The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

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Season Finale. Was Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers Kings Series Fixed?
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Laker Kobe Bryant is all smiles before he heads to the foul line with teammates Derek Fisher, Rick F
Gina Ferazzi / Contributor/Getty Images
Staples Center, home to the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, California
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Two businessmen shaking hands
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Basketball vector technology background game. Basket dots ball element activity
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Man Raising Arms in Excitement at Sporting Event
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The screaming man in denim shirt
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Angry football fan showing middle finger
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Retro television
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Lakers Shaquille O'Neal attempts a free throw despite the distraction from the Trailblazer fans in g
Wally Skalij / Contributor/Getty Images
Male watching sports match on television, hands raised in air, rear view
PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images
Peja Stojakovic (R) and Scot Pollard (L) of the Sa
MATT SIMON / Staff/Getty Images
A modern silver stopwatch on white background
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Press room
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ESPN The Magazine - Party With Alicia Keys
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Ralph Nader on ''Meet the Press''
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Film Projector with Blank Frame
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Referee with Crossed Arms
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Close-up portrait of male referee
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Crowd, Isolated on White
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Kraft Texture
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Man gathering poker chips in casino
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Basketball Dunk
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Us dollar bills, illustration
Basketball on basketball court, elevated view
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Meeting Point
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Wreath collection
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Referee with Basketball
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Businessmen leaving modern cultural center
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detective man criminal investigations silhouette
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Close-Up Of Basketball Hoop
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Golden basketball cup on a dark background. Concept. 3D rendering
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Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy walking to Federal Court in B
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Portrait of confident businessman at the window
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NYCFC Pop-Up Experience Store VIP Launch Party
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Ball and Basketball Court
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Referee With A Red Card
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basketball player portrait on the court
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Basketball and Whistle
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Injured basketball player holding his leg in pain on the court.
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Basketball Referee
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USA - NBA Gambling Scandal - Defense Attorney John Lauro
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Basketball player making free throw, rear view, close-up of hands
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Close-Up Of Basketball On Hardwood Floor
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30 Contact Line Icons
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Mixed race basketball player holding ball
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Businessman shaking hands & big nose
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Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Lindsey Hunter an
New York Daily News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
Lakers Rick Fox reacts as the Lakers win in OT Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Sacramento
Gina Ferazzi / Contributor/Getty Images
Courtroom trial in session
Ron Chapple/Getty Images
NBA Achive
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Soccer referee character set
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Basketball falls through hoop, slow motion
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edy miguel
edy miguel 23 години тому
I really need to ask, how many of those 27 free throws were actually made? I would assume Shaq was the one who threw the most and considering how bad he was at free throws well... seriously people
John Wick
John Wick День тому
I'm a Lakers fan and Kobe just admitted in a recent interview that he believes this series was rigged. Can't argue with Jesus
Buddy Mode
Buddy Mode 2 дні тому
Dude it was like that missed call that kept the Saints out of the super bowl
Jeffrey F
Jeffrey F 2 дні тому
It wasn't even a rival. We swept them twice before this series even happened.
ww3 was a inside job by the Nazis
This is buzfeed?
Dan Smyser
Dan Smyser 3 дні тому
Kings got boned!! My pistons broke up Kobe n shaq a lil down the road!!!!
Kara A
Kara A 5 днів тому
I don't even watch sports but that was fixed lol
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 5 днів тому
9:39 with that logic, no one who ever turned state evidence is a credible witness
Stefan Djukic
Stefan Djukic 5 днів тому
If the Kings had 27 free throws Ryan will say the game was fixed
Chief 5 днів тому
Hoping that they do the Chris Beniot Conspiracy if this series ever comes back.
Mike Thomassen
Mike Thomassen 5 днів тому
Okay, I'm a handball and soccer referee, in Europe, and I don't know anything about NBA. This honostly seems like a bad, bad, bad officiated game, but nothing more than that. They had a very bad day, and as long as referees are humans, that's gonna happen... Maybe they slept bad, had a fight at home the day before, couldn't handle the pressure (though they had experience) or something else... I've had games where I can't explain my bad dicisions, even when I see the game on video. These things just happens, like it or not. But it doesn't mean that the referees were crooked or a part of a conspiracy. But it's "easy" to blame that, because it means that nothing is wrong with the system, because it was the people inside the system that cheated. A good friend of mine, who loves NBA (but not these teams) has told me, that in his view, the referees wanted the series to go into game 7. No matter who were in front. The referees just wanted a game 7. That might be true, if the referee is a "company man" on behalf of the NBA. Maybe he's right, maybe not...
Marcos Tenorio
Marcos Tenorio 6 днів тому
You guys are soooooo annoying
Cody McLemore
Cody McLemore 6 днів тому
You can tell just by Ryan's body language that he knows it was fixed and he just wants to put on the front that he doesn't cause he's a Lakers fan. I think he's trying too hard to show that he's a fan. I'm a Pats fan and I admit when we get calls.
Mike Rumph
Mike Rumph 6 днів тому
That asian Lakers fan is annoying AF
Yung_Grouch 7 днів тому
I’m a lakers fan and the refs clearly had bias but if this happened to anyone’s favorite team they’d enjoy the win even if it meant clear bias. Stop it
Karla E.
Karla E. 8 днів тому
plz do Selena Quintanilla
Richard Soto
Richard Soto 9 днів тому
It's their OPINION the Lakers were called 8 and Sacramento 7 yeah right. It's always about money💰💰💰💰💰💰🏦🏦🏦
lincoln eppley
lincoln eppley 9 днів тому
It's not even a question that it was rigged
Remy P. Soze
Remy P. Soze 10 днів тому
Skinwalker Ranch
not fLummox
not fLummox 11 днів тому
the truth? the nba doesn’t want a small franchise win over a giant one
Ziplocx38 12 днів тому
I want to see an Unsolved on Edgar Alan Poe.
Extr3meJay 13 днів тому
It's 2019. It was obviously a big fix but I honestly think that many free throws in one quarter is suspicious. Just let karma do its thing😂
Trip.e 13 днів тому
Do Luis resto vs Billy Collins jr
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson 13 днів тому
do one on the 2006 finals
mus31 13 днів тому
Is there such thing as an objective laker fan? If so, we need to replace that Asian dude.
SanFranFan30 15 днів тому
Fakers fans are the same people who bandwagoned the Warriors and bandwagoned Lebron teams
Keane 15 днів тому
Do the scandalous adventures of South Korea during the 2002 World Cup
StudioUAC 16 днів тому
who cares about basketball?
TADA KUN 16 днів тому
Ryan macam anjing ini kali, kaki jilat
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 16 днів тому
These two guys obviously bone each other. Terrible....
Cole Simons
Cole Simons 17 днів тому
It was 100% rigged just watch the tapes
Simple Guy
Simple Guy 17 днів тому
Karma lebron is with the lakers and not going to the playoffs and the lakers is going in a rebuild for a decade
TeamAtFort 18 днів тому
even though its solved i would love to see a episode on Jeffery Dahmer. so messed up
Jackson Sheehan
Jackson Sheehan 19 днів тому
kobe bryant is used to hurting innocent people and getting away with it right ryan?
Kea Alex
Kea Alex 19 днів тому
Ryan comes off as a real douchebag in this video.
LongBeaxh213 19 днів тому
Can y’all do XXXTENTACION death next?
CHiLLN_01 22 дні тому
Go Kings & Go Warriors!! From the bay to Sac and back.
Randy Foster
Randy Foster 22 дні тому
I'm a Saints fan. I've moved along, time to let this game go too. (Still like the show tho! Keep up the good work!)
JCP Vlogs
JCP Vlogs 23 дні тому
I’m a lakers fan but It was rigged
YL Plays
YL Plays 24 дні тому
This kind of happened to me when I was playing hockey it was a playoff game vs Markham. A Markham player high sticked to get the puck down and then scored. The refs saw it and did nothing, also Markham had so much penalties that the refs are blind and didn’t do nothing
YL Plays
YL Plays 24 дні тому
More to add. Then we tied 2-2
Martin Bateman
Martin Bateman 24 дні тому
The way Ryan looks at the camera and says "That might be... the most pathetic thing I have ever heard in my life" - Absolute gold.
Christopher Pennetta
Christopher Pennetta 24 дні тому
The NBA just came out a few days ago and now said that games that Tim was ref of had their outcomes affected by his officiating. So this isn't unsolved anymore boys!! The Kings got royally fucked!
Airforce1_15 24 дні тому
Do Andrew Cunanan spree killing
mansonlamps 25 днів тому
He turned on hi co workers.... basically admitting he turned in his co conspirators
mansonlamps 25 днів тому
Scott pollard was a defensive center
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab 26 днів тому
I’m a lakers fan and I was shocked after game 6. Being a basketball fan I was disgusted by the lopsided officiating. That year was pretty boring to be honest. The city was happy but that finals were horrible with a 4 game sweep that had no moments of excitement. I’d rather earn the ring than have it gifted to you. The kings were unbelievably good that year and it was wasted.
James Vuolo
James Vuolo 26 днів тому
😂😂”Shoutout to Scot Pollard, he served me at Applebees last week”😂😂😂 Ryan = GOLDEN
Ej Pagdanganan
Ej Pagdanganan 26 днів тому
Joe Stuehmer
Joe Stuehmer 26 днів тому
So nobody mentioned 01 finals being rigged also just watch game 2 Ai went to the line 0 times a player that usually gets to the line 10 times a game couldn't get there once... Nba is obviously rigged for the teams that bring the most money in
HeyIt'sAmanda 26 днів тому
I’m not a basketball fan and I have very rudimentary knowledge of the sport but I did find this entertaining enough.
ShreyasK 87
ShreyasK 87 27 днів тому
Lakers fan kill me. If the kings can’t get calls why would the nba give a team like the raptors calls. This is insane.
Александар Сајков
With how you pronounce Divac's surname, no way you're a Kings fan.
Kestutis Steponavicius
Kestutis Steponavicius 27 днів тому
this video awkward, two 17y.o teenagers drinking beer and talking about 2002 game......
I lived this once. So, no thank you.
Jesus Christ, that Lakers fan is so painfully annoying.
Domo Jones
Domo Jones 27 днів тому
Never will pull 4 the Lakers due to this game..........and Lebron.I still remember the disgust I felt watching this game.My family was going off
Django 27 днів тому
You made the nba seem like a big murder conspiracy
Chris Edmonds
Chris Edmonds 28 днів тому
King were robbed NBA rigged regardless
Crow Malone
Crow Malone 28 днів тому
the mavs got cheated against aswell in 06
Young Gentleman
Young Gentleman 28 днів тому
Shaq and kobe's rings should be given to chris webber and mike bibby
Doah and Duce podcast
Doah and Duce podcast 28 днів тому
NBA conspiracy video on my channel must see
Jessie Mendoza
Jessie Mendoza 28 днів тому
That Ryan guy is so annoying. Shut the hell up.
glovesLife 28 днів тому
Sad, Kobe hating, trash
Pineo213 28 днів тому
Dislike Ryan....I liked the content other than that
Yori U.
Yori U. 28 днів тому
This could have been good.
a zap
a zap 28 днів тому
That Ryan guy is annoying. Reminds me of spoiled brats that are willfully blind if it serves their interests. No integrity.
Krillinish2 28 днів тому
I’m a Laker fan but it’s kind of a low blow to say just because a guy is 7 feet tall he can’t have his feelings hurt. Hope that guy was part of the mass layoffs recently.
Gregory Schmidt
Gregory Schmidt 28 днів тому
Laker fans have always been cry babies.
Chiefs Kingdom
Chiefs Kingdom 28 днів тому
This whole country is corrupt!!!!
Bara bara Batman
Bara bara Batman 29 днів тому
J.S. 29 днів тому
deja vu.Last 4-5 years West.Conf.Finals are true Finals .2015/16 rigged Finals and media is still in love with Lakers .One thing is different now they can't reach Finals even with Nba,refs and media help.
Brandon Gette
Brandon Gette 29 днів тому
Scott Pollard was actually a good defender.
Uncanny X
Uncanny X 29 днів тому
That's one annoying Lakers fan
RealFalse Llama
RealFalse Llama 29 днів тому
Let's be honest. It was rigged.
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 29 днів тому
If you watch enough NBA games, you know the officiating is the worst thing about the league. Not tampering, or super teams, or anything else.
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes 29 днів тому
Anyone that doesn’t admit that the game wasn’t fixed has no intellectual integrity. Whether it be the NBA or The ref/gambling, it happened. The red went to jail for betting on games. Be a man Ryan and admit it. You look pathetic.
John Esteyo
John Esteyo 29 днів тому
Maybe take a look at warriors team POOR called by the OFFICIALS / OFFICIATING during the playoffs 2018, all warriors game specially during the WARRIORS vs HOUSTON,. you will see the favoritism and difference. THANKS! here is the link! ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-aYveyAb6mvU.html
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 29 днів тому
Tim already admitted the game was fixed so it would go to 7.
Levi Brady
Levi Brady 29 днів тому
Next sport conspiracy "the incorrect refs: Rams vs. Saints 2019" 😂😂😂
Nick 28 днів тому
Bounty Gate 2009 🤣
Wisdom Pen
Wisdom Pen Місяць тому
As a Brit who has next to no interest in Basketball, I would say that it was a fixed game.
I’m clutch Shooter
I’m clutch Shooter Місяць тому
I’m not a fan of Sacramento but watching this video pissed me off
Edel uddin
Edel uddin Місяць тому
Ryan likes to cuck laker dicks period
joesakic91 Місяць тому
Shouldn't came down to Games 6 nor 7 of the 2002 WCF had the Kings won Game 4.
Ensku Kettu
Ensku Kettu Місяць тому
DJ SUGE BRYANT Місяць тому
THIS dude ryan telling the story is a fuckin DICKHEAD CORNBALL!Sac got robbed straight up!
iAmHaza Місяць тому
Damnit Ryan, you’re so damn ignorant. It’s so obviously fake, you just can’t accept it cause you’re a “diEhARd” Lakers fan
Chucky Justice
Chucky Justice Місяць тому
2002 Sacramento Kings = Actual 2002 NBA World Champions
Brian s
Brian s Місяць тому
David Stern was always a crooked POS. Probably is to this day
Grace Lord
Grace Lord Місяць тому
Got an ad for the nba before this vid. How ironic
Edward Chagolla
Edward Chagolla Місяць тому
The NBA is rigged. Sports betting alone will tell you it is.
Nen Aolo
Nen Aolo Місяць тому
Ryan, please apologize to Mr. Scot Pollard.
jphuture Місяць тому
Game 7 wcf was also fixed
V. Scott
V. Scott Місяць тому
Tell the Kings to give the Rams a call to ask if things are better.
Kris Pangan
Kris Pangan Місяць тому
Gaykers are robbers no robbers will admit their doing. Kings got robbed of their 2002 championship The Kings are obviously the best team in the NBA that year the real champs and up to these days the nba wouldn't admit their wrong doings.
JMan360 Місяць тому
Lol salty after 16 years
JMan360 Місяць тому
Lol salty after 16 years
JMan360 Місяць тому
Lol salty after 16 years
JMan360 Місяць тому
Lol salty after 16 years
old lady falling
old lady falling Місяць тому
Santiago flight 513 - Need to see an unsolved on this asapappzz - thanks!
Thomas P
Thomas P Місяць тому
Of course the Freemasons controlled the investigations. All sports are fixed most of the time
Eric Houle
Eric Houle Місяць тому
You should do the Chris Benoit case changed sports forever and how we now deal with concussions and CTE there’s so many different theories on what actually happened to him
Datrass Harper McCollum
Datrass Harper McCollum Місяць тому
Do Roy Jones at the Olympics
Olivia Bailey
Olivia Bailey Місяць тому
At then end of the day the NBA is a business and they are ALWAYS going to make as much money as possible, they will always make it a 7 game series....not saying it’s right but that’s how it is🤷🏻‍♀️
Ronaldmikkel Dejesus
Ronaldmikkel Dejesus Місяць тому
lol if you don't guard shaq it will be a free score of course if you guard shaq it can be a foul because of his body strength don't say anything if you don't play basketball and you don't play a role of a Center 😂
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