The Origin of Consciousness - How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:
Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.
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17 бер 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 3 місяці тому
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Aseem Bansal
Aseem Bansal 7 днів тому
But the question in my mind is "why and how did survival instinct originate in first place?" as everything else follows from that (looking for food etc. ) .. but why did a lump of hydrocarbons wanted to survive when an electric current hit it?
Leonard Philipp Gaffke
Leonard Philipp Gaffke 16 днів тому
Hallo liebes Kurzgesagt Team. Gibt es diese Doku hier über das Bewusstsein auch auf deutsch? Wenn ja dann verlinkt Sie uns doch bitte. Vielen Dank.
Free Night Owl
Free Night Owl Місяць тому
So consciousness it's a very complex topic. Lots of things about the mind and senses are complex, like smell, sight, feel, etc. I was wondering about the possible of uploading your mind to a computer, connecting your brain to a computer, or even switching consciousness to another health human body (maybe cloned bodies). I say this with the question, can we extend our life? If so is it still you? Can you still be yourself? I love you guys, you make the most intriguing and interesting videos. Have a good day.
ecogreen 123
ecogreen 123 Місяць тому
how ironic..... something that makes us want to know... is something we have been unable to know about XD
Purple Stars
Purple Stars 21 годину тому
Christians have left the chat
Mateusz Czerniawski
Mateusz Czerniawski День тому
Can you proove that you are conscious? I dont think so!
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 8 годин тому
Look man nobody can prove he or she is conscious its not that we can't or not its more or less impossible to try to prove it and besides we don't even have a idea what consiousnes is yet.
Mr Vetka
Mr Vetka День тому
Спасибо за перевод видео!
Josh Kaufman
Josh Kaufman День тому
Video Intro: "None of the many competing theories about what consciousness are even close." Next: Video makes presumptuous theory about how consciousness came to be. Missing a step? 🤔
Pdog 10
Pdog 10 День тому
Easy answer unconcusienza
Atomas X
Atomas X День тому
We all know that when we were
Satrajeet's POLITICS
Satrajeet's POLITICS День тому
the first human (simple consciousness) realised that it needs energy. So, doesnt that mean he already had consciousness preprogrammed before his genes could have opened up its memory dept?
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. День тому
Well that's a difficult question to answer but only your logic of awerness can't explain intelligence whatsover its like asking can a nose smell of course it can smell in case you did not know lol.
Giulia Marsaglia
Giulia Marsaglia День тому
Next level is us conscious of our human system and able to drive it where we want in the future.
Graham Keep
Graham Keep День тому
This is evolution of consciousness is very specific to humans. Even though the video uses aliens in the examples. A good intro would have explained that that's what it was going to do.
juli syah
juli syah 2 дні тому
wow, just because we need to sense motion and object surrounding us, we are able to develop eyes, ears, nose, and other senses, i am impressed, i wonder where will our next eye develop?
Zara Queen
Zara Queen 2 дні тому
I am that worm
Stumpa gt
Stumpa gt 2 дні тому
Genna Tuelz
Genna Tuelz 2 дні тому
Everything has always been conscious. The "conscious" that is being referred is discrimination. It's not awareness of self. It's the awareness of not self. The more that can be labeled not self, the more "conscious" a "one" can become. To the point that even "conscious" is not self. Do you see the trap?
heartslight1000 2 дні тому
Definition of conscious When my mom brings out the belt to whoop my ass.
Raka akbar
Raka akbar 2 дні тому
So what is the answer? I dont get the point
10 Seconds of Glory
10 Seconds of Glory 2 дні тому
According to this video my phone is also self conscious
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 2 дні тому
Yub maybe but only real life can be conscious tho lol.
Calvin Tower
Calvin Tower 2 дні тому
That was actually a very friendly hello to the pizza guy
Rocket Science
Rocket Science 3 дні тому
The complex biological process that forms consciousness uses even more complex chemistry here in the material universe to fold an energetic field that exists "on the other side" but also occupies the same space, into a soul. The soul governs the electrical impulses between neurons that are in the brain and throughout the body.
Jaydeep Vipradas
Jaydeep Vipradas 3 дні тому
If set of molecules are trying to maintain their equilibrium or harmony, by say eating or multiplying, then they are conscious. Maintaining equilibrium is male cell, maintaining harmony is female cell. If a cell senses a choice, direction choice or food choice, and makes a choice, it is conscious.
Sphynxinator 3 дні тому
Animations are so cute. :D
Eren Kruger
Eren Kruger 3 дні тому
So basically we just living for survive,there is no point of life.
Diego Cabrejos
Diego Cabrejos 3 дні тому
Ehhh this video doesnt really address a lot of things but still no one can truly say what consciousness is.... for now. Im inclined to go with Tononi’s IIT theory since it at least offers some mathematical/physical description of consciousness.
I love My Memes lol
I love My Memes lol 3 дні тому
~Consciousness is our inner Universe.
Forgoten Poet
Forgoten Poet 3 дні тому
Evolution is false.
First 3 дні тому
Universe is so powerful it goes beyond any reason, logic, beyond any idea you can ever have in your head. One time we will explain everything in a way we will understand why we cant understand it.
Faith Saddy
Faith Saddy 4 дні тому
Materialism much. Hehehe.
Troy Wingert
Troy Wingert 4 дні тому
If there is no after life for ants, there is no after live for us either.
metroid_dragon 4 дні тому
Meditation can provide a mindful mirror to help one appreciate the nature of consciousness. There may be no 'self'; an illusion by our sense of time combined with momentary impulses. watch your thoughts as they appear; attempt to find your free will. also thanks for the real talk on chicken intelligence, those birbs deserve better than they usually get.
Dean McCrorie
Dean McCrorie 4 дні тому
This paradox can’t be solved by the simple fact that a knife can’t cut itself. Try getting a knife to cut itself or your hand to grab itself or a mirror to reflect its own image. You Can’t do it Thus in the same way, consciousness can’t be conscious of what it is. Consciousness which is the at the heart knowledge, can not know itself either.
Imgonnafuckyou withacactus
Imgonnafuckyou withacactus 4 дні тому
Conciousness is a quantum frequency. We only tune into a small wavelength of it because the vibration in the molecules in our pineal gland matches that part of its spectrum. You are litterally a fundamental universal force pioloting a biological machine that runs on a code called "DNA."
My anxiety: "Ah shit, here we go again"
Toast Malone
Toast Malone Годину тому
I tend to get a bit of disassociation anxiety and start to think deeply into this stuff to, it has to be the scariest form of anxiety ever honestly lmao.
BanditoRios 4 дні тому
Hassan Cohmdan
Hassan Cohmdan 4 дні тому
3:06 E coli ?
rabidL3M0NS 4 дні тому
This does not explain consciousness. Consciousness is the subjective experience of something. Consciousness is not just a result of neurons firing. Because there are many brain processes that are unconscious, that we're not aware of. So what differentiates between neurons that do result in a subjective experience, and those that don't? Evolutionarily there is no need for consciousness. So why are we not all 'philosophical zombies' that can do everything we do but don't have any subjective experience?
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 2 дні тому
You have good questions thr but nobody realy have a idea what consciousness works tho lol
EnPassantParLa 3 дні тому
That's exactly what we are: philosophical zombies. Humans think they have consciousness, but they dont. Rocks have consciousness but we are not aware of it.
Fish Animations
Fish Animations 3 дні тому
rabidL3M0NS Maybe we are philosophical zombies and we only think we are conscious because that’s all we know. We are acting this way because that’s what’s “coded” into us and not from true choice
Anthony Valdivieso
Anthony Valdivieso 4 дні тому
TAWOG would say otherwise (in The Amazing World of Gumball, almost every inanimate object has a face and can talk)
BRs??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ercan Er
Ercan Er 5 днів тому
You are not optimistic nihilists you are evolutionist nihilists. Evolution does not explain why we have conciousness and it does not explain anything about the state of being concious. İt is liks saying over time our phones get more procces power. To explain origin you should have at least why some act more conciousness while others act like they are captured by a turmoil.
Mean Old Lady
Mean Old Lady 5 днів тому
Go do a video on the many, many flaws, impracticalities & outright lies on the theory of evolution....
Kolli Wanne
Kolli Wanne 5 днів тому
There arent major flaws...
Kerrin Naude
Kerrin Naude 5 днів тому
As Alan Watts says “Watch out! Watch out... Because the rocks are going, eventually, to come alive.”
Rabih Saad
Rabih Saad 5 днів тому
So Evolution starting to make sense more and more...
ButterBall Billy
ButterBall Billy 5 днів тому
Is this Spore?
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 5 днів тому
So consciousness thinks about consciousness?
Farm of Potatoes
Farm of Potatoes 5 днів тому
It's funny when you think that they're already given thousands of answers by the environment itself, but because their lack of time holding abilities like this channel said making them disproving the answer, while searching something that simply cannot be summarized by their simple minds, cause them swooped back to the starting point again, again, and again. Their idiotic pride is the main cause for this. They are thinking that they was able to solve anything by pure science alone, making God facepalms.
Farm of Potatoes
Farm of Potatoes 5 днів тому
I have a tiny game. Every time they said *probably* , take a shot
Alex G.
Alex G. 6 днів тому
fkin evolution lies u still believe this shit
jawakenobi 6 днів тому
Allmost to a billion subscribers way to science I mean go
SEAN BENTLER 6 днів тому
0:19 *_thanos girl_*
Prince Jeng
Prince Jeng 6 днів тому
Ur conciousness is ur thinking smh.
F54DF4 A044
F54DF4 A044 7 днів тому
Being conscious makes me depressed.
蒼崎冬木 7 днів тому
認識の最も正確な基盤は五官である。 そこから意識はある。 VRは?
99999 Abonnenten ohne Video?
99999 Abonnenten ohne Video? 7 днів тому
Super tolles Video! 👌👍
Kuroshine 7 днів тому
I think that video talked about instinct more than consciousness.. Find foods, memory somethings, follow that,... get a plan, a directly observe,.... I think they're instinct of body to help us survive, automatic works: "But we have a plan... an observe and following... !" Yes! But it's like computer: Although they don't have consciouness, they can still do works, some works very great, just because we have coded some lines makes them do somethings, even some to make them try to think by themselves: AI. ....Maybe, instinct is the beginning of consciouness....
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 6 днів тому
lol "coded some lines"... AI is way more complex than that. It's just a matter of time before it's fully conscious.
Ovulating Grashopper
Ovulating Grashopper 8 днів тому
wrong. single cell must have some sentience, not necessarily that a group of cells is conscious but that each individual cell is...still presenting the issue of defining consciousness.
Kolli Wanne
Kolli Wanne 5 днів тому
A cell does not have the structure for sentience, as it needs a large network.
Joel 6 днів тому
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui 8 днів тому
That worm reminds me of myself. Nough said !
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui 8 днів тому
Lol atheist.
Mr Blue Splodge
Mr Blue Splodge 8 днів тому
Where’s all the Kurzgesagt birds?
Maluzius Network
Maluzius Network 8 днів тому
D. E.
D. E. 8 днів тому
Consciousness is all there is. Reality is an illusion made up of energy that is made manifest by our consciousness. Consciousness makes your reality not the other way around. No consciousness, no physical reality. The little story told in this video couldn't have happened without a consciousness to observe it. Without consciousness there is nothing but energy without form. Consciousness is required first before anything can happen at all. "We know that reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent illusion." Albert Einstein "Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot be considered real." Niels Bohr
Timothy Nyota
Timothy Nyota 8 днів тому
explanation seems warped and wrong
Sunken Sheep
Sunken Sheep 8 днів тому
Why is this based on an unknown book by an unkown author, who does not really have any background in natural sciences? :/ (However, I appreciate that you got feedback from De Brigard and Koch)
M Wing
M Wing 8 днів тому
Kervan Govender
Kervan Govender 8 днів тому
So we developed consciousness through the ages due to the need to look for food? Are we going to degenerate back to simple life because food is now delivered to our doors without any conscious effort from us?
Lex Ex
Lex Ex 8 днів тому
so... survival,
Felix Bueno
Felix Bueno 9 днів тому
T. kahraba
T. kahraba 9 днів тому
Humans are the only creatures on earth that don't make sense, they don't contribute but rather damage and consume, they are the only creatures with consciousness and the ability to think critically. We are either God or an ape alien hybrid
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 8 днів тому
@T. kahraba It doesn't really matter if we change the eco system, humanity can't destroy the planet, only itself.
T. kahraba
T. kahraba 8 днів тому
@B Rabbit fuck if I know
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 8 днів тому
@T. kahraba Ok so what? What exactly is the point of the planet if there aren't any humans?
T. kahraba
T. kahraba 8 днів тому
@B Rabbit they sustain the eco system where as we do the opposite
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 8 днів тому
How the hell do animals make sense and what do they contribute?
Marc Hasenkopf
Marc Hasenkopf 9 днів тому
So consciousness is being aware of one's own thoughts and actions.
Kolli Wanne
Kolli Wanne 5 днів тому
Its like a mirror for your neurological information. Without it, we couldnt reflect and understand information or build up a large network of conclusions.
Maddel Due
Maddel Due 9 днів тому
Best animation
Rocskatu 9 днів тому
Hob Nob
Hob Nob 9 днів тому
You're just talking about a spectrum related to awareness. Not what or why or how it is.
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 7 днів тому
Hob Nob
Hob Nob 9 днів тому
@Eternal Reign again they were just talking about how consciousness changed through over time. Misleading title completely. And no evolution isn't random. The mutations are encouraged by the collective consciousness, especially within our own collection of cells. Consciousness sees fruit up high in a tree and the cells mutate and try to change the code it passes down. Some mutations work others dont and the trial and error \ survival of the best mutations win. We can see conscious decisions in Bacteria all the time. The more simple the code the faster it can change. We've witnessed mosquitos change very rapidly. These changes aren't just random.
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign 9 днів тому
They explained a possible how, but there is no why. There's never a why when it comes to evolution. Evolution isn't a conscious thing with a plan, it's just a bunch of mutations that occur randomly each generation. Some are beneficial and some are harmful. The beneficial ones get passed along to the next generation, naturally, and the harmful ones usually lead to the demise of an organism. The first consciousness was probably just slightly better senses or perception. Like the first eye was just a patch of light sensitive skin that could only discern between light and dark.
OrangePeelYutu 10 днів тому
4:46 Man, I wish my vision was that good.
Alex Duong
Alex Duong 10 днів тому
Thumbnail is me when i see sunlight for the first time in 3 months from hiding in my room
Anton Rusakov
Anton Rusakov 10 днів тому
The reason to live is to seek for food, put it in the mouth and then seek for more food. I'm ok with this and don't need any more reasons!)
mike joe
mike joe 10 днів тому
Mushrooms and nitrous kids.
RedEvee 10 днів тому
seems like the maker or this has playd ALOT of Spore xD
James Porter
James Porter 10 днів тому
why are these dislikes so high? these are great videos
Darius 10 днів тому
Kurzgesagt couldn't be more wrong about us becoming conscious to realize the story isn't about us. The story is us seeing the Universe. If we were not here Kurzgesagt couldn't say the story isn't about us. Perhaps, it is that the story isn't about us alone.
Weh Bol
Weh Bol 9 днів тому
Do you mean that, without human beings, it would be impossible to perceive the universe at all? And therefore, speculation as to the nature of consciousness would be impossible? That's a great point. I do not hold that any of the seemingly intelligent animals is conscious at all, as much as we might like to think so.
чувак симпсон
чувак симпсон 10 днів тому
This video will be good for LSD trips
John Ruben Saragi
John Ruben Saragi 10 днів тому
0:07 Did you even realize her skin is purple?
Adam Clark
Adam Clark 10 днів тому
These videos just aren't up to scratch
Dervy 10 днів тому
i relate with the example creature on a spiritual level
Churn Blanston
Churn Blanston 10 днів тому
Pan-psychism is likely
wolfbombz 10 днів тому
what happened to bird people
A Guide To: 2019
A Guide To: 2019 10 днів тому
E Ex Exs Exis Exist Existe Existen Existent Existenti Existentia Existential CRISIS 😑
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 6 днів тому
I always see these comments on these types of videos but I'll never understand why.
Rindei The Toy Car
Rindei The Toy Car 10 днів тому
because i'm not lazy E Ex Exsi Exis Exist Existe Existen Existent Existenti Existentia Existential Existential C Existential Cr Existential Cri Existential Cris Existential Crisi Existential Crisis Existential Crisi Existential Cris Existential Cri Existential Cr Existential C Existential Existentia Existenti Existent Existen Existe Exist Exis Exi Exi Ex E
Abhirama Dasa
Abhirama Dasa 10 днів тому
This is incredibly unscientific. 100% of the evidence shows us that life comes from life and that life never comes from non-life. There is not a single piece of genuinely valid evidence of life coming from matter, what to speak of consciousness arising from matter. The false dogma of materialism is not science.
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz 2 години тому
@Abhirama Dasa _"And you still haven't answered my question."_ I've answered all of your questions. Often multiple times. Because I am a polite person. You just don't like the answers. You on the other hand ignore most of my questions. Why is it? Because you have no answers? How can you truly believe if so many questions leave you speechless? Can you really lie to yourself so much that you pretend that those questions do not exist? But that's what religious people do: they apply different standards to themselves but to others. They run around screaming _"evolution is not true, there is no evidence"_ (though we all know there is evidence), while at the same time they have zero evidence for the deities they worship. Why is that? Why do you expect evidence from others while you provide none? I'll tell you why: because you do not really care about the truth. You just want to live in ignorant belief. And you want confirmation of those believes more than you want the truth. That's why you ignore my questions. That's why you pretend to have evidence but can't provide any. You can try to ignore this truth as well, but we both know that won't make it go away. _"So what is the fundamental basis of reality according to physics?"_ I don't know that. Neither do you. Now what? What does that prove? I'm a programmer, not a philosopher. You see, that's also a thing: I work with the information I have. Religious people work with the information they do not have. They make use of what's called "arguments from ignorance". They shout _"I do not know evidence for evolution, so its false!"._ They shout _"I do not understand the big bang theory, so it's false!"._ The arguments of Creationists are not based on knowledge or understanding, but on their lack of knowledge and their ignorance. _"Max Planck said"_ I know that he said that, but what does that prove? Some other scientist believed he was kidnapped by aliens. The opinion of a scientist (and we talk about opinions here, not about scientific theories or hypotheses) are interesting, but not necessarily true. That's why they are opinions. Another scientist said, that a Theist can't be a true scientist, because they left the path of reason. Why don't you quote that? Why is the one quote more important than the other? Because it confirms your believes? Really? That's all it takes? If it confirms your believes it's important, otherwise it's a lie? And Planck himself said that this opinion of his is nothing else but an assumption. It's not proven. It's not explained. Nobody could confirm that assumption of his, ever. Why would there be an intelligent mind behind that "force"? How would that work? Planck didn't know that. You don't know that. Nobody does. It's absurd. And opinions of people are no evidence that deities exist. So this quote leads us to nowhere. You said you got evidence. Where is it? _"There are many famous scientists in history who were theistic. Newton, Leibniz, Einstein, Kurt Godel, Grothendeik, etc, etc."_ Oh yes, Einstein. Did you know that he said that the belief in a personal God, like that of Christianity, is naive? You Christians love to quote Einstein, but you never mention that quote of his. Why? Do you have no idea what he said? Don't you know anything about Einstein? Or do you know about his opinions on personal gods, but you just pretend he never said that? How does that work out? In the end, you are just lying to yourself. Did you know that the percentage of Atheists is higher among scientists than among the rest of the population? Why is that? Or that people with a higher education are less religious in general? Look at the USA, for example: the percentage of Creationists among post-grad degree holders is half as high as the percentage among the general population. Why are more educated people less religious? I'll tell you why: because they learned how to ask questions, how to think, because they acquired knowledge. A person who understands that there couldn't have been a global flood can't believe that there was one. It requires ignorance to believe that. Well educated people are less likely to fall for such nonsense. Those who possess knowledge do not require magic. And where does all that "many people believe" argument lead us to? Most people on the planet are not Christians. So Christianity is, according to your logic, wrong. Especially considering that most religious parents indoctrinate and brainwash their children, is something true just because many people believe it? Is that all it takes? And now consider that most religions tell their worshippers to breed like rabbits, while people with a higher education who are Agnostics or Atheists don't let some imaginary overlord decide whether to have children or not. _"And you still haven't answered my question. What are YOU?"_ You can't ask a new question and complain about it not having been answered yet. :D That's just absurd and stupid. Let me try: _"What is 2 + 2. YOU STILL HAVEN'T ANSWERED IT!!!"_ See, that doesn't work. Again, you're just irrational. I've answered all questions of yours so far, while you ignored most of mine, to protect your faith from reason and knowledge. But while your ignorance can protect your faith, it is also your prison. The question who I am? It's too general. Specify that. Biologically? What species am I member of? Ask a specific question and you will receive a specific answer. Ask a question that is too general and you will receive an answer that is very general. Who I am? A human, for example. A friend of many. A programmer. A well educated person. An Atheist. Learn to ask questions. But more importantly: learn to answer questions. If you never doubt what you believe, you will never know whether it's true.
Abhirama Dasa
Abhirama Dasa 3 години тому
@Hm Grraarrpffrzz OK so call it physicalism instead of materialism, alright, semantics does not actually change anything. So what is the fundamental basis of reality according to physics? Max Planck said, "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." There are many famous scientists in history who were theistic. Newton, Leibniz, Einstein, Kurt Godel, Grothendeik, etc, etc. Please go rant at them about fairies and unicorns. I've got better things to do. You are simply proving what I said earlier and being incredibly stubborn. And you still haven't answered my question. What are YOU?
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz 6 годин тому
@Abhirama Dasa _"Can you stop mashing the keyboard furiously and just calm down and answer my questions please?"_ I'm calm. :) I'm just a very fast typer, so I don't have to search every single button when typing. ;) Also, I've answered all your questions, in contrast to you, who just loves to ignore any attempt of mine to teach and educate you. _"you cannot provide any evidence of life coming from non-life"_ You have to admit that what you *actually* said was that life can not come from non-life, which is an absurd and irrational thing to say. Unless you got evidence... And that you haven't witnessed that happening doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. You will most likely never encounter a deep sea shark in your lifetime. According to your logic, that would mean that those creatures can not exist. Having pointed out your grave mistakes here: I never claimed to have evidence that life came from non-life, neither is that necessary for anything I say, so I don't see the point of you mindlessly repeating something that is neither of relevance nor was never claimed by me. What I did say was that we have evidence that there was once no life, and that there is life now. Religion says that the source of life is magic, because a storybook says so, while most scientists agree that life came from non-life, and a number of experiments support that hypothesis (while Creationism is not supported by anything except wishful thinking). _"nor can you explain how the material body is continuously changing and yet the person is still the same person"_ And I never claimed anything of that either. Could you please stop pretending that I said things that I never said? That's really impolite. To repeat what I said, as you have obviously forgotten it, is: I am not the child anymore that I was. I am now a different person. That child slowly transitioned into me. I have different opinions, I made more experiences, I learned, I would do things differently. I am not the same person. I smoothly transitioned into a different one. Also, you claim that souls explain this. But how? You can't explain that. As such, "souls" are not an explanation. You are just replacing one mysterium (for you) with another mysterium. Let me demonstrate: _"How can one be the same person when the body changes? It's a mysterium and unexplained! Oh, it was the soul? Good. But how does the soul work? It's a mysterium and unexplained!"_ Not only did you provide no answer but replacing one question with a different one, even your way there was irrational. You have no evidence that the soul is the reason for that. It's just a claim you make, an opinion, an idea, a guess, nothing else. Unless you have evidence, or at least can explain in exact detail how that could work. _"Or alternatively, admit that materialism is a dead end. "_ First, you have to understand that materialism is a quite outdated term. It's about physics, not matter, so modern philosophers use the term physicalism. Having taught you that, I see no reason to believe in anything spiritual. Nobody in my entire life could ever present to me evidence or even rational arguments that support anything supernatural or spiritual. Never, anybody. I'm open for that. If somebody would have anything like that, I'd be excited. But nobody was capable of presenting me anything like that. As such, it would be stupid of me to assume that anything spiritual or supernatural exists. Why should I believe it, if there I know of no single reason to believe it? And how can physicalism be a dead end, if there are neither evidence nor arguments for anything spiritual or supernatural? Please explain that. _"materialism is just a blind dogma taught by people who are stubbornly determined to enjoy this temporary material body and identify with this body, regardless of any evidence or rational arguments."_ Ok, there is so much wrong there. :D 1) Religious parents brainwash, train and condition their children to believe religious bs before the children can think for themselves. That's obviously child abuse. It's also the reason why by far the most religious people blindly believe whatever they were told as children. And that is why most people in Turkey are Muslims (they got raised by Muslims), most people in India are Hindus (they got raised by Hindus) or most people in the USA are Christians (they got raised by Christians). If you'd have been born in Turkey, you'd now be a Muslim and you'd try to convince me that Allah is the only true God. It's entirely random what bs religious people believe in, as they just repeat like broken tapes whatever they were trained to repeat. 2) That I do not believe in supernatural or spiritual nosense is the result of nobody ever having been capable of giving me arguments or evidence that either or both exist. That's it. That's all. It has nothing to do with "enjoying the body" or whatever ignorant insulting bs you made up there to compensate your own lack of arguments. It's a rational conclusion of mine. No arguments? No evidence? Then I don't believe. Is that too complicated? Why don't you understand that? 3) _"regardless of any evidence or rational arguments."_ You failed to present anything like that. You just said _"near death experiences, past lives"._ Oh dear... Those are not arguments, they are claims. They are not evidence, they are opinions. Unless you can prove that anything of that is actually true. That people had past lives and are not told stupid stories to pay money. That people magically wondered to an invisible wonderland while they were near dead, and didn't just had a traumatic experience that their brain compensated by going haywire. That souls are not just the result of the naive wishful thinking of the ignorant folk that is too weak to accept their mortality. You said you have evidence? Where is it? Stories are no evidence.
Abhirama Dasa
Abhirama Dasa 18 годин тому
@Hm Grraarrpffrzz Can you stop mashing the keyboard furiously and just calm down and answer my questions please? What I sad before was plain and simple: "you cannot provide any evidence of life coming from non-life, nor can you explain how the material body is continuously changing and yet the person is still the same person, nor can you explain where or how consciousness arises in the body. You said that you are not actually claiming that you are dead matter. OK great, then what are you?" - actually answer these points in a simple and clear manner. Or alternatively, admit that materialism is a dead end. The dogma that you are nothing but a collection of sophisticated material machinery is not science. Either answer these points, or admit that materialism is just a blind dogma taught by people who are stubbornly determined to enjoy this temporary material body and identify with this body, regardless of any evidence or rational arguments.
J ateabug
J ateabug 11 днів тому
I can't wait until you get around to explaining the answer 42 to us.
Danilo Hernandez
Danilo Hernandez 11 днів тому
I am fascinated by the background music
Orange Note
Orange Note 11 днів тому
Love this video and I like the look of the consciousness example (the four legged thing)
Michael Espeland
Michael Espeland 11 днів тому
If I poop in space, will it eventually become a mind of it's own?
i dont like your smell
i dont like your smell 11 днів тому
I love this channel ☺️
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy 11 днів тому
Please do a video on abortion
WESLEY SMITH 11 днів тому
It's easy to argue though, that dugesia has no consciousness because the nervous signals that govern satiety don't require introspection. Is something conscious, even a little bit, because it has receptors for something? That's all it takes, for dugesias simple nervous system to not detect enough internal glucose in its hemolymph or what have you, for it to go seek food. It's just the chemoreception of simple multicellular or single celled organisms with a few more steps. You, however, may be argued to have consciousness because of your thought processes that govern your multitude of actions, reflections, and behaviors due to low blood sugar and an empty belly.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 5 днів тому
@Ducky McDuckface You're on to something.
Ducky McDuckface
Ducky McDuckface 5 днів тому
@B Rabbit I think if we humans lived as constantly aware of our existence most of us wouldn't be doing boring jobs lol. Everyone's on autopilot because humans just can't stand the reality of life.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 5 днів тому
@Ducky McDuckface I think they realize they exist on glimpses, the rest of the time they're on auto pilot. I guess that's simililar to humans actually. LOL
Ducky McDuckface
Ducky McDuckface 5 днів тому
@B Rabbit It's not about recalling seeing a mirror, it's about knowing they themselves exist which you don't really need a mirror for.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 5 днів тому
@Ducky McDuckface You think they can recall the time they saw a mirror 5 hours ago?
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman 12 днів тому
Consciousness is the development of more discrete informational pathways over millions of years to adapt to the environment. Soon we will be able to replicate consciousness in machines and computers. That will be fun.
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 12 днів тому
Consiouness emerge from a living thing that was aware of being hungry to find food nothing more than what you see lol.
SteepHook Gaming
SteepHook Gaming 12 днів тому
DMT has 100% something to do with Conscious.
Brian Scott
Brian Scott 12 днів тому
(Looks at thumbnail) pedo- *COUGH*
s8jljohnson 12 днів тому
Why does something not conscious want food, or eat. What’s the point. It’s like a rock eating a rock
renge9909 11 днів тому
It is sort of like one of those plants that fold up when they are touched, or the way some plants grow in the direction of sunlight. It can be instinctual behavior to move away from something negative, but to move towards something positive.
I like Memes lol.
I like Memes lol. 12 днів тому
That's what I thought about a lot lol.
srishti mishra
srishti mishra 12 днів тому
Absolutely amazing! Can't wait for more content!
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex 12 днів тому
Wait, so you once there was nothing, just empty nothingness, then the universe just became a thing for no reason, then there were cells and stuff and they taught themselves to do develop there own digestive systems and eat with no help, all without failing and dying off in the process? Nah. Our consiouceness came from a higher consciousness, God, who was always there. Consciousness cannot come from non-consciousness.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 5 днів тому
@Jadon Mullinex And what you're saying is : "This table needs a maker because everything needs a maker however the maker of this maker doesn't need a maker." See the problem?
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex 5 днів тому
@B Rabbit We are surrounded by evidence, 360 degrees, no matter where you're standing. The evidence is everywhere. We were given logic and common sense to be able to interpret that evidence and see obvious meaning. Imagine someone who looks at their kitchen table, and can't interpret any meaning. I look at a table and see evidence of a table maker, and I can even see some of the things the table maker was thinking when he made that table, maybe his color preferences and design choices. Another person looks at that same table and says, "we can't know anything about but this table. I wasn't there when the table was made, so I have no idea how this may be have come into existence, or if there was a table maker. And you are far too bold to say that you know the answer when you weren't there either." This person is you.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 6 днів тому
@Jadon Mullinex No, just saying that we don't have enough evidence to believe that and we have no idea. Maybe this really is a computer simulation, who knows.
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex 6 днів тому
@B Rabbit You seem to be making the claim that the universe came into existence without a creator.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 6 днів тому
@Jadon Mullinex What claims have I made?
Z.O.E 13 днів тому
The basic premise here is wrong. Consciousness is different from memory and the ability to make decisions. That's why an amnesiac will still be conscious. This is conjecture based on macro evolution. Consciousness doesn't evolve yet our bodies still do. The homo erectus have evolved over the centuries into what we are now. The process hasn't stopped. Yet no one can claim that our ancestors were more conscious than we are. They just had less tools than us to understand their environment scientifically. Similarly our next generations aren't going to be more conscious even if a thousand years pass. It is flat.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 8 днів тому
No there are definitely multiple levels of consciousness. Merging with AI will be the next step in human evolution and will probably help us get there.
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