The Return of Eugenia Cooney

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19 лип 2019

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shane День тому
This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')
C. 18 годин тому
Hey! 💕 I really appriciate this video as I have been following the changes Eugenia have gone through (bodywise) on her channel aswell. I hope you have seen her friends video about the subject, and maybe if you thought of talking to them and get to know more about what is really going on? As there must be more to this story since her family didn’t seem to put an effort into taking her into rehab themselves, according to them. Who really knows, maybe they have? But would be nice to hear more from her family/and/or her friends who claim the family enabled her eating disorder instead of helping her. 💕keep it up! Looking forward to your makeup by the way!
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez День тому
Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong
MyLifeAsCharley Eaves
MyLifeAsCharley Eaves День тому
The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️
Bryan Gallagher
Bryan Gallagher День тому
Happy Birthday Shane!
Random Tv
Random Tv 50 хвилин тому
Don't click to read more No wifi
kpøp_ tråsh
kpøp_ tråsh 50 хвилин тому
Eugenia deserves all the love and support in da world!! ❤️💛💚💙💜💗💖💕💘💝And Shane is back!
Maya Alexis
Maya Alexis 51 хвилина тому
Okay but like now you have to do some sort of conspiracy something on her house like wtf is with all the locks
Caitlin The Destroyer
Caitlin The Destroyer 51 хвилина тому
This video made me tear up. I’m so happy for her. 😭💕
Lagiraff Thannoo
Lagiraff Thannoo 51 хвилина тому
vid actually starts at 22:49
Tatiana Prado
Tatiana Prado 51 хвилина тому
She is literally so beautiful 🥺😭
Swampy Emerson
Swampy Emerson 51 хвилина тому
Can we talk about that the real tea spillers should be the Uber drivers!! They hear it alllllllllll
Midnight Fox
Midnight Fox 51 хвилина тому
Jamie 51 хвилина тому
Does any one remeber that JESSIE CROCKER GIRL!?!?!?!? That creepy girl whos dad got involved on YT. Yeah i wanna see her
Tye 52 хвилини тому
I cried, happily :’)
Jo Jarvi
Jo Jarvi 52 хвилини тому
She’s such a beautiful soul. I’ve been crying this whole video
Beavis Nolan
Beavis Nolan 52 хвилини тому
Belle Delphine next please
Schehrazad A
Schehrazad A 52 хвилини тому
*You’re great, Eugenia!*
Julie-Katrine Scheel Meyer
Julie-Katrine Scheel Meyer 52 хвилини тому
The whole thing about her house is everything 😂👌🏻 and god when she told that story about the orchestra 😂😂
Hernandez McCray
Hernandez McCray 52 хвилини тому
All those people who are saying all these mean stuff are most likely Trump supporters
Catherine François
Catherine François 52 хвилини тому
Shane is such a beautiful person inside and outside Lots of love from France ❤️
montanez &co.
montanez &co. 53 хвилини тому
WOW JUST WOW.... Eugenia if you see this I myself have had to come to a realisation of who's best for me and who may have to be loved from a distance. Its challenging please see that you have got to mentally and physically care for yourself. Your not a hateful person so continue to love and learn. Love you ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-0a43ImW_OK0.html
FunnyHell 53 хвилини тому
.... Eugenia is the true opposite from Micheal Myers. He is born pure evil, and Eugenia is just born Pure xD
Jakayla Lawrence
Jakayla Lawrence 53 хвилини тому
What does cock mean
spooky bangtan
spooky bangtan 53 хвилини тому
why is she so nice!?!?! i would love to be around her? people are so heartless🙄
Soniel Soni
Soniel Soni 53 хвилини тому
she is a literal angel i am in love with her ugh this makes me ha^^y
Zwierzchowska Olga
Zwierzchowska Olga 54 хвилини тому
Happy Birthday Shane
Nobi 54 хвилини тому
Shane’s back
haley Odin
haley Odin 54 хвилини тому
Is there a second part ??
Emily Ann Edits
Emily Ann Edits 54 хвилини тому
Shane are you going to start posting more 💓🤞🏻 please
Mizuki Kobayashi
Mizuki Kobayashi 54 хвилини тому
She is so great and adorable!
Doug Monroe
Doug Monroe 54 хвилини тому
Cat fucker
Formal {}
Formal {} 54 хвилини тому
Lmao skeleton bitch
Ashlyn La Mejor
Ashlyn La Mejor 54 хвилини тому
You’re crying, im not ;( 💔
Awom Kenneth
Awom Kenneth 54 хвилини тому
Why am i worried! I am a Nigerian youtuber and I don't even know her.
Marissa Cabrera
Marissa Cabrera 54 хвилини тому
When you are abused day in and day out.....you will fall into an extreme. (even worst as a child) Too nice/happy is an extreme. Like "if I smile and act like nothing is bad then....everything will be ok." You become that. Maybe if I focus on other things then I will be ok....(and forget to eat or sleep or vice versa of eating too much or sleeping too much). I feel you Eugenia. I know there is a reason behind everything it's not just you.... its the environment. 😞
Courtney Crnkovich
Courtney Crnkovich 54 хвилини тому
I think everyone needs to see Jacklyn Glenn’s video before liking and commenting on this video. There is more to this story and Eugenia is still very much in danger...
Hamad & The Diamonds
Hamad & The Diamonds 55 хвилин тому
I feel so bad for this girl. People are assholes
Swampy Emerson
Swampy Emerson 55 хвилин тому
This is literally the 4th time I’ve watched this
Nadia Alaa
Nadia Alaa 55 хвилин тому
omg she is the sweetest thing in the world , love her
Exe Cutie
Exe Cutie 55 хвилин тому
Natasha Mumford
Natasha Mumford 55 хвилин тому
Seeing this is encouraging! I’m so glad she is on her way to being her best self! As someone who does have a earring disorder, although on the other end of the spectrum, it makes me think you know what maybe I can do this! Keep going girl! Good vibes!🖤❤️
Grace Dillon
Grace Dillon 55 хвилин тому
This video was truly beautiful
Billie is my life
Billie is my life 55 хвилин тому
I just wanna hug her tbh she's the most amazing person ever she's so nice and kind she's never negative with anyone or anything she's so strong for going though this and getting help she's such an inspiration and whoever bullied this angel should hop the fuck off the internet forever
Ela x
Ela x 55 хвилин тому
56:01 OMG HER LEGS !!!!
FreeSpirit 54 хвилини тому
Please do not talk about her body image that's the last thing she needs to see. please delete your comment. It's Not helping Her.
adriana gil
adriana gil 56 хвилин тому
KyLakegal 56 хвилин тому
God bless Eugenia. Precious girl. She deserves the best
Lori Neubauer
Lori Neubauer 56 хвилин тому
Why wouldn't Shane do research, a Google search prior would have been helpful. Then maybe you would feel more confident. Nice pill poppin, social influencer.
Savannah marie
Savannah marie 56 хвилин тому
it’s so great none of us had any idea had that we was working w her!! such a surprise
Lilly Rain
Lilly Rain 56 хвилин тому
she is so so beautiful inside and out wow!!
Suburban Shicken
Suburban Shicken 56 хвилин тому
Do a documentary on the Coke a cola secret formula
ScottKipple 57 хвилин тому
Shane, don't pop too much Xanax and Adderall... It's dangerous.
Evan Castillo
Evan Castillo 57 хвилин тому
She’s fuckin beautiful bruh like wow😍
Chloe Wilson
Chloe Wilson 57 хвилин тому
I love this video
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