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Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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6 лют 2019

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Awesomegirlgamer 38 хвилин тому
when u have never had a dumpling (sooooooooo totally not meeeeeee) can anyone sense my sarcasm?
PKU阿德 53 хвилини тому
WTF you will never ever have seen somebody in Asia eating dumplings like this... You supposed to use the spoon to hold the dumpling, take a bite and sip the soup...
Donovan Годину тому
I realized why the left like BuzzFeed so much. First there like the cnn of UKvid then they post these guys which have the least amount of masculinity out of anyone I've seen
Allison Hu
Allison Hu Годину тому
You should make a video where you make the mukbangs. I made it before, it is really hard.
Prasheta Deepak
Prasheta Deepak Годину тому
My top dumpling record is...... 6
Zoe Годину тому
Did these guys completely separate from buzzfeed?
Rose Raina
Rose Raina Годину тому
those aren't dumplings
ʙᴜɴɴʏ ᴍᴀᴋɴᴀᴇ
ʙᴜɴɴʏ ᴍᴀᴋɴᴀᴇ 2 години тому
I love Eugene xD
HunkleAndrew Youtube
HunkleAndrew Youtube 2 години тому
Zach has made me happy with his small stack. Thank you for making my day
Adam Harrison
Adam Harrison 2 години тому
8:15 I died when the girl fell 😂😂
germaine green
germaine green 3 години тому
How are buns from korean culture
a mess™
a mess™ 3 години тому
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie 3 години тому
how did these 4 clowns appear in recommended.... they sound like confused people attempting something confusing
Isabela Ramsey
Isabela Ramsey 3 години тому
More food videos like this!!!
Marina Raiss
Marina Raiss 4 години тому
The part where Keith asks Eugene, “how’s it going, are you okay?”, kills me omg fucking hilarious!
Adriana Roque
Adriana Roque 4 години тому
10:01, you’ll thank me later :)
NyaoNyao Kat
NyaoNyao Kat 4 години тому
And here's me giving up on my entree because I had 4 soup dumplings as an appetizer.
Diamond Parks
Diamond Parks 4 години тому
I bet it smelt like shit after the video
Lanie Elizabeth
Lanie Elizabeth 4 години тому
ok youtube i watched it
Carlos De la Cruz
Carlos De la Cruz 4 години тому
Matt Stonie: 384 Dumplings The Try Guys: Hold our beer...
The last XD
The last XD 4 години тому
I’m i the only one who scrolled through the comments seeing if anyone threw up before they started😂
Natalie_Slimez 5 годин тому
Omg 400 dumplings is 16400 calories
beauty bytink
beauty bytink 6 годин тому
Soy sauce is the cure to everything, invite me next time we'd smash that world record
LimeLight Dolan
LimeLight Dolan 6 годин тому
Zach is me trying not to look fat in front of my skinny friends but secretly wants to be Eugene...
316SR 6 годин тому
Spot the whinger...no subscribe
Wolfania 6 годин тому
How do they have the money to waste on this??
Nene Grey
Nene Grey 6 годин тому
Eugene: * eats 70 dumplings * Keith: "Wow, Eugene, you really are a god." 😂 Eugene: "I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack." Keith: "Don't do it." 😂😂😂
Wolfania 6 годин тому
I would love to eat 400 Xiao Long Bao
Imagination HQ
Imagination HQ 7 годин тому
Suddenly I want some dumplings
Jaciel Valdez
Jaciel Valdez 7 годин тому
I feel like the white guy next to the Asian likes him cus the whole video “wow your so amazing”
SolarFoxStar 5605
SolarFoxStar 5605 7 годин тому
7:48 Keith: wow Eugene you really are a god Eugene: I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack
oPeRa1923 7 годин тому
Yuka Kinoshita did this on her own. 🤔
Victory Love
Victory Love 7 годин тому
I heard if you fart and burp at the same time you have no soul
Joseph Qiao
Joseph Qiao 8 годин тому
mike and eugene: *asian asf so fuq the burn kieth and ned: *white asf we gone he sophisticated zach mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food "this is the best day of my life"
Joseph Qiao
Joseph Qiao 8 годин тому
eugene: im korean thats where mukbangs come from me: honeybooboo but im chinese where dumplings come from and i eat a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt
GeckstarGrows 8 годин тому
It was actually Joey Chestnut who set the record @ 384 Potstickers (2014) and not Matt Stonie! He ate 343 Gyoza in 2015 @ the Annual World Gyoza Eating Championship.
Honey Vang
Honey Vang 8 годин тому
They should've unstacked the dumplings so they could cool down. Amateurs! 😉
Olivia Taisner
Olivia Taisner 8 годин тому
can you rename this video keith hitting on eugene for 17 minutes straight
JoeChoreo 9 годин тому
woah what was that about 15 and 19 lmfaooo
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja 9 годин тому
I tried like 20 different types of soup dumplings 2 days ago
DedAym 9 годин тому
Dumplings are different I think, these are bao buns.
Chelsea Ronalds
Chelsea Ronalds 9 годин тому
Them trying to figure out how many dumplings they ate at the end at 13:00 is me trying to calculate my GPA lol
ali elkadiki
ali elkadiki 10 годин тому
low testosterone guys back at it again with another video
oliviawhoisshe 10 годин тому
Why no one mentions queen Yuka? it takes 5 guys to finish 373 dumplings she can eat 400 alone
Teresita Aguirre
Teresita Aguirre 11 годин тому
*High Keith* : Eugene, you're so impressive....Let's talk about Eugene. Let's do it Keith, there's never enough talking about eugene. I'm on it.
Elise Thompson
Elise Thompson 11 годин тому
Who’s watching this cause their hungry??
Hannah Safrit
Hannah Safrit 12 годин тому
This video will forever have a special place in my heart, because I watched this the day my grandma died 😢💔
Katie M
Katie M 12 годин тому
Soup dumplings when you take off the lid are so fucking hot this video caused me pain
Lauren 13 годин тому
If you guys would have all been high, this challenge would have been a cake walk.
Franko Miranda
Franko Miranda 13 годин тому
these guys are sassy, but every time that is about food they do a great videos... and that's why I'm subscribed
Alex Lestrange
Alex Lestrange 13 годин тому
I usually eat 20-40 momos in one go if I'm hungry, maybe I can eat double the amount if I was really really hungry idk but 100 seems like a little too much lol
Mountain Bike Hikes
Mountain Bike Hikes 13 годин тому
When did logic show up???🤣
Simi Akintokun
Simi Akintokun 14 годин тому
if these were normal dumplings they would've been fine but these were SOUP dumplings i.e; filled with piping hot soup , so these were way harder to consume quickly
Baek Trash
Baek Trash 14 годин тому
I would eat all 400 in like like 5 minutes. I love dumplings
Miss Hooligan
Miss Hooligan 14 годин тому
I am soooooooo hungry now..
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed 15 годин тому
first world problems
Cheesy Doritoz
Cheesy Doritoz 15 годин тому
I'm Chinese I wish I can eat 400 dumplings :C
D.J. Liu
D.J. Liu 16 годин тому
Emm...like...what’s the point?
Ayu Syahirah
Ayu Syahirah 16 годин тому
I thought Keith would be the one to eat the most dumplings, BOY WAS I WRONG
Fahad Rizvi
Fahad Rizvi 16 годин тому
I love how Zach was so chill about this
Angel H
Angel H 17 годин тому
Omg, 8-10 is my usual meal.
Insame Killer123
Insame Killer123 17 годин тому
Am Chinese:3
ii*Gaya*ii 18 годин тому
I want dumplings now
Slaughter Wolf 狼
Slaughter Wolf 狼 18 годин тому
Eugene should go against his father
Cameron Wong
Cameron Wong 18 годин тому
I know what I'm having for lunch today
Nekaukitty 65
Nekaukitty 65 18 годин тому
Whoa to be Asian.... Lol I feel like dumplings now
AkiraThePickle 18 годин тому
12:15 anyone else think Ned sounded like banner?
AkiraThePickle 18 годин тому
12:15 anyone else think ned sounded like banner from the avengers?
AkiraThePickle 18 годин тому
12:15 anyone else think he’d sounded like banner from the avengers?
Alexis Marshall
Alexis Marshall 19 годин тому
374 + 11 =385. 4 + 1 =5. 70 + 10 =80. 80 + 5 =85. 300 + 85 = 385.
nishanth singaravelan
nishanth singaravelan 19 годин тому
THE IRONY. I got an against hunger ad before this video started..
Yeinn Oh
Yeinn Oh 20 годин тому
What is Ned doing at 8:30 😂😂😂
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir 20 годин тому
Zack was chilling at 25 while Eugene was dying at 100
WISC 20 годин тому
po would be proud
Scott Larish
Scott Larish 20 годин тому
Wait, Eugene is Korean?
M4sked 20 годин тому
They have to eat 80 dumplings each lol
GamingWithVir 20 годин тому
Ned will go into a food coma 😂😂😂
Dolphintale 2014
Dolphintale 2014 21 годину тому
Keith: wow Eugene u really are a god
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 21 годину тому
I actually ordered dumplings just to watch this....and 100 of them....am I the only one who did that or what!?
Becky 22 години тому
Zach is so attractive >:(
Emome TJ
Emome TJ 22 години тому
Eugene reminds me of Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters
Anthony Marasco
Anthony Marasco 22 години тому
Never had dumplings
josslyn ;
josslyn ; 22 години тому
sometimes im eugene, sometimes im zack
Brandon Zack
Brandon Zack 22 години тому
Strictly Dumpling bitch u left 2 dumpling.
scareface1197 22 години тому
lavanya kalyanakrishnan
lavanya kalyanakrishnan 23 години тому
You guys are not making videos fassssst enough!!!! We need moreeeeeeeeeeee!
FlamedCenturion Gamez
FlamedCenturion Gamez 23 години тому
I love eating these dumplings
Alex Abeyta
Alex Abeyta 23 години тому
Zach looks so good in a hit, just wished it was pulled down a little
rose rosemary
rose rosemary День тому
I can barely finish a plate of teriyaki chicken and white rice at a Japanese restaurant and they can eat this many dumplings wtf.
KeeblerElfSquadOfficial День тому
i could take 100 dumplings no sweat................. i mean if they were hot i would sweat but u get the idea
Alissa Fitzsimmons
Alissa Fitzsimmons День тому
Only a true legend like *jackie* can win this challenge
Aneciya Dees
Aneciya Dees День тому
They need to try ice cream mochi
justin brown
justin brown День тому
Strictly Dumplings! Your channel is the best!
Krista Michienzi
Krista Michienzi День тому
So no ones gonna talk about 3:52 when he leaves two dumplings in the basket?
Hailie Roop
Hailie Roop День тому
You guys should try to make dumplings with-out a recipe.
pancake fac3
pancake fac3 День тому
Keth looks like the dad from coraline
DGMansell День тому
Love Try Guys & love me some Mikey Chan!
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon День тому
the whole concept of this video: *pick your player*
Foose Bombsbosa
Foose Bombsbosa День тому
Hey it’s impractical jokers
pegasoseiya21 День тому
An nyoung !im korean to
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