The Netherlands - LIVE - Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

Eurovision Song Contest
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Duncan Laurence represented The Netherlands at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Arcade. Read more about Duncan Laurence here: eurovision.tv/participant/duncan-laurence
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18 тра 2019

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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 29 днів тому
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Monique Van Westenbrugge
Monique Van Westenbrugge 4 дні тому
Eurovision Song Contest gfwfxfxfdf
BerBer DURET 9 днів тому
kokoszanel Don’t worry with haters ! At the minute I heard Duncan song I wanted the Dutch victory. He deserves it so much ! Loved also Italy 🇮🇹 Sweden 🇸🇪 Switzerland 🇨🇭..... and so many others ! This year was fantastic and there was a lot of good songs. The results was really tight and I love that ! So happy 😃 to go in THE NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 next year !!!
BerBer DURET 9 днів тому
žan tomažič Strnad bla bla bla
Yahalaya Gallant
Yahalaya Gallant 11 днів тому
Bartina Swart
Bartina Swart 12 днів тому
Morel Rober
Morel Rober 22 хвилини тому
It seems to me from this troika that Lazarev deserves to win more, he has the best performance, as well as the most beautiful voice, I think Duncan did not deserve to win ...
Игорь Иванов
Игорь Иванов 26 хвилин тому
Ничего запоминающегося. Тотальная скучнота. Такого стандартного инди везде валом.
KTM 350
KTM 350 40 хвилин тому
Super, gewoonweg super !
ייע יננ
ייע יננ Годину тому
not good song not good enough performance not good choice
Rc_053 _
Rc_053 _ 3 години тому
Did u Guys to hear a spanish Guy scream vamos in the beginnin??
Lımonlu Çıkolata
Lımonlu Çıkolata 5 годин тому
Insanı rahatlatıyo🤫🤭
Rocky 10
Rocky 10 11 годин тому
Finally, after 2 years, the best song wins
Artem_ Bondarev
Artem_ Bondarev 12 годин тому
Oh my gud
Mufcpog 15 годин тому
Well at least after 4 years we have a winner who deserved it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Aliki Kagaraki
Aliki Kagaraki 16 годин тому
Wow this is the best song I ever saw in Eurovision
Unia Środkowo-Wschodnia
Unia Środkowo-Wschodnia 16 годин тому
I love Duncan's performance, but the best from Eurovision 2019 was ,,Germany, I'm sorry, zero points'' :D
Рако Бека
Рако Бека 16 годин тому
Поразительно ужаснейщее выступление, не понимаю, как это выиграло! P. S. Королевство стана София 41 место поймёт)
John Raggers
John Raggers 17 годин тому
Ik ben zooo blij dat je dat gedaan hebt duncan
Iner H
Iner H 17 годин тому
He looks much older in a thumbnail😲
/Werusek/ Huehue
/Werusek/ Huehue 17 годин тому
Ktoś na początku krzyknął brawo!!
Ελευθερία Μπασακύρου
1. The Netherlands 2. Italy 3. Russia 4. Switzerland 5. Sweden 6. Norway 7. North Macedonia 8. Azerbaijan 9. Australia 10. Iceland 11. Czech Republic 12. Denmark 13. Cyprus 14. Malta 15. Slovenia 16. France 17. Albania 18. Serbia 19. San Marino 20. Estonia 21. Greece 22. Spain 23. Israel 24. Belarus 25. Germany 26. United Kingdom 27. Poland 28. Hungary 29. Lithuania 30. Moldova 31. Romania 32. Belgium 33. Croatia 34. Georgia 35. Portugal 36. Latvia 37. Armenia 38. Montenegro 39. Finland 40. Austria 41. Ireland 42. Ukraine
Jorinda Z
Jorinda Z 18 годин тому
Me: OMG I live in the Netherlands I HAVE TO be in the audience next year! Me: *checks price* uh hell nah I'm fine
Rim Chtatou
Rim Chtatou 18 годин тому
naum stoilkovski
naum stoilkovski 19 годин тому
naum stoilkovski
naum stoilkovski 19 годин тому
Ilay Sener
Ilay Sener 20 годин тому
We won because of that lamp..damn that lamp did his role good👌🏻
Armando Rouge López
Armando Rouge López 20 годин тому
si eres listo dame like
huqqezツ 20 годин тому
I’m surprised that this song isn’t called ”Losing Game”
M Fridho Damora Harahap
M Fridho Damora Harahap 21 годину тому
Whoops, I almost forgot my hourly dose of listening this beautiful song
Veronica M
Veronica M 21 годину тому
50.000.000 streams on spotify - from an unknown singer-songwriter to this - this is something very special. 🌸 Congratz and enjoy Duncan ❤️
MrsKikinka13 21 годину тому
such beautiful song!
Ervin Hodzic
Ervin Hodzic 23 години тому
Great song
F F День тому
ESC Norway
ESC Norway День тому
Swychek День тому
I got addicted to loosing weight
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago День тому
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago День тому
A month has already passed but I still keep on coming back to this performance! Just perfect! Still playing this song on repeat! You really deserved the win, congratulations!
I snapped My fingers
I snapped My fingers День тому
Watching this is losing time.
Peter Kirby
Peter Kirby День тому
A lovely song with lovely words. Duncan Lawrence has a strong voice. I was blessed to be at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel from the UK. I am delighted that this song won the Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands. He certainly stood out and so did his song.
dina Eleena
dina Eleena День тому
Loving you is a losing game ... 💔
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs День тому
Docter : you have only 3:24 to live Me :
owan alonso
owan alonso День тому
Vote: Who is better? Comment=Soldi Like=Arcade
Danleon Tosviol
Danleon Tosviol День тому
*soldi *
Danleon Tosviol
Danleon Tosviol День тому
Aespes 55
Aespes 55 День тому
The best song un the world
Gaby van der Valk
Gaby van der Valk День тому
top Duncan mooi
Juul Yazbeck
Juul Yazbeck День тому
Like deze video! 😄
Luca Van Maare
Luca Van Maare День тому
Netherlands last won in 1975 Duncan: Hold my microphone I have to play the piano
Nynke Huizinga
Nynke Huizinga День тому
*I’m so proud of my country* 🇳🇱 *I’m so proud of Duncan*
T_T День тому
A broken heart is all that’s left I’m still fixing all the cracks Lost a couple of pieces when I carried it carried it carried it home I’m afraid of all I am My mind feels like a foreign land Silence ringing inside my head Please carry me carry me carry me home I’ve spent all of the love I saved We were always a losing game Small town boy in a big arcade I got addicted to a losing game Oh, oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game How many pennies in the slot Giving us up didn’t take a lot I saw the end ‘for it begun Still I carried I carried, I carry on Oh, oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game Oh, oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game I don’t need your games, game over Get me off this rollercoaster Oh, oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game Oh, oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh All I know, all I know Loving you is a losing game Congratulations Duncan, we all love you
T_T 54 хвилини тому
ייע יננ no shut up
ייע יננ
ייע יננ Годину тому
Boring and bad song, israel 🇮🇱 was much better than Netherland
noe sanz
noe sanz 8 годин тому
Albert Sedaj
Albert Sedaj День тому
Sry but this is not a winner for me
TheSealVirgin День тому
In my opinion he was the best one. Because the song was simple, yet very powerfull.
XxLilyxX День тому
Small town boy in a big arcade😍😍😍
Kate Fika
Kate Fika День тому
It is out of this world! It is beautifull and you have such a beautifull voice
oti theleis 1
oti theleis 1 День тому
WINNER: The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Bravo Dancan Laurence from Greece 🇬🇷.
Robert Valentin
Robert Valentin День тому
Loreen remain the queen of Eurovision 👍...
Kaatje kok
Kaatje kok День тому
And Duncan remain the king of eurovision👍
Замира Нагой
Замира Нагой 2 дні тому
На самом деле Дункан очень красиво спел невозможно поспорить.Из всего выступления участников больше всех мне понравились Сережа Лазарев и Дункан Лоренс самые идеальные выступления а остальные геи какиее то и психи непонятно что несут воообще
Ева и Алиса:D
Ева и Алиса:D День тому
Mr.Who 2 дні тому
Still better than 2016 Ukraine and 2017 Portugal
Capserino 2 дні тому
Pink unikorn🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Is PERFECT 💓💓💓💓💯💯💯💯
Sulodjfkxkrkx ed xk Haakana
Sulodjfkxkrkx ed xk Haakana 2 дні тому
Соломія Гладиш
Соломія Гладиш 2 дні тому
Yannick Debeyter
Yannick Debeyter 2 дні тому
awsome!!! thanks for getting ESC so close to home!! wel propably be attending in 2020 in the Netherlands! awsome song (love from Belgium!)
MA 2 дні тому
So who was better, after all? Italy - Like Netherlands - Comment!
Gizmo Dreamer
Gizmo Dreamer День тому
MA The Netherlands😃❤❤❤
Влад Хмельниченко
I like thiiiiis! 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
🌴el hombre del colacau 🌴
Lommy 2 дні тому
It's really a pity that all the singers have to perform at least 6 times live. Duncan is an amazing singer and even he sounds like someone who used his voice too much. Let them sing only when the shows are broadcasted and do one more rehearsal before. Most of the singers LOST THEIR VOICES before they reached the final.
Lommy День тому
@Adrianus Duncan is an amazing singer, but you can still lose your voice or be exhsusted
Adrianus День тому
Lommy if you are a good singer, you won't have any troubles in singing 6 times live. It were the bad singers who had lost their voices before reaching the final. They should have not been in the contest to begin with.
Ferid Sukurlu
Ferid Sukurlu 2 дні тому
I think this is the best music of mankind
שושי זולדן
שושי זולדן 2 дні тому
Tunahan T
Tunahan T 2 дні тому
1:01 that scream 😂👏
Golden Wither Phoenix 13
Golden Wither Phoenix 13 2 дні тому
*sigh* I respect your win Netherlands, but in my opinion I dont think it was perfect. A few higher "oh"s sounded off key and even though the visuals were stunning and the story is tragic, I just couldn't see it winning. Dont get me wrong it's a great piece but... I just couldnt feel it winning. It did end up winning but still I just didnt like it all that much. I honestly preferred other countries like Slovenia, Denmark, Russia, france and Germany. Not just them either. Not a top 10 maker for me but a solid 11 I will say. See yall in holland next year. Au revoir from the UK.
Abrahán Sáez Sánchez
Abrahán Sáez Sánchez 2 дні тому
Gran canción minimalista,sin adornos o coreografías difíciles,con su gran voz y sentimiento en su interpretación supo llevarse el gato al agua.
Tyra Norström
Tyra Norström 2 дні тому
This is so f**** gooood🥵😇🤩
Lilah Lionhall
Lilah Lionhall 2 дні тому
Luca Serafini
Luca Serafini 2 дні тому
Sing in Dutch please, too easy in English. At least Italy sang in Italian! Soldi soldi soldi 🇮🇹
Tim Blanks
Tim Blanks День тому
@Adrianus The only thing these Italian losers can moan about is that Mahmood has more youtube views. He already had many more youtube views than all the other contestants combined weeks before the Grand Final. And still he didn't win.
Adrianus День тому
That Italy sings in Italian, is Italy’s choice. Don't blame other countries that you prefer the difficult road. Every country is free to sing in any language they like. Soldi is a nice song. But Arcade is a deserved winner.
Kaatje kok
Kaatje kok 2 дні тому
Its over a month now! Get over the fact that mahmood didnt win😉
Tim Blanks
Tim Blanks 2 дні тому
Still not over the fact that Mahmood lost? See you in Rotterdam next year.
Raphael L
Raphael L 2 дні тому
Boring comment (seen already a million times) and he used English on a screen behind him anyway. pffffff! perhaps he should have tried English he might have won 😜🍦
Erenik Dreshaj
Erenik Dreshaj 2 дні тому
Duncan:i got addicted to a losing game Me:i got addicted to a song that won eurovision😂😂
Gandalfwiz2007 15 годин тому
@Νικόλας Ξεροβάσιλας and also Turkey, ops, San Marino
Νικόλας Ξεροβάσιλας
@Gandalfwiz2007 Norways song was so catchy. No wonder how they got 1st in televote
Gandalfwiz2007 15 годин тому
Me to! Also Norway!
elif ataman
elif ataman 2 дні тому
my top 10 winner 2000-2019 10. Serbia 2007 9. Ukraine 2004 8. Germany 2010 7. Denmark 2013 6. Turkey 2003 5. Finland 2006 4. Greece 2005 3. Sweden 2012 2. Norway 2009 1. The Netherlands 2019
Arnau Borrell Soler
Arnau Borrell Soler 3 дні тому
Voice? Excelent Country? Awesome Hotel? Trivago
XxLilyxX День тому
Thnx for liking the Netherlands ❤❤❤
Abercrombie LK
Abercrombie LK 2 дні тому
Eso ya es antiguo eh.
NorraNN 3 дні тому
Dewie Kleijn
Dewie Kleijn 3 дні тому
The performance number : 12 Judges votes: 12 points ! 🥰 The number 12 is the lucky number. 😍
ama me
ama me День тому
My favorite number!
Karma 2 дні тому
lil nicolas groote bolle
lil nicolas groote bolle 3 дні тому
Zo mooixxx
Сруби Бабла в Интернете
Про что песня?
Ева и Алиса:D
Ева и Алиса:D 2 дні тому
Несчастная любовь, разбитое сердце.
Seoul Raihan
Seoul Raihan 3 дні тому
2:30 should be the poster of ESC.
Average Loser
Average Loser 3 дні тому
Must admit, this song didn’t really appeal to me when it initially won but over recent weeks, I’ve come to really appreciate it. I’m glad he did win in the end. Great voice.
Taner Kuruoğlu
Taner Kuruoğlu 3 дні тому
A nice song, but he didn't deserve to get the title!
Kaatje kok
Kaatje kok 2 дні тому
Sorry for you, but he did get the Title and he deserved it!!
Roys Memes
Roys Memes 3 дні тому
Voice? Good Song ? Great Performance? Super Win? Deserved Hotel? Trivago
Serenjiminty День тому
it's sad that people still do this
julqqa. aa
julqqa. aa День тому
Evelien Nico
Evelien Nico День тому
XMerle xx
XMerle xx День тому
Roys Memes HAHAHH
Влад Хмельниченко
Проходят недели и года, но Дункан в сердце навсегда!
Morel Rober
Morel Rober 20 хвилин тому
No,Lazarev remains in the hearts, he deserves more victory.Duncan does not deserve to win
Erin Siahaan
Erin Siahaan 3 дні тому
Erin Siahaan
Erin Siahaan 3 дні тому
Nie klikaj w ten kanał
Nie klikaj w ten kanał 3 дні тому
Ульяна и Варя
Ульяна и Варя 3 дні тому
yvonne verkerk
yvonne verkerk 3 дні тому
Ik ben Nederland
Lander Desramault
Lander Desramault 3 дні тому
Super 😀
Angora 3 дні тому
Me singing about Hatari:
rachel _nje
rachel _nje 3 дні тому
i love you ducan
rachel _nje
rachel _nje 3 дні тому
kan ducan naar my huis komen
Burning Diamond
Burning Diamond 3 дні тому
I’ve listed this 23 times think it’s an issue?
Lionel Waterval
Lionel Waterval 4 дні тому
Goed gedaan ducan ooooooohhhh
Laurens RULKENS 4 дні тому
Norway was better Italy was better but we won 🤣🤣🤣
Besion Gaming
Besion Gaming 4 дні тому
Super song Love from Nasa
Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson 4 дні тому
Greetings from the UK. Italy is still my favourite song from eurovision 2019. Love Italy! Love Mahmood! That being said, Duncan has a beautiful voice and is a worthy winner. Well done Netherlands. Some excellent songs this year
Семенников Дмитрий
Best of all. With love from Russia
Maren Krüger
Maren Krüger 4 дні тому
Sehr schön 😍
djx1985 4 дні тому
Kompresja dzwieku jak mp3 128 kbps przy max jakości. To ma być Eurowizja?
Kanarie 53
Kanarie 53 4 дні тому
I still can believe we won after 44 years
Uni Unicorns
Uni Unicorns 4 дні тому
I was screaming so hard when the netherlands won in 44 years I woke my little sister up and parents where mad ❤️ you Duncan from the netherlands😛
Laurens RULKENS 4 дні тому
The same...
Daan Ruumpol
Daan Ruumpol 4 дні тому
Still goos bumps
star stable
star stable 4 дні тому
i love it
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