The Huawei Ban: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
need to know.
Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.
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21 тра 2019





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American Ball
American Ball Годину тому
Keep in mind every company in China is owned by the Chinese government and look at their track record over the past 50 years
Someone who plays mobile games
Someone who plays mobile games 2 години тому
So then how come Xiaomi still uses android
Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Patel День тому
"No China Made" Good for the world!
MR. Pigeon
MR. Pigeon День тому
Huawei has been stealing western technologies for 20 years. Time for payback! Can US invest in infrastructure in China? No! Reciprocity!
wrong-un kim
wrong-un kim 2 дні тому
This isn't about a trade war or politicking, it's about a fascist state using controlled tech to violate peoples civil rights; who would support Huawei in this?
wRoNG! День тому
People were naive long ago. Trump banning Huawei was a sign of it. Look at all these people comparing Huawei's spying acts to Google.
Amy Zhou
Amy Zhou 2 дні тому
From the perspective of a customer, I feel like I'm choosing which company to spy on me, and it doesn't feel good at all.....
Amy Zhou
Amy Zhou 2 дні тому
I have a question.. why us companies are so restricted by the us government, or they don't want to make the deal with Huawei at the first place?
peter joyce
peter joyce 2 дні тому
peter joyce
peter joyce 2 дні тому
Eric Blade
Eric Blade 2 дні тому
Simple answer JEALOUSY..Huawei is killing Apple iPhone products..
Nathan William Media
Nathan William Media 3 дні тому
Well Huawei are fudged now aren’t they!!
Me after the 90 days extension: Laughs using the android 10 with the p 20
Peter Elios
Peter Elios 4 дні тому
Rightly banned because they spy. It’s the Chinese way: cheating is viewed as the smart thing to do. Everybody will get it and they will be banned. Good effing riddance.
Defau/t 5 днів тому
The difference is Google and Facebook have to follow laws in place to protect user data while Huawei doesn't. It has been known that Huawei equipment has had significant security risks. Not necessarily back doors but easily hackable security. Also they are known to pay off government lawmakers to propose and vote for legislation that would benefit their company. Look if you don't care about the security risks then more power to ya. But allowing their tech into say a 5g network can pose significant security risks. How can you send sensitive information over a network that isn't secure.also since Huawei has to follow any order given them from the communist party. Say they are capable of censoring speech sent over their network signals. There is a significant risk involved with Huawei and their equipment.
Sayan Debdas
Sayan Debdas 5 днів тому
Ban Huawei ban China ban every products of China, save the world.
Hani Legendz
Hani Legendz 5 днів тому
Doesn’t apple manufacture phones in China? Can’t Huawei then ban Apple in China?
Q C 5 днів тому
Apple is leaving china, new base in India.
Max Ybanez
Max Ybanez 6 днів тому
very sad for Huawei. I'm using a Huawei phone, it's a very good phone. I think Huawei is not really a problem. what I saw that upset the U.S was their association with the CCP. The news media has reported many bad things about the CCP such as Human Rights abuses, Organ harvesting, prosecutions of Christians, stealing of intellectual property rights, etc...
Clash 7 днів тому
China should cancel Apple's contract 🤣🤣
Clash День тому
@wRoNG! good. I hate iphone
wRoNG! День тому
Oh they will alright.
TGSwrld 7 днів тому
marques said the amazon appstore is bad he's soooooooooo right trust me i have a fire 7 well at least there's roblox
Sjoerd Nijsen
Sjoerd Nijsen 8 днів тому
Man this sucks, I got the P20 and it still works perfectly after 2 years. I really don't want to replace this phone by another but I really do want to keep using google's services. Anyone knows if these services will be deleted in the future?
justice gary
justice gary 8 днів тому
Fuck China
Hero Czarnik
Hero Czarnik 8 днів тому
The first video I decided to watch on my new phone :)
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 8 днів тому
It's funny how MKBHD doesn't mention how Huawei is owned by Chinese communist party that is spying on the US citizens.
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson 8 днів тому
The last 5 months: -250,000 dead and counting worldwide -21,00,000 phones silenced in china What amazes me, is how time and time again, groups of lemmings like yourselves think your smarter than Trump, only to be proven wrong in the most embarrassing of ways. Still waiting for stormy Daniels to sink him, still waiting for his taxes to sink him, still waiting for his tweets to sink him, still waiting for avenatti to sink him, Still waiting for mueller to sink him, still waiting for his impeachment, still waiting for covid to sink him. Why? LOVE TRUMPS HATE, EVERYTIME, AND HE LOVES AMERICA Trump 2020- making America great again!
Will Qin
Will Qin 8 днів тому
Glad to see this being push to me today. I literally think western(relay on google) country just thought the world is all the same as they are living. Google is inevitable. But, based on my experience, when u want using the play store in China, u will need, root the phone, install google service(yes, you need to install google service on a Chinese Android phone) then, a VPN. As Google is no longer available(2010 stage one, 2014 stage two), why do ppl think Chinese Android will have trouble using Android.
griffy flur
griffy flur 8 днів тому
So many ppl here pro huawei, i mean meh whatever but i do genuinely think they are a security risk being so closely tied to the communist party.. I don't feel sorry for them at all, they are doing just fine so.
ShukranTV 9 днів тому
This ban made me buy a Huawei. I can`t support the imperialist US Goverment.
ShukranTV 7 днів тому
@your Highschool bully I have no problems. If you have to, you can still dowload apps from the google playstore. Its pretty easy..
your Highschool bully
your Highschool bully 7 днів тому
Goodluck on using a phone which cant do anything
TheNIX001 9 днів тому
Wanna bet that Apple/Microsoft have something to do with this
makhluk mars
makhluk mars 9 днів тому
When your fbi agent have a fight with china agent
OfficialNateRock 10 днів тому
That's pretty rascist.
Nico Bramato
Nico Bramato 10 днів тому
Whst now😢
Aniket Prasad
Aniket Prasad 10 днів тому
US bans a chinese company and here in India my Huawei is in limbo ☹️☹️☹️
DLAROC 10 днів тому
It’s because Huawei pricing is well below the competition and other companies would have to start lowering prices. Why start lowering prices when you can just eliminate that company. And what easy way could they get the people to turn against the company? By saying they’re spying and stealing your info. Done.
YongQing Woon
YongQing Woon 11 днів тому
So, if i were to buy a p30 pro now, does it come with android and google services?
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez 11 днів тому
Thanks for the info, always nice to hear your input!
State of 2020
State of 2020 12 днів тому
and 8 months later China unleased its Wuhan Virus, now Marquee Brownlee knows why
Elsa Vestin Åkerlind MLGY
Elsa Vestin Åkerlind MLGY 12 днів тому
Is this still in effect? Because Huawei phones still seem to be available in my country, and I have one... nothing has changed with the google applications or anything... I must've been living under a rock not being aware of this?
Asa alul
Asa alul 13 днів тому
I truly think Donald Trump is a fool, the reasons: 1. more than $11 billion Huawei purchase last year was to US companies, who will buy those product now? 2. Huawei will make their own OS, The domestic market alone would make that very economically feasible, 2 plus billions consumer. On the other hand what if iPhone is boycotted by the Chinese people? 3. The biggest thing for Huawei is not cellphone, 5G is, and they are the leader on that. 4. Huawei will buy those companies that buy from US companies, then those companies will stop buying product/parts from US companies. China can make everything the US can and more. 5. The world is very well aware that they are being spied by Google, Facebook, etc. The world are longing for alternatives, this is just an incentive to develop the alternatives combined with 5G features. Who will be the biggest loser?
Tianli Jinx
Tianli Jinx 13 днів тому
You are paid by Huawei? Chinese government is corrupting the world by buying influential westerners including youtubers.
Kayhan James
Kayhan James 13 днів тому
Fuck China
Reisak 13 днів тому
I need to read more on this... because their ban is “they might” spy on us :/ makes no sense. How can we ban a company with some of the best lenses, when we have 90% of our country owning a cellphone assembled in china? like they wouldn’t or couldn’t stick something on iPhones to spy on people. 0.o not to mention we have already allowed every US company to spy on us the moment we sat on that Starbucks using their WiFi. Yeah we can use VPNs but lets admit it almost no one truly uses it, or only uses it to watch Japanese Netflix.
Smoking j8
Smoking j8 13 днів тому
good!! i hope huawei can be ban in most country! I DONT WANT HUAWEI! EVEN MODEM.
Eric Norgren
Eric Norgren 13 днів тому
Probably a good thing Trump wasn't president during the early stages of tech sectors developments and first Integrated circuit chip and other tech industries, given that the economic situation of a collapsed global economy since the Trump Administration, we would also be looking at a half century of tech industry collapses as the result of the Trump Administration.
cloud storage
cloud storage 13 днів тому
Huwei phones looks ultimate and price is like heaven
fitzshawn 14 днів тому
“You wont get anymore software updates” Galaxy S9 users: “oh yeah nothing to worry about”
Adam Chao
Adam Chao 14 днів тому
Chat: Huawei has been struck by the BANHAMMER
Nas Kutak
Nas Kutak 14 днів тому
I promised myself from now on other phone is going to be Huawei
X Y 14 днів тому
“Why did you ban Huawei” “Because they stole our 5G technology!” “We don’t have 5G technology” “Exactly! Because they stole it!” “......”
Der Cannabist - Info, Aufklärung, Safer Use
It is troubling how many Americans are falling for this CIA PROPAGANDA - as if all the other manufacturers and the US government would not possess the exact same spying capabilities! It is beyond comical and even those, very rarely found, clever Americans are falling for this BS. It is propaganda, nothing more and every government can spy on you, if they want to.
Freelancing Gabitron
Freelancing Gabitron 15 днів тому
Hey, Aron wheen you u gonna plan a new phone Giveaway_? I'm a beginner entrepreneur and I need a phone to work
David Rogue
David Rogue 16 днів тому
It's quite right what you allege, Huawei is HUGE! Most Chinese people won't know what this Play Store thing of Google is anyway, but will know it can't affect them as this American company called Google was banned from operating in their country years ago! Therefore, they obviously aren't reliant on it, and will have their own operating system that replaces it and must work perfectly fine! And they do! Huawei just needs to adopted and adapt this operating system to accommodate the Google die-hards and the English speaking world, and once this is achieved, then Google and its Play Store will be a thing of the past, along with all its viruses and hackers! Now that would be something quite awesome to review! As for these secondary companies like Microsoft, relying on Google too much for too little, then the forward thinking and brilliant mind of Bill Gates really must take to the challenge and draw Trump's attention to his misconceptions as to what the real world is really like, and to stop all this hatred of countries he perpetuates for his own self-loathing, simply because he is afraid of them! Simple! The whole thing sorted!
Jawad Daoud
Jawad Daoud 16 днів тому
Dude, this was the worst ban, I had the p30 pro and now my phone is completely useless
Arnold Sarmiento
Arnold Sarmiento 16 днів тому
Corona virus phone should be banned
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel 16 днів тому
Nik Klemenčič
Nik Klemenčič 17 днів тому
Ik Ben Er Pik.
Ik Ben Er Pik. 17 днів тому
Isn't it possible to do business with the Google businesses in Ireland? Those are de jure an Irish business.
David West
David West 18 днів тому
Trump don't want us to have a p40
Kjca 18 днів тому
Watching this on my P30
Pozolot 18 днів тому
Any one watching on huawei
Bryan Wells
Bryan Wells 18 днів тому
Animal 19 днів тому
guys stop hating on trump
Animal 14 днів тому
_woman's rights fight for LGBT he said that at first because thats what it seemed like but now most people see that its more than the flu, but i mean people like sleepy joe or communist bernie wouldnt if done better with the situation
_woman's rights fight for LGBT
_woman's rights fight for LGBT 14 днів тому
Animal he says that COVID-19 Just flu.
Animal 18 днів тому
_woman's rights fight for LGBT how?
_woman's rights fight for LGBT
_woman's rights fight for LGBT 18 днів тому
Animal trump is killing amrican
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 21 день тому
Thank god though nothing bad has happened yet with Google and Samsung which means Samsung doesn't have a ban so thank god also this bad tells us that Samsung should've bought android when they had the chance but unfortunately for some reason they did not
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 21 день тому
Samsung already got the Galaxy store I've been on the Galaxy Store and it's neat but we would want all of our fav Google apps also Samsung's ui is loveable but without Google I'm not sure what Samsung users that love Google will do
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 21 день тому
Thank god u made this vid so I can get a better understanding about this ban
Freedom6121 22 дні тому
*Looks at comments* AW, I too like to get bend over by the Chinese Government. Tell me did you all get 50cents too?
Suki Blyat
Suki Blyat 22 дні тому
Is it only me or u too hate the new comment design
Sunshine Sinclair
Sunshine Sinclair 22 дні тому
I need the iPad pro
Marc Douglas Vogt
Marc Douglas Vogt 22 дні тому
Things cannot be banned. -marc27
Ousmaila Bouba
Ousmaila Bouba 23 дні тому
The only thing USA did is to make Huawei more stronger
VVR 24 дні тому
I think Huawei will sell their company...
Robbie Southern
Robbie Southern 24 дні тому
Just look at (made China 2025)
Random Cat On The Internet
Random Cat On The Internet 24 дні тому
it used to be Russia here Russia there, but now it China China
Soleil 24 дні тому
One plus:I'm the real flagship killer Trump:are you sure?
Nikolas Luchian
Nikolas Luchian 24 дні тому
Lmao I just bought a Huawei p30 pro like 4 days ago and now I see this
Oo_ rahh
Oo_ rahh 24 дні тому
here over the pond in the u.k if you own a p30 or p30 pro, then you will still continue to receive updates, and patches. and all google products. i have just updated the software on my p30 pro, software version 10, i can still play call of duty, mobile, and shadowgun legends, even though i am a 49 year old vet, i like my shooters and dont have to worry about not being able to update anything from the google playstore. only devices which are newer here in the u.k are banned or wont receive google services anymore. so if you live in the u.k your good to go if you live in u.s.a then its pretty much F.U.B.A.R with regards to the p30 phones there is no 90 day period either its just given a pass
Oo_ rahh
Oo_ rahh 12 днів тому
@Oskar Holm Beuschel your wrong bro existing pre may 2019 huawei devices like the p30 pro and mate 20 are unaffected. no apps will disapear and they will continue to use google services like google maps google playstore , gmail and will continue to get security updates here in the uk. i downloaded a patch yesterday and because i bought it before they were talking about the google issues my p30 is guaranteed to always get google services its only in your country that if you buy one of these phones after may 2019 you will no longer get the services same as in this country like i said because i bought mine before all the noise this means my phone wont change too bad for those who purchased certain devices after may 2019. there is a list of all protected phones in the uk the p range, mate 20, mate 20 lite, p30 lite, mate 20 x, sorry bro its true. all the hawaei phones on the market now dont have google. they have their own operating system dont know where you get your info freind.
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel 16 днів тому
nope, you can't get new android updates.
NoFaceGirl Chan
NoFaceGirl Chan 25 днів тому
maaaan, what phone do you not own any way
Shi Kurt
Shi Kurt 25 днів тому
Wish Huawei does not exist.
projectill 25 днів тому
Ban still ongoing in 05/2020. Such a shame. I really like P40 Pro but without Gservices its useless to me :/
Onkar Mane
Onkar Mane 26 днів тому
@marques brownlee clearly you haven’t been to China and used their phones there. Just like you said, you can use the android software w/o doing business with google. They already have their own App Store and google and it’s products are already banned for the netizens. They just have to make other people used to it
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel 16 днів тому
Google owns android.
cncfan 26 днів тому
Huawei should always and forever remain banned.
Dorian Hendricks
Dorian Hendricks 27 днів тому
Can Huawei phones work in the Caribbean ?
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