is. I don’t trust her with those stark actors around. Just like Cersei to use the fact of ‘real life’ to make them feel safe and let themselves become vulnerable before she pounces. I know it makes no sense. But I don’t trust that face.
norahCCharon 11 днів тому
Actors were so good in this show, i can't point a single example of bad acting, they and we didn´t deserve how this came to an end. D&D are horrible writers,when the book content ended,it was a mess
Mohamed El_Sakka
Mohamed El_Sakka 11 днів тому
Cool , love y'all ❤🙈💜
Philson 11 днів тому
Ending was meh, but overall a good series.
Alexander Chung
Alexander Chung 12 днів тому
Everyone was so solemn until Emilia burst in with that "I FELL OFF A FUCKING HORSE XD" gotta love that woman
adam mcdougall
adam mcdougall 12 днів тому
I don't understand the backlash over the last Season.. The last Season was brilliant..
Scott Spink
Scott Spink 12 днів тому
I dont think season 8 was that bad, i think the whole uproar was based on Daenerys not getting the happy ending people wanted or expected.
Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov 12 днів тому
4:09 this cut made me laugh so hard
efath 1095
efath 1095 12 днів тому
10:02 every season is better than the last season LOL season 8 sucked
efath 1095
efath 1095 12 днів тому
best show after ever..... afer harry potter and the third on my list is cobra kai no doubt
pfalky2k 12 днів тому
this show was the Greatest cast ever put together on screen. I don't know acting. the intricacies of their craft is a mystery to me. but the chemistry & quality - especially from a pack of newcomers, but even the old salts. I loved it start to end. the last season did have a rushed feel to it, but I thought the way the characters' stories tied off was superb. I was kinda sorry Danaerys never sat the Iron Throne long, but I absolutely saw why she went Full Targaryen, seeing two dragons fall, Varys, Tyrion, Missandei... I'd have burned KL the day I landed. I always hoped to see Danaerys & Robb catch the Lannisters between the hammer & the anvil - Tyrion excepted. though Jamie's story was a piece of utter genius. it is RIGHT up there with Star Wars & Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. which is pretty much God-status in my book.
neo 12 днів тому
Kit's favorite shoot is the one where Jon and Ygritte met. Like how cute is that.
123xyz 13 днів тому
Season 1-4 👌 everything after 👎
Simon Vermout
Simon Vermout 13 днів тому
Ole Kirk Christiansen
Ole Kirk Christiansen 13 днів тому
Captain Maximum
Captain Maximum 13 днів тому
I guess the most painful thing about this season is watching all these wonderful, talented actors trying their best to make this goddamn script work.
Tom 13 днів тому
Kit: ''My favourite actor to work with was my wife'' Emilia: Hold my eyebrows.
saad7896 13 днів тому
This series was just always so unpredictable and you would never know what would happen. That is why it made it so addicting to watch.
Rohit Gaming
Rohit Gaming 13 днів тому
The young wolf
Michał Wyżlic
Michał Wyżlic 13 днів тому
Unfortunately, it was not so good... :-(
Sam Tagimacruz
Sam Tagimacruz 14 днів тому
2:10 Laughs in George R.R. Martin
lunsmann 14 днів тому
I loved the entire series, from the day I saw the season 3 dvd on the shelf to this week when I finally got around to watching season 8 (binged it in a single session). I am reading the books and can see hints all through that point to Dani being "unstable" so that aspect did not shock or disappoint me. Only the last scene where the surviving lords chose Bran to be their new king left me with a WTF on my lips.
mikazuki 14 днів тому
I don't want it to b end...
Hezekiah 14 днів тому
0:33 yea that much was obvious
glodiron norticos
glodiron norticos 14 днів тому
i think,, ithis series have a start in heads of ones series and "cost" people try to find the goooooood actor to itch sequenciens character to buil to base ... and .... WAW ........ this pesron who pict it up have my upsolutly magical brain and /radost, nadsenie, stastie a a odvahu/ finish all hale :)
BchYT 14 днів тому
4:09 lol
Shantanu Patil
Shantanu Patil 15 днів тому
What was most difficult to handle during shoot? Actors? Nahh Horses. Aye
Algilbert Gomez
Algilbert Gomez 15 днів тому
i guess no one remembered the "shame" scene HAHAHAAH
damaraf1999 15 днів тому
To see that tiny tiny ice wall compared to how they make it look on the show 🤔🤭
Skyshatter 15 днів тому
just a reminder for everyone watching in the future .. there is no video people in the comments cant ruin with their "Karen" complaining
Giku Koshy
Giku Koshy 15 днів тому
4:05 🤣
hello world
hello world 15 днів тому
2:45 *me after every character i love dies*
G V 16 днів тому
Matias Sulin
Matias Sulin 16 днів тому
The fight between the hound and the brienne of fucking tarth 😂
Abstraqt Philosophy
Abstraqt Philosophy 17 днів тому
Bran said the show must come to an end and he was right but he said it must be a good end. How wrong was he. Quite a bad prediction for the 3 eyed Raven😆😆😆
Shazli Shaikh
Shazli Shaikh 17 днів тому
watching; Lena talking like a Proud mother is just so💕💕💕💕💕
Balthazar Werner
Balthazar Werner 17 днів тому
The bit where they were saying what surprised them, I just kinda thought surely they’d have read the books or at least been told by someone
The Creative ManifestShow
The Creative ManifestShow 18 днів тому
Lena Heady was better in Terminator TV spin off series! One with the female girl terminator/Summer Glau.....so damn hot.
The Creative ManifestShow
The Creative ManifestShow 18 днів тому
Loved Emilia from movie bout that guy in wheelchair she looked after.....when I saw in GoT when I started binge watching after it finished......I was so happy! She so super cute n squidgy. She made GoT fr me. Jon Snow just irritated me, Arya Stark/Maisie was equally Gud, cute, n badass.
The Creative ManifestShow
The Creative ManifestShow 18 днів тому
Never liked Alfie Allen, only got part due to far more talented sister Lily Allen connections!
Jyotsna Juyal
Jyotsna Juyal 18 днів тому
Love this series👌👌👌👌👌👌
Jack Murray
Jack Murray 18 днів тому
The hound in real life, still the one swearing like a sailor the most 😂
Kunwar Abhimanyu
Kunwar Abhimanyu 19 днів тому
Where is she-- Mere Sher
J Z 19 днів тому
You all will be remembered!
MOTIVATION 20 днів тому
I just remember watching it because I love Thrones and Kings and Queens and Princesses story... so I was like whose the leading star? so if there was no Sean Bean, I dont want to watch it,,,and my first disappointment was when Bran fall, and Sean Bean killed....i thought I wouldn't want to watch it anymore, but then it goes on until the finale....
Sagar G
Sagar G 20 днів тому
We love game of thrones
Sagar G
Sagar G 20 днів тому
Please available in hindi
Giovanni Baltazar
Giovanni Baltazar 20 днів тому
The only character that needs to die in this series are the writers....
Bradley G
Bradley G 21 день тому
It's so fucking sad how much D&D wasted this perfect cast. God.
What Went Viral WWV
What Went Viral WWV 21 день тому
FU Dave and Dan for ruining this masterpiece
Last90's Dude
Last90's Dude 22 дні тому
Happy 10th Year Anniversary GOT.!!
No one
No one 22 дні тому
The only series finale hated not only by everyone, but by no one too.
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