The Roll Cage in the Mr2 is Complete (Basically) Now We Just Need a Engine!

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11 лют 2019






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jamie ballard
jamie ballard 6 днів тому
just a handy tip can freeze the seem sealer /sound deadener with dry ice or nos makes it easier to remove just use plenty of ventalation and wait for a while before welding
jamie ballard
jamie ballard 6 днів тому
maybe should of watched the whole vid first lol
DoUgH bOy
DoUgH bOy 6 днів тому
That's crazy me and my brothers bday April 15th 1993 and 1995
Small Guy in a Big Coat
Small Guy in a Big Coat 6 днів тому
I can't wait to hear this MR2 rip man. 1000+ hp will be nasty in that car.
Kirsty Sinclair
Kirsty Sinclair 6 днів тому
Jeez are you going to get it “knocked out” ?
Joshua Lindahl-Rozinsky
Joshua Lindahl-Rozinsky 7 днів тому
hate seeing guys like you apologize for "lack of content" you guys do so much for free life happens if people arent understanding they arent real fans
Dads Junk
Dads Junk 8 днів тому
No prob. Loving it as always. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE THE REST !!!!
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe 8 днів тому
Does anyone know what that tool kit Tom had from HB is called ? Anyone ???
Chaz Gunther
Chaz Gunther 8 днів тому
I thoroughly enjoyed that editing style
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane 8 днів тому
Hondaru vs the Hatch.😎😎
Ashley Ramage
Ashley Ramage 9 днів тому
Slacking on good footy..
Simpledippers 9 днів тому
Road to 600k
Randalph Myles
Randalph Myles 9 днів тому
Been waiting for the mr2 to get attention. Finally!
tacjam1 9 днів тому
I'll be glad when summer comes, the content has been slacking lately. Good thing Cleetus has us covered every episode in FL
billy perreault
billy perreault 9 днів тому
1 week waiitinnggg for 11:56 minutes videos wooowww love you either
jack clark
jack clark 9 днів тому
Dont apologize brother do it how you want to at your own pace.
Toby Howard
Toby Howard 9 днів тому
Were you tired at the end or is the black dog creeping up on you? its OK to ask for help. keep up the good work
Edward Brown
Edward Brown 9 днів тому
Can't wait until these come together
Israel Ortiz
Israel Ortiz 9 днів тому
We miss the hatch😓
Kelly Tribier
Kelly Tribier 9 днів тому
wow what happened to a vid every day you said a while back
Inn Deep
Inn Deep 9 днів тому
I love the MR2. Great work.
Alec Siegel
Alec Siegel 9 днів тому
Hey Kyle, I've been following the channel for a while and I just wanted to share my opinion. I'd honestly prefer fewer videos if it meant more actual content. The almost daily episodes were great back when it was just you and your friends screwing around in your garage, but nowadays I found myself skipping through a lot because it's just a lot of talking and not much actual progress. I get you making a video just to post something for your subs, but I miss the videos where stuff gets done. Feels like this channel's content is becoming more and more VLOG like, which is where BoostedBoiz used to stand out.
David Cherry
David Cherry 9 днів тому
Hey Kyle I understand about it what have you said but that's ok I noticed on now days the new 4k camera with hdr colour I hoping for best to get Ebay cheapest 4k hdr cameras so Brent and ofcourse you and I liked to see all that in the near future
5372john 9 днів тому
Doing well I can see how much work your putting into making videos and working on the cars hardwork
John Chilcoat
John Chilcoat 9 днів тому
Cage looks good . Keep it up with the content.
Austin Norflet
Austin Norflet 9 днів тому
faster vid uploads PLOXXX im addicted....soo
LTU TIGER 9 днів тому
Hello i have question for you guys į have audi a4 b5 1.6 and wanted to put turbo in it and i wonder if my engine would be okey like this or should į switch to 1.8 engine?
Devon Alencar
Devon Alencar 9 днів тому
we just got your storm here in toronto, thanks lol
Auto Modding
Auto Modding 9 днів тому
$150!! I want that!
Richard Fairchild
Richard Fairchild 9 днів тому
anyone else watch Emilio time travel?
redeclipzegsx 9 днів тому
Not a fan of the roll cage progress, was just a bit too boring for me. I feel like it could have been covered in 2 videos tops.
fluffybam 9 днів тому
Vote " grow Brents beard ".
jamie talbot
jamie talbot 9 днів тому
5 days and you roll out a 11 min vid. ive been gagging to see whats going on haha
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 9 днів тому
whos second gen dodge is it a cummins ? looks sick
Edoardo Bartolini
Edoardo Bartolini 9 днів тому
Bruh you are slacking.
Jake Liiteri
Jake Liiteri 9 днів тому
Are u gona paint cage?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 9 днів тому
Yes he is.
BranFabMetalWorks 9 днів тому
Are you going to do any gusset work where the A pillar bar meets the halo bar? I know it’s not a huge issue but I’m not a fan of how the a pillar bar doesn’t intersect the halo bar in the middle of the radius.
Chevy423 Bro
Chevy423 Bro 9 днів тому
Were is the civic
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 9 днів тому
He set the Hatch project aside, since he reached his 9s goal. He's focusing on the MR2 and Wago for this race season. He wants to build a new engine for the hatch when he gets back to it.
mrchrisk36 9 днів тому
It's looking good!!
Bow Yang Jam
Bow Yang Jam 9 днів тому
Tf you need a 7 bar map sensor for? Y’all running 80lbs of boost? 😂
eddie morales
eddie morales 9 днів тому
Tell Pedro i said whats up! #VoteForPedro
civictech1 9 днів тому
Does Emilio have a job? He's always traveling.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 9 днів тому
Helping Kyle make these UKvid videos is his job.
Eddie Castaner
Eddie Castaner 9 днів тому
1:07 301pcs to be exact 🤓
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 9 днів тому
that valve cover is dope
AlfonsoB 9 днів тому
Kyle did an oopsie!
TheSouleater85 9 днів тому
Wtf so much to do ;D. But you have good ways to get everything done, Thumps up to you Guys :D.
Martin Jurik
Martin Jurik 9 днів тому
WHats the music you playing when u doin stuff?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 9 днів тому
A Himitsu - Adventures
SUBIEKEV 9 днів тому
Hell yeah Boiz! Keep that progress going!
Fernando Banuelos
Fernando Banuelos 9 днів тому
Happy birthday tio emilio
Jerry Guzman
Jerry Guzman 9 днів тому
John Kuzma
John Kuzma 9 днів тому
Thank you very much for apologizing, Kyle. I was starting to get extremely angry at you for not delivering this free entertainment in a more expedient manner. Your apology is accepted. I hope this humbling experience serves to help you improve yourself for future efforts.
Lee Nux
Lee Nux 9 днів тому
Kyle : "my OCD"
Mihail Petrovici
Mihail Petrovici 9 днів тому
,,1 week" it happens everytime working on a car
Chris 9 днів тому
Where's the intro??
brian keery
brian keery 9 днів тому
Whole bunch of snow........lol.....
curtis custaloe
curtis custaloe 9 днів тому
Boosted boys and cleetus are imo rm the only youtubers doin it right rn with the exception of taylor ray always bein a boss and will be a top notch youtuber when everyone strays away from lz
Richard Simpers
Richard Simpers 9 днів тому
Your doing a great job. Role cage looks on point
curtis custaloe
curtis custaloe 9 днів тому
Emilio if spelt right = a great dude
curtis custaloe
curtis custaloe 9 днів тому
Jsyk colorado is colder and gets more snow than alot of canda shock ino
James Lee Warren
James Lee Warren 9 днів тому
Who's been here since Charlie? Fuck that kid I'm just tryna see where the real #boostedboiz are at
curtis custaloe
curtis custaloe 9 днів тому
Brents a legend never seen motors pushing wat u guys make last as long as any other stock block tune actually insanely respectable! Brent ur a legend!
Jay Lais
Jay Lais 10 днів тому
Your welding over an oil pit.... That is ridiculous.. You guys are gonna get owned by osha someday..
John Fasano2
John Fasano2 8 днів тому
Ya for sure, id hate to see it myself but when they first got there new shop they cleaned it all out it was few videos back but they did clean it
Jay Lais
Jay Lais 8 днів тому
+John Fasano2 Oh cool.. I would hate to see you guys get in trouble or get hurt.. And I have been very inconvenienced by osha in the past... Its not fun.. Stay safe all!!
John Fasano2
John Fasano2 9 днів тому
Cleaned out oil pit
betarr300kid 123
betarr300kid 123 10 днів тому
What happening with the hatch
Vampirical 10 днів тому
I don't want to be negative but your whole plan was to have your cage done in a week so you can do hondarus cage as well. Why does it always seem like your projects put everyone else's behind all the time?
InlineMadLad 10 днів тому
This time, paint the cage white..ffs.
Raul Barrera
Raul Barrera 10 днів тому
Slacking Kyle ... slacking
David Windsor
David Windsor 10 днів тому
Happy birthday Amlio
David Windsor
David Windsor 10 днів тому
How are things going on getting car lifts. You could use them soon.😉👍👍
Chris Casillas
Chris Casillas 10 днів тому
Didn’t post in 6 days... then puts out a 12 mins video lol sad
Coda5610 10 днів тому
Happy Birthday Emilio!!
Manny M
Manny M 10 днів тому
Put a snow plow on the shopping kart and plow everything
mono m
mono m 10 днів тому
Bro the rats are gonna die
pFbSpecV 10 днів тому
damm I didn't realize how much work it is for a cage!!! but excited to see wage done!
Jason Petrich
Jason Petrich 10 днів тому
Dude thats trippy!!! 2 brothers born on the same day, 2 years apart 🤔crazy luck right there, mr2 is looking very good Kyle cant wait for that first small wheelie!!!!!🤘👍
mikey Guerrero
mikey Guerrero 10 днів тому
Happy birthday Emilio
Grant 10 днів тому
Ey Emilio me and my sister share a birthday 2 years apart aswell🤟
Jason Natsis
Jason Natsis 10 днів тому
Emilio knows what's up with the e46xi in the snow
Symbiotic226 10 днів тому
Basically you need to paint the fucking mr2 so it doesn’t look like a heep of shit
lookitsleonardlove 10 днів тому
This is a sad ass video.. thumbs down lol
Jan Obey
Jan Obey 10 днів тому
Maken more vids plz!
qb s
qb s 10 днів тому
know your sad your not goin to Florida ..
Alfa Kenny1
Alfa Kenny1 10 днів тому
Mr2 so gay what a waste of life
Raymond Owen
Raymond Owen 10 днів тому
You know whats crazy the mr2 engine bay mounts are the same as a eg im talking about the brackets.... Anybody see it in the video at 8:20??
First Last
First Last 10 днів тому
Let wago rise and shine
Mac Takeyobitch
Mac Takeyobitch 10 днів тому
Just saw on cleetus mcfarlands video of him rippin sik 2jzs supra. And Emilio was there and it was his birthday. Happy birthday Emilio.
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert 10 днів тому
Lmao the titanic part 😂😂
Jared THISDELLE 10 днів тому
..........1320 ........
Jared THISDELLE 10 днів тому
Oh ya happy birthday Emilio ...nice work vid love watching shit get. Done ....real builds .. hell ya boiz ....shes going to be sick azz mr2 yo cheers ...
Moto Flash
Moto Flash 10 днів тому
Snow is fun with for all cars and trucks minus the salt and I spied some dry ice 👀
e prz
e prz 10 днів тому
haloodist 10 днів тому
You guys gunna make it out to Ice Cream Cruise this year?
Daniel Raspotnuk
Daniel Raspotnuk 10 днів тому
5:06 BoostedTitanicBoiz
Wait where am I?
Wait where am I? 10 днів тому
No rush brotha!
Jared 10 днів тому
whos 2nd gen cummins that shits nice
Gamma Light
Gamma Light 10 днів тому
Kyle? I know it's a little off topic but can you show us how to DC stick weld?
Esploderbass 10 днів тому
Get er done stop procrastinating don't fully install the seats get as much done get the welding done while its out
No moo [!]
No moo [!] 10 днів тому
Gotta love that Colorado weather 😂
NeedForWeed 10 днів тому
that e46 is sexc. and the mr2 roll cage is goals
Tommy Siro
Tommy Siro 10 днів тому
More shop updates!!!
Timothy M
Timothy M 10 днів тому
Leaving the window down on the mr2 is one way to get rid of the mouse infestation
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez 10 днів тому
Finally a video of you guys !
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