The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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14 кві 2019





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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 7 днів тому
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verycrazyguy1 3 дні тому
Now the only science that you're missing is ascension sciences
Xavier animations and blogs
Xavier animations and blogs 3 дні тому
Alert meme detected
Tanmay Tare
Tanmay Tare 3 дні тому
Can a neutron star become a black hole ?
50złマン 3 дні тому
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Japanese sub pls😭
Joks iZantos
Joks iZantos Годину тому
Nobody: Comment section: "hey ill comment "Nobody: " and "am i a joke to you" to get likes because it works in other video and im sure fools will surely like it because they are fools"
Trevor O'Donnell
Trevor O'Donnell Годину тому
Why was this in my music list?
Jel Gamer
Jel Gamer Годину тому
isnt that disobeying one of the laws which says "infomation cannot be destoryed" you said strange matter converts matter into strange matter, similar to blackholes in another video?
Single sr01
Single sr01 Годину тому
Good video dear
Delta lord
Delta lord Годину тому
Kurtzesagt- Strange matter maybe the strongest most indestructible matter in the universe Me-Have you ever heard of flex tape?
wireless fall79
wireless fall79 Годину тому
Life: exists Kurzagesagt: this is some gourme sh**.
Luis Vidalon
Luis Vidalon 2 години тому
I love this channel. I mean, you do a f*** great job, super cool animations, simple and real information, but how do you earn money? Only by the ads? :v
י 2 години тому
Nobody: Not a single soul: Kurzgesagt: make a depressing video and add some birds
Jcewazhere 2 години тому
So instead of the planet ending in grey goo the entire universe could end in strange goo. Great :X
Carlos Valero Chavez
Carlos Valero Chavez 2 години тому
Scp 9999 Object class: apollyon
LIJ Ivan
LIJ Ivan 2 години тому
I'm happy the camera man is alive.
Cheesle2 3 години тому
whats wrong with everything going green and small?
shutupsucka 3 години тому
I just love how we know all this stuff about deep space without ever being their.
TheDeadMeme27 3 години тому
hmm this is strange.....
Nicole Sniperwolf
Nicole Sniperwolf 3 години тому
It would make a cool movie
Anson 3 години тому
This is how to destroy the universe: throw a strangelet at the universe
Vox24 4 години тому
It converts anything it touches, yet is contained within a star?
Jingkai Lim
Jingkai Lim 4 години тому
Basically we can get 360 noscoped from space by gamma ray bursts or strange matter,where’s the panic button?
Eric Zhan
Eric Zhan 4 години тому
Here's a question. If strange quarks decay, why are they stable?
ArticFoxPT Mapper
ArticFoxPT Mapper 4 години тому
Wait could we still live in a body made up of srange matter?
Oussama Roog
Oussama Roog 4 години тому
The arabic translate plz
Alex Owens
Alex Owens 5 годин тому
AlamedaCA94501 5 годин тому
So what you are saying is if I get hit by strange matter I turn into The Hulk?
MR. DONTbuyIT 5 годин тому
I was high when I whatched it, pure gold...
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 6 годин тому
One can only dream
PlasmaPlayz 6 годин тому
Im defying the laws of physics im doing a split as a boy but it hurted very much
Ulaş Hamarat
Ulaş Hamarat 6 годин тому
I appreciate you very much and wish you continued success.
The Irish Polar Bear
The Irish Polar Bear 6 годин тому
You should do is teleportation possible
Fiks Anzo™
Fiks Anzo™ 7 годин тому
What doesn't turn you into a black hole simply makes you _stranger_
Frisk -_-
Frisk -_- 7 годин тому
*-strange matter is very strange-*
crystallizationss 8 годин тому
0:01 that's wrong, pretty sure i'm denser lmao
Gig Gig
Gig Gig 8 годин тому
This was in my mix. ??
gaming n tech n vine Guru
gaming n tech n vine Guru 8 годин тому
Do essential oils really work? If yes then how?
Kerbal Explosion Program
Kerbal Explosion Program 8 годин тому
me: today sucked -new kurzgesagt video appears- me: nevermind!
Colton Sanderson
Colton Sanderson 9 годин тому
This is probably the best way to die that they have made a video about
Wait what
Wait what 9 годин тому
Can we get another video about the other quarks shown in the video
Kiswono Prayogo
Kiswono Prayogo 9 годин тому
soo.. infinity stones?
Daan 9 годин тому
If stange matter transforms all matter it comes in contact with into strange matter and is very common in the universe, wouldn't it have turned the whole universe into strange matter already? Given how long the universe exists and the fact that strange matter would grow exponentially.
Kalpana Rout
Kalpana Rout 9 годин тому
Coolest animated stuff!! But I don't think anyone can overpower *kurzgesagt* in it's content too !! AMAZING !!
Its LazyBoi
Its LazyBoi 9 годин тому
this channel teaches me science better than my school does
Dust's Animal Jam Guide
Dust's Animal Jam Guide 10 годин тому
Humans: Humans are so strange and dangerous that they're going to make us go extinct! Universe: *hold my beer.*
Harry M
Harry M 10 годин тому
if strange matter turns regular matter into strange matter, wouldn't that apply to the outer layers of a neutron star too? so if there's strange matter in a neutron star, sooner or later the whole neutron star would be strange matter.
OfficiallyANerd 10 годин тому
I normally love your videos but to be honest this hardly explained anything, why is it so stable?
Zahir 10 годин тому
4:26 Did you seriously fucking killed two innocent birds just to make this video? dislike
Federico Giuseppe Preti
Federico Giuseppe Preti 10 годин тому
Maybe we were already infected with strange matter
pau; guillory
pau; guillory 10 годин тому
and here things get STRANGE btw, i mean this comment section
Ragunath Tikiri
Ragunath Tikiri 11 годин тому
the ducks are back!!!
Spix-Stryker 11 годин тому
What's wrong with being strange matter? If everything in the universe is strange matter won't it be ok to be better for us to be indestructible?
khan family
khan family 11 годин тому
Kylie jenner: *is that a chicken* me: errrr close enough
Mahdi Ahmed
Mahdi Ahmed 11 годин тому
for 4.6 billion yrs nothing happened to earth kurzgesagt: makes this video me:who gives two fucks we were safe for 4.6 billion yrs
Nour Chaaban
Nour Chaaban 11 годин тому
Can you make a video about how survival instinct evolved and why we even need to survive?
Ter Ter
Ter Ter 11 годин тому
hmm very strange
blue Flames
blue Flames 11 годин тому
I really want to know, if you do this for views or to teach interested people like me. ;-)
Lucas da Silva Serra
Lucas da Silva Serra 12 годин тому
Obrigado por legendar seus vídeos, principalmente em português.
Sojo 12 годин тому
why is this in my music playlist
Lucid Hi
Lucid Hi 12 годин тому
Weird Cartoon Channel But Ok
ben flamini
ben flamini 12 годин тому
What if we already are strange matter¿
Dagmawe Dawit
Dagmawe Dawit 12 годин тому
Especially this video. ☺
Dagmawe Dawit
Dagmawe Dawit 12 годин тому
Wow you know I like kurzgesagt
Szeto Playz
Szeto Playz 13 годин тому
Hey kurzgesagt, i have a bideo reccommendation. Can you talk about the Bose-Einstein Condensate State?
Kent Celicious
Kent Celicious 13 годин тому
Just remember the dogma kurzgesagt: Time >> Quality & Love (don't end up like "The Infog**phics sh$t")
Kent Celicious
Kent Celicious 13 годин тому
Just remember the dogma kurzgesagt: Time >> Quality & Love (don't end up like "The Infog**phics sh$t")
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 13 годин тому
HELLcopter TS
HELLcopter TS 14 годин тому
In the near future, scientists will prove this video was very accurate. Or maybe not.
Beautiful 14 годин тому
If you’re interested in space I highly recommend downloading Space Engine. It’s super mind blowing
Jon Astra
Jon Astra 14 годин тому
If the stranger quarks are unstable, how stranger matter can be stable?
Tithi Choksi
Tithi Choksi 14 годин тому
I like how this guy could be saying complete bull and we would still be fascinsted by it
RAVEN EYES 14 годин тому
Kurzgesagt: the Big Bang} me: OO that’s naughty to hear that from u
Big Boss
Big Boss 14 годин тому
Kurzgesagt - Terrorism in a Nutshell
Bảmdj 0 Nguyễn
Bảmdj 0 Nguyễn 14 годин тому
I just care the new intro only
Felix Maier
Felix Maier 14 годин тому
Why do you assume that strange matter is so very stable, when everything we made and looked at that is vaguely similar should and did decay very fast? You even say everything but up and down quarks are unstable. Sure in a neutron star, strange things may happen, but as soon as pressure is released, what tells us that that strange matter doesn't just decay?
Flamster Dabster
Flamster Dabster 15 годин тому
Would the world be better if humans wouldnt exist?
NN&N 15 годин тому
Out of curiosity, how would strange matter interact with antimatter?
Strange matter is the cancer of universe
ebb 16 годин тому
Meantioning the simplification. Good.
Nishant kataria
Nishant kataria 16 годин тому
Always likes before watching :)
mcalladin 16 годин тому
Strange bird
Assassins Creeps
Assassins Creeps 16 годин тому
Can someone explain why is this in my music mix? *OH, THAT'S BECAUSE MUSIC IS THE MOST POWERFULL THING, NOW I UNDERSTAND, YIPPEE!!*
Excentric 16 годин тому
Ok, let's make a video about things we can't prove. Boring. Same as the atomic bombs one. Boring and useless.
Inu Bayu Aji
Inu Bayu Aji 17 годин тому
Sure I am not scared. Yeh for sure
htf5555 18 годин тому
dont worry. doctor strange is an expert in this, he'll protect us
Elena Morales
Elena Morales 9 годин тому
He's a strangelet
Leva 2019
Leva 2019 18 годин тому
? Школа 101 я тря
Ashley Leelodharry
Ashley Leelodharry 18 годин тому
Video idea : how to terraform a planet, I think it would be very interesting as it’s been hinted at in previous videos and an In depth look at it would be awesome in my opinion
Alfan Fatir Fatikah
Alfan Fatir Fatikah 18 годин тому
Hi Kurzgesagt, would you like to explain zoo particles and make the video about that?......Thank you
Luis Ka
Luis Ka 19 годин тому
Jetz will ich auch n Quark
Louis Chan
Louis Chan 19 годин тому
me love your stuff i also have an ideas what if we use the dark web
SS S 19 годин тому
Have we ever witnessed this phenomenon?
⋆ TheBestWarrior101 ⋆
⋆ TheBestWarrior101 ⋆ 20 годин тому
So this is what rick uses for his portal
Joydip Lite
Joydip Lite 20 годин тому
Strange matter still can’t destroy Kim’s ass
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 21 годину тому
Thanks !
ender slot
ender slot 21 годину тому
Strange quark-cancer
#Danny Romero
#Danny Romero 21 годину тому
Cause I like birds to
#Danny Romero
#Danny Romero 21 годину тому
Is your favorite animal a bird cause I have seen many other birds in your videos
Windwolf001 21 годину тому
Just a wild theory but... Perhaps we don't see this strange matter, and haven't been contaminated with it, because it decays much faster than it can infect other forms of matter... Which would be even more strange, because apparently strange matter only decays through weak force.
HarshRrrr 22 години тому
Can u guys please make video on india's politcs and hooks and crooks used by diffrent groups
oliver hale
oliver hale 22 години тому
I beleive that the univers has existed forever but goes through cycles every time strange matter converts the whole universe, once all matter is converted and condensed to one massive strange star there will be a big bang that makes caos and unbalance back to the universe.
Liam Edey
Liam Edey 22 години тому
Why 2000 dislikes??
arif nyet
arif nyet 23 години тому
murphy laws
Nebison 23 години тому
pooooooooooooop im scared of strange matter now ahhhhhh
Nebison 23 години тому
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