The David Beckham Statue Prank

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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As the Los Angeles Galaxy prepare to honor legend David Beckham with a statue outside the stadium, James Corden and the club assemble an intricate plan to prank David with, annoying fans, a half-hearted highlight reel and a statue that falls incredibly below the mark.

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11 бер 2019





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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Who could ever forget Dave Beckham's incredible career with Man City. What a legend.
Sattin FC Official
Sattin FC Official 15 днів тому
Dave had a great career
Andrei Pobega
Andrei Pobega Місяць тому
@John W. Lennon David Beckham The Best Players
Adam Ebzao
Adam Ebzao 4 місяці тому
Isn’t it man united😎
Anita Karve
Anita Karve 4 місяці тому
Manchester United!!
SLAV BOI 5 місяців тому
@chris surles I thought he played for mongloia?
jimmy martin
jimmy martin 5 годин тому
Hey guys could anyone please tell me the background track that plays at the end of the video?, please and thank you!
Daniel Cloete
Daniel Cloete 11 годин тому
Dave Beckham it's incredible😂
Shar 21 годину тому
Visconsio Education
Visconsio Education День тому
The statue looks like CL's spicy video.
Mr. Mzz
Mr. Mzz День тому
Looks like Keir Starmer...
Maria Wyrozębska
Maria Wyrozębska День тому
Kiepski to prank, kiedy najbardziej śmieje się pomysłodawca.
Andrea Faldon
Andrea Faldon День тому
The statue is a cross between Will Farrell and Jay Leno.
V J День тому
Okay, UKvid, I will watch it now; you can stop recommending me this!
karma День тому
this is by far one of the world's best pranks ever
Xocoa Sharma
Xocoa Sharma День тому
The face looks like Keir Starmer
JohnnyFknMarr 2 дні тому
This cracks me UP!!! Omg 😭
Tommy Deggerino
Tommy Deggerino 2 дні тому
You could say he got….. punked
Kokio22 MUFC
Kokio22 MUFC 2 дні тому
I thought it was a statue of Ron Perlman lol🤣
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali 2 дні тому
Mad idea what if they put him in a Man City costume that would just be the cherry on top 🍒
RelativeBadger 2 дні тому
James Corden is a complete arse - not funny or talented, but then that makes him a perfect fit for The States
Shekina Evangeline
Shekina Evangeline 3 дні тому
This is hillarious Simon got pranked like this too
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker 3 дні тому
Fart cabinet.
Ty Brown
Ty Brown 3 дні тому
김민경 4 дні тому
조각상 궁딩이 개웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
김민경 4 дні тому
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Shaun Brennan
Shaun Brennan 4 дні тому
Corden is just a twat but that was pretty good.
thepxshmagazine 4 дні тому
The crazy thing Is that sculptor actually looks dope
Charley s
Charley s 4 дні тому
Not going lie I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂 what a guy David Beckham is.. His face killed me when they showed it him 😭🤣😭🤣😭xx
Jeff Saffron
Jeff Saffron 4 дні тому
The prank was probably best one i have ever seen. Beckham surprised me with his great character this behavior should be real inspiration to everyone.
Jarral 4 дні тому
Gentleman always Gentleman ❤ No body even close to beck Respectable man always give respect to other is called David Beckham
Brawl Gaming
Brawl Gaming 4 дні тому
Very nice prank
No more
No more 5 днів тому
Looked more like Corden
Megan Carey
Megan Carey 5 днів тому
Kills me everytime x
Russell Andrady
Russell Andrady 5 днів тому
3:03 Who remember this guy at the right side of Cordon, who worked with One Direction? But I'm not sure
Smother Babies
Smother Babies 5 днів тому
This guy isn't funny
Randy Lefever
Randy Lefever 5 днів тому
You probably done me a favor mate😂😂😂
Daz Greensmoker
Daz Greensmoker 5 днів тому
Ahh remember when comedy was allowed happy times
Jonah Ghost
Jonah Ghost 6 днів тому
“Look at my chin.”
zh.maliik 6 днів тому
Какой красивый 😍❤❤❤❤
Monkeysflingpoo 6 днів тому
Emad Izadi
Emad Izadi 6 днів тому
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph 6 днів тому
8:48 start of bleeps
Délio Manuel
Délio Manuel 6 днів тому
Kkkkkkkk very polite, oh GOD. Was nice.
Sheri Vollhardt
Sheri Vollhardt 7 днів тому
Got to say that was worse than Princess Diana
V W 7 днів тому
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat 7 днів тому
😂😂 That gave me a great belly laugh. Love how calm and polite David was whilst probably cursing inside.
bASD TURD 7 днів тому
The statue actually looks like Kier Starmer
Alphonso Epic Fitness
Alphonso Epic Fitness 8 днів тому
Humble and polite ✌️🙌
juraHR 8 днів тому
Ron Perlman face statue :D
Freak Art
Freak Art 8 днів тому
An artist did an horrible statue of Cristiano... (it was not a prank) lol we never heard about that artist till this day.
Holly McNally
Holly McNally 8 днів тому
It's Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy... 🤣
Black-Pill-Rising 8 днів тому
That’s not a prank that’s the ugly Freemason look of the nWo elites.
K. Aye-aye Captain
K. Aye-aye Captain 9 днів тому
Was funny untill rat came out laughing is head off
Nicole Testa
Nicole Testa 9 днів тому
David Beckham is the epitome of class. All the fame and fortune and he's still a beautiful, well-mannered, and down-to-earth guy.
Fenrir 2 дні тому
He's not a down-to-earth guy, anyone can sense the royalty bouncing off of him.
Jeffrey 9 днів тому
Naol Dirriba
Naol Dirriba 9 днів тому
It just teaches politeness. Wonderful
William Wallace
William Wallace 9 днів тому
It looks like him.
David Eldred. Camping Wilder
David Eldred. Camping Wilder 10 днів тому
Gosh, it looked pretty similar to Jimmy Hill!
sembrador25 10 днів тому
bromas tontas , solo se reia el pseudo presentador
MBA Presents
MBA Presents 10 днів тому
Dave it is......😂
Jacob Dutton
Jacob Dutton 10 днів тому
Maximo Insano
Maximo Insano 10 днів тому
This is a lesson in patience, respect, and politeness. We all need to study this.
Eri Reb
Eri Reb 11 днів тому
Well, I haven't laughed this hard in weeks thank you!
Tyler Dirdint
Tyler Dirdint 11 днів тому
This proves that no matter what James Corden does, he will never be funny
Sweet Peach
Sweet Peach 10 днів тому
This is actually really funny
b 11 днів тому
He was having a mare 😩😩😂
b 11 днів тому
Dave Beckham
DallasGTR 11 днів тому
The statue actually looks like Keir Starmer lol 😂
Atlantic Falls OFFICIAL
Atlantic Falls OFFICIAL 11 днів тому
the statue look like Ron Pearlmen 🤣
Helen _ Patrick
Helen _ Patrick 11 днів тому
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Dannyboy Green
Dannyboy Green 12 днів тому
The statue's head looks like a baboon.
Snowy Owel
Snowy Owel 12 днів тому
Beckham is one very Vain man,
likhith chowdary
likhith chowdary 12 днів тому
How is this funny? 🤦‍♂️
Gary Juffa
Gary Juffa 12 днів тому
What manners. He remained polite and decent throughout what was sure to have had anyone blow up and spew.
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson 12 днів тому
The entire video was hilarious!
Stephan Tranquille
Stephan Tranquille 12 днів тому
That was gold! Can't believe how badly he got rolled. Not sure about the Legend status though...
john doe
john doe 13 днів тому
Big ego Dave
Ryan Bale
Ryan Bale 13 днів тому
This is so obviously set up and fake - not a genuine prank. Beckham isn’t a convincing actor!
Lalrintluangi Fanai
Lalrintluangi Fanai 13 днів тому
What a good heart David Backham has.. True Legend🥰🥰.. May he forever live long🙏🙏🙏
Mitchell Webber
Mitchell Webber 13 днів тому
If they just took the laugh track, and James, out of this, it would be so good.
Gino Emmitt-Pearce
Gino Emmitt-Pearce 12 днів тому
Almost anything is improved by the absence of James Corden.
The dark knight Is rising up
The dark knight Is rising up 13 днів тому
looks like pes 22 ronaldo
Very kind person you Dave! I mean David
rhia c
rhia c 14 днів тому
" inspired..." Jimmy Hill chin, Marty Feldman eyes...(no offence gents). David was a good sport - pardon the pun.
Iam ThePapI
Iam ThePapI 14 днів тому
I barely knew who David Beckham was before I watch this and I still have never watched him play a game but this was genuinely funny
animatedfiles-com 14 днів тому
David was really upset :)
Danny 3001
Danny 3001 14 днів тому
now do it with peter crouch, zero waste, he will love it
schompification schompye
schompification schompye 14 днів тому
He should be upset to see people idolizing him. ONLY GOD, ONLY GOD CAN BE IDOLIZE. REPENT PEOPLE. STOP WITH THOSE STATUE
linamarie 14 днів тому
Lmmmmaao!! " ess that a red caaad" shakes his head 😂😂 " look at my arrs" lol I can't breathe lol
Latest Banana
Latest Banana 15 днів тому
Not a good joke for me 😂
Marian cyborg
Marian cyborg 15 днів тому
he nearly started to cry
mika rocke
mika rocke 15 днів тому
The minor chinese rahilly stitch because pediatrician parallely scorch mid a uneven east. symptomatic, lush sunday
Humee Ayisha
Humee Ayisha 16 днів тому
Beckham is such a nice person, i laughed when he said his kids will cry 😢,
marlene g
marlene g 17 днів тому
Very angry but very English as well.
Master-n-Teach Virgo
Master-n-Teach Virgo 17 днів тому
Gabriel Valverde
Gabriel Valverde 17 днів тому
6:14 jajajaja
Kit J
Kit J 18 днів тому
Jacobim Mugatu ....
mal rosee
mal rosee 18 днів тому
So funny
Ophelia Kiing
Ophelia Kiing 18 днів тому
All this for a prank
TheJoelee2687 18 днів тому
looks more like harry kane…
fy 18 днів тому
They would not have enough material to make a statue of cordon
mahdi 18 днів тому
Paul Bobby
Paul Bobby 19 днів тому
I couldnt help laughing...
Tom gaspacho
Tom gaspacho 19 днів тому
La don donovan is tiene real idol.
ichose commonsense
ichose commonsense 19 днів тому
Oh this is a prank? i thought it was a very genuine and accurate replica.
Danish Shah Afiq Zharfan
Danish Shah Afiq Zharfan 19 днів тому
Zorro brings me to watch this
Ethan Townsend
Ethan Townsend 20 днів тому
Why is no one saying the fake statue looks like will Ferrell lol
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