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Sofia Zhelnovakov
Sofia Zhelnovakov 7 хвилин тому
Wait did she cut her hair
Ahmad family
Ahmad family 2 години тому
Hey it's me I sub to u then u sub to superaroush 99
Camille VU
Camille VU 2 години тому
We all grew out of her videos. Being her parents, recycling old skits, we all thought she’d do it to. Then she came for Forbes because they didn’t choose a rich girl? Because she’s rich? She’s clinging to relevancy and it’s looking desperate.
Nemo Woods
Nemo Woods 3 години тому
Is there a reason why she isn’t going by the name Superwoman anymore ..?
Octo Lovers
Octo Lovers 3 години тому
Anyone else came here because of story booth
Violet 21
Violet 21 5 годин тому
Before I say anything I am a huge fan I am team super here like #TeamSuper but anyway I love Lilly but I kinda miss the old hat wearing, unicorn loving, simple Lilly who was relatable and a little but vulnerable
honestlywhycaninot 5 годин тому
Lilly, your channel is dying. I feel like this was all forced happiness and excitement. Trust me, I know what that looks like from personal experience. If you need to continue your break from your channel, none of us would be mad or upset in the slightest. We all know that when someone needs a break, they truly need the break to stay mentally stable. Take more time for yourself, be safe, and always know that we as your team will respect your decisions no matter what they are.
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz 6 годин тому
Okay I don't have a problem with this UKvidr but she made a 5 minute skit bullying this 8 year old because he said get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
Katarina 7 годин тому
I'm so excited for the new changes!!! Because you're doing what best for you, you inspire me to do what is best for me and take charge of my life. Thank you for always being such an amazing, positive example Lilly, love you!!!
Zozo Loza
Zozo Loza 7 годин тому
Cool it’s so nice to know that you are always gonna like your videos COME GET ME 2019
Kaila A
Kaila A 8 годин тому
Having trouble finding 'add subtitles' is that just on PC?
DinoGamer 10 годин тому
2:12 "loly songh"
TIME TO WAKE UP 12 годин тому
Sorry i dont know you personally but here on UKvid you are not funny.i mean you are doing the same stuff over and over.
TheoneandonlyZulika 13 годин тому
I love you
Sofia Kornas
Sofia Kornas 17 годин тому
you are such an inspiration. whenever i feel sad or without motivation to continue i either watch some of your vlogs or rewatch some of your videos or i just open your book and read a chapter. i'm so glad that you found new energy and i support your changes
Thata MongJi
Thata MongJi 18 годин тому
why you look like someone who presenting new product? hhaha..suddenly you look so serious... all the best for 2019...
Manooku 18 годин тому
I’ve been watching superwoman since her first first videos not gonna cap, SHE CHANGEDDDDD ALOTTT.. and it’s like if you watch her from them and then watch it now you lowkey get disappointed because I still love her and everything but.. her videos were way more funnier and had more character. Now it’s just like.. youtube is more of a serious job to her than it is something to be way funny
ɐɹɐz 20 годин тому
Something is so off about her. When she normally speaks, she smiles. She is exaggerating her happiness. I can tell she's not. Lilly I hope ur ok
Sharu Vlogs
Sharu Vlogs 22 години тому
Is she Hindi bindi Indian
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush День тому
All the best Lily!!!! We love you 😘
Sidra Ahsan
Sidra Ahsan День тому
“Be real, be vulnerable on camera, stop being fake, delete your channel.” LOOOOL you guys need to chill tf out. She’s planning on making less frequent uploads on this channel- she’s taking a STEP towards changing something- change doesn’t happen overnight so please give her a break. God.
Darth Banana
Darth Banana День тому
More like your channel is dying
Dad: you should be a teacher Me: No Dad: why not Me: because I hate school right now you think I'm going back after college Dad: well than what else could you do Me: I have skills I could be a author a UKvidr a artist Dad: you need a backup you have almost no chance of being successful Me: ouch that hurts Sssniperwolf: "we need doctor Phill"
Paige Carlin
Paige Carlin День тому
Can you give us a little tour of your office?? I’d love to see what it looks like now that you’ve been using it for a while
GRIMMdark День тому
will you stop lying, being a professional victim and obsessing over your relevancy this fine 2019? that’d be great 😉
Tay W
Tay W День тому
I love your positivity and excitement. ☺️
Nawadit Sharma
Nawadit Sharma День тому
She used to get 29 m per vid views now its 1. I want it back. I want her vids to have more than 20 m views....
Lucas Yunusic
Lucas Yunusic День тому
This person is truly the less genuine person of this plataform
Let's play! All day
Let's play! All day День тому
As in watching the amount of view she has consist of 1 3 0 it is1,303,333
Pilltion Sr Pill
Pilltion Sr Pill День тому
I can't take a break from school... ( ._.)
Hen xo
Hen xo День тому
She looks older but acts younger ???
Katie Zhao
Katie Zhao День тому
Lilly Singh is changing and Ryan Higa is changing WOOW
Eiman Mohammed Elsir
Eiman Mohammed Elsir День тому
Wait so does she not want to be known as superwoman anymore??
Sadia Saifuddin
Sadia Saifuddin День тому
Why did I feel so emotional when you introduced yourself as Lilly? In all the best ways! I see you, girl! Reclaim your time, energy, and creativity on YOUR terms. You started this as an outlet for your creativity and the UKvid machine has put sooo many people under this pressure to perform when really, it’s about you making magic for you and those that you love. I am so happy and excited for you and sending you love!!!!
Zyx Abc
Zyx Abc День тому
geez what's up with all the hate? she's human you know! obviously she needs some time to take care of herself, but do we really need to hate on her? lily, the only advice i can give you is to do what makes you happy, not what you think will make others happy. we appreciate how hard you've been working, but i hope that you will take some time to work that hard on yourself rather than your videos. im tired of people saying you are trying to be "relevant," and if that is what you are doing, i hope you know that you don't have to. we just want you to be _you._ so many of us love you, but in order to spread love you have to have it for yourself first. please don't force yourself to be someone youre not just to make the internet happy. it isnt worth the self-loath that comes along with it.
Nourhan Elgamal
Nourhan Elgamal День тому
strong girl
strong girl День тому
I wish the whole comment section would get shout down. Everyone fighting over how she shouldn't be this happy bc its "fake"/blah blah blah....if you don't like unsubscribe.
graco the lizard
graco the lizard День тому
it isn't about what we want if she wants to focus on herself who are we to stop her
Joy Lubbers
Joy Lubbers День тому
I love that you are making these changes for you. No one should have to do certain things because it’s expected. If taking a little more time in between videos is what YOU want and what YOU think is best I will support you. Can’t wait for what this new year will bring!
just watching
just watching День тому
I'm reading 'how to be a bawse' You should write a sequel with your life update
DRICA PIRES - Hairstyle
DRICA PIRES - Hairstyle День тому
Very nice 😍 😍 💋 💅 👠 💖
Asia Murchie
Asia Murchie День тому
Lily. U r awesome.. But u should never need to fight for your happiness. Just do what makes u happy.. With love from South Africa
Alex TheCorpse
Alex TheCorpse День тому
Here for the comments, not the content. K bye 👋
Diva Sharma
Diva Sharma День тому
Guys, don't worry she'll be okay please stop complaining she's is just trying to tell you to speard positivity nothing bad is going on 😔
Dany A
Dany A День тому
Rafailia Loupasaki
Rafailia Loupasaki День тому
Girl...just be yourself! You're not doing a favor to anyone!! You have your channel firstly for yourself!! If you want to change it, it's nice! That means that you've grown as a person! I'm here watching you all these years because I loved your energy and positivity, your thoughts and your humor! I don't know your bad side because it's not what you want to share! AND THAT'S OK!!! We are your audience because we like you! But you need to like yourself first before anyone else does it.! So I will wait for something new from you because I believe you're interesting as a person.
Kaur S
Kaur S День тому
What happened.........ur not being the lilly we used to love where’s superwoman gone where’s the lilly that inspired us the one we look up to I miss that Lilly soo much I hope we can have our superwomen back.....😭😭😭😢😢😢😔😣😫😩🥺
Aoife Roche
Aoife Roche 2 дні тому
Lilly is IGTV on Instagram.
Dolan Twins fan
Dolan Twins fan 2 дні тому
Lilly.. We know you. Continue with your break, sweetie
Glitter biznatch
Glitter biznatch 2 дні тому
Who else is tired of this channel?
Lifeissorandom 2 дні тому
She said “Whatup everyone it’s your girl Lilly” and I’m tearing up 😭 ef PMS
BitchyCatInTheRoom 2 дні тому
Omfg you're annoying af
Almeera Malik
Almeera Malik 2 дні тому
Could you PLEASE make a video about your "parents" reacting to Ariana Grandae- "Thank U, Next," Camila Cabello- "Havana," or Dua Lipa "New Rules?" Your "parents" have the FUNNIEST REACTIONS AND ARE SO CLUELESS!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Love you, Lilly!💕
Emma Bug122
Emma Bug122 2 дні тому
I can’t even read the comment section on your videos anymore. Everyone is complaining about you being fake and irrelevant, literally everything is negative. Because of the overwhelming amount of hate she is getting, it’s unfortunately true her channel is dying.
JJH % 2 дні тому
Still love ya Lilly. Focus on you and your health. Do you boo. ❤😊
Saba Mirza
Saba Mirza 2 дні тому
Laurens Corner
Laurens Corner 2 дні тому
Woah this intro threw me off
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang 2 дні тому
I like your UKvid channel
Zyraon 2 дні тому
Fr this time?
SAKEENA ABBAS 2 дні тому
We all support you don't worry if you are happy then I'm happy 😊
Stephen Nicolaou
Stephen Nicolaou 2 дні тому
So basically nothing is changing... wow so surprised.
Mackenzie Greenawalt
Mackenzie Greenawalt 2 дні тому
Lilly you are one of my favorite youtubers to watch i love you and i believe you should be happy so please do whatever it is that makes you happy, healthy, and just your normal self.
sf 2 дні тому
**hits thumbs up before any of lily’s videos start**
tj mgivern
tj mgivern 2 дні тому
abdu rafi
abdu rafi 2 дні тому
Patch notes 2.01:
Саша Рокета
Саша Рокета 2 дні тому
so... 2019 is the year of less work, because you're exhausted and you need some break. Well then ADMIT IT and do what you feel like doing. It's ok, I just want you to be honest with yourself. It could be a burnout..
M X 2 дні тому
Bethel _
Bethel _ 2 дні тому
I was watching this reaction/commentary channel a few weeks ago and the guy described what's wrong with Lilly (or her channel) very accurately : "she's making 2014 content in a 2018 world." Her comedy was relatable to like teenagers from 2010 till 2015 I would say, but don't forget that your audience grows up, and you should evolve with them. I was actually 18 when I started watching Lilly, I'm almost 22 now, and I just don't find her as funny anymore. I want to though. Still support her in everything she does, i hope great things happen to her from now on, i hope Unicorn Island productions really works out for her, but the whole UKvid thing is kinda going down hill.
Bethel _
Bethel _ 2 дні тому
So i watched Lilly *religiously* from 2015 till mid 2018, I was obsessed, i watched every single video she had on her main channel (went WAY back like starting 2010) and i started watching her vlog since 2015 (I wasn't gonna go back and watch like 500+ vlogs come on) and i even bought her book. So i think it's safe to say that i "know" Lilly, her content, what she's like, how she acts, the emotions she portrays etc and honestly, it hasn't been the same for a while now. I mean, change is good, but the way Lilly and her channel changed is kinda weird. It's not her, it's not who she is. And the funny thing is that, in July of 2018 i was on vacation for like 3 weeks and i didnt really have wifi where i was so i couldn't watch any youtube videos and when i came back in August, I was SO excited to watch all the vlogs and main channel videos that i had missed and when i watched them, it felt like i was watching a completely different person. She just wasn't herself anymore. I couldn't even get through the videos. So i kinda stopped watching her after August, still had her notifications on on YT, and I would check in once in a while but it was still...unfunny to say the least. I completely ignored all of her videos for a few months now and today i decided to check out all the collabs of Xmas, and honestly, that was not comedy, didn't even make me smile. It's basically Lele Pons level of comedy, and i just was not expecting that from Lilly. I really hope she can go back to how she was, the real, goofy, tomboy, carefree Lilly we fell in love with at first.
Poopina 2 дні тому
Dont be so mean in the comments guys. Show some kindness. You dont have to understand everything in order to be nice to someone. Lilly, you do you :)
Kajal Jajoria
Kajal Jajoria 2 дні тому
Now that is what I call growth♥️ .....I LOVE YOU
It's Rashelle
It's Rashelle 2 дні тому
Wait lily your hair is shorter
Riya Rode
Riya Rode 2 дні тому
Lilly even if you have a hard time with the haters and you are literally dying inside, remember that supporters like me are out there supporting you❣️
XiaZia 3 дні тому
Luv it 💖💖
IAm Ok
IAm Ok 3 дні тому
Lily's makeup looks so good here.ohhh do a makeup tutorial 😭
Jess 3 дні тому
You are Lily. You are Superwoman. You are not fronting. You are not stunting. You have this amazing energy and vibe about you that only gets better as you express yourself. Burnouts can happen as a content creator or any kind of creator. This is your family, but even with the positive/negative comments and suggestions, at the end of the day, you gotta do you and I truly believe you show every spectrum of you. Stay my hero. Stay UNDEFINED!!!!!!
D. D.
D. D. 3 дні тому
The official end of IISuperwomanII :(
Sodak Tn
Sodak Tn 3 дні тому
The only clarity I want is to know if my dad is coming back or not
Selena Goudreault
Selena Goudreault 3 дні тому
I hope she goes back to the good old lilly I was watching a few years ago... her vids are so forced now and scripted :/ it feels not authentic
Nigel Niggit
Nigel Niggit 3 дні тому
I’m taking another breaks guys.
shellygurl86 3 дні тому
A ton of luck
Stefan De maas
Stefan De maas 3 дні тому
Lilly you have no idea how amazing it feels when you say you love youre fans Greets from the Netherlands😁
Bealthie 3 дні тому
I missed you Lilly !!!
Nadia Lehman
Nadia Lehman 3 дні тому
hi love your vids
Victony Channel
Victony Channel 3 дні тому
Rahul Shewale
Rahul Shewale 3 дні тому
Oiii lilly good work
zareen 147
zareen 147 3 дні тому
Best decision.I am so proud of you. But why not "one love superwoman" ?!
James Morante
James Morante 3 дні тому
End your channel you’re a joke.
Tom Edëk
Tom Edëk 3 дні тому
I'm excited for the no schedule. Getting a video from Lil is gonna feel like a nice little surprise. Like hey gorgeous, here's a video to brighten your day!
The Jasoos
The Jasoos 3 дні тому
I don't understand why most people are accusing Lilly of being over enthusiastic...... she's just being her true self.She's just the same as in her old videos....love u Lilly!!!! Keep going.
Daniella's Town
Daniella's Town 3 дні тому
“What’s up its your girl lily” Me:😮
Terezzus 3 дні тому
So proud of you
Aidan . Z
Aidan . Z 3 дні тому
Woah..guys? Leave her alone :( She's human too
Baby Blue
Baby Blue 3 дні тому
Quality over quantity 💪🏼
Nines&AKs 3 дні тому
dont come back
fozia atif
fozia atif 3 дні тому
Don't come back on what ? How about you don't come back on this channel
Idk what I'm doing with my life
*the hate in this comment section is higher than my grades*
Hannah Sabria Hernández Bueno
Nooooo....no more SuperWoman!!😔😔But hey! Excited for ALL the new good stuff this 2019! Thanks for being such a creative soul & a powerful inspiring source!💪💪💪
Zeenah Jonathan
Zeenah Jonathan 3 дні тому
Was I the only one thinking she was gonna change the channels name to Lilly Singh ?
Naomi Iris
Naomi Iris 3 дні тому
She is just trying to make a soft transition to a more personal / vulnerable life. And it starts with the name. Lilly. Once we as viewers get used to her real name and kinda forget the SUPER, she can start to be more real. And maybe this is the strategy. it's well thought. Obviously, most of youtubers, after gaining an audiance thanks to regular uploads and a niche market start opening up. it's the normal evolution of any youtuber. You don't have to force yourself to impress people after 14M. Don't judge her. she's transitioning slowly and diversifying .
Karen Szerszyn
Karen Szerszyn 3 дні тому
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