The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1)
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster twitter.com/forgottentowel


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[7] www.gd-ots.com/armaments/aircraft-guns-gun-systems/gau8a/
Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com/creator

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Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
Travellers - Ran the Man
Bloom - Dye O
Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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23 тра 2020





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Stefman Годину тому
The brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr plane
Hari 2 години тому
me after watching this : mom i want an A -10 warthog mom : we have one at home one at home : b-11 strikeforce
Scotty Scotty
Scotty Scotty 3 години тому
George Scheben
George Scheben 15 годин тому
james McGee
james McGee 15 годин тому
This dude said lightning bolt..it's thunderbolt
Mikey L
Mikey L 17 годин тому
The A-10 is being looked at to be 're-engineered' that means updating and making it look and behave better.
Paul Nuttall
Paul Nuttall 19 годин тому
Keep your supersonic,I’ll take sub sonic all day long,30 mm 7 barrels 22 foot long death wish,and depleted uranium shells
Darren MacEochaidh Kehoe
Darren MacEochaidh Kehoe 20 годин тому
Ah Jaysus there’s a fellow Irish man now
Greg Siska
Greg Siska 21 годину тому
Give the A-10's to the Army. -Oops there is a law against that. Only in the USA, rolls eyes.
hybredmoon 22 години тому
As a ground troop in Iraq and Afghanistan let me just say that this flying gun, fancy chow halls, and man-starved female officers are the greatest things the Airforce ever contributed to the Army and Marines.
Taylor DeCastro
Taylor DeCastro 22 години тому
No one: Literally not a single person: Fairchild Republic: /big cigarette drag/ “You ever see a gun with wings?”
hareeshkumar vasu
hareeshkumar vasu 22 години тому
Warthog the God of fart😁
N H 23 години тому
"Well....we don't have to steal an A10 Hog now; I just watched youtube"..Putin
christopher croghan
christopher croghan День тому
1150 30 mm rounds? The GAU-8's rate of fire is 3900 rpm! Soooooo, it can only fire for @ 20 seconds?
SpongeCroft День тому
Depleted Uranium munitions are a warcrime. Real sad to see it brushed off like this.
Jeffrey Binder
Jeffrey Binder День тому
One of the most important planes ever developed and yet there are people who think it should be retired or at least they did in 2015. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-H7YtI4hcg-M.html
dumdumbinks274 12 годин тому
Because there's a valid argument to retire them. The A-10 doesn't do any role that cannot be filled by another in-service aircraft. Basically the A-10 is a luxury, not a necessity.
snowy the snowman
snowy the snowman День тому
A 10 Warthog is cool .
2:09 If it can fly home missing half a wing, I think its' survivability IS best in class.
Bell Cranel Fire Bolt
Bell Cranel Fire Bolt День тому
A-10? Warthog.? Ahh.. Yes.. The *brrrrt* plane
Nick Korkodylas
Nick Korkodylas День тому
_"What if we made a HUGE gun and added a plane on it?!"_
doctordank День тому
And now the Army, who refuses to help pay for the Hog, whose maintenance and upkeep and pilots are provided by the USAF, demands that we increase our funding for what has effectively become an Army aircraft operated by the USAF. Step your game up, Army!
Aku День тому
I love those geek references %) Nice video.
Chris Hiatt
Chris Hiatt День тому
This plane is the mechanical representation of a dragon. Low flying, armored, roars and spits death from its mouth.
Gronks Dad
Gronks Dad День тому
David Wiebe
David Wiebe День тому
Piece of garbage, all it's been used for is shooting up civilians in southwest asia. Mig 29 would take 10 of those flying pieces of crap out at once.
Unabashed Individualist
Unabashed Individualist День тому
*Soviet tanks gathering in formation* *A-10:* haha mini gun go BRRRRRRRT
Hayden Koetsveld
Hayden Koetsveld День тому
The firing barrel is set to the centreline of the A10, not the gun itself. Fires from the barrel when it is most to the left when viewed from the front. Gun is offset to the right when viewed from the front. -Regards An armchair expert.
Koizumi Izumi
Koizumi Izumi День тому
Oh, i am so sad you didnt show some more of the immense damage some of the A-10's returned to bases with during the korean and the gulf war and iraq
Chris Boek
Chris Boek День тому
The f 35 can only win against the a10 is by getting a favorable testing by getting the a10 derated was reported by air force when testing was done head to head the ammo was halfed in the a10 etc and when a aircraft costs 100mill it's not gnna be sent into harm's way at a moment's notice without being debated on before
dumdumbinks274 12 годин тому
Only happened in a single exercise after the USAF got desperate to prove a point that A-10 fanatics and politicians such as John McCain ignored for years. The F-35 has demonstrated it's ability to outperform the A-10 at the role of CAS in multiple exercises, which is something that you should expect considering the F-16 already outperforms the A-10 in the role of CAS.
Jonas Coleman
Jonas Coleman День тому
Bob Stadelmayer
Bob Stadelmayer День тому
Take a gun. Put it on mega doses of steroids. Build a plane around that gun: A-10. 🙂
Thunderstruck День тому
At least we are not speaking German.
Bruce U
Bruce U День тому
Brüder und Schwestern erhebt euch gegen die Sünde der Demokratie, es wird Zeit dass Deutschland wieder von fähigen Politikern geherscht wird die die Macht haben etwas zu verändern.
TubaKnight День тому
They tryna be BRRRRRRRTT
Gangrepuceau День тому
Too bad USA dont make it anymore
Audiofile День тому
8:00 So they could've just mounted two guns facing backwards and done away with the engines.
Spok Recordings
Spok Recordings День тому
I thought they kept the shell casings to prevent imbalacing the plane as the rounds are fired?
GamerZ Logic
GamerZ Logic День тому
*I have to be honest, I learned about the A-10 while playing Squad and my curiosity for military air craft spiked. I watched your video on the SR-71 Black Bird it was fantastic, can you do one on the A-12 Arch Angel please? *
BIG TIME День тому
THUNDERBOLT!!! THUNDER. BOLT. Not Lightning Bolt. Also Warthog, not Hog.
Well hello there
Well hello there 2 дні тому
I need the insane engineering of the vc-25a or b
Crookqt 2 дні тому
13:31 well said.
Rick 2 дні тому
At 13:26 it is interesting that flying an older plane like the F-15 is so expensive.
dumdumbinks274 12 годин тому
That graph is comparing numbers that are calculated differently, and thus isn't remotely accurate. If using the same values that result in the A-10 having around a $5000 CPFH, then the F-35 is around $12000. If you look at it using the USAF method then you will find both the F-16 and A-10 around $20000, the F-15E around $28000, the F-35 around $35000, the F-15C around $42000 and the F-22 around $60000. I'm not sure about the F/A-18D, but the Super Hornet is around $25000. As for the difference between the F-15C and F-15E, the F-15E is cheaper due to having more rugged airframes built out of better materials, designed to last longer and under heavier loads. A lesser known related fact is that the F-15E is rated for higher G maneuvers than the F-15C.
duenodelustucru 2 дні тому
What is the A-10 Russian counterpart ?
Bruce U
Bruce U День тому
IsometricGaming 2 дні тому
8:40 APU exhaust? No, Planus.
Tulkas Astaldo
Tulkas Astaldo 2 дні тому
Long live the A-10 !
Milton Waddams
Milton Waddams 2 дні тому
Yay, the war is over! Yay, everyone gets cancer!
Juanx Link
Juanx Link 2 дні тому
The gun is not mounted centerline with the fuselage, a fact that can be seen on the many A-10 pictures, its off center to avoid the gun flipping the plane ... Real engineering with the failures again.
Ravi Sathe
Ravi Sathe 2 дні тому
Most ideal for India to tackle China in the Himalayas. I hope decision makers from Indian airr force are watching this.
Nif 2 дні тому
Anyone who wants A10 gone is soulles
Charles H.
Charles H. 2 дні тому
Love the Helm's Deep reference!
Marshall Collins
Marshall Collins 2 дні тому
Love the video but this guy sounds like he is reading the script from a book and has no idea what he is reading about. He must be a Bangladesh call center guy making side money.
Tom Gibbs
Tom Gibbs 2 дні тому
I’m gonna start calling my wife “pilot” ...she’ll never know.
sunbeam День тому
Jeff Sartain
Jeff Sartain 2 дні тому
The A-10 is like the B-52. It is such a great plane that it’s service life will be 20 times longer than expected. Only technology will bench this superb plane.
Phillip Anderson
Phillip Anderson 2 дні тому
When the gun is removed, a jack is placed under the tail because it is so front heavy.
R. R.
R. R. 2 дні тому
Errr. Thunderbolt - not Lightning. Just to say
Random fact: only seven Warthogs were shot down or crashed that was the main reason why any nation won’t dare to fight the A10
Dean DeCarlo
Dean DeCarlo 2 дні тому
USA please never get rid of this aircraft.
Gregory Beavins
Gregory Beavins 2 дні тому
A-10 enemy: Smile, you’re on candid cannon. Brrrrrrrrttt...
william glaser
william glaser 2 дні тому
Using Uranium projectiles is very unethical. They poison the areas land and water for 1/4 of a million years causing birth defects and cancer.
MoRe bEEr
MoRe bEEr 2 дні тому
I will never forget my USAF experience. I was stationed at Barksdale AFB. We had a reserve wing at the time called the 917th. Thats where the A-10's were. I was a weapons loader on the B-52 from 93-97. As impressive as the BUFF was, the A-10 was truly something special. If you have never seen one up-close, then you are missing out. The 30mm round is just raw ass kickin power. We could hear them over at the firing range when they would strafe fire and rip that gun. It is a sound that is a one of a kind. So fucking cool. This vid doesnt really do it justice as far as how it sounds in person but its good enough. Cheers.
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 3 дні тому
What about the UNSC AMG Warthog? That thing is a beast and it isn't even invented yet! Halo Fans know what I'm talking about
Matthew Laws
Matthew Laws 3 дні тому
At 7:44 you state that the gun on the A-10 is mounted directly centered, which is incorrect. The gun is offset to the pilot's left and fires from the 9 o'clock position, which is the barrel that is directly centered. This also causes the nose gear to be offset to the pilot's right. Which means that the plane has a sharper turning radius when it turns right as opposed to when it turns left.
The Nut
The Nut 3 дні тому
This is the most American thing i have ever seen after full metal jacket
Thunderjunk Mcbuttram
Thunderjunk Mcbuttram 3 дні тому
The A10 goes brrrr
Oubai Shahbandar
Oubai Shahbandar 3 дні тому
Get some
Charlie Valvo
Charlie Valvo 3 дні тому
I was In Security Forces stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 83-86. The A-10 was Our primary resource lots and lots of A-10’s. It goes without saying the A-10 is a force to be reckoned with, It would be an injustice to the men & women that kept the A-10 in top notch shape. Those folks where very protective of their aircraft I once saw a civilian contractor get turned around and unknowingly wandered into a low priority non alert aircraft parking area or NAAPA. I would have never heard anything about it except I saw a civilian running towards my post with a crew chief right on his tail armed with the biggest wrench I had ever seen with his crew right behind them if that guy hadn’t made it over to me that crew would have pulverized him. I also had the privilege to see a speak to the pilots everyday and I can tell you from first hand experience those men are dedicated, tuff and cool as a rockstar. The reason I can vouch for their fortitude is we had a six week training exercise in which Army Green Berets came to our base from Bad Tolz Germany to train us in all things combat even though we had all went through the Army combat training course before we were stationed overseas upon completion of the training we were used as aggressors along with the SF guys. Basically we were the enemy and the A-10 pilots were shot down and ejected over enemy territory. We were trying to catch them and bring them back to the SF guys to be interrogated It sounded like fun at first a bunch of teenaged kids in camo Before it was all over every one of us were in shock and genuinely wished we never caught any of the pilots (some did reach the safe zone avoiding capture) Watching the Green Berets interrogating the pilots who were not lucky enough evade capture all I can say is my Oh my God. It’s December and cold enough for the snow on the ground not to melt these poor guys were blind folded and dropped off in to the middle of the forest with nothing other then the flight suite they were wearing in the middle of the night with the goal of getting to the safe zone w/o being Captured. The only problem was the only way any of them to get there was one of them getting caught so the others could sneak passed. It was brutal to watch they were literally tortured being stripped naked arms tied behind their back around a tree bucket after bucket of ice cold water being thrown on them and it was no joke by the time they had finished beating and freezing we thought that they were going to be killed brutally but not a single pilot talked they are tuff
Mathew Aaberg
Mathew Aaberg 3 дні тому
Before i watched this the A-10 was cool, now its awesome!!!
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 3 дні тому
I've yet to meet a fellow Grunt (Infantryman) who didn't flat out LOVE the A-10... I don't give a damn that they're old, or ugly, they WORK!
memes 4 life saifmisleh
memes 4 life saifmisleh 3 дні тому
like is yr from gta 5
Flash Retro
Flash Retro 3 дні тому
The A10. Definition : An ugly girl used to screw the enemy.
Joseph Hinton
Joseph Hinton 3 дні тому
when does one stop killing others. were it not for the sociopathic psychopaths of the world we wouldn't need such Real Engineering. But we are still just unevolved creatures imbued from instincts from who knows what source. But whatever the source was, it wasn't a peaceful, easy feeling for everyone else.
olsmokey 3 дні тому
It looks as if the wingtips have been removed. Is there a reason for shortening the wings? and would it be worthwhile to extend them?
Julio Suarez
Julio Suarez 3 дні тому
I don’t know why they call it “the Hog” but it’s a beauty to me.
clambake День тому
A10 Warthog
On Purpose
On Purpose 3 дні тому
Depleted Uranium? What is the Half life of uranium? A10 pilots breath in Uranium as they fire it, it contaminates the country its used in. No question a war crime!
Crom the Wise
Crom the Wise 3 дні тому
One cannot ignore the lessons of war.
R P C 3 дні тому
You make it sound like it's the best in the world and as though nothing else is better.
jfrusciantetube 3 дні тому
"The usage of depleted uranium is... not good". That's A BIT OF UNDERSTATEMENT, don't you think?
neveragain 3 дні тому
LOVED to see these flying around in Tucson. And I've handled a dummy 30mm shell. And cannot possibly imagine anything/anyone getting hit with one much less hundreds.
Assimilator1 3 дні тому
What's a merch and a t-wart? :P ;) Anyway, a very interesting and informative video :)
Ash Green
Ash Green 4 дні тому
The army has considered taking the warthogs off the air forces hands They're flying tanks
Ruwell Salatan
Ruwell Salatan 4 дні тому
I just watched this cuz I wanna hear some "Krrrrrrrrrrrt....................Brrrrrrrrrrg" I read that when you get shot by an GAU-08 its like a flippin size of a red bull can would pass through you, is that true? PS: If ever someone would get f'd up with a Hog maybe he would hear the krrrrt.... but not the brrrrrrg..... just saying
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