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Only 100 days left. Will you make the most of it?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.





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D4n 34 хвилини тому
I'm gonna do it I'm gonna archive everything and you cant stop me
Toby Lam
Toby Lam 34 хвилини тому
Is there another Unus anus
Red eye
Red eye 34 хвилини тому
It has only been 8 months not a year
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
I AlexYT I
I AlexYT I 34 хвилини тому
Is it a dead Channel now?
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 34 хвилини тому
Who tf cares...? You are creepy.....
Frank 34 хвилини тому
Imagine the people coming here after seeing it trending and wondering wtf is going on.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace 35 хвилин тому
Uno 35 хвилин тому
All I’m saying is, y’all best not stop making these types of videos together after this.
Uno 34 хвилини тому
I mean what y’all used to do with Tyler as well
Faze_lit_dope 35 хвилин тому
wait what is unus arnus im confused
Brian Shortridge
Brian Shortridge 35 хвилин тому
#1 On God's image turned into he/she's
Carvalho Jerome
Carvalho Jerome 35 хвилин тому
But you couldnt press those pants? Really?
lil BIG HiT
lil BIG HiT 35 хвилин тому
I rather watch this then 69 number 1 on trending
Gamer Moments
Gamer Moments 36 хвилин тому
Why did this lowkey make me cry 😂
Ognimas 36 хвилин тому
Get two metres apart you naughty boys
Friendly Weeb
Friendly Weeb 36 хвилин тому
Why'd you have to hit me in the feels like that (╥﹏╥)(。ŏ﹏ŏ)
werfkj 36 хвилин тому
Thomas 36 хвилин тому
-gay panic as I realize I have to watch all of this faster-
that one guy
that one guy 36 хвилин тому
Mark and Ethan: you will never see these videos again after one year! Archive channels: yes but actually no
Dark Ryuk
Dark Ryuk 37 хвилин тому
OMFG 100 days left. I need to watch the other videos fast. I can't believe this is happening
r m
r m 37 хвилин тому
God, this is like Club Penguin all over again
Day Man
Day Man 37 хвилин тому
I love God. God is a man. Does that make me gay for God.... you betcha
Katherine Reynolds
Katherine Reynolds 38 хвилин тому
Ahmad raafat
Ahmad raafat 38 хвилин тому
So Unus Annus will be deleted in a year not their gaming channel right
John Gabby
John Gabby 38 хвилин тому
Heres a game theory: Mark and Ethan are elder gods who, in 100 days, will not only end this channel, but the world itself
TheL33x 39 хвилин тому
This is upsetting :(
Mr Hubers 2
Mr Hubers 2 39 хвилин тому
thiss channel i guess is trying to show nothing stays forever and that we should move on and not to hold back
FringedWig46 39 хвилин тому
wat i havent even watch one video pls dont delete let me at least watch one
Squished seal
Squished seal 39 хвилин тому
SlimeYTwolf 40 хвилин тому
This was fun.. Rip nutball...
KI115witch 40 хвилин тому
All this youtube channel was regular cringe youtube content but with clever marketing... 😐
MarcDaBlue 110
MarcDaBlue 110 40 хвилин тому
I wasted my time 😰
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 40 хвилин тому
Am I the only one who cried...?
handsome squidward tennis balls the M&M man
I have never seen this channel before
kinsey leeper
kinsey leeper 40 хвилин тому
Goodbye my loves I will miss u so much
Nomi omi
Nomi omi 40 хвилин тому
So their ending their channel I actually thought the world was ending lol
Bunni QUEEN 41 хвилина тому
Welp momentomori I guess I love this channel it’ll be sad when the time comes but GOODBYE😔
B u b b l e UvU
B u b b l e UvU 41 хвилина тому
*me just coming out of therapy taking about how much I hate myself and that I'm nothing special* This video: I think the fuck not
GermanPickle69 41 хвилина тому
Da hellllllllll
x.e 41 хвилина тому
Dominic Callighan
Dominic Callighan 41 хвилина тому
how is this 2nd on trending????? (not mad)
Puzzles and More
Puzzles and More 41 хвилина тому
Me: Just randomly sees this in trending without any context and without watching any other videos Also me: Wait wha-
Da Foxy
Da Foxy 41 хвилина тому
Okee bois lets go fined a bridge!
idontevenknow 42 хвилини тому
I bet my big left toe that someone's gonna upload them to pornhub
Seán O'Dea
Seán O'Dea 42 хвилини тому
oh i don’t like this, this actually gave me an unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. still, the end is inevitable and i shouldn’t fight it, even though a lot of me really wants to. this channel brought me so much joy and laughter, and i’m gonna forever miss it. thank you for making it exist. unus annus. 😔✌️
TheBlackFootadedFeret Feret
TheBlackFootadedFeret Feret 42 хвилини тому
You've grown so much - Cranky playz Me: I think he was talking about his mustache
moxhii 43 хвилини тому
This is what we all need, to learn to let go but hold the memories tight even if we might've thought it was all just a dream. Thank you both Mark and Ethan for teaching us this, this will be missed but man will it not forgotten. Memento Mori! ♡ Edit: I'm not saying it's the end! We're close to the end and we are ready for it, we've been told time and time again it will come to end as our time slips from our fingers. I am not treating it like the end but a reminder.
TwitchJuko 43 хвилини тому
One more Year Plz
Erick De Los Santos
Erick De Los Santos 43 хвилини тому
I’m faded asf
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens 43 хвилини тому
ElectricPeaPlayz 44 хвилини тому
I’m afraid what is this for
michael mpe
michael mpe 38 хвилин тому
@ElectricPeaPlayz they're deleting every video to teach you nothing lasts forever and enjoy everything while you can. Death comes for everyone and everything, this channel, the videos, even you
ElectricPeaPlayz 40 хвилин тому
michael mpe Why?
michael mpe
michael mpe 42 хвилини тому
This channel, in 100 days every video will be deleted. Catch up while you can
Noah Intven
Noah Intven 45 хвилин тому
Cant you stop making video’s but keep ur yt channel
Deon Watts
Deon Watts 45 хвилин тому
#1 on trending how
The RageLord
The RageLord 45 хвилин тому
It's been great with some of the videos but now it's a good bye forever.
not available
not available 45 хвилин тому
i’m so confused lol are they gonna keep making videos or are they done?
kawaii _dark wolf
kawaii _dark wolf 40 хвилин тому
@michael mpe oh ok
michael mpe
michael mpe 41 хвилина тому
In 100 days, they're deleting all their videos
drstraange 45 хвилин тому
Haha Haha this is not the end lol so many other channels will have the entire series ready to watch...
CLAN_TEDD TED 45 хвилин тому
Whyyy this is my favorite channel
Thomas 45 хвилин тому
On the other hand we already are missing out on thousands and thousands of videos uploaded to UKvid daily that we will never see because time is not enough to watch them all. Ask yourself if you really want to spend the next 100 days watching all Unus Annus videos before the time is over, or go out and discover something new and interesting before YOUR spare time is over.
My Channel
My Channel 45 хвилин тому
What if they get 100M subs in a hundred days?
Olivia Morris
Olivia Morris 45 хвилин тому
wow 2020 has really outdone itself, huh?
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