The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (4/12) Movie CLIP - Tribute Parade (2013) HD

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Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) meets the pompous Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) and then makes her grand entrance with Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).
The Hunger Games continue in this follow-up to Lionsgate's adaptation of Suzanne Collins' book series.
TM & © Lionsgate (2013)
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lenny Kravitz, Toby Jones, Stanley Tucci, Sam Claflin, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence
Director: Francis Lawrence
Producers: Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik
Screenwriters: Suzanne Collins, Michael Arndt, Simon Beaufoy
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Liam Holmes
Liam Holmes День тому
this movie is so amazing. Katniss is the best heroine, far better than Bella from Twlight who just gets obsessed with Edward. Katniss though actually does the saving and far more likeable than Bella who also disobeys her father.
OsamaBinLooney День тому
i'm reminded of the line from the original Star Wars of Leia's line to Tarkin "the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers..." if Snow had just let that tiny little show of defiance go, from the first Hunger Games, when they said they would rather die than kill each other, then Katniss would never have sparked the rebellion into what it became, she would have gone back to District 11 as a victor and it would have been forgotten but because Snow was so afraid of losing his power, he over reacted
Brian Eckert
Brian Eckert 8 днів тому
I can't stop hearing "CAT PISS" "CAT PISS"
Yusra Adil
Yusra Adil 16 днів тому
i like how Katniss offers her hand this time
Hassan Lsan
Hassan Lsan 16 днів тому
Any one here survived covid 19??
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma Місяць тому
Aur!? Aur aur aur?? Aur aur aur aur!!???
Natalie Raymond
Natalie Raymond Місяць тому
I hear "catnip" when they are cheering her on...
JWaXiMus 11
JWaXiMus 11 Місяць тому
Realize how much fire there is this time
poe dam
poe dam Місяць тому
god damn shes ugly
Magma Fang
Magma Fang Місяць тому
Where's the cow
AbuBakr Akram
AbuBakr Akram Місяць тому
1:17 I know this is strange to say, but I really like what they did with Caesar and Claudius’ dynamic here. They sound like actual fans who’ve spent hours debating who their favorite victors are. Yeah, it’s a messed up debate to have in context, but it adds a layer of realism.
The Reverend Jim Jones
The Reverend Jim Jones Місяць тому
AbuBakr Akram it seemed like very genuine banter... great acting
Wellshem Місяць тому
Snow in movie: She is really dangerous... Snow in real life: Too bad she committed suicide after this
Larry Місяць тому
why didn't bra burn off?
Herbert Erdferkel
Herbert Erdferkel Місяць тому
ah yes, the well fed models fighting for food, isnt it?... dumb movie for dumb teens, wonder how the YT algorithm thought to give me this ... is this tagged as comedy/parody by chance?
Sumi Cordero
Sumi Cordero 2 місяці тому
Lmaooo the Alexa add had me dead 😂😂
E.S. Xoxo
E.S. Xoxo 2 місяці тому
Finnick hates his teeth apparently
Just Kidding ._.
Just Kidding ._. 2 місяці тому
I never notice Katniss is kinda chubbs
MultiFandom4629 2 місяці тому
Catnip Catnip Catnip
10,000 subscriber with with only 10 video
Who's here because of catriona grey suit in Miss universe 2019
Kira Senpai Yandere
Kira Senpai Yandere 2 місяці тому
real life: burning to death :)
Mary Mckelvey
Mary Mckelvey 2 місяці тому
It sounds like everyone is shouting " Catnip Catnip " in the background
Heartland Hawk
Heartland Hawk 2 місяці тому
Let us not ever forget: when we are discussing our favorite parts of this movie, Suzanne Collins' overarching message was "This is what happens when your government gets too powerful."
jimin's lachimolala
jimin's lachimolala 2 місяці тому
Catriona Gray is shaking
Oguzhan Tasgur
Oguzhan Tasgur 2 місяці тому
şans diye bir şey yoktur.
ThatRandomPotatoInYourSalad 2 місяці тому
My V is for.. Vinnick Because apparently that’s how youtube captions think it’s spelled.
Da XEQTIONR 3 місяці тому
Why people like The Hunger Games.. I have no clie
The Only Shiell
The Only Shiell 3 місяці тому
If someone messed up those drums they will probably get shot
moonlightxsun 3 місяці тому
WHAT ABOUT YOU GIRL ON FIRE? I’M SORRY JUST THE WAY HE SPEAKS IS JUST LIKE SO ENCHANTING. thanks, finnick. now onto cinna making katniss look absolutely iconic. AND CINNA BEING ICONIC.
Khundis K
Khundis K 3 місяці тому
Me before death
Marco Naquila
Marco Naquila 3 місяці тому
This use to be 13 districts
Mannen i den vita hatten
Mannen i den vita hatten 3 місяці тому
So this movie was all about a scene where they catch fire? WTF
BENEDICT Jacinto 3 місяці тому
Looks like Catriona gray lava gown🤩😂🤦
Niek Vos
Niek Vos 3 місяці тому
That men next to Caesar is really a men who likes the careers
Joselyne Celis
Joselyne Celis 3 місяці тому
In the book they had a cape on
Adriana España
Adriana España 3 місяці тому
I watched and read the part one already
Leas1903 4 місяці тому
I love finnick
Dipiz 4 місяці тому
She's on fire and shes looking at Snow like she wants to melt him
Amelia Nolan
Amelia Nolan 4 місяці тому
Was Katniss going to get married to Peeta or Gale?
Amelia Nolan
Amelia Nolan 4 місяці тому
They just did it like this way because of Katniss last year
Helen Zhong
Helen Zhong 4 місяці тому
0:47 Sounds like Loki to me.......
True Cryp
True Cryp 4 місяці тому
nice ice breaker
Jdburko 4 місяці тому
I just wanted to see this specific scene so I could forget the monstrosity of the first movie's flames. A great improvement 👍
martin jeffery
martin jeffery 5 місяців тому
Sami Arshad
Sami Arshad 5 місяців тому
is that Human torch ?
hosackies 5 місяців тому
fiery tatas!
Nautilus 5 місяців тому
What if she never really pressed that button .. and after the show and ask him "btw whats this button do?" 😂
JF Gan See
JF Gan See 5 місяців тому
Katniss dress looks like catriona gray's dress in Ms. U
Nate Yuzimaki
Nate Yuzimaki 5 місяців тому
muswoom peeguin
muswoom peeguin 5 місяців тому
the "have a good day scene" is like Micheal offering Dwight an m and m
Alpapii_ David
Alpapii_ David 5 місяців тому
Peeta roll
Insane Taco Cat
Insane Taco Cat 5 місяців тому
So would both of the actors wear green the whole time they where “Catching Fire”?
Shyre 5 місяців тому
they ruined the line argragharhggar
Dr Manish Das
Dr Manish Das 5 місяців тому
So hunger games is basically PUBG..
battle formula
battle formula 6 місяців тому
1:38 at first sight you might think it's North Korea
Jeremy Fuellas
Jeremy Fuellas 6 місяців тому
These books would be better if they weren’t stolen from Japanese literature
xtcoolgamer 6 місяців тому
When I read the book I picture cinna to be black
xtcoolgamer 6 місяців тому
Or indian
Admiral Chan
Admiral Chan 6 місяців тому
Open book with open nudes.
Leo Evans
Leo Evans 6 місяців тому
Its Mosley from Peaky Blinders hahahaha
Lady X
Lady X 6 місяців тому
Remmi Allimacse
Remmi Allimacse 6 місяців тому
Jennifer ain't bad looking for a white girl..
Francesca Terlizzi
Francesca Terlizzi 7 місяців тому
Troppo figo Peeta rega😂
MisterL2 7 місяців тому
I didn't even realise at 0:10 "Everyone seems to know my secrets before I do" "I'm afraid that's true" Just like how everyone was into the secret plan to escape the arena, except her
Danial Zaini
Danial Zaini День тому
@Allan Brown like I said why not pretend to kill. I seen it before. So realistic but it was fake. They could have attack then run away or etc.
Allan Brown
Allan Brown День тому
@Danial Zaini I DON'T know probably to make it not so obvious
Danial Zaini
Danial Zaini 29 днів тому
@Allan Brown wait what. How. Then why did a lot of then killed each other. Instead of pretending and killing each other.
Allan Brown
Allan Brown Місяць тому
Well not everyone only half of the tributes and some other people where in on it
jurre 2 місяці тому
But she finished the job by her self
Inne Febrianti Dwi Sugiarti
Inne Febrianti Dwi Sugiarti 7 місяців тому
New 2019
Tinesvaran Visvanathan
Tinesvaran Visvanathan 7 місяців тому
Catriona vibes
Kim Krish
Kim Krish 7 місяців тому
what's the chapter this scene in the book?
Keyren 7 місяців тому
Actually, Haymitch saved Katniss. If Haymitch didn't give the bracelet to Finnick, Katniss would killed him. If Katniss killed Finnick, Peeta would be dead. If Peeta died, Katniss would be dead by fog (cause he returns to katniss and helps her to go away from the fog) Haymitch is the real hero
Wally M
Wally M 8 місяців тому
Omg so many timpani
Itz_Emma .O
Itz_Emma .O 8 місяців тому
Awww peeta looks so different in mocking bird
MasterNite 8 місяців тому
Everyone waved to Snow Peeta and Katniss didn’t. Absolute savages
NERD OFFICIAL 8 місяців тому
This girl is on fire
Maya Ghosh
Maya Ghosh 8 місяців тому
i love finnick
EMJAY MCDEE27 8 місяців тому
75th Hunger Games: *exist* Peeta and Katniss: Ah s**t here we go again
꧁༺ Erythia ༻꧂
꧁༺ Erythia ༻꧂ 8 місяців тому
Hehehe just another day winning with a flamethrower and a scar
Willeee 8 місяців тому
The song playing at 1:10 sounds familiar if u play ark
Howard Ray
Howard Ray 8 місяців тому
Actually it would be more lit if they presented it more proximal to how it is written in the book.... It was actually fiery head dress and cape 😋🙂
Ikram 9 місяців тому
Oof I want a stylist as good as that
Ikram 9 місяців тому
Damn I stan finnick
Sky The Gacha Girl
Sky The Gacha Girl 9 місяців тому
Omg who else heard "Can't miss!" When there were cheering "Katniss!"
Dragon Talons
Dragon Talons 9 місяців тому
Peeta while he’s on the chariot and it’s rounding the corner, he looks as if he’s ready to fall off. 😂
Zinnia Aamir
Zinnia Aamir 9 місяців тому
👋 helloooooo
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