The Hunger Games: District 11 Riot Scene (HD)

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Hunger Games where District 11 riots after Rue's death and Katniss salutes them. Original Music.



8 сер 2012





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Renelyn Binay
Renelyn Binay 3 дні тому
press f to pay respects
Neon 3 дні тому
Reminds me of Hong Kong trying to resist China
Neon День тому
@chi hang plus, 7million includes proBeijing and prodemocracy , not everyone will protest, and only few of them will be in frontlines
Neon День тому
@chi hang we need help, we can't do it ourselves, the CCP is too powerful.
chi hang
chi hang 2 дні тому
@Neon We may only be a city of 7 million, but look at the impact that we made already. Plus the revolution of our times has to begin somewhere...
Neon 2 дні тому
@chi hang we're not giving up, facing this tyranny requires alot of preparation
chi hang
chi hang 3 дні тому
The fucked up thing is that both peaceful and violent resistance was tried. Peaceful didn't give results, so when violent resistance to China showed much better results, it had to continue.
green goblin
green goblin 4 дні тому
Gackslime S
Gackslime S 5 днів тому
i hate how mattpatt said rue had the easiest chance to kill katniss 😡😡 But hey its true😥
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan 7 днів тому
The RUEbellion
_Sunflower_ 9 днів тому
In my head I didn't imagine her using Queen Anne's lace as the flowers but she looks so gorgeous and peaceful in them. Love that they chose to use that flower.
G Taipan
G Taipan 9 днів тому
The Revolution of each Districts has begun
Aaron Whiting
Aaron Whiting 12 днів тому
He went sicko mode
Cosmina Ciuhat
Cosmina Ciuhat 13 днів тому
i learnt how to whistle bc of this movie
Leon Mccrae
Leon Mccrae 14 днів тому
Crying! I was one of them...
Carl Newton
Carl Newton 14 днів тому
I don't remember this ever happening in the book
Mark Colson
Mark Colson 15 днів тому
Called a riot scene first two minutes dont have rioting
JuanLoco 16 днів тому
This death scene was the saddest part in all the books. The only time the whole story made me angry-cry. It was this story's version of the Red Wedding. I wasn't even that sad when Prim died, which was the basis of the whole story. Kat trying to save Prim.
Sarah Mester
Sarah Mester 16 днів тому
Some people mentioned this farther down, but this salute is also known as the “Scout salute”. Every single Scouting organization across the entire world uses this sign. The three upraised fingers represent duty to self, duty to others, and duty to god and country.
Psii Kix
Psii Kix 16 днів тому
Didn't they disarm the guards? Wheres the shooting?
Rowley Jefferson
Rowley Jefferson 18 днів тому
Hol up 7 years ago???
The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man 20 днів тому
And morons say you need 22 movies of 11 years in development to get emotional for ONE character YET this scene alone gave us tears in theaters. Hell people even riot on twitter lol. Must suck for Marvel tho.
Joshua Harner
Joshua Harner 21 день тому
this was a really good scene in the movie seeing the district take a stand over rue's death
Gamer Cow 123
Gamer Cow 123 21 день тому
Rue means road in french and rue was the road to the revolution.. this scene always makes me cry
devworlddaily 22 дні тому
Get chills everytime I watch this moment! Amandla was so cute in this movie
sonrouge 23 дні тому
I'm honestly surprised the government bothered with riot control tactics. I was expecting them to just start shooting.
Connor Harrison
Connor Harrison 24 дні тому
Martin Luther king JR and Andrew Jackson tire of communism and fuck shit up ( 1998) colorized
Tamires Caron
Tamires Caron 24 дні тому
What most people don’t understand is that Katniss didn’t sparkle a revolution, if we take her out of the equation it would happen anyway. Hunger, violence and an authoritarian government that take children to fight in a arena provoked the rebellion. What Katniss did was to show the districts that she didn’t care Rue was from another district, or the games, that they were truly allies. Rue’s death, so unnecessary and cruel to watch was what sparkled it in my opinion (like a last drop of abuse that the people couldn’t take anymore)
Darth Toxicus
Darth Toxicus 25 днів тому
Nicholas Manaligod
Nicholas Manaligod 25 днів тому
Wait isn't the sign supposed to be on the left hand??
XSALSITA 25 днів тому
I don’t care what anyone says but this is one of the most powerful scenes in television history I mean this scene literally shows reality in riots from past revolutions and how they are gonna happen in the future and the only the only thing you need to spark it is a little hope
Toja Pramatis
Toja Pramatis 25 днів тому
They think that we’ll just sit there and take it like good little boys that we won’t go werwolf and go wild!
Chicano Enforcer
Chicano Enforcer 29 днів тому
The scene that truly started the rebellion
Poradon 29 днів тому
She had all this time to do a little burial in a battle Royale and I barely have time to heal In any BR game
KimiDesu Місяць тому
The peacekeepers were lenient as fuck in the first Hunger games lol. Spraying water? Lmao. Later they just say fuck it and commit genocide.
Gemini_10 Місяць тому
yall ever wonder why you arm your citizenry?
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Місяць тому
All she does is cry in this and it’s quite pathetic
Emerson Kania
Emerson Kania Місяць тому
I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, BA. and here you are, saving me, from beyond. I will never forget... I love and miss you. Here’s to us both... 🥂💔✨
Achinteya Jayaram
Achinteya Jayaram Місяць тому
Fear the man who has lost everything For he has nothing more to lose
Luke wilson
Luke wilson Місяць тому
Wtf she crying in an open field where people can here her and kill her
nmikk10 Місяць тому
And then they all had a big orgy
Zero Місяць тому
How could they get this movie so right, but then fuck up the other 2?
diann h
diann h Місяць тому
How many here will revolt when the united States govt decides to take over completely?
Andi pratama
Andi pratama Місяць тому
when the cameramen getting fucked also ,thats why its so shakky
I read Webtoon
I read Webtoon Місяць тому
Cause of Death: Drowned in wheat
MARIO Cruz Місяць тому
what happened to their sound
*why tf you crying either way only 1 can survive so eventually she was gonna die*
Aloy Місяць тому
In the books district 11 sponsors her a bread for this.
O O Місяць тому
The West is the Best
The West is the Best Місяць тому
2nd amendment baby
Ryan Grone
Ryan Grone Місяць тому
I think they should have Katniss kill Rue.
Nick Pecquet
Nick Pecquet Місяць тому
Saddest part of the series might be this or prisms death
Gomez1915 Місяць тому
I like how Boba Fett fell in to that sarlac pit....oh wait, wrong movie
AugmentedGravity Місяць тому
Daa daa daa daaa
MAK 910
MAK 910 Місяць тому
Those flowers that Katniss picked for Rue are also called Rue
AskedTiny Gaming
AskedTiny Gaming Місяць тому
Brutally Honest Man
Brutally Honest Man Місяць тому
I'm so glad they changed the peacekeeper uniforms.
Alexander Shouse
Alexander Shouse Місяць тому
senior studies hype
Madami na ako Nakantot
Madami na ako Nakantot Місяць тому
that man is not rue father rue father is long dead from overwork. that man is somewhat rue father figure and a friend they are close to each other after rue saved him from a trap set by poachers
NIGHT GAMING 2 місяці тому
The PEACEKEEPERS arent really peacefull
I Stan Sebastian Stan
I Stan Sebastian Stan 2 місяці тому
I’ve never watched the hunger games, this was on my recommend, can somebody just do a brief explanation on what’s going on?
Albin Hagberg
Albin Hagberg 2 місяці тому
Love how be spell'd Rue wrong
BasicRoots 2 місяці тому
You know what, I think Rue had a huge chance winning if not for her getting killed teaming with katniss. Rue allowed herself you be seen slightly by katniss and if she didn't trust her she would've went back to hiding. We've seen people win just by hiding and I dont believe anyone would've found her. I dont even believe she would've died from the wolves either being in the tree. Plus she didn't appear to have any battle damage by the time we see her to her death supporting the idea that she survived all this time without being seen or noticed.
abdelkarim debbah
abdelkarim debbah 2 місяці тому
Well, I bet my hat that was your father, Rue... Wasn't it?
G-Strike 2 місяці тому
2:20 *J'ai pensé au Gilets Jaunes en France🇫🇷*
Happi Mabi
Happi Mabi 2 місяці тому
epic scene
Yoshua Ymanuel Dofeliz
Yoshua Ymanuel Dofeliz 2 місяці тому
Actually president snow is kind of right.. Katniss did start the riot in district 11 and the revolution
GSMillion 3 місяці тому
I got chills when Katniss gave the salute and all of district 11 did the same
Daniel Wolle
Daniel Wolle 3 місяці тому
Best scenes in the movie hands-down
Kaitlyn Martin
Kaitlyn Martin 3 місяці тому
Catastrophic as this was, watching that man fight back gave me a strange feeling of hope.
Tracy Nickels
Tracy Nickels 3 місяці тому
Why not do the Katniss salute, When a Gop starts Its speech!
Pineapple 123
Pineapple 123 3 місяці тому
I’m pretty sure the guy in this scene is rude father,why else would he start a riot? But the really sad thing is that in the next movie you see rues family and he’s not with them which means he most likely died in this scene
Pineapple 123
Pineapple 123 3 місяці тому
Rues* fucking autocorrect 🤣
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 3 місяці тому
I can't see a fucking thing that's happening.
C Mac
C Mac 3 місяці тому
This is what happens when a nation of immigrants will band together and fight back.
Bobby G
Bobby G 3 місяці тому
Her death was heartbreaking in the books too. I cried my eyes out.
lumberluc 3 місяці тому
The Hunger Games were an emphasis of "Survival of the Fittest". But when one person shows something that the Darwinistic view cannot support, people rise.
trda broadcasting service
trda broadcasting service 3 місяці тому
Don’t worry she’ll respawn
Nameless Narrator
Nameless Narrator Місяць тому
Unfortunately, everyone is on Hardcore mode :(
dyslexic lincoln
dyslexic lincoln 3 місяці тому
With Panem's way of resource management. If any district held a strike, all of Panem would collapse. This is the crappiest government to ever exist.
Mhao Yeager
Mhao Yeager 3 місяці тому
Revolutions throughout history only confirms this scene as brutal and real
isisdragoness1981 3 місяці тому
I never understood what the 3 fingers meant
isisdragoness1981 Місяць тому
@Nameless Narrator thank thank thank you. I could hug you. That explains so much
Nameless Narrator
Nameless Narrator Місяць тому
According to Katniss in the book, it is an old gesture in District 12 that was rarely used, but sometimes you would see it in a funeral. It means gratitude, admiration or farewell.
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 3 місяці тому
The music for this scene is so powerful.
Giovanni Magnus
Giovanni Magnus 3 місяці тому
Did anyone else cry when they read this scene in the book? I think that's the only time I've ever actually been moved to tears by a book.
Epic Gamer Moment
Epic Gamer Moment 3 місяці тому
They should of put the scene where she got bread from district 11
Shocke89 3 місяці тому
Imagine district 11 is the consevative voters... and the nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are the big wigs at district one... this what is gonna to happen if idiots in district 2 thru 10 and 12 don't stand up for what is right... and quit listen to lies from district one.
Käytännöllinenrautakanki 3 місяці тому
The Mandela Effect is hitting hard though. I mean couple months ago after i saw the film (like 2 years ago) i was like "In that scene. Everybody in District 11 is Black. I'm gonna watch it and see" then I looked the scene where's also White People even though i could swear that they were all Black (District 11 inhabitants) my face was actually like :l Tell me i'm not the only one
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