The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Football scene

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18 кві 2013

the perksfootball scene





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Madison K
Madison K День тому
I need a friend like Patrick
Red Light Green Light Swag
Red Light Green Light Swag 5 днів тому
“Mine looks like a boat” somehow made me laugh into dribbling. It wasn’t even that funny it was just Ezra’s face as he said it that got me cracking up. Like he was genuinely confused over it
Dominic Vargas
Dominic Vargas 2 місяці тому
"No shit, your sisters dating ponytail Derek isn't she" I died at this moment 😂
lolacat 19
lolacat 19 3 місяці тому
Autumn Whittington
Autumn Whittington 4 місяці тому
Patrick's great.
Bec 4 місяці тому
So much about this scene and later ones perfectly express the nuances of social anxiety. The awkwardness Charlie expresses when Patrick and Sam talk over him about their cool 'older teen' stories, or the genuine gratitude Charlie gives to them both for simply letting him get food with them at the diner - things that affect him deeply but which to those around him see so trivial.
wiinterflowers 4 місяці тому
I lost it at "Suck it virginity pledges!"
pauusoolino _
pauusoolino _ 4 місяці тому
a total queen
Night Sassy
Night Sassy 5 місяців тому
Out of context, this scene totally seems like Charlie was trying to chat Patrick up
RDC 5 місяців тому
I made some comments trolling peeps and it got deleted. pretty gay
Ivy Darling
Ivy Darling 6 місяців тому
"He's never tossing that salad" LOLLL
Felix Atlas
Felix Atlas 6 місяців тому
Maybe I'm the only one, but when I see characters like charlie, innocent and pure of heart, I feel a joyful sadness. Sad because of the truth that characters/people are so polite in every manner yet they deal with such negativity when just trying to fit in. Again maybe I'm the only one, but I get extreme amounts of joy just watching Charlie getting food. Something he wants to eat. Not just something you do to look cool. Logan made it feel genuine as well which really hits home. And then watching the social anxiety take a toll just watching Charlie prep before walking up a staircase waiting for rejection. This movie makes me feel conflicted in many ways which is why I say it is a great. Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen, and No I don't care that I'm commenting on something 5 years too late.
Jordan Rivera
Jordan Rivera 7 місяців тому
I remember sitting all year by myself in high school and desprit to make aleast one friend it was hard I wasn't weird but just think I wasn't cool enough very quite as well then try to be cool with this new kid that was lonely as well even he looked like he didn't want to talk to me
jada minkler
jada minkler 7 місяців тому
I need a friend like patrick
DisneyGeek 122
DisneyGeek 122 7 місяців тому
Is this a good movie?
i candy
i candy 8 місяців тому
Emma and her posh accent is showing
Ashley Sandoval
Ashley Sandoval 8 місяців тому
Is this that Percy Jackson guy
griffin lamp
griffin lamp 8 місяців тому
Ohhhhh suck it virginity pledges. SUCK IT
Miah P.
Miah P. 9 місяців тому
Ezra played Patrick then onto the Flash is the best thing that ever happened. ⚡💕
ItsKatrina X
ItsKatrina X 9 місяців тому
Lowkey reminds me of Beverly, Richie and Eddie. What a trio👏
藍筆幸 9 місяців тому
If you can't have a friend like Patrick, then be Patrick (except the gay part)
Tame Naz
Tame Naz 10 місяців тому
hmmm I should go to a football game sometime to meet some friends
Sherlock Watson
Sherlock Watson 10 місяців тому
"Oh, he's never tossing that salad."
Hope 11 місяців тому
Charlie is ME in every social event ever
.m. 11 місяців тому
The way he looks at her
kai alexander
kai alexander 11 місяців тому
yeah patrick you LOVE football
Shills26 Рік тому
Is weird to watch this seen knowing I’ve played football on that field many times before (I attend the actual school) Weird things about this scene... The home side of the stands is actually the opposite side (that side actually has bigger stands) The Millgrove student section in this scene is actually the location of the visitors student section If you look closely in the end zone (and at midfield) you can see the schools name “Peters Township” The bathrooms there are in fact pretty fucking disgusting Patrick is a prototypical Peters Township student section member (loud, outspoken, shouts random shit) The away side concession stands (Millgrove in this scene) are the better concession stands, they’re sponsored by the QB club (football fundraising club) while the other side is sponsored by the marching band. The QB club concession stands sells a wide variety of sponsored food, such as McDonalds and Chick-fil-a There are no water bottles or training tables on the sidelines of either team Some Millgrove players go past the 25 yd line on the TD play, which is illegal to do in football. There are absolutely ZERO photographers or videographers on the sidelines past the 25, which is odd for a high school game. The Millgrove head coach (or any others) aren’t wearing headsets (probably bc the pressbox is taken up by cameramen) On the right of the away concession stand (in the scene) there is normally a tent with funnel cakes provided by the band. Sadly it’s not here. Neither is the band (which should be in the bleachers behind the right end zone)
Jenna Mattson
Jenna Mattson Рік тому
1:44 emma, sweetie
My Name Is Sarah
My Name Is Sarah Рік тому
Patrick's laugh at 2:10 is the cutest thing I've ever heard.
Steven Song
Steven Song Рік тому
"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." - Rick Blaine
Franco Esposito
Franco Esposito Рік тому
First time i saw and i get in love with this angel
Lovestar sp
Lovestar sp Рік тому
Charlie's smile at 2:31 would be me when I successfully socialized without even having to talk much😂
Clarissa Morgenstern
Clarissa Morgenstern Рік тому
Charlie x Patrick 4 EVER
Sibs restaurant
Sibs restaurant Рік тому
I loved this scene
Maxene Bautista
Maxene Bautista Рік тому
i do have friends but not as genuine as patrick and sam :/ Charlie is one lucky guy
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Рік тому
Never thought I'd see Percy Jackson, The Flash, Hermione Granger, and Ant-man in one movie.
Xtiane Bajada
Xtiane Bajada Рік тому
knowing that ezra miller is a huge potterhead, i imagined he was fanboying when he met emma watson for the first time hahahahaha
hoe 4 bts
hoe 4 bts Рік тому
dude I love Patrick 😭😭😭
Akshay Patil
Akshay Patil Рік тому
The look at Logan's expression on his face, when he sees Emma Watson for the first time, in this particular scene. That shows how love at first sight takes place.
Mijo Cee
Mijo Cee Рік тому
They had better conversation in the movie than in the book in this scene
Lissy Pritchard
Lissy Pritchard Рік тому
I love Patrick
Skye Carrington
Skye Carrington Рік тому
I love how she just comes up and randomly steals his nachos. Emma Watson is my totem animal.
SCharlesDennicon Рік тому
1:35 the camera embraces beautifully the point of view of a kid who falls in love at that very moment.
jbvader721 Рік тому
SCharlesDennicon Well, who wouldn't fall in love with a girl who looks like Emma Watson? Or better yet, IS Emma Watson?
solareclipse Рік тому
emma is so great in this oh my gosh
cheshire cat
cheshire cat Рік тому
I remember watching this scene for the first time and just saying in my head "Go sit with him, Charlie. Sit with him!!" Then Patrick asks him to sit by him and I'm like "YESSSS!!! SUCCESS!!!!" I was genuinely so happy to see Charlie make friends.
Danny Skcrewnavich
Danny Skcrewnavich Рік тому
*silently steals nochos* happy as can be :)
balletlilah3 Рік тому
Okay I normally have problems with Logan Lerman in movies but he did this so well.
Saher Sarang
Saher Sarang Рік тому
i will always see Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as Percy Jackson and Hermione Granger
sarcasm queen
sarcasm queen Рік тому
i love how I fell for Ezra Miller's acting in this movie, portraying the gayest boy ever, and I'm gonna see him as Barry Allen, the ultimate dudebro slash white guy and I just know he's gonna NAIL it
Anonamous Friend
Anonamous Friend Рік тому
You put the ass in class Patrick! I love Sam and Patrick's bond
ThePotterGirls1 Рік тому
It's amazing seeing the growth of talent that Emma has brought. From this film and in just DAYS to seeing her become the well named and LOVED Disney princess character Belle! I have no doubt that she will do an amazing job!
chiraine1 Рік тому
this movie was EVERYTHING, but how could they leave out Be aggressive, passive aggressive!!
The Hero of Time
The Hero of Time Рік тому
Barry Allen watching Victor Stone playing football
The 10th Doctor
The 10th Doctor Рік тому
So relatable it's freaking scary
Jyu Viole Grace
Jyu Viole Grace Рік тому
Why didn't he know charies brother?
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield Рік тому
So we got Flash Hermoine Granger and Percy Jackson watching a football game together
Cam McVay
Cam McVay 6 місяців тому
And Mr.Anderson is ant man
Cam McVay
Cam McVay 6 місяців тому
Andrew Garfield that’s what I said
Amie Chen
Amie Chen 10 місяців тому
im wheezing
Romany Garrett
Romany Garrett Рік тому
Andrew Garfield it gets better when you realize that Patrick's acter is the guy who play Credence from fantastic beasts
WOLF PACK 101 2 роки тому
Im totally in charlies stichuation because my friends are seniors and im a freshman and when they graduate they will leave me when im a sopmore
Hello Neighbour d
Hello Neighbour d 2 роки тому
Why is that guy look like Dylan o'brien?
Humza Muhammed
Humza Muhammed 2 роки тому
Man this reminds of that peter Parker harry Osborn and Mary Jane scene
VtOL Wariors
VtOL Wariors 2 роки тому
Emma Watson tries to speak in an American accent 😂😂😂😂
RorySeizeTheDay 2 роки тому
Her accent is actually pretty spot on :)
Piper Chamberlain
Piper Chamberlain 2 роки тому
not going to lie i remembered this film being amazing but watching this now years later the acting and the comedy is ouch!!
RossInAustralia 2 роки тому
Hey Credence!
Dr Quantum
Dr Quantum 2 роки тому
Logan Lerman is playing insecure like a boss!!
shinyeon23 2 роки тому
Does Charlie have social anxiety
Cocktopus 3 місяці тому
Yes, he also suffers from PTSD.
Monica Isabelle
Monica Isabelle 2 роки тому
shinyeon23 he has a few mental illnesses
shinyeon23 2 роки тому
+Kaitlin Quintero he did well tho i can feel the awkwardness. I'd crap my pants if I go to something like this lol. We don't have anything like this in my country but I'll never go to a crowded event where I don't now anyone. Anxiety sucks 😪
Kaitlin Quintero
Kaitlin Quintero 2 роки тому
Yes very much so
lou bichell
lou bichell 2 роки тому
jenna n
jenna n 2 роки тому
Is Sam eating Charlie's chips? Lol I just noticed that
Britt Weasley
Britt Weasley 2 роки тому
yes she just met him and shes already sharing food with him!? haha wow
D Lo
D Lo 2 роки тому
0:41 "Oh suck it virginity pledges. Suck IT!" That line makes me laugh every time I watch this movie! And I've watched it many times now! :D
ShadowZero 2 роки тому
No I told him to say "oh suck it virginity pledges" to the chick, then he said that she stopped talking to him😂
Dudebro13454 Bro
Dudebro13454 Bro 2 роки тому
Alan ruiz RIP
c dubba u
c dubba u 2 роки тому
Alan ruiz Did he really? I'm sorry for your loss mate.
ShadowZero 2 роки тому
Lol I texted this to my friend to say to this annoying chick and he fucking died laughing.
thesheepenthusiast 2 роки тому
Charlie is me lol
Queen LeLe
Queen LeLe 2 роки тому
Flash what are you doing ? You should be out there saving the world !
JJ Feluiai
JJ Feluiai 2 роки тому
I think I know why he likes football he has super speed in which he cheats all the time!!!
Elmer Barrera
Elmer Barrera 2 роки тому
Elmer Barrera
Elmer Barrera 2 роки тому
How do people see him as the flahs
zombielegacy261 2 роки тому
He's got the jawline and the physique which makes him look like he should be a superhero and sounds like how flash would sound like from the comics
Lynn Marie
Lynn Marie 2 роки тому
Emma Watson will always be British
Elmer Barrera
Elmer Barrera 2 роки тому
Ryan gosling for flash
Daveed Diggs' Floofy Hair
Daveed Diggs' Floofy Hair 2 роки тому
Elmer Barrera ???? And you came here becaaause???
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina 2 роки тому
We're the Be Aggressive part! That's what I came here to see!
Danny Madrigal
Danny Madrigal 2 роки тому
This guy is the flash everyone just let that sink in
ThatComicnerd 2 роки тому
Danny Madrigal still better than Grant gustin
Tripz Trist
Tripz Trist 2 роки тому
Dont remind me
Malcolm 2 роки тому
+Danny Madrigal doesn't need to sink in, already knew he was perfect the moment i found out
HEY StOb It 2 роки тому
OnlyEntertainment 2 роки тому
yep ezra will be a fucking epic flash
Samantha Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez 2 роки тому
If you know the UKvid collab channel "My Digital Escape". Patrick REALLY looks and reminds me of Kyle like OMG everything about him! Except that Kyle has REALLYYYY light brown emo hair 😂
Abby Wightman
Abby Wightman 2 роки тому
I love Patrick so much!/
Tripti Thakur
Tripti Thakur 2 роки тому
Why do I feel like Patrick is a lot like Ezra? Or Ezra like Patrick? "I love football! Loooove!" He doesn't like football, he loves Brad. :) Ezra is a stunning man & a big talent. He's going to go places!!
Aubrey Ekstrom
Aubrey Ekstrom 2 роки тому
I love how they just took him in.
cheshire cat
cheshire cat Рік тому
Aubrey Ekstrom Yesss. Me too. I love people like that. If I knew anybody in HS like this, I would have had friends lol.
N R.
N R. 2 роки тому
01:38; that face though
trash-chan 2 роки тому
charlie's so cute and innocent, makes me want advantage of him (not really. my self esteem's not up for that)
Society Bye
Society Bye 2 роки тому
trash-chan shit I mean ok
shinyeon23 2 роки тому
OHGXD Music 3 роки тому
Erza Miller is gonna be a cool flash , i like his acting in the couple of movies i seen him in . he can played a goofy ass dude and be a serious killer , if u haven't seen "We should talk about Kevin" on netflix, maybe you should
OHGXD Music Рік тому
No I dont mean that, because He only did the killing once . He was serious in playing his role is what I meant.
Bex F
Bex F Рік тому
whats a serious killer? do you mean serial killer??
OHGXD Music 2 роки тому
its on nexflix , " Now we Should talk about Kevin" its more like a mass murder lol ... didn't mean serious haha
Dafty 3 роки тому
Totally agreed, he has great acting range
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 роки тому
Emma's accent shocks the shit out of me.
Crimson Rain
Crimson Rain 3 роки тому
Emma Watson trying to fight that natural accent off :D
Alex Turnbull
Alex Turnbull Рік тому
Crimson Rain was she supposed to say "shag" instead of like fuck or something? Well whatever its emma watson shes awesome
TheAnxious AndDepressed
TheAnxious AndDepressed Рік тому
Crimson Rain truuuuue I noticed that immediately!!!!!!!!!!
Wamian Dayne
Wamian Dayne 3 роки тому
He's gonna own The Flash role in Justice League.
Shade Empress
Shade Empress Рік тому
You were right.
Wamian Dayne
Wamian Dayne Рік тому
Isaac Foote Grant’s Flash is so boring.
Wamian Dayne
Wamian Dayne Рік тому
Isaac Foote Grant Gustin is mediocre as shit. Ezra Miller has more charisma.
Isaac Foote
Isaac Foote Рік тому
I agree but Grant Gustin is a slightly better Flash than Ezra will end up being.
beautiful bliss
beautiful bliss 2 роки тому
It's going to be awesome!!
Luis H.
Luis H. 3 роки тому
This film is a gem, one of the best coming of age films, along with An Education.
Christina Pyrros
Christina Pyrros 3 роки тому
Isn't Logan lerman in Percy jackson too
Sofía la Rosa
Sofía la Rosa 2 роки тому
Yes. He was Percy.
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen 3 роки тому
Online Gamer
Online Gamer 3 роки тому
I wish I actually had friends
Online Gamer my friend beats me up because I'm the easy target lol I don't mind it tho
LyleVSXyle 2 роки тому
Flash needs friends..
Kraken 2 роки тому
+Online Gamer just dont make friends in Dota 2, they're assholes
Frisson 2 роки тому
Make some on online gaming lol
Exxcalibur S
Exxcalibur S 3 роки тому
+Online Gamer don't worry. You have a cool avatar!!
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 3 роки тому
Patrick is my favorite!!! Ezra is so cute, wish I have him as a friend
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 2 роки тому
+Tripti Thakur yeah, a friend.
Tripti Thakur
Tripti Thakur 2 роки тому
Nah doubt that. :P
mickypure 2 роки тому
+Tripti Thakur She means friend with benefits aka boytoy.
Tripti Thakur
Tripti Thakur 2 роки тому
JUST a friend? :D
Dangshnizzle 3 роки тому
1:35 chandler bing anyone?
kikis deliveryservice
kikis deliveryservice 3 роки тому
I loved Patrick's character.
Nate Hart
Nate Hart 3 роки тому
Love this movie can never get over the impact it had on me
Charless Magoogan
Charless Magoogan 3 роки тому
Football... my arse. Watch and play the real game you burks.
FagHag 3 роки тому
I seriously just finished the book 3 minutes ago XD
TayInTheWay 3 роки тому
Charlie at 2:31. That feeling of belonging. I love this film.
hugiver 2 місяці тому
johnnynny94 Рік тому
So cute.
cheshire cat
cheshire cat Рік тому
TayInTheWay Yes omg 😭❤
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