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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 3 місяці тому
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warlock040269 3 місяці тому
Funny that dells calls it rugged since Toughbook has been calling their laptop that for many years. I believe I first saw it call rugged over 12 years ago. By the way their 14" toughbook 54 lite is only 1500
Paul Piatt
Paul Piatt 3 місяці тому
Linus Tech Tips got a ridge wallet. And I love it.
Nathan Millsap
Nathan Millsap 3 місяці тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-JvltzwkUEEA.html nice reference, Love those guys
Hari Molla
Hari Molla 3 місяці тому
@Max Painnope
你喜欢囧菌么 3 місяці тому
Tater’s Empire
Tater’s Empire День тому
this BELONGS in a videogame with that card system
David Alexandrovitch
David Alexandrovitch 3 дні тому
Law enforcement, industry and construction probably
I would never klend you tech , look how grubby that screen is !
Chad wran
Chad wran 4 дні тому
love for those who make this to explain the price. be nice and say 1000$ in hardware. but 4000 for the case i guess? wtf
Chad wran
Chad wran 4 дні тому
i want it. i bike to work and school and i have lost many of labtops from getting hit my cars or from water. This would have saved me thousands. to whom it says it for the military or fire etc. BULLSHIT id rather have more weight and safety than light and all weak and breakable
eragonwarrior lp
eragonwarrior lp 6 днів тому
Why you're doing 2 sponsor ads per vid? Sorry but nearly the half of this video is just ads. I love your channel but if you keep this up I'm gonna leave. Miss the old days where you had 1 20 second ad from your sponsor and that was it. Now there are like 2 30 second sponsor ads AND the normal UKvid ads.
HerrWilhelm1 6 днів тому
can you guys find someone who really needs to use this thing and make him review it?
AYellowPepper 3 дні тому
Send it to an oil plattform! Rain, Harsh winds, Loads of Grime and oil, Flameable gasses and liquids... EVERYTHING ITS MENT FOR :D
oliver !!
oliver !! 9 днів тому
i genuinely want this
Wanko Wanko
Wanko Wanko 10 днів тому
Man... SJWs will get triggered 😂
MR DJ 10 днів тому
Tropical Jupiter
Tropical Jupiter 12 днів тому
I want this laptop to be my sex daddy and teach me how to be a good girl
Shahzad Ali
Shahzad Ali 12 днів тому
You can crack nuts with it Use to it squeeze lemon juice Squeeze out toothpaste Makes sandwiches too if it over heats etc
sun cho
sun cho 16 днів тому
i recall working on those for setting them up for actual combat deployments.. those were rated to b Airdropped and combat ready
Daniel Lawrance
Daniel Lawrance 18 днів тому
That was an amazing review! Nice!
Isaac 18 днів тому
There’s no such thing as a manliest thing or the girliest thing
Swingin30 20 днів тому
Shockingly thiCC
Boom 21 день тому
Alex is the furthest from the tough guy come on, *DENIS* is obviously the toughest dude
Mr. Golden Guy
Mr. Golden Guy 22 дні тому
press 2 on video
Spencer Graves
Spencer Graves 23 дні тому
That’s a cop laptop
hugh janus
hugh janus 23 дні тому
The first few seconds im just thinking is this still ltt? Then i see the fucking laptops... Greatness
Racine YoUtube
Racine YoUtube 24 дні тому
They are more commonly used for police and military in the US.
Urska Jinx
Urska Jinx 25 днів тому
god.. i wish i could get a labtop like this...
Upex 25 днів тому
why the fuck does this have rgb but my g7 gaming laptop doesnt??
BAMBOO 26 днів тому
00:36 ......
hallmargauti 27 днів тому
Damon doing a literal Naruto run with that laptop made me laugh
Eric 27 днів тому
I can almost guarantee this is for aircraft maintenance specifically in the military hence the smart card reader. We use tough books where I am
Tom Craft Donkey
Tom Craft Donkey 27 днів тому
A serial port? Really?
Sascha Thiede
Sascha Thiede 28 днів тому
Not blowing up is more important than an Alcantara wrist rest? I don't think so! You have never used an Alcantara wrist rest!
Dalvest Streaming
Dalvest Streaming 28 днів тому
Being mugged Mugger: Hand over your laptop. Me: Ok. (Later, at the police station) Police officer: Why did you kill the mugger?
weasley0009 29 днів тому
I am a professional and I work very very very hard. Yes so very hard. You know it. Yes, you I bet you work hard tooo
The Oddball Q
The Oddball Q 29 днів тому
The word you're looking for is intrinsically safe for thee not detonating around gas
Skinny Pbody
Skinny Pbody 29 днів тому
Why would ur wallet be full of hotel room keys
n8than 29 днів тому
Why there's Pewdiepie on the Thumbnail..
jakkajo sk
jakkajo sk 29 днів тому
Laptop version of nokia 3310
Statici 29 днів тому
Fireproof you say? Made out of magnesium you say? I just hear "if it starts burning, it'll be burning REALLY hot"
dwjchai Місяць тому
usually for aircraft mechs who needs pubs to QA their work.
Ronie Gerber
Ronie Gerber Місяць тому
boy is it thicc
Luke Sorensen
Luke Sorensen Місяць тому
Still won't last a full shift.
Amir Dahan
Amir Dahan Місяць тому
Normal laptop after 2 years : PLEASE JUST KILL ME Rugged laptop after 5 years : DA DA BO BO GA GA No scratch in sight captin !
Halo Fan
Halo Fan Місяць тому
It's for military
CMBmedic Місяць тому
Looks like the replacement for the Panasonic tough books we used in the u.s. army.
MirkWoot Місяць тому
This laptop will make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus!.
Ahmad Budiman
Ahmad Budiman Місяць тому
it is made for linus bcs he likes to drop things.
aa311 Місяць тому
Finally I can game solitaire while in the community pool.
Kyle Dirks
Kyle Dirks Місяць тому
The company I work for uses them for our field technicians working on the power grid. The ruggedness comes in real handy when the thing accidentally gets run over...
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier Місяць тому
It's for me
Root Beer
Root Beer Місяць тому
i want it
Sebastian H
Sebastian H Місяць тому
This laptop is not meant to be toy for basement kids. Its a tool. And very great one. That is what you woman like kids dont understand.
Rambi Місяць тому
Some years ago I decided it would be cool to go down this route, I had a telephone I could do sat calls with and literally hit it 50m with a bat and it still hold up, the laptop was so heavy I never brought it anywhere. It seems like a cool idea until you actually have to use this. Its heavy, its slow and its expensive.
Arcangel hermetica
Arcangel hermetica Місяць тому
Jakfan1 Місяць тому
Weebs raiding area 51 use this laptop as body armor while blasting their favorite anime AMV'S
Muddy The Shitposter
Muddy The Shitposter Місяць тому
its only around 1k now
Jake X
Jake X Місяць тому
You looked like pewdiepie in the thumbnail.
vapSHOCK XD Місяць тому
-29° C is extreme temp? *Press X to DOUBT*
CIA Місяць тому
Wait...... We have the same at the office. Who the fuck are you
Superiorquad Місяць тому
3 times thicker than a thicker laptop... Lol
Luis Alejandro Niño de Rivera Martínez
How about an extreme tuning to a gdp2 pocket max !!!!
F1SHER 101
F1SHER 101 Місяць тому
Give it a bath
Tigga Ente
Tigga Ente Місяць тому
Truly thicc
Kerimcan Can
Kerimcan Can Місяць тому
If you drop hdd will die anyway,,,
Sir Abhishek
Sir Abhishek Місяць тому
Nobody Absolutely nobody linus- makes the sponsor part as awkward as possible.
Eric Cholico
Eric Cholico Місяць тому
It's thicc
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin Місяць тому
You can even use audible while being at a strip club, so both your brain and body are being pleased at the same time
Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman
Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman Місяць тому
The virgin thin laptop vs. The chad rugged laptop.
BlazingTank578 2
BlazingTank578 2 Місяць тому
Now I really want this laptop
BlazingTank578 2
BlazingTank578 2 Місяць тому
How much?
Alkuzad Місяць тому
Manliest review Canadian can do
Mike Bolton
Mike Bolton Місяць тому
Imagine selling this with a normal hdd.
Daniel Smithson
Daniel Smithson Місяць тому
Noscopes Allowed
Noscopes Allowed Місяць тому
Holy mother of nerd you have no idea how badly I want one of these. I don't even need a laptop but wow these things are cool.
x21 Місяць тому
Finally! A laptop that can survive Linus dropping it.
Cas A
Cas A Місяць тому
Request for review : dell new precision 7740 , 17” , released 2019-07-08, with rtx5000 quadro with full 250watt gpu!
minhhai kim
minhhai kim Місяць тому
Police laptop
mjc0961 Місяць тому
Oh, so this laptop has a touch screen that actually works? I miss resistive so much. Capacitive is completely inaccurate bullshit. If our keyboards and mice were as inaccurate as capacitive touch screens, we wouldn't put up with it. Yet for some reason we keep using this capacitive garbage.
A viewing card hackers wet dream come true.
אדם ב
אדם ב Місяць тому
It's like the iPad pro
nuclear gaming
nuclear gaming Місяць тому
Watch out Mr beast
pleappleappleap Місяць тому
nick bould
nick bould Місяць тому
perfect for loading tech tools on it for field service mechanics.
How bad is this $5000 PC from 10 years ago?
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