THIS IS GOODBYE... for now... sort of... just watch the video. It's important

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*Note* This is on trending now, dunno how. TFIL has been around for 2.5 years traveling the world with the goal to conquer 1,000 things I want to do before I do (The f**k if list) & now the channel is changing to become a non-profit VICE style documentary channel. Apologies for the opening 35 seconds, we’re just weird dudes that do whatever we want. Keep the homophobic comments out of here.

TFIL IS NOT ENDING. READ THIS! Lots of fun stuff happening that you can be involved in!
The travel-first-person-vlog style is ending though.
Over the next 30 days TFIL is going to be progressing into what will be the first ever NON-PROFIT UKvid channel. Every video made will be to benefit various non-profits around the world to help bring exposure, awareness and of course, donations to their cause. We will be donating 100% of the ad-sense from the videos to their respective charities. These videos will have a slight touch of the old-school TFIL vlog style but heavily intertwined with what you see in a standard documentary. (20 minutes long each, approximately) That will start approximately mid March.
Until then!
Feb 3rd I will start the next 24/7 charity live-stream that will benefit the TREVOR Project & National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Goal is to raise $150,000. I will be locked in a freezer. Yes, a freezer.
Feb 11th - I'm releasing the music video with Simple Plan & Scotty Sire.
The next 3 weekends, I will be releasing a different WORLD RECORD video.
End of January! We are shooting these videos in LA! We will need at least 500 people to join to help us break these records!! Please stay tuned to my Twitter @EltonCastee for full details coming soon.
SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & Grab your SEND IT Society gear! www.SendItSociety.com *That's the absolute best way to help keep this channel going!!
SAM, COLBY & COREY ARE BACK IN TFIL! This is Part 6 of 9 for our Australia series!!! Don't miss a single video! Subscribe, notifs, all of it! Do it!
ELTON CASTEE - IG @EltonCastee
SAM GOLBACH - IG @SamGolbach
COLBY BOCK - @ColbyBrock
COREY SCHERER - IG @CoreyScherer




6 січ 2019

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Onyx Le Monde
Onyx Le Monde 13 хвилин тому
we are gonna be non profit *two members get arrested*
jarjarbeastcringe Годину тому
ugh you do realize that this whole change takes the whole meaning of this channel away? The reason I started watching your videos is because of what you did like you know the bowling alley and the trampoline park and the sneaking into Fiesta Village because it was mostly just funny and entertaining and there's literally no point in having a nonprofit "professional documentary" type channel and I am strongly against this "change" you have planned because I won't watch your "educational" videos at all. I watch youtube because people like you guys do stupid, entertaining stuff and that it the reason why you have 2.1 million subs right now. Why would you give up what 2.1 million others showed support towards? I was going to suggest trying to sneak into the white house like jake paul but not like him because he's retarded. But I guess you won't ever be doing that anymore so never mind. I'm sorry for having such a long comment I just really liked the stuff you did before and don't understand why you would give it up. Personally, I'd rather live a life full of adrenaline and fun rather than "professional, educational documentaries." Please don't change. None of your 2.1 million subscribers subscribed because of what you have planned.
Krisstopher Compton
Krisstopher Compton 3 години тому
I love you Elton and I love what you have done and plan on doing
Acer Life
Acer Life 3 години тому
The music
Acer Life
Acer Life 3 години тому
I want to cry 😭😭
JustShutterDroy JSD
JustShutterDroy JSD 6 годин тому
TFIL I'm very glad I have been watching you for 4 years and I'm very happy for you. I hope that your future UKvid will be good. 😥😊
Hope Wheelock
Hope Wheelock 15 годин тому
I have watched every single video TFIL has ever put out and I loved all of them. Elton you are an amazing person and I can't wait to see all the charities you help and all the good work you are about to do. TFIL for life even if it isn't the same as it used to be. I love you Elton.
The main One
The main One 15 годин тому
I love you,but this goodbye
Jasmine pegg
Jasmine pegg 17 годин тому
Guys we love you all even if it is changing we won’t see you all together often I have been inspired by you guys to take chances and send it! I am so happy you guys are still best friends we all love you and we all hope you never break up your friendship I gonna cry for a few days but again we all love and please don’t forget that! We love you and are proud f you guys and are super happy for you guys! Even if I never got to meet you I’m still grateful for you all inspiring us!
Breanna Jowett
Breanna Jowett 17 годин тому
Ahhhhh I'm so sad 😢😢😢😢💙💙❤️💜❤️💚💜💚 Go with your dreams .and err if they aren't dreams but you want to try it do it too and if they aren't either of em then ..don't do it 😐💙💙
Cerissa Lavallee
Cerissa Lavallee 17 годин тому
I’m crying 😭🙃
Brayden Bosworth
Brayden Bosworth 19 годин тому
you are my favorite youtubers I don't want you guys to separate from each other and I have been watching you for 2 years im so sad that you are separating i am crying right now you made me ho I am I love you plz don't separate plz
samira pantoja
samira pantoja 21 годину тому
alex 22 години тому
This is a man that lives. This man can really breathe the air, look at the sky, ride waves, travel as far as the world goes. He makes me have no doubt that no matter what happens to him, he will continue living, never once faltering because he knows why he's here, alive and why he's doing what he is. This man is Elton Castee, who made his name, his own. This was Chapter One. I can't wait to turn the page and see Chapter Two ❤️ With all love and respect, your fan❤️
Lauren 23 години тому
muisc music
muisc music 23 години тому
News you guy's Sam & Colby are in JAIL 😢😭😭
Adam films
Adam films 23 години тому
I'm crying
Carter Brooks
Carter Brooks День тому
A year ago you said you would go to Kentucky and I think that you should
conner dailey1
conner dailey1 День тому
Eltion I jave a question I just fpund the latest I can and on Instagram and twitter I keep seeing Sam and Colby booked in a shearif office is this true plz comment back when you can
Lisa Ekstrom
Lisa Ekstrom День тому
colby look like he is trying not to cry
Adam O'Neill
Adam O'Neill День тому
This is going to be the best bday ever, i turn 21...and I watch TFIL turn intonsomething to help us all who face suicidal thoughts and tendencies. My dysphoria is overwhelming, and watch Tfil has been magical. Hank you so much to EVERYONE involved with TfIL. You guys are long distance friends. I love you all. ♡
Stephina Yoshi
Stephina Yoshi День тому
This is a supposed to be a meaningful and kinda sad video but I can’t concentrate BECAUSE OF COREYS DAMN SHOES 3:18 JUST LOOK AT THEM
Clark Rivera
Clark Rivera День тому
Elton please Come back😭
Solby XPLR13
Solby XPLR13 День тому
this is sad but im just glad tfil isn't ending and maybe there will be a future video with Elton, corey, sam and Colby on tfil
Crystaisunshine MSP
Crystaisunshine MSP День тому
i found your channel literally just recently and the fact that its over and i just became a subscriber is sad. i wish i was here way sooner. the part where corey said o2l made me laugh haha but you guys are sweet and intelligent guys who will do great things. i'm happy and excited for your guys's future hanging out together without the camera and uploading videos. its probably for the better not just because you guys have matured. youtube can be toxic to friendships or relationships irl such as jesse and jeana from pvp so i am glad you guys are ending this channel but with good terms with one another.
Aša Slayys
Aša Slayys День тому
1 more time i want to see u guys together again I WAS CRYING uve guys have ur own path and i respect that but the fact u wont be together on this very channel is VERY heartrboken WE LOVE U ALL
Maddie Maddison
Maddie Maddison День тому
I will miss tfil so much but I'm so happy for you guys and I wish elton,Corey,sam and Colby all the best love you guys so much. And by the way I cried so much.
yajaira sori
yajaira sori День тому
Didn’t they say in the bowling video that they will make another channel with explore videos
Patty Smith
Patty Smith День тому
I'm so sorry about what you guys are going through, (the fires) It really sucks when your surrounded in fires and all you can do is worry, You guys have it horrible down it Cali and I feel so bad for you guys, Love and prayers from all of the fans out there😪😪😪
Aidan Wiacek
Aidan Wiacek День тому
Well I just want to thank u 4 being a part of my life😭
Roblox_codester 321
Roblox_codester 321 День тому
I love you guys you have made a change in my life like when my family memebrrb passed y’all made m happy and I healed from that so thanks you guys I love you all and everybody I hope one day you meet up when y’all are like 79 and just jump out a plane and parachute you now
Raena Hainline
Raena Hainline День тому
TFIL has inspired and entertained me so much, it taught me to not be afraid to try new things and push boundaries, and also to try the things that do scare you to overcome those fears. So thank you to Elton, Sam Colby, And Cory for showing me to always live life to the fullest and just send it!!!!!!!! The impacted you have all made on my life can't be expressed enough.
Hobson Buxton
Hobson Buxton День тому
Hobson Buxton
Hobson Buxton День тому
loved your vid's but it's going to be more importen't
Naome Charsha
Naome Charsha День тому
the day yall are doing the live stream is my birthday
Nicole Sargent
Nicole Sargent День тому
you guy are so cool
Hailey Rodriguez
Hailey Rodriguez День тому
I’m gonna keep reading the title and understand what’s going on
Krystal Dunlap
Krystal Dunlap День тому
No do not I💖your old video
Hunter Murray
Hunter Murray День тому
Hey guys lol my picture but go listen to your we’re back video to the abandoned mall listen close I swear I heard a 1,2 I’m coming for u
The Banana Queen
The Banana Queen День тому
Who else is just looking through he comments during the video so you don’t cry
Liam O'Byrne
Liam O'Byrne День тому
No is it the end don’t do this Elton 😢😢😢😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😥😰😰😰😰😰😰🤭
Garett Tucker
Garett Tucker День тому
you should come back together sometimes please
Garett Tucker
Garett Tucker День тому
i found you guys last night and im already sad because of this
Garett Tucker
Garett Tucker День тому
Dont quit youtube plz im crying now because of this
Ondre Mariu-Salmon
Ondre Mariu-Salmon 2 дні тому
They should stay in an abandoned strangers house
ItsCaitlynMarie 2 дні тому
one second into the video and the music has me all kinds of emotional
Matt Morris
Matt Morris 2 дні тому
He’s still goin to be in David’s vlogs
Madden Martin
Madden Martin 2 дні тому
Are you guys making a new channel?? Anyway I love you guys and I love your Vids!!😍😘😙💖💕💓💝
Weston Moravec
Weston Moravec 2 дні тому
I just thought of a great idea for you guys you guys should go to the store buy some Nerf guns have a giant Nerf war in the trampoline park but it's just you guys don't make me get everyone else because then they're probably going to cheat. Leave comment if you think they should
Candin Tucker
Candin Tucker 2 дні тому
Danica Rosales
Danica Rosales 2 дні тому
Change for the better 😻 but honestly, I just found new amazing Family here❤❤
Aidan Wiacek
Aidan Wiacek 2 дні тому
No I like things the way they r 😭
Ian Womack
Ian Womack 2 дні тому
this channel is officially dead bad joke
Rowan Miller
Rowan Miller 2 дні тому
Random Games
Random Games 2 дні тому
You all inspired me and i really can't thank you enough I started watching you at the very beggining tgrougg everything Elton thank you
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 2 дні тому
No I don’t want it to end it’s the best UKvid Chanel I watch I’m sooo sad I’m crying this is my last goodbye I thought this would never happen you guys are the best I will stay strong and plz get in each other’s videos sometimes I will go back and keep watching all the videos until u make another one all together 😘😍😭😭😭😭😭😭🤞
Lily Baker
Lily Baker 2 дні тому
I’m crying so hard 😭😭😭😭😭
hiitsamemario64 a
hiitsamemario64 a 2 дні тому
Change is good but this channel I thought was meant to be silly and after all the channel stands for The F*ck it list that's just what I'm going to miss
Kenny Hamlin
Kenny Hamlin 2 дні тому
I have been watching from the start and it is going to be so sad and diffrent to see them together 😭
Sam Pessefall
Sam Pessefall 3 дні тому
Solby 😰😰😰😭😭
Marcial Salas
Marcial Salas 3 дні тому
Go by we love u man good 😢😢
tea bag
tea bag 3 дні тому
are u not going to post until the end of january
Riley 3 дні тому
Through out all the years and all the videos on every ones channel I think we’ve seen everyone but Colby cry.
Cheyennes Asmr
Cheyennes Asmr 3 дні тому
kaitlyn stiles
kaitlyn stiles 3 дні тому
love you Elton and Sam and Colby and Cory love the 4 of you guys watch you one at a time again
Carina James
Carina James 3 дні тому
I've been a fan of this channel and all your individual channels for quite sometime, Yep I have even binged watched🙈. I have never commented on a single UKvid video in my life but I had to reply to this one. I just wanted to tell you guys that you are amazing, the rock stars of UKvid! I hope to one day meet all of you. Stay awesome! 😎
Carina James
Carina James 3 дні тому
I've been a fan of this channel and all your individual channels for quite sometime, Yep I have even binged watched🙈. I have never commented on a single UKvid video in my life but I had to reply to this one. I just wanted to tell you guys that you are amazing, the rock stars of UKvid! I hope to one day meet all of you. Stay awesome! 😎
Tvawesomeness 01
Tvawesomeness 01 3 дні тому
Well that was just sad y can’t u not go back and have it more so u can have happy times for the subs
Yasmin Lawson
Yasmin Lawson 3 дні тому
Been a good 2 years uncle Elton!! Watching your journey has been amazing and inspiring. Good luck with your new videos. Can't wait to see them 😊
Happy Zebra
Happy Zebra 3 дні тому
Are you guys still going to live together
Happy Zebra
Happy Zebra 3 дні тому
This actually made me cry
Christina Arnold
Christina Arnold 3 дні тому
making me cry smh
TEAM Choco91
TEAM Choco91 3 дні тому
@mr.beast. they need help pls donate them
Jada janelle
Jada janelle 3 дні тому
I’m crying but in a cool way😭😎😭😎
Amily Fowler
Amily Fowler 3 дні тому
No guys look at the description
ccp exploration group
ccp exploration group 3 дні тому
If this becomes a charity yt channel I'm unsubscribing
Alyssa Buziak
Alyssa Buziak 3 дні тому
We all Love I guys for ever it breaks my heart that u guys r moving apart u guys r so great with each other Plz make more vids together and other vids I. Ur own channel we will miss u guys so much if u don’t u guys r role models. Love u all 😘💕 u made 2018 be the best year for all of us too
jazz and justin cattrell
jazz and justin cattrell 3 дні тому
We got more thank 100k
Sarah Bogart
Sarah Bogart 3 дні тому
who else is crying oh wait i know me ah 😭😭😭😭
Star Lord
Star Lord 3 дні тому
when I first found out that you guys are cool is when I first seen you guys together at the mall go luck man and may the force be with you TFIL!!!!
Barnacle Brain
Barnacle Brain 3 дні тому
When Corey talked about o2l I cried too
Md_Ac 3 дні тому
Man that's bullshit who cares about meaningful videos I think I speak for a lot of people when I say you shouldn't change the videos that you make together are funny scary and entertaining it's enjoyable please don't changed.
Mary Padgett
Mary Padgett 3 дні тому
8:30 is when i was crying
Savage Gaming op
Savage Gaming op 3 дні тому
i liked and sub
Dominick G
Dominick G 3 дні тому
You guys should do a human ouji bored game
no name
no name 3 дні тому
Shyla Lewis
Shyla Lewis 3 дні тому
in the description he spelt colbys name wrong lol
Keirra Aragon
Keirra Aragon 3 дні тому
im going to miss you guys😨😰😭😭
hayutii crazyass
hayutii crazyass 3 дні тому
I love you but this is goodbye I swear to remember the good times😩❤️
Mickel teh Pickel
Mickel teh Pickel 3 дні тому
Good job guys keep it up, one of the best channels😀😀😀
kawaiicandy girl
kawaiicandy girl 3 дні тому
yeah make a overnight channel do what mac murphy
Katie Beaudin
Katie Beaudin 3 дні тому
Hey Elton my birthday is on February 3rd so I thing that it’s gonna be a good day
Natalia Gatcha life
Natalia Gatcha life 3 дні тому
Please make a overnight channel and then for this channel you can do whatever you want plzzz 🙏
Lorene Rochin
Lorene Rochin 3 дні тому
Unicorn Love
Unicorn Love 4 дні тому
LOVED and I mean LOVED the title
xbøi 4 дні тому
Before I started the video I thought that corey was going to say that he was gay...😂😂😂😆😆😆but sorry for that
John Gunn
John Gunn 4 дні тому
I am goning to each the old vidos cor mommies
DreamCwyren 4 дні тому
What military video are they talking about
gabe perez
gabe perez 4 дні тому
Thank you guys for all you’ve done. TFIL was my escape from any bad times I was having throughout my life. This channel has made me laugh and happy so many times and I’m forever grateful for that. I’m happy you guys are growing and taking this channel even farther than you already have. Good luck to you guys with everything going forward I wish you all the best
Jillian Kwiecinski
Jillian Kwiecinski 4 дні тому
Have Cory and Keith do a 24 hour Gallange together it will be so funny and make TFIL YOU GO WITH
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