This is the end

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New channel BeefCake FLAIR ukvid.net/show-UCIzR...

Video explanation dropping at 8pm CST tonight



18 вер 2021





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FLAIR Місяць тому
New channel BeefCake FLAIR ukvid.net/show-UCIzRSztGgBgPvHGCbn7Nwww Video explanation dropping at 8pm CST tonight
Sean D
Sean D Місяць тому
@Gage Larkin that isn't cutting it anymore. Parent groups have been heavily pressuring the big advertisers for years to not do business with YT if they can't keep violent or "dangerous" content away from their kids. We can say it's a parenting problem all we want, but if they make enough of a stink to the companies that make up large portions of UKvid's revenue while simultaneously pressuring their elected officials, UKvid is going to make the financial decision. It would cost hundreds of millions to redesign the platform to support validated and meaningful age verification, along with hundreds of millions more to police the content ensuring that adult themed content stayed out of the under 18 section, not to mention the half of their potential ad impressions / views they'd lose because 60 percent of all videos viewed on UKvid by users that are not logged in, it would also kill the embedded video views. In the face of all of that, it's easy to see why they'd just nuke anything with violence, firearms or blood, which includes hunting content, presumably even fishing content that shows blood / cleaning of fish. Remember that something stupid like 85% of all UKvid views are to the top 200 channels and music videos. They won't bat an eyelash at losing the hunting, outdoors, survival, firearms and fishing communities.
Gage Larkin
Gage Larkin Місяць тому
UKvid is stupid. All youtube needs to do is put a age verification and if a kid gets past that, its not on youtube it's on the kid
Bounty Gameing
Bounty Gameing Місяць тому
You should make a new channel and post all of your hunting videos and continue to make hunting vids
Juice 211
Juice 211 Місяць тому
The channel link won't work for me
Sean D
Sean D Місяць тому
@Dan G you should probably spend some time learning about what the first amendment really means, because UKvid and other social media platforms refusing to host someone's content has nothing to do with the first amendment. Freedom of speech is in reference to the government preventing you from speaking out against it. Non-governmental / privately owned organizations have 100% say and control over what is said using their platform, just like a supermarket or restaurant had the right to force you to wear shoes and a shirt in order to obtain service. Come on guys, when I was a kid, we covered this stuff in 2nd and 3rd grade.
SeidelRanch 20 годин тому
This is crazy. Some of my friends channels have been demonetized also. Not just hunting and fishing. Military too. Worried about my juggin videos now.
sam 8 днів тому
You deserve it bro,the killing that you've done is insane
levon rosenbauer
levon rosenbauer 13 днів тому
Dam you gonna have to get a real job
Cowboy Marshall
Cowboy Marshall 14 днів тому
we need to come up with a conservitive youtube website that is not controlled by youtube
glasgow blue boxing fan
glasgow blue boxing fan 16 днів тому
You tube just hate anything traditional and American or just people being free in general .
Chuck Noris
Chuck Noris 16 днів тому
Bro, take it to Rumble
Mrs jenko
Mrs jenko 17 днів тому
About time 😂
Zakk's Moto Life
Zakk's Moto Life 17 днів тому
It's the new soft generation and Karen's. They are ruining everything in life.
Mr sir Insane
Mr sir Insane 18 днів тому
I pray for your kid in all hopes in a way I love u
Mr sir Insane
Mr sir Insane 18 днів тому
Utube can’t do that I’ve been through a lot such as a break up I’m pouring in tears
Brea Willette
Brea Willette 18 днів тому
UKvid needs to cut the shit. Unless they want to be hated like facebook.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 20 днів тому
I'm sure it has something to do with sensitive snowflakes who want you to respect the life of wild game taken in lawful manner. This whole world is a crock of shit! 👊
Aidan Russell
Aidan Russell 21 день тому
Do a Patreon
gary hutton
gary hutton 21 день тому
what the hell flair
Nick Allan
Nick Allan 22 дні тому
nature's wild playground
nature's wild playground 22 дні тому
Your channel has made a impact on all of us as a creator myself this sucks ass
Christopher Greene
Christopher Greene 23 дні тому
This is the end
Randy jamieson
Randy jamieson 23 дні тому
Bro me and my brothers watched you evry day after school love you
Pierce maday
Pierce maday 24 дні тому
Switch to Facebook.
Carson Eddins
Carson Eddins 25 днів тому
There goes watching my favorite duck hunting videos 🥲
SUPRA 25 днів тому
Fuck UKvid just make y’all’s own app
Fuck Fbi
Fuck Fbi 26 днів тому
UKvid don’t care no more they want everything gone
Mr. Bob
Mr. Bob 26 днів тому
Lol, " I was on the phone all day last night"
Arsenick 27 днів тому
flair. i been telling all the "outdoor" youtubers. and 2A channels we need to migrate to a better platform. UKvid is no longer for we the people.
Kaden’s Outdoors
Kaden’s Outdoors 27 днів тому
UKvid is just a bunch of liberals… So stupid what there doing😕
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 27 днів тому
his glow up from pond hopping with the boys to becoming a successful man and soon to be daddy keep your head up flair we got your back
Brandon Frans
Brandon Frans 27 днів тому
Donkey punched
Bobby’s off-roading
Bobby’s off-roading 27 днів тому
I’ve never clicked so fast
Bobby’s off-roading
Bobby’s off-roading 18 днів тому
@yasio bolo huh
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 27 днів тому
Has nothing to do with the hunting it’s the community of people and continuing a tradition hunting ain’t dying and I’ll do whatever I have to to keep you and the boys going
ian delgado
ian delgado 27 днів тому
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 27 днів тому
Nooooooooooooooooooo flair
Joe Sutka
Joe Sutka 28 днів тому
Watch them Flair, your going to have a child, Watch them and if you don't agree with me. I will stop watching UKvid all together. UKvid is barking up the wrong tree. For Sure!
Joe Sutka
Joe Sutka 28 днів тому
Flair attention Attention: Why and what are they doing at UKvid, When the animated programs, are riddle with the F Eords and violence. Talk about the demoralizing the moral of pur youth. It's disgusting 😒
GLOWᴳᵒᵈ 28 днів тому
GlizyGobblerYT_ 28 днів тому
All your hunting videos and trapping are back up?
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 28 днів тому
spelling. I'm busy guy
oturoonie 28 днів тому
Cole Collins
Cole Collins 28 днів тому
This is bull crap flair never did anything wrong and there just gonna do him like that. That’s not right UKvid kiss my right cheek.
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 28 днів тому
Help stop the youtube hate for hunting: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Lu4GUOfuD04.html
AJ ZAMORA 28 днів тому
That beard is nasty af
423 Fishin with CT
423 Fishin with CT 28 днів тому
Apple 28 днів тому
Hunting videos arent my jam, but ya know imma sub and like everyone
charlie carroll
charlie carroll 28 днів тому
Giantdark272 29 днів тому
Casey Curry
Casey Curry 29 днів тому
Has nothing to do with the hunting it’s the community of people and continuing a tradition hunting ain’t dying and I’ll do whatever I have to to keep you and the boys going
J. Chow
J. Chow 29 днів тому
Screw UKvid and their woke leftism....
Oliver Vang
Oliver Vang 29 днів тому
the vids where fun and cool while they lasted :(
Wes f
Wes f 29 днів тому
UKvid is trying to make UKvidrs have more channels so UKvid can make more money that’s what they’re trying to do
Lucy-In-The- Sky-With-Diamonds
Lucy-In-The- Sky-With-Diamonds 29 днів тому
It's all about AVOIDING the "9 TO 5 " it's not Rocket Science.. take a blind man Hunting and get 10 % off all merchandise......need to buy more property so I can Buy Kenneth Copland Lear Jet..we are both in the same Con Business both of us shoot animals..and neither one of us have a clue what a real JOB is..
chding zuure
chding zuure 29 днів тому
You're so great ??
durrtyd77 29 днів тому
UKvid bans all the hunting and trapping videos yet I have to watch a straw being pulled from a bloody turtle nostril everytime ads pop up. That is disturbing to me. Just my two cents.
Lucas Priesendorf
Lucas Priesendorf 29 днів тому
On a thing called Samsung Internet I can still watch your videos on hunting and trapping as well as other UKvidrs.
chding zuure
chding zuure 29 днів тому
Jumere Herrera
Jumere Herrera 29 днів тому
I think we should stop watching UKvid cause we are bringing them money like maybe all the outdoors guys can create an app or something so we can watch them
BowhuntingRoad 29 днів тому
Help stop the youtube hate for hunting: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Lu4GUOfuD04.html
Kenny Kiriga
Kenny Kiriga 29 днів тому
I’ll say something, and it’s with all due respect to all the people commenting asking outdoor youtubers to make a outdoor based video app. It’s not as simple as you’re thinking it is.
mike pedersen
mike pedersen Місяць тому
what about fishing ? :D
Welcome to Lunatic
Welcome to Lunatic Місяць тому
Let’s start a new platform “Hunt Shoot Catch tube”
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Місяць тому
“Damn Liberals” -Flair I’m not wrong either.
413 Exotics
413 Exotics Місяць тому
It’s wild to me that this is happening to outdoor UKvid channels but half naked women can promote 18+ content on other platforms through shorts. Tik Tok “challenges” changing clothes etc. UKvid really has no clue what they’re doing probably just placating a group of people “offended” this week
Feeling the strike TV
Feeling the strike TV Місяць тому
Save the pussified yt I agree with the app for hunting videos because it’s traditional it’s fun because years ago food wasn’t just made in factory it was made by the man vs the prey
Logan Compton
Logan Compton Місяць тому
It pisses me off how things are wish flair could just do his thing
Sadzi Strickland
Sadzi Strickland Місяць тому
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Місяць тому
Claire don't get rid of the videos you're my favorite you and Kendall gray are my favorite answer my favorite UKvidrs ever I watched yours in the first got UKvid
Pierson Heckendorf
Pierson Heckendorf Місяць тому
Love the new channel
Pierson Heckendorf
Pierson Heckendorf Місяць тому
Sorry to hear that
Pierson Heckendorf
Pierson Heckendorf Місяць тому
Deer 🦌 Hunter
Deer 🦌 Hunter Місяць тому
This is a bummer every channel I watch this is happening 😞
John Bruner
John Bruner Місяць тому
Hunter Burgess
Hunter Burgess Місяць тому
Can I started making videos don't quit if you lose your channel I can't make videos anymore cuz your videos are really good and I like your videos I like yours and Kendall Grace
HiveBoy999 Місяць тому
thank you for what u did god bless you
tristen joachimsen
tristen joachimsen Місяць тому
UKvid is soft
Cole Місяць тому
UKvid is so f**king stupid…. This world is so soft
Lynn Jordan
Lynn Jordan Місяць тому
Travis Thatcher
Travis Thatcher Місяць тому
Thanks liberals!
Dilly_Dilly_Dale Місяць тому
They're trying to take our guns
Hunter Burgess
Hunter Burgess Місяць тому
Claire don't get rid of the videos you're my favorite you and Kendall gray are my favorite answer my favorite UKvidrs ever I watched yours in the first got UKvid
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Місяць тому
“Damn Liberals” -Flair I’m not wrong either.
C_Games 29 днів тому
Jay Yoshito
Jay Yoshito Місяць тому
This sucks✌🏼
Jay Yoshito
Jay Yoshito Місяць тому
Common sense is a dying breed. I can make an appearance to demonstrate survival tactics but yeah. Have a good day man. Respect and god bless America
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Місяць тому
Flair I hope you get this sorted out just wanna say Karen’s can’t stop the world from feeding there family’s!
Jay Yoshito
Jay Yoshito Місяць тому
Doesn’t make sense. They are taking away everything
Mike Breier
Mike Breier Місяць тому
Gotta love liberals
Mc Mad Lad
Mc Mad Lad Місяць тому
so pretty much yt is f*cking eveyone that makes good content mostly outside stuff
Cameron Rehling
Cameron Rehling Місяць тому
This is why we have UKvid kids
Fishing With Freddy!
Fishing With Freddy! Місяць тому
Fix your mustache bro
JoeyBadAzz Місяць тому
Damn i aint watch none of yall in a long time. I miss yall man
MattGT2 Місяць тому
MyOutdoorTV would be a great app too start moving content too
Jonathan Cagle
Jonathan Cagle Місяць тому
Get in touch with Lunkers and pitch the idea for a streaming service like like UKvid for the outdoors/farm guys. I’d gladly pay a monthly subscription. Tired of all this BS politics involved in our entertainment.
Kiley Keener
Kiley Keener Місяць тому
Such a dramatic title
Jordan Haddow
Jordan Haddow Місяць тому
All the best brother it's a shame what UKvid is doing to all you guys I can't wait for the new app to be made FUCK UKvid
Jordan Haddow
Jordan Haddow Місяць тому
This is such a joke UKvid has made so much f****** money off so many creators and then band them all blocked them from making videos it's such a joke I might as well delete UKvid
Christian Tovar
Christian Tovar Місяць тому
Slowly but surely no more freedom. 2030
Pra Da
Pra Da Місяць тому
Me la pelan you tube Alv 😭😭
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson Місяць тому
Flair I hope you get this sorted out just wanna say Karen’s can’t stop the world from feeding there family’s!
Bill Hill
Bill Hill Місяць тому
So, if hunting, catch and cook, any video that either shows or describes the harming/killing of animals for food are to be de-monetized, I guess any cooking video that depicts the cooking of any animal would end up being de-monetized. I guess if you have a vegan cooking channel you would be safe.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Місяць тому
Damn man this is crazy
Patricia Guenzler
Patricia Guenzler Місяць тому
Such a shame 😒
Dustin Denham
Dustin Denham Місяць тому
Dude wonders why he gets demonized on his channel. You literally claim catch, clean and cook. Talks about relationships, bonds with animals then go to an auction to get something to "buy, clean, cook". I could care less. Lmfao. Subs don't care about CCC's. It's about how you live. Life vlogs or education.
Mason Kohoutek
Mason Kohoutek Місяць тому
Screw UKvid
FishingWithZay Місяць тому
i miss this channel already
Jakeb Graf
Jakeb Graf Місяць тому
Ah yes, liberals. I used to be one for 20 years. I know the game they run. Hunted and fished the entire time now I can't identify at all.
Hank Miller
Hank Miller Місяць тому
This is so dumb it’s called hunting and guess what people do it to survive. As living in the country my whole life hunting squirrel duck deer and fishing my whole life since I was less than 2 years old makes me sad that you can’t have hunting videos on it
Hunter Місяць тому
I don’t understand why someone doesn’t make a UKvid that you can post hunting videos on like a outdoors UKvid
defx Місяць тому
My opinion - it’s all about money. UKvid is THE name as far as content platforms go so that’s where the advertisers are. Advertisers pay to be on UKvid because it’s reaching a massive viewer (customer) market. Anyone can make an alternate outdoor “UKvid” but it won’t come with the ad revenue. This isn’t simply about finding a place to host hunting/outdoor videos, it’s how to post these videos and earn a living off it from having a massive viewership that new viewing platforms don’t automatically come with, hence ad cost will be much cheaper and content creators see even less of the dollar. Think of it like this: imagine working a job you like for $20 an hour and the boss says we don’t like you doing this job so we’re going to pay you $4 an hour now, or in some cases $0 per hour. You can also go work for another company (alternate UKvid) and make $1 an hour. It’s a crappy situation because you’re work is being devalued and you can’t make a living off it. This is just a consumer’s perspective looking in from the outside, I could be completely off base.
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