The Return of Eugenia Cooney

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19 лип 2019





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shane 28 днів тому
This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')
kYlEiGh m
kYlEiGh m 14 днів тому
Emilee Autumn ?
C. 27 днів тому
Hey! 💕 I really appriciate this video as I have been following the changes Eugenia have gone through (bodywise) on her channel aswell. I hope you have seen her friends video about the subject, and maybe if you thought of talking to them and get to know more about what is really going on? As there must be more to this story since her family didn’t seem to put an effort into taking her into rehab themselves, according to them. Who really knows, maybe they have? But would be nice to hear more from her family/and/or her friends who claim the family enabled her eating disorder instead of helping her. 💕keep it up! Looking forward to your makeup by the way!
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez 28 днів тому
Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong
MyLifeAsCharley Eaves
MyLifeAsCharley Eaves 28 днів тому
The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️
LiNA pOtAtO 11 годин тому
Awww Pewds asked his fans to send her love ❤️
Joshua Segundo
Joshua Segundo 11 годин тому
Shane almost turned into Ceeday
Lëmøn Bøi
Lëmøn Bøi 11 годин тому
Pedro Fernández
Pedro Fernández 12 годин тому
Anyone has issues with the background music? for me it's too loud, can barely listen what they say the first ten minutes
luv meki
luv meki 12 годин тому
I've never heard of her before this. But omg what a beautiful soul! I'm so glad she is okay and got help before it was too late. So happy for her. And jealous of people who get to be close to her. Shes so sweet😍
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great 12 годин тому
One of the greatest personalities I have ever seen. We need more people like that in this world. I honestly could not smile back at her.
Matilyn P
Matilyn P 12 годин тому
Unpopular opinion: Eugenia is the Make a Wish children of UKvid.
Archana & Panda
Archana & Panda 12 годин тому
When there was the montage of makeup I started crying because of how happy she is. Thank god that there are people like Eugenia that have that type of smile. I would kill to see that smile once a day 😭😕😓
Tess Mohr
Tess Mohr 12 годин тому
I’m so happy and relieved she’s feeling better.
ScaleisJungkookie 12 годин тому
wow, I had never heard of Eugenia Cooney before this, but I'm super stunned by what a genuinely nice, strong person she is. It takes a lot to try and get yourself to a good place from a bad one. the "nothing's off topic if it can help" just- shook me, non ironically
Isabella_pusheen 12 годин тому
I almost cried she is so pretty and so nice has the prettiest smile 😊
Marina Rojas Quesada
Marina Rojas Quesada 12 годин тому
Okay, so when a girl this skinny who is obviously sick gets called out saying she is sick, everyone believe it’s right to body shame her and to tell her to go “eat a cheese burger” but when a girl that’s over 300 pounds who is also obviously sick as well, everyone think it’s right to promote and glorify such a thing, when both of them are slowly killing themselves, now if both are doing such a damage to their body, why is only one of them been called out? And why is it when someone points out that living a 300 pound life isn’t healthy everyone seems to attack them? I’m just saying, the double standards in both eating disorders is something that has triggered me so much. BOTH of this are eating disorders so why treat them differently? I think Eugenia is so sweet and of course want her to get better, ibut body shaming her isn’t gonna get her anywhere
Holls Mitts
Holls Mitts 12 годин тому
What a beautiful soul
Jeremiah Moorr
Jeremiah Moorr 12 годин тому
This ammount of likes is how many people love eugina
lucia baca
lucia baca 13 годин тому
I cry the whole video, she has such a beatiful soul
Fe 13 годин тому
She seems like such a beautiful person innside and out.
Miss Sooner Nation
Miss Sooner Nation 13 годин тому
It was so funny when she was telling Shane how mad she got and it wasnt even bad at all.
Maika Plamondon
Maika Plamondon 13 годин тому
I feel like then lesson outs of it is that no matter how skinny you are you can still be insecure about your body and have body related illness.
soggy starburst
soggy starburst 13 годин тому
pause at 3:06
A Switch Person
A Switch Person 14 годин тому
Make a video on p*rnhub... gay
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni 14 годин тому
I love this but I kinda miss Shane doing stupid stuff
Nick Dolphin
Nick Dolphin 14 годин тому
Hey Shane are you not doing podcast anymore? If you aren’t you should do them again as scary stories and scary conspiracy theories!
Brenna H.
Brenna H. 14 годин тому
People are just fucked up. They need to take a long look at THEMSELVES. Not everyone is perfect. She isn't a bad influence. She changed THOUSANDS, and inspired MANY to take pride in every way, INCLUDING myself. Its good to see people who care, but not okay to see people who care in the wrong way. Looks don't matter. She is a great, kind CARING person.
Rebekah Tyler
Rebekah Tyler 14 годин тому
Dude make more videos this was 4 weeks ago!!!!
Pixel JoJo
Pixel JoJo 14 годин тому
This is my favourite video ever. It was so heartwarming❤️
Nelson_brown 14 годин тому
I loved Bruce wiegner before this. But hearing Shane use his song (IDK) made me so happy for him
Jordan Gray
Jordan Gray 15 годин тому
5 more months of waiting for him to post something 😭 this last one 😬
Jennifer Pickard
Jennifer Pickard 15 годин тому
im in tears with how beautiful and heart warming this is
August C.
August C. 15 годин тому
Shane I know I’m hopeless of u seeing this but if u can please make a series on gento if u see this do research on him and help him and investigate please I’m begging u just do research
MrJosCHEWa 15 годин тому
Where were these comments prior to her recovery? She was getting nasty comments on all of her videos. It was sad and shocking as someone who was has been dealing with these issues for 17 years. I felt for her, I was sad for her because of the comments and her personal struggles. UKvid was her way out, she was using it to escape and the UKvid comments were disgusting. Some were good, but a lot were nasty.
Maritza Olguin
Maritza Olguin 16 годин тому
She is so cute! Proud of her 💗 - but did anyone else think her face looks like Lisa from Blackpink ??
bingo noot
bingo noot 16 годин тому
Please post more
Soviet boi
Soviet boi 16 годин тому
I don't mind her being "emo" or super girly. But I really do appreciate her being the light at the end of a tunnel. Eating disorders are hard and she shouldn't have been bullied for having a medical problem.
Noah Mello
Noah Mello 16 годин тому
Not to be rude but 90% of this video is the word “like” still an amazing video though 👌👌👌
bingo noot
bingo noot 16 годин тому
Upload more
Luna Marie
Luna Marie 16 годин тому
Peope are not nice that’s life. Lol! I prob hang up on her lol! If someone would say that too me! Lol
ayla mayers
ayla mayers 16 годин тому
you need to do an update on marina joyce.
Freya Peachey
Freya Peachey 16 годин тому
Okay so you get hate for being larger and get hate for being skinny.
a maniac
a maniac 17 годин тому
*The Return Of My Anxiety*
John Is Gaming
John Is Gaming 17 годин тому
Beautiful woman. It takes strength to admit that something's going on to yourself but to admit that something was going on to thousands of people is even harder. Beauty is from within and what ever people may say about her she is a beautiful person her soul just makes the light on my phone shine brighter, if that makes sense. Didnt know who she was before but she is beautiful and always has been.
Faten Nina
Faten Nina 17 годин тому
I find her sooo beautiful her eyes are gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍😍 this is the first time I see her and I like her she is so kind
BestTrollEver 17 годин тому
Shane is eugenia's boyfriend?? or just a bff??
Gingerpaw 16 годин тому
BestTrollEver oh lol it's ok
BestTrollEver 16 годин тому
@Gingerpaw yeah sorry I started the video when I asked that now I see that he just her bff
Gingerpaw 16 годин тому
BestTrollEver bff. Shane is dating a guy
jessica ۵
jessica ۵ 17 годин тому
bro she is so fucking strong 😭💖💖
BestTrollEver 17 годин тому
Why is he taking some pills at the begining?
Tessa Westlund
Tessa Westlund 17 годин тому
She is just the sweetest kindest person she is NOT a bad inflows she is an inspiration for us! she is insparing us to love are selfs! and to still be nice to a person that's rude or unkind to us she is an INSPIRATION Love you, Eugenia!
fernie.ernie 17 годин тому
Eugenia is adorable. Hope to see more videos from her! This is awesome!
nameless 17 годин тому
thank you shane and eugenia for this amazing video
Savannah Carter
Savannah Carter 18 годин тому
Does anyone remember this one UKvidr who was emo and had super long black hair. He made some music and always talked about super serious topics like depression. It wasn't Johnny Gilbert.. anyone? It's bothering me lol
marvelguk 18 годин тому
you should make a video about daniel küblböck!! he jumped off a cruise ship last year and people say he was acting weird a few days before. someone found an account on instagram that looked exactly like him but dressed like a woman and people say that maybe he was transgender but had been hiding it for years and that he committed suicide because of his fear of coming out. and that's why he dressed himself as a girl for the days he spent on that cruise ship - so that he could live the live he wanted to have before he died. OH and his father actually told him not to do that cruise beforehand, but yet he did. PLEASE do a video about that, he's actually really famous where I live but still underrated as an artist and he deserves more recognition..
Sophia Cundiff
Sophia Cundiff 18 годин тому
I wish you’d post more like you use to ☹️
18 годин тому
Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Shane posted after 6 months
Sara_7771 18 годин тому
I genuinely want anyone who previously said anything rude to maybe step up and say sorry it would spread so much good and show you've improved as a person♥️
Sidney Kile
Sidney Kile 18 годин тому
she’s soooo pretty omg
Drei Knight
Drei Knight 18 годин тому
She is so kind and she doesn't go mad or crazy and create drama when she is being hated on. I don't really know about her that much but he personality is SO amazing.
Kidtactical 18 годин тому
Can you do more videos
billies avocado
billies avocado 18 годин тому
How can somebody be so nice, even to horrible people? She is too precious for this world 🥺
Abigaiil m
Abigaiil m 19 годин тому
Shane , you should do a video about “ Mckamey Manor “ it’s a haunted house where they abuse you , torture you , and mess you up mentally people have to sign a paper for their mental disability & there is a 25,000 people waiting list
Joe-Ann Watkins
Joe-Ann Watkins 19 годин тому
Shane, Morgan and Ryland all out there abusing animals like it’s a trend. Sick MF’ers.
GOLD Eternity
GOLD Eternity 19 годин тому
She also had the video of her 🐱 slipping out
Jelli 19 годин тому
The thing I love most about Shane's videos is you find your self laughing and you find your self crying.
vanessa mikulova
vanessa mikulova 19 годин тому
Shane I love ur vids then they were like 3 years ago and 1 and 2
Abeeya Padavil
Abeeya Padavil 19 годин тому
You should do a video about Danielle Cohn🤣
alexei 19 годин тому
She doesn't deserve that
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar 19 годин тому
Uplifting in a video. I love you, Shane.
Zoey Kabam
Zoey Kabam 20 годин тому
I went and bought black shirt lol 😂
Arayah rosehill
Arayah rosehill 20 годин тому
I have a game for you and the boys to play its like midnight man but more freddy crugar. You start the game bye using news paper you draw your biggest fear on it, yes this requires a drop of blood, place your blood in the bottom right corner of the paper your using then burn the paper, this awakens the demon. After this avoid all cars and go to bed fast, in your dream you will see a fine dressed man in white. Then your mine will go blank then you will see stuff that involes your fear, the demon then will leave you alone once you over come this fear.... Thats how love snakes now, i have played this its usually passed by my family not tons of people know this. And if you want to amplify the power of this horror, while your burning say, Unamed man i give to you, unamed man im after you, reapet that several times, then finnaly say come at me with my greatest fear. There is my game for you to play lets see if this works
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 21 годину тому
Good video, so proud of her.😊😊
Nina Jesaispasquoimettre
Nina Jesaispasquoimettre 21 годину тому
all these comments warm my heart wow ❤️
ICANDO3 ICANTDO2 21 годину тому
first professional youtube is leaving youtube this needs a doumentary ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-ph5ZzP5_ms0.html
XxDestiny _DoesGachaxX
XxDestiny _DoesGachaxX 21 годину тому
The return of Eugenia Cooney? More like *the return of Shane Dawson* like geez it's been forever
Alexi 21 годину тому
omg i live in ct too !!!!
Uma Pawar
Uma Pawar 22 години тому
She is so pretty !! 😍😍
GabTheGamer 22 години тому
Wait when did Shane move house??
Grace Kempf
Grace Kempf 22 години тому
I am so proud of Eugenia. She is such an amazing, sweet girl and it is beautiful to see her care for herself like she cares for everyone else.
JK Bunny
JK Bunny 22 години тому
Her smile is the most prettiest thing in the world 💜💜
retro the wolf
retro the wolf 22 години тому
ėjådrëåmż 22 години тому
Hey Sluts
Hey Sluts 22 години тому
Still waiting for part 3 of conspiracy theories
Axelerate X
Axelerate X 22 години тому
Shane please upload more I love watching your videos they are just the best Not rushing you tho
ėjådrëåmż 22 години тому
you know that its bad when a compliment can put them down... imagine how much an insult would hurt
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