The real reasons why China bans foreign tech companies

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China's internet is censored. You already know this. But do you also know why? (The Story Behind Ep. 23)
Not quite a complete list, but here is the best one I could find: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Websites_blocked_in_mainland_China

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24 вер 2017





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MR. DIY UnliMiteD
MR. DIY UnliMiteD День тому
Good channel.spport my channel.tq.beginnet
andika panji satria
andika panji satria День тому
Facebook is only for indian
T T 2 дні тому
I love the pathetic attempts by Chinese people here to justify this censorship and control. Sheeple, their nationalism will be their undoing. The Chinese really do think they are the single greatest nation in the history of the world. History says otherwise. You're just cheap labour for the rest of the world. Like others before you, once that dries up as wages rise, investment will move elsewhere and you'll stagnate without true personal freedoms leading to innovation. The innovators of the world are largely flowing intelligence into China, not out of it.
L-Sniper 2 дні тому
Can you use Skype in China?
HashTag1138 2 дні тому
5:42 Nope, only hashed passwords are meant to be stored on their server.
LONG LONG 2 дні тому
Hellene_On_Caffeine 3 дні тому
Protectionism isn't bad. What the video describes as "rules of our current global trading system" is the most benign descriptor you can come up with for American capitalist oligarchy. The fact that China protects its own businesses from foreign big capital is a type of patriotism I could actually get behind.
Subham Raj
Subham Raj 3 дні тому
Facebook sucks!
Hu Xifang
Hu Xifang 4 дні тому
Personally, I think you may need to do some more research on why these companies have been banned from the mainland of China. I thought at least this question could be reviewed in a more thought-provoking way especially considering the fact that you've lived in China for some years. But I guess the reasons mentioned in your video presented how the majority of westerners think of this problem.
tk 6 днів тому
actually, google left china by it's own decision.they just refused to follow chinese laws.
تقنيه 7 днів тому
you are 100% right i lived in china i had chinese gf and you are right
Riddler 9 днів тому
Be nice to China, they are going to rule the world soon. Amighty Chinese lords...please forgive them all!!
yuansi zhu
yuansi zhu 13 днів тому
About the iphone threadmark thing, I'm sure Chinesse judges are incredibly careful on such cases with high rate of media exposure and the result is entirely based on local IP law.
Zeke GameZ
Zeke GameZ 13 днів тому
VPN: stonkz
Wang Yingsen
Wang Yingsen 13 днів тому
Technically facebook and google are not banned but gave up business in China voluntarily for they can not follow the information law made by China government which ban the information collected to transfer to other countries that means they have to build server center in China. the same law just be made by Europe Union last year. If they obey the rules like apple and amazon they do not need to leave.
Vikas Shelke
Vikas Shelke 15 днів тому
Greedy Americans made China rich and technically self sustaining , now they are barking in their own back yards.
漢仔 18 днів тому
1.8k ccp bots
Likel-Do 19 днів тому
牛逼 你知道的太多了
ryszard sokolow
ryszard sokolow 20 днів тому
Bull ..................
قدرت چینی चिनियाँ शक्ति
That's why China has Baidu Alibaba Tencent.
icecool1616 24 дні тому
You are so wrong. The Real reason as why China banned some Americans companies is that refused to complied by the chinese laws. The western media are so bais against China. There so many fakes bias information against China flowing around in the internet. Most Chineses citizens has no idea as what is real and what is faked. The real reason as why china banned Facebook was that it was used by the terrorist to co ordinate violent attacks. China has asked Facebook to censored its information they refused so China just banned facebook. Not true uber wasn't harassed by the chinese government. The chinese were too dodgy they were not playing by the rule. Uber couldn't handle or so they sold its business to Dido in china. if you say foreign companies are being treated unfairly in china then look at MacDonald's or other foreign companies. The chinese phone Huewai still use Google's Android.
Cass -
Cass - 24 дні тому
I am living in China.It is true.I feel sad....There’s nothing we can do
hfds wang
hfds wang 24 дні тому
妖言惑众 巧舌如簧
DampyDan 25 днів тому
that damn commie gov ARIGHT BOYs bring out liberty prime
Dawid Tan
Dawid Tan Місяць тому
China: Bans Facebook Mark Zuckerberg: FUK EVRYONE IN CHINA
jonas song
jonas song Місяць тому
Why China bans FB,UKvid,Twitter??? becoz they are manipulated by America gov and monitor the whole world,Actually China welcome these companies if only they comply with China 's laws and policy, but they refuse to do in the name of so-called freedom of speech , they are always unscrupulously spreading fake news of anti-China ,viciously attacking China's democracy, human rights.besides,they stand for separatism movement of Hongkong,Taiwan,Tibet. so they are naturally forbiden in China.
John Carpenter
John Carpenter Місяць тому
Well done and well researched, seems you know your stuff. Now how about doing a parallel study elucidating the American way of dominating world trade in all key sectors like internet, phones, robotics, Monsanto seed monopolies, control of WTO, IMF, World Bank, ADB and energy, elaborating in particular the American use of sanctions to prohibit one country from doing business with another in industries that America considers crucial to American interests. Oh BTW, how about doing an expose on American LNG sales to Middle and Eastern Europe, American efforts to kill Nordstream, American efforts to sabotage OBOR, American efforts to steal Afghanistan mineral wealth, the main reason for America's 18-year occupation of Afghanistan, and America's control of Afghanistani poppy fields (Poppies? Also know variously as the Opium plant, the Heroin plant...). What I'm suggesting is you devote energy to fair and level reporting, and leave propaganda alone.
Wang Yingsen
Wang Yingsen Місяць тому
Technically facebook and google are not banned but gave up business in China voluntarily for they can not follow the information law made by China government which ban the information collected to transfer to other countries that means they have to build server center in China. the same law just be made by Europe Union last year. If they obey the rules like apple and amazon they do not need to leave.
NICK ZHOU Місяць тому
man,u really need to go to china to see before making ur videos,because it's just not really true.
NICK ZHOU Місяць тому
@TechAltar still, man , I don't think the intention of China is what you said. From the view of a foreigner like you, you will only see the super shallow side. I'm a Chinese, I hope you can make friends of us, not competitors. Because we will be always humble and friendly. Anyway, have a good day!
TechAltar Місяць тому
Yeah, I lived there for 4 years
Steve Wang
Steve Wang Місяць тому
When aggresive nations work propaganda against you on these platforms, only fools would let their people to see them. people are always easy to manipulate and instigate no matter how many of them are well-educated, look what happened to US (trump) and UK (brexit). I'm glad my government knows how to unify the country. If the government allow these platforms to freely express anything in China, I would be the first to stand out against that decision.
徐健 Місяць тому
You western just want China become those place: Middle East, Africa, the Soviet Union, you want us drop in chaos. The CCP just want make china develope and the people live a good life. You said you live in China a few years but you fucking don`t know about China at all. Chinese people know about the world much more then you western know about China. Chinese people don`t welcome you, DO NOT GO TO CHINA ANY MORE.
徐健 Місяць тому
You should look those video like this: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-f2srfDwM2sQ.html ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-rPRjKZeIY9M.html
徐健 Місяць тому
Bruno wang
Bruno wang 21 день тому
shrinivas swami
shrinivas swami Місяць тому
Well done china
Jonn Mero
Jonn Mero Місяць тому
World would be a much better place without all the US crap, including all US MSM, and US TV programs and 'shows' (which are like emptying a septic tank into your lounge room).
iFoodieTV Місяць тому
So, my app which will be free for merchants and customers alike. Will be banned in China? Even tho, it will help customers and merchants really?
Sergei Anissimov-Pihl
Sergei Anissimov-Pihl Місяць тому
So yes, you are totally right in your accesments of those reasons. And, as it is more than obvious by now,, China was absolutely RIGHT and JUSTIFIED, and uniquelly capable in acting on them. It is high time and urgency that EU should ever more aggressively follow it as well. ANY technology itinating in US should be licensed, constantly controlled and allowed in ONLY in alternatives are available and present in the marked, and preferably when there are domestically controlled once are in the mix as well.US access to Europe technology be controlled and licenced and subject to regular review. And yes there Should EU army and security apparatus that would block any US attempts to interfere in EU afaires and interests. Canada should be included in these arrangements and protected from US bullying. And while EU builds it's own capability it should play as much as possible on US/China confrontation to check both.
Sergei Anissimov-Pihl
Sergei Anissimov-Pihl Місяць тому
The recent events had TOTALKY justified position of Chinese gothernment: 1. Controlling information flow. Isn't it EXACTLY what US authotitues demand from FB in light of "Russian interference in US elections" banning figures like Milo Yiannopoulos from FB, UKvid. Deleting thousands of fousands of accounts ect... There are ever increasing calls and even demands to fight anonymity on internet, all in name to promote trust and transparency, of course (but only when it applies to the west, not China) 2. Protectionism. One of the core goals of Trump's policy towards China is to PROTECT US technological superiority, by underming technological development of China (and not by boosting such at home) 3. Military. US had proved beyond any doubt that American Tech companies at any moment could be used as weapons in the hands of US presidency.say Banning Google from supplying it's services to Huawei. And these "independent" and "private" companies are absolutely obliged to follow those orders. So they are weapons, they do carry risk to soverenity of any country simply by the whip of any person who happens to sit in oval office. No need to prove anything, no to deal approval of internationally recognized body like UN. And since competitive modern economy is impossible without such technologies and services, these should be developed domestically as a matter is national security. And don't you doubt this was understood by everybody, including American Skies(vasals). Only difference is not everybody has capacity to do so China has. And why does China has such a capacity? Well because it was smart enough and perseptive enough, almost not to fall into believing all the BS about free internet. Remembering it's own history when "freedom of trade and private property" was used to justify Opium wars by pretty much same west. Want an example of US alyes waking up to it and following China's example of checking American companies, and as it is painfully clear now government control over internet, look no further than EU law demanding Any data on EU citizens beeing EXCLUSIVELY storred and processed on EU territory.
Vaporeon Gameplays
Vaporeon Gameplays Місяць тому
They Just want for we to install Baidu web browser
肖kin Місяць тому
another reason is Facebook is too old for young and not useful,we chose weboo which much more interesting
WAN CHENG OOI Місяць тому
Social media is TRASH. And China has to protect the Chinese from being counter productive. The american degeneration is sufficient proof !!
Donald McChmohan
Donald McChmohan Місяць тому
China has No democracy like Thing No liberty of Speech
Cornelia 2 місяці тому
Is kakaotalk banned in China as well?
Carlos.i 2 місяці тому
1:33 (...) omg... I very much hope China had nothing to do with HoC's very awful and sudden bad ending.
Morahman7vnNo2 2 місяці тому
Oh man, I am so jealous of all the freedom and opportunity the Chinese. Let get on look up on DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia how I can apply for Communist citizenship.
Morahman7vnNo2 2 місяці тому
@Sphere Iceberg I would only apply for red Chinese citizenship if I had relations with officials Beijing, to ensure my social score. I don't. At least not yet. For now I'll just visit?
Sphere Iceberg
Sphere Iceberg 2 місяці тому
Sarcasm aside, perhaps you should start learning Chinese language, and go through their official immigration department, just like anyone who wants to apply for a citizenship in an English-speaking country, learn English first. And for the record, under article 7 of the Nationality Law of the PRC. To qualify for citizenship under that article, a foreigner must: 1) have close relatives who are Chinese nationals; 2) have settled in a part of China; or 3) have other legitimate reasons for applying for citizenship. Successful applicants for naturalisation are entitled to the same rights as persons who acquired Chinese nationality at birth. Foreigners are required by article 8 of the Nationality Law of the PRC to renounce their original nationality on acquiring Chinese citizenship.
王众伟 2 місяці тому
他说的这么客观,居然还有人喷, I can't understand those people.
The Braveheart
The Braveheart 2 місяці тому
2 minutes silence for Zuckerbergs efforts 🙏
Pépé le Moko
Pépé le Moko 2 місяці тому
The thing is that US companies are driven by greed, they will accept anything to make business in China, use a Chinese proxy and give them access to all their technologies, there are really a lot of Chineses devs nowadays who have access to everything, I suspect that's how Alicloud got help to start their business ! 🤔🤔🤔
Pépé le Moko
Pépé le Moko 2 місяці тому
I work for a US company and they are hiring a lot of people in China to provide tech support in english to the whole region (except a few countries that require support in the local language), they deal also with custoners in the US who need support off hours, that's a bit sad to see companies that make money to move all the jobs to China. I am curious to what would happen if the customers bring banned subjects in the conversation 🤔🤔🤔
Carrie Lyu
Carrie Lyu 2 місяці тому
I clicked downvote, and the downvote number remains 1800. lol.
张笑弈 2 місяці тому
Hi guys, I could not use like and dislike buttons(like locked to 18k and the dislike locked to 1.8k). Like or dislike my comments so I could know what is happening here. THank you!
raihan22222 2 місяці тому
Every time I became sleepy watching your chat chat chat chat chat chat. Name your channel name " chat chat channel "
王斌 2 місяці тому
After I disliked this video,the number of dislike still stays at 1800,which makes me realize that THANK GOD these evil companys are BANNED from my country! --A Chinese citizen who is “controlled” by his motherland
Indrra 2 місяці тому
Unfair business,we still using their product
Saw Yeng Chew
Saw Yeng Chew 2 місяці тому
What your expression, all based on your western white mindset, the world is not only belongs to the western white!
Yin 2 місяці тому
I don't see why anyone complains, all governments attempt to manipulate the populace. It just so happens that China is seriously open and dedicated to it. I respect it, sucks, but I respect it.
阿粤 2 місяці тому
谷歌到现在都不一样加入搜索引擎过滤系统 中国法律要求不可以传播反对政府、分裂国家、色情、暴力等内容,谷歌并没有遵循中国法律
green a
green a 2 місяці тому
Btw Wikipedia English is not banned most of the year.
green a
green a 2 місяці тому
Cuz there are terrorists using it to attack, and Facebook do nothing!
Olivia Commeci
Olivia Commeci 2 місяці тому
I'd say Didi is upgraded to more app-friendly to Chinese whereas Uber is like less-developed. No offence.
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