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One of the biggest crossovers of...um...1987! The stone age meets the age of the future, but is it the match made in heaven kids hoped for? Find out as the Nostalgia Critic review's, The Jetson's Meet the Flintstones.
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The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones is a 1987 animated crossover made-for-television film produced by Hanna-Barbera for syndication as part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 series, starring The Flintstones and The Jetsons as they cross paths following a time travel experiment gone wrong.

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14 сер 2019





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Buff Natsuki
Buff Natsuki 4 дні тому
Spookly the square pumpkin
Jared K
Jared K 7 днів тому
Coraline or Killer Klowns from Outer Space!
Zachary Braun
Zachary Braun 10 днів тому
review the scary godmother sequal
Katetanic 16 днів тому
Channel Awesome you mean other than It chapter 2?? House of Wax
5500somerandomdude 18 днів тому
The scariest Stephen King movie of all time, the sequel to It. The movie you say... Stephen King's Tit.
You Wish
You Wish 10 годин тому
How about the Jetsons movie?
Pan Samuio
Pan Samuio 2 дні тому
The only unsettling thing is Mr Jetson’s boss looks like a short Hitler
Brandon Shaver
Brandon Shaver 3 дні тому
WWE is technically part of the Hanna Barbara.
Dan O'Shannon
Dan O'Shannon 5 днів тому
forgive if someone already mentioned this -- no one in the flintstones world wears shoes, but fred and barney go into disguise and they have boots and shoes.
Kristie Boffen
Kristie Boffen 8 днів тому
You should review Jimmy Timmy power hour
Dennis Billington
Dennis Billington 10 днів тому
5:18 to 5:24 got a really good laugh out of me!
herbertanthony superninjas
herbertanthony superninjas 11 днів тому
Did anyone notice bingo,drooper, snorky,or fleegle in 1:15 from the banana splits
A Howard
A Howard 12 днів тому
Your are great
Star Strudel
Star Strudel 13 днів тому
14:56 Is... Is that a visual joke about a dog's dick sometimes being called a "red rocket"?
William’sCartoons Productions
William’sCartoons Productions 14 днів тому
I remember watching this movie on Boomerang years ago. Memories.
KJ Kizzie
KJ Kizzie 16 днів тому
Three words to explain this crossover movie, Kinky Sex Future.
DogoHalibar 17 днів тому
Pebbles and Bam-Bam are in Hollyrock raising their babies. Not even kidding.
Brenyatta 17 днів тому
11:27 I was waiting for you to make a joke about that guys Hitler stache
Ashmay Comics
Ashmay Comics 17 днів тому
“kids waited to see”? The Jetsons and The Flintstones are like American Dad and Family Guy crossing over.
Mlg MtnDew
Mlg MtnDew 18 днів тому
dear Doug walker, I am writing this in the form of a letter because I fell like another way would be disrespectful because you are the one that made me realize my dream. I first discovered your channel when I was 5 and I didn't care much of it because I was young but a few years later when I was 7 I discovered your channel again and I remembered that I didn't give you much of a chance and being a young nerdy kid I felt bad so I watched 1 of your videos then it turned into 20 then 100 and the next thing I knew I was a fan because I appreciated the dark humor and for the next 2 years then I started to do what you did. I studied movies found the flaws and the positives and I formed some opinions of them that I fell as though you helpt shaped my opinions in a big way and halfway through the year I installed yelp and had fun reviewing the places I've been and having people possibly read them was such an excitement to me even if no one did and everyone seemed to enjoy my reviews so when I was 11 I formed a basic life plan and now I have a full plan for my whole life starting now and I have you to thank for that. I know life plans don't usually work and turn out differently but as a kid depressed science 3rd grade it's nice to finally feel like I have possible future and it's making me the happiest I felt for a long time eggless science I watched your videos for the first time and whether my plan works out or not I want to thank you for making me happy for these periods of times out of my pretty crappy life, so thank you sincerely, Anthony
Brandon Prater
Brandon Prater 19 днів тому
13:48-13:58 ... well NOW I do!
Lu Tello
Lu Tello 19 днів тому
Open mouth porn, of course it was on trending.
Zodia195 19 днів тому
I remember watching this as a kid when it aired and while I did remember liking it, I didn't love it either. Besides, I was already a fan of Laff-a-Lympics by then and found that way more entertaining lol.
brady settle
brady settle 20 днів тому
[Please disregard the following message if you love this channel] Get back to your roots. I love the nostalgia critic. It seems like you're in desperation mode. You've churned out a truck load of crap. You've sacrificed quality for quantity. No one cares about "the making of", "Tamera just saw", "First viewing", etc. You are the Nostalgia Critic. You are awesome. I miss that. Be that.
VioletGauze 20 днів тому
Wacky racers was my shit as a kid.
Zeina107 20 днів тому
Why wasnt shrek in this? Im very disappointed The flintstones meet the jetsons meet shrek
Zeina107 20 днів тому
I never saw the full movie, the version i had was on vhs and the tape was faulty, so whole sections had no audio or video
T Bilewu
T Bilewu 21 день тому
What even is the Jetsons?
PM 3736
PM 3736 22 дні тому
I realized re-watching this that my mind got so dirty. God I was so innocent then XD
Dung Bui
Dung Bui 22 дні тому
I'm a 90's kid and I remember that when they re-aired this crossover special on television and I was blown away! This was practically my very first crossover and at that time, I had no idea that this could be possible! Thanks for covering this film. It really reminded me of something nostaligic. ;p
ma dant
ma dant 22 дні тому
dont forget the arrow verse aka the cw verse with flash,arrow supergirl legends of tommrow black lightning(not comfirmed) and the new batwomen series
Lakira Porter
Lakira Porter 22 дні тому
As a kid I remember my little mind being blown when I found out there was a Flintstone’s and Jetson’s crossover. And I wasn’t even a those cartoon’s time period😂 I was born in the 00’s.
deskish 22 дні тому
Man when you fell from grace you really hit ever step huh
Frogwell 22 дні тому
9:47 ad skip
Leger DinoGolf
Leger DinoGolf 22 дні тому
Review The Simpsons Family Guy crossover!
The Clinical Cynic
The Clinical Cynic 23 дні тому
Alexander Knott
Alexander Knott 23 дні тому
Thank you for the red dwarf reference. I think I’m the only one who watched this video who new what that was from.
Christopher 23 дні тому
Critic since "The Dark Crystal" remake is coming to Netflix 30th September "which i'm fricking excited for" I think you should look at the original to see if the remake does answer some of the questions from the original and if the animation is better than Jim Henson's puppets
Cameron Kingsley
Cameron Kingsley 23 дні тому
Shakila Muhammad
Shakila Muhammad 24 дні тому
Who else is thinking about the theory that the Flintstones are in the future. When he asks what time it is because of dinosaurs and Jesus existing all I can think is that about that theory
Sean Lugo
Sean Lugo 24 дні тому
11:47 that’s my virgin alarm, it’s supposed to go off before you do.
Miss Nina 's
Miss Nina 's 24 дні тому
Who else is building a time a machine to go back and make sure you never watch this ? Soo gonna pepper spray my 6 year old self to the max Me as 6: arghh I cant see whyyy!!!! Ohh the pain. Me: you will thank me later.
That One
That One 24 дні тому
This was a thing?
Casey Fleming
Casey Fleming 24 дні тому
Critic there’s a norm of the north 2
Trey Mixon
Trey Mixon 25 днів тому
Please do Weekend at Bernies
GuruSUPERmaster 25 днів тому
Where's Tamara dressed up as Wilma?
LionKingLover9000 Recupero
LionKingLover9000 Recupero 25 днів тому
Review mrs Doubtfire
Jeremy 25 днів тому
14:45...I don't understand the Edge of Tomorrow joke. That movie was awesome. Is this POS implying otherwise??
Jeremy 25 днів тому
Fred has whites in his eyes; Wilma does not. Barney does not have whites in his eyes; Betty does.
alex thelizardking
alex thelizardking 25 днів тому
Yass. The laffalympics. We were shook when the really Rottens won the first time.
rynobud77 26 днів тому
Who were these guys again 10:49
freddy lightsout
freddy lightsout 26 днів тому
So cringy!!!
Cool girl 123
Cool girl 123 26 днів тому
The Flintstones is set in a post apocalyptic future.
Abby Sohma
Abby Sohma 26 днів тому
i love harambe
The Yorkshire Time Lord
The Yorkshire Time Lord 26 днів тому
We need a Flintstones meet The Simpsons crossover at some point. That would be great.
John Paul Thessen
John Paul Thessen 27 днів тому
I got one for you to critique...the Dolph Lundgren version of The Punisher
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill 27 днів тому
someone who plays poker help me here how does 4 aces beat a whole deck of kings?
Zacharia Zule
Zacharia Zule 27 днів тому
Regarding 14:14 What's New Scooby Doo Season 2 episode 4 "High -Tech House of Horrors" It's basically the same thing.
Happ boye
Happ boye 27 днів тому
One future Other not
jeck jeck
jeck jeck 27 днів тому
''I'm arousingly confused!'' -Nostalgia critic 2019.
Flash Timberwolf
Flash Timberwolf 27 днів тому
Hanna-Barbara made enough animated TV movies that NC can do entire months worth of reviews!
javis88h 27 днів тому
Wait There was a 4th Laugh Olympics team?
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan Mason 27 днів тому
Alot of people hate on NC for not changing or being cringey but watching him for a few years now I genuinely appreciate him for not changing, he found somthing he is good at and he does it thanks for the laughs channel awesome as well as NC
Andrew_Baldi 27 днів тому
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