The real reasons why China bans foreign tech companies

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China's internet is censored. You already know this. But do you also know why? (The Story Behind Ep. 23)
Not quite a complete list, but here is the best one I could find: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Websites_blocked_in_mainland_China

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24 вер 2017






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Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 13 годин тому
Master thieves, steal everything, put everyone else out of biz, then protect their own industries and manipulate their currency. No other nation on earth is allowed to get away with this.
Low C C
Low C C 20 годин тому
not only facebook, all americunt need to be banned. all are bastards.
Elder Moose
Elder Moose День тому
There's one thing i never understood. Is why people seem so sure that a completely open china would destroy Western competition? No one seems to believe they would have any significant difficulty in the world stage. I'm not saying Chinese companies are bad but you can't deny a non-trivial amount of their growth and power is due to the government shield environment.
Saw Yeng Chew
Saw Yeng Chew День тому
China banned Facebook ! just as US banned Huawei ! No reason at all ! You do it ! I do it too ! Not only you can do anythings you like !
BungyStudios 2 дні тому
Hating Facebook doesn't mean you can give Chinese Government Backed corporations a free pass. Huawei tries hard to claim they're privately owned when they are almost entirely state subsidized and under Chinese laws. US has the right to ban foreign entities operating under the guise of "private business." Google and Facebook are undoubtedly trash and practice censorship in de-platforming people. But Chinese Communist Party backed social media won't just get you de-platformed, but also prosecuted for information not in favour of the regime. If i had to make a choice where i have evil government or evil corporation, i would without hesitation consider the latter.
Peter Zheng
Peter Zheng 2 дні тому
As a chinese i wanna say our gov. never wanna control us, they are protecting us! Don't think about our people and our gov. in your way!
BungyStudios 2 дні тому
Unless you are Christian, Muslim or Falun Gong, then you can go and stay in a concentration camp.
truth Savage
truth Savage 2 дні тому
So pretty much the same as the USA except China is upfront about controlling ppl internet..
Seb 3 дні тому
virtual great wall of China :D
Adriaan Cilliers
Adriaan Cilliers 5 днів тому
Another reason why we musnt allow China into our free democratic countries.
ItsmeAlly YT
ItsmeAlly YT 7 днів тому
imagine if youtube wasn't banned in China, then EXO would have billions of views 😂😂
sailaab 10 днів тому
had India showed half as my spine and over the years not become a doormat whore and HR / manpower "agent" for similar predatory tech corporations as ABC Inc (Google), Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and being pimps of foreign defence firms.. our local industry, IPRs and brain drain along with lots of wasted funds could have been stopped but no, spineless bureaucracy, corrupt bastards in political, bureaucratic circles, lack of vision, planning have ensured we are enslaved again and are convenient dumping ground cum shitpot even for the likes of Russians
67 67
67 67 10 днів тому
Very biased observations, seriously doubt the claim that you stay in China. Many heated topics being discussed in the Chinese social media are related to the mis-conduct of the officials! And a lots of them directly caused the downfall of the officials! The real reason of banning outside media is to prevent the widespread of extremist ideology! Nevertheless, 130 millions of Chinese travel abroad each year, and remarkably they all return to their home after the trip, what is the real lesson behind the true fact?
冯丽龙 10 днів тому
请看在中国的外国人解释为什么屏蔽Facebook ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-f2srfDwM2sQ.html
冯丽龙 10 днів тому
Osawedge 11 днів тому
This is going to sound horrible but. Good, They stay the fuck away from us and we stay the fuck away from them. and as far as companies that insist on having factories there they eat my ass to. there are better ways of making manufacturing of products cheep and effective with out relining on china. It's called automation and innovation. we have robots. Fuck China we have robots and plenty of aired badlands to cover with manufacturing facilities and solar panels. If we really wanted to we could out produce China very easily with in 3 or so years. We have the resources we have the technology we have the minds to innovate new and better production lines that make the need of sweat shops and even over time a goddamn joke. China's hold over the US economy is an illusion at best right now. Companies aren't manufacturing in China because it's cheaper there doing it because there to fucking lazy to put the elbow grease in to make a system that is both more profitable and ethical than this lazy shit. Fuck China and Fuck these fucking corporations. Use the opportunities given to us in the modern age. And build the financial future that we as Americans and the rest of the world know that we can. Stop using this stupid out of date bullshit and kick these self centered little shits to the curve. Automation, innovation, and renewable energy. Faster, better, cheaper, more ethical, more profits in the long run, and no convoluted politics involved in any of it.
Rayna Yi
Rayna Yi 11 днів тому
China s not developed country
Weng Eric
Weng Eric 11 днів тому
Fake news
George Martinus
George Martinus 11 днів тому
Ever wonder why the great fire wall can be bypassed easily by a VPN yet they don't go after people using VPN? The philosophy is simple they believe that if you're smart enough to use VPN, you're smart enough to not fall to foreign propaganda. The fire wall is there to protect the average populace who would otherwise take every single facebook post as the gospel of truth.
Cody Chan
Cody Chan 12 днів тому
Nathan Rich once talked about the real reason that Facebook is banned in China(ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-f2srfDwM2sQ.html), I'm not saying the is the only reason that China bans those foreign tech companies, but remember that there are a lot of foreign tech companies are not banned in China, like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, multiple car makers, and a lot more. Amazon is not banned in China, but it is basically shutting down its business in China, since you live in China, I guess you already know the reason, it is basically the same reason like Uber, not competitive enough.
Dane Reid
Dane Reid 12 днів тому
So China, in order to win is cheating, oppressing people, lying etc. I see they learned well from the West.
motomd19 12 днів тому
i love how the comment section is 90% brain washed Chinese people defending their country like the obedient dogs your country programmed you to be.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 13 днів тому
China fear their local tech companies can't compete US companies so they just banned.. instead of competition
BungyStudios 2 дні тому
*Chinese communist party ≠ China
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 13 днів тому
fack talk
Eric Louclair
Eric Louclair 14 днів тому
Ban? Sorry! I am free, i use any thing i want!
seansail1987 Bruce
seansail1987 Bruce 14 днів тому
Assume that american companies/individuals are being monitored 24*7 which the west media would say that it is for national safety purpose and for stopping terrorism. So, my question is why the US is so privileged? all right, you may say that they are also monitoring the whole world so that they can maintain the right order to determine which military base will be activated first. As a 100% nobody, I really love both sides their people and culture, and moreover, always expecting someday to study in America to encourage more locals to visit China and then give their valuable Good or Bad comments based on objective point of view. Trust me, once you know the truth you will never buy any words from those biased medias and Vloggers. No one's fault to love their own country and no Government is flawless. It's truly pathetic to judge anyone before you really get to know them, and what I can judge now is only the Biased Western Media.
Bootleg Sounds
Bootleg Sounds 14 днів тому
Honestly fuck China
Louis Luk
Louis Luk 14 днів тому
There is some misinformation about WTO, according to WTO rules, developing country (which China get admitted as a developing country) has the right to protect it's own industry for a period of time and not get overrun by developing countries. www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/devel_e/dev_special_differential_provisions_e.htm Reasons being that if the developing country doesn't given the time to develop it's own industry, then Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix can just take over it's industry sector. Judging from US's tactic towards China, China has the foresight many moons ago that US will misuse it's dominant power. USD is the world reserve currency, during 2008 subprime crisis, US Federal Reserve lower it's interest rate to almost zero and print money (QE). Actually, it didn't get the agreement from other countries that are holding USD as a reserve, as a result, the whole world was paying for US's mistakes. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
Mesheck Theri
Mesheck Theri 15 днів тому
so mark zucherberg is either a genius or as Americans would say a sellout. he recently came to kenya i know it was to spy on how it is Mpesa services are doing so well in Kenya.
Jackie Tate
Jackie Tate 15 днів тому
Go to www.mossad.gov.il notice how they encourage you to contact them via FB Messenger for security reasons. What other services do you think FB is providing for the Israeli Intelligence Community? I bet China knows.
johnconer70 15 днів тому
fuck jewtube and jewbook.
Rui Qiang zeng
Rui Qiang zeng 15 днів тому
Sorry, yr accent bit hard to understand.
Simbongile Blaai
Simbongile Blaai 16 днів тому
US and China controlled their media
Crypto Guy
Crypto Guy 16 днів тому
Once a great wall was built to confine them. It didn't last long. Now they use it to keep everything out.
If you're Happy and you know it say meow
seature guo
seature guo 17 днів тому
crazy cv
crazy cv 17 днів тому
你在说什么 华为为什么被禁 啊哈
Miaooo Muster
Miaooo Muster 17 днів тому
As Chinese , I totally agree with you. kkkkkk But I like that.
eryao zhang
eryao zhang 18 днів тому
every country should do the same thing like what Chinese did. Free market a joke
DANIEL C 18 днів тому
Are people actually supporting this ban? Imagine you wont even be able to watch this youtube video if this ban affects you too. C
wan kyrol abbas
wan kyrol abbas 18 днів тому
I think you guys not know about this.. all soldiers of China is also banned to use any brand mobile phones included made in china ..huawei oppo etc..if you're in army 5 years then you'll be unable to use smartphone in all along 5 years .. this is why China is not same with others countries they took seriously in every that's can cause spying or threaten or influence from others countries ..and yes! It is true ! There is TV show on China talking about free smartphone while serve in army..and they even can't critic at all what government applied for them
Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner 19 днів тому
You're uttering rubbish... The reason why Facebook is banned in China is due to terrorism... Facebook refused to remove contents posted by terrorists group in China. It lead to killings in Xinjiang province. Get your facts right... You're making yourself look stupid.
诗晨的darling Zz
诗晨的darling Zz 19 днів тому
Just banned you, so what!!!uh?!so fucking what?!
jason morgan
jason morgan 19 днів тому
Facebook founder is a leftest extremist
TILEN FABE 19 днів тому
UKvid is censored everywhere anyway, at least China admits that. Illusion of free speech is far worse than censorship, you can't even fight something if you don't know it exists. FYI Many comments are only visible to those that wrote them, and not to anyone else.
Chi Ngo
Chi Ngo 19 днів тому
Less catastrophic incidents take place in China because of bad propaganda as in the West, such as mass killings of religious conflict, no self- heroic and glorification is speed via Facebook, Google, Twitter and western media, especially, reporters of self-ass-protected or boss-oriented only report and exaggerate one-side of incident
Hajduk Besmrtnik
Hajduk Besmrtnik 20 днів тому
Smart move China!!! Thats the way to protect your children from sick corrupted influence... LGBT sickness... And other deranged shit. Thats how they make their move... 👏👏👏
motomd19 12 днів тому
homophobia. nice.
E.L X 20 днів тому
If Facebook wants to protect the freedom of speech of terrorists then I think that's enough said.
yoga zong
yoga zong 20 днів тому
Love China more and more when seeing the world on the other side of the wall. Do not make populism resurge. Do not give opinions before u know the truth. Do not be a liar, a manipulator, or a conversation-hog. Do not show ur ignorance. Just recommendations.
yoga zong
yoga zong 20 днів тому
@markysharky03 I am just a ordinary Chinese, the WALL of China was build for people who are too young to tell right from wrong.In China, everybody could climb over the WALL.Government never intervene it, only if some one want to go against coutry.Do not easily trust western world political propaganda.we Chinese feel hurt when we hear these fake news...plz...
markysharky03 20 днів тому
yoga zong you realize everyone knows your just a account made by the Chinese government for propaganda right?
asd asd
asd asd 20 днів тому
U mentioned u live and work in China, yet you video is still full of typical western arrogance and even ignorance. The fact that u are trying to make ur points on behalf of Chinese people while obviously ur from ur western standpoint is laughable, u think u know stuff and even brought up topics like politics but do u really? Stop spreading ur own cliche type of view and stop trying to convince ur people by pretending u know China better, no u don’t.
markysharky03 20 днів тому
asd asd and are you the brain washed or the brainwasher?
Jovial Faltisco
Jovial Faltisco 20 днів тому
Doesn't matter u got a Chinese wife Zucker.
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