This Is The Milk You Should Be Drinking

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Which milk should you buy? We ranked dairy, oat, soy, rice, coconut, pea, hemp, hazelnut, macadamia, and almond milk - so you can reduce your environmental footprint and impact.
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
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This milk is changing everything
Why this milk is changing everything
Some soures/further reading:
Oxford study: science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6392/987



4 сер 2020





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AsapSCIENCE Місяць тому
Which milk are you currently drinking (if any) and do you think this video will impact your choice going forward? We'd love to hear your thoughts :) Thanks for watching!
Soph A
Soph A 19 годин тому
I drink Oat milk so my hands shot up in the air when you two announced it! 😂❤️
Colleen Erin
Colleen Erin День тому
Mostly almond, occasionally cashew. I feel like I've also purchased a cashew-almond blend.
Lonewolfe 2 дні тому
1% milk. An no I’m still gonna drink it. 🤷‍♂️
Jacob K.
Jacob K. 4 дні тому
Whole milk
The Amazing World Out There
The Amazing World Out There 4 дні тому
I drink dairy milk but after this video I will choose oat milk. No more dairy. Is time to change. Thanks for this video
Michel C
Michel C 3 години тому
Pretty soon, they'll have you eating and drinking NOTHING. Like an article I recently read, "Starvation By Food". Genetically modified foods, lacking in taste and nutrition. Where is the actual nutritional info, the actual BENEFIT TO HUMANS in drinking the FAKE MILK, the bone supporting info on all the FAKE milk, THAT STILL USE INDISTRIAL PROCESSES to put them on store shelves. And WHO owns these companies that produce the products used to make the FAKE milk, and who owns the factories that produce it, and the companies who package the FAKE milk, and who has stock in the businesses, farms, etc.
Archeh 3 години тому
With land use for dairy, it uses up more space but it isn’t a monoculture and promotes biodiversity more than the same space of crops would
Michel C
Michel C 3 години тому
I will continue to drink good old dairy milk which I was raised on. You keep believing whatever the NWO spoonfeeds you.
Zyo 7 годин тому
If you drink liquid just to help the environment there is no other greener alternative to water
Nathan Yielding
Nathan Yielding 8 годин тому
Wish yall would've mentioned raw milk
FireFox 12 годин тому
Can you do the same video from a health perspective?
Adweit Gharat
Adweit Gharat 16 годин тому
Dani should look at this
Soph A
Soph A 19 годин тому
I love this video, thank you so much for making this! So helpful
Graham Davis
Graham Davis 20 годин тому
Y’all are tripping if you think you’ll get titties from soy. Phytoestrogens are not the same as mammalian estrogen, which is in dairy milk. So if you’re still drinking dairy watch out for estrogen problems
Caroline M. Foster
Caroline M. Foster 21 годину тому
yes yes yes!! this is the content I need!! great video, guys!
bretzel30000 День тому
i would like to see another comparison: co2 emmission per g of protein of the milk, i wonder which alternative would score highest
Thank You
Thank You День тому
We call rice milk as kanjivellam
Percival de Rolo
Percival de Rolo День тому
Instead of telling consumers to reduce their footprint, why not put pressure on the corporations to operate with net zero emissions? They’re the ones with the resources to do so, nearly universally.
Colin Blackie
Colin Blackie День тому
How does cashew milk stack up?
MysteryMan9415 День тому
Cool, I will stick with milk from cows or a woman's tits 🙂 Idgaf about the environmental impact! Our species will eventually go extinct, because everything in the universe has a beginning, middle and an end. You can't protect everyone and everything. 😈
They are just indirectly saying to stop drinking milk.
La Vida Moderna de Julia
La Vida Moderna de Julia День тому
Estrogen is making us sensitive
adadsawdas csdfsd
adadsawdas csdfsd День тому
Nice beard
adadsawdas csdfsd
adadsawdas csdfsd День тому
I like milk as well
Debz Baumaus
Debz Baumaus День тому
What makes me sad is that I can't afford alternatives most of the time 😭 Oh! Oat... reminds me of Psycho-Pass and the dystopic path humanity took to make all food oat-based and then a man attempted to infect the crops with a lethal disease and hhhh. Think that mangaka is very well read. Too well read. >.>
Thomah Perin
Thomah Perin 2 дні тому
That's cool and all but none of these are actually milk and certainly don't have the same nutrients Milk: an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.
Liam R
Liam R Годину тому
Language evolves.
Growing Public
Growing Public 2 дні тому
It's funny though the least expensive one is whole milk but is the worst for the environment and they try to fight global warming 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sanchit Mehta
Sanchit Mehta 3 дні тому
The better milk is A2 cow's milk
piyush nigam
piyush nigam 3 дні тому
3:17 the map of INDIA IS WRONG dude. 🇮🇳
Thegpshow 2197
Thegpshow 2197 3 дні тому
I’m lactose intolerant so this video was very helpful for me
LeadTrumpet1 4 дні тому
I’m loving this, being milk allergic. Foods I couldn’t eat before when first diagnosed are opening back up to me.
Atharav Dabgotra
Atharav Dabgotra 4 дні тому
Ah yes, checking on the hornyness of my milk, ah yes, quality content....
Cynthia Keeman
Cynthia Keeman 4 дні тому
Oat was already my favourite non dairy milk, so I'm happy about the outcome 😋
TacoStabber 4 дні тому
Thank you for the info for me to make a decision. Dairy milk always and forever.
Camelopardis - The Green Giraffe
The one that actually tastes really good - and comes very close to cow's milk in taste when it's really cold - is the winner! Yay!
Jessica Hatcher
Jessica Hatcher 4 дні тому
It’s a good thing I despise the taste of milk.
Remos 4 дні тому
So which ones of all actually tastes like ...milk?
Quinn Hachey
Quinn Hachey 5 днів тому
Please start that channel! We need an eco-friendly minded channel from you. So many people are uninformed.
Leonardo mun-RA
Leonardo mun-RA 5 днів тому
Very cool video , I like it . Keep me coming 🔥🙌🏼
Judith Jackson
Judith Jackson 6 днів тому
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Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav 6 днів тому
Use correct Map boundaries 😏
Cat Antlers
Cat Antlers 6 днів тому
I don't want to make a cappucino out of anything other than whatever comes out of cow penises. But if it saves the planet, I'll jerk off some almonds I guess.
allaroundvegan 6 днів тому
What about cashew milk?
ESSBrew 6 днів тому
You cant drink milk out of a coconut, if you drank it out of a coconut that was Coconut Water.
Ars Jae
Ars Jae 6 днів тому
I think I’m lactose intolerant but I’ve tried almond milk and it tasted like cardboard. Now idk what to do be if I don’t like the milk and end up throwing it away? I drink lactose free milk but I wanna changed someone help ;-;
Keallei 7 днів тому
3:38 you didn’t drink milk out of a coconut I think. The liquid that comes out of a coconut is sometimes called “coconut water”. The Milk is ground coconut flesh mixed with water and squeezed. The stuff that comes out is coconut cream. Mix it with water and you have coconut milk. The dry stuff is then made into coconut flour. 4:54 Filberts are marketed as hazelnuts.
Hanz Elecanal
Hanz Elecanal 7 днів тому
lmao the land, water and whatever usage it takes...It manages to bring steak, corned beef, gravy and other delicious food so I'm all g
Dahlmasen 7 днів тому
I could not live without real milk😍🥛
Carter Nelson
Carter Nelson 7 днів тому
Oat is my favorite milk by taste anyway
Ben Hernandez
Ben Hernandez 8 днів тому
Hi guys, lovely and helpful video, did you think,also, to include which company make the milk and how they invest and where the invest. I believe we all need to considere not the way they make the milk also who does, and how those companies are or not taking care about, our only planet so far, the Earth. Thank yo.
gamer waymer
gamer waymer 8 днів тому
Fair trade? No thanks. I'll get whatever is cheaper.
gamer waymer
gamer waymer 8 днів тому
I dont care about the environmental outcome and I feel like the extra cruelty makes things taste better.
gamer waymer
gamer waymer 5 днів тому
@Anahi Pineda no joke at all 😉
Anahi Pineda
Anahi Pineda 5 днів тому
I don’t care if this was meant as a joke, it’s not funny at all.
Filip Barac
Filip Barac 8 днів тому
Problem, you still can't make good cheese and other dairy products without cow milk.
Lipika Basak
Lipika Basak 8 днів тому
Hey,pls do a video on veganism, for beginners who are trying to be healthy vegans
TheRABIDdude 8 днів тому
*Editor:* hey we forgot to put in a close up of milk. Let's put a in a close up of milk. 5:49
TsaR 8 днів тому
What about water. I do like my Evian water.
C B-Gill
C B-Gill 8 днів тому
Are we supposed to ignore that you didn't include any stats for coconut milk? It'll be interesting to find out the water requirements and other impacts it has when compared to other alternatives. Additionally, you kind of glazed over the impact Almond Milk has on the bee population, considering that the major kill offs of these bees results from a combination of unfriendly pesticides and highly transmissible diseases between the bees, not just global warming. Added to that, major losses of these honey bees also have a greater impact of cross pollination of other crops when these bees aren't on loan to Almond Farmers... the net impact these alternatives have on other parts of the environment aren't always a beneficial trade off.
DonKangolJones 9 днів тому
Team Oat Milk! Yeah!! ...Why am I so hype to see my favourite milk win?!
wander life
wander life 9 днів тому
Nah none of them taste the same as cow milk so ima stay drinking off my calf
sgreen4 9 днів тому
what about non cow milk ? like goat , sheep or camel ?
24Mia DeCapite
24Mia DeCapite 9 днів тому
5:50 Is it just me or is the screen blank...?
24Mia DeCapite
24Mia DeCapite 5 днів тому
@Aoi Cho yayyyyyyyy
Aoi Cho
Aoi Cho 8 днів тому
I paused to search for this comment.
24Mia DeCapite
24Mia DeCapite 9 днів тому
2:00 WHY. Just why.
carletta vangalder
carletta vangalder 10 днів тому
milk you should drink
TheRealVivia 10 днів тому
The big corporations should be held accountable for their impact on climate change. That’s what the efffff needs to be the main concern. But they get away with murder instead.
H W 10 днів тому
What about human milk though? Human eat and drink much less than any other things listed, so will human milk work?
Sean Gitelman
Sean Gitelman 10 днів тому
AsapScience: And the winner is... Oat Milk! Me, who has celiac disease: 👁👄👁
Ong Wai Kean
Ong Wai Kean 10 днів тому
youngknight billybobthorton
youngknight billybobthorton 10 днів тому
I drink almond milk. I like the taste. I wonder which milk has the lowest carbs?
DJ DEAD MARX 11 днів тому
Guys just drink normal cow milk you weirdos!
DreamingTata VeganMama
DreamingTata VeganMama 12 днів тому
Love oat milk!! I’ve been trying all the brands and flavors that are coming out. Awesome stuff!
Damian Andrade
Damian Andrade 12 днів тому
Y’all weirdos, it just milk
thekaxmax 12 днів тому
almond milk has the lowest non-water contents of any available milk, to the point of not really being a food. Stick to water and chew some almonds.
Spooky Mulder
Spooky Mulder 12 днів тому
What about cashew milk and flaxseed milk?
Edward Coe
Edward Coe 12 днів тому
This was fantastic- so informative. I actually have a deadly milk allergy so I was pushed into the alternatives as they became available in my area. Was surprised cashew wasn't mentioned (it actually is really good for protein), but glad that the milk I've settled on for now is the winner!
καμιά ψυχή
καμιά ψυχή 12 днів тому
Yo, transportation. The personal vehicle and how our cities infrastructure needs to change (especially in America) seems one of the less explored and crucial bits you could look into. I drink dairy milk. I am now at peace with death in a future that will socially stigmatize me for it. That being said, yes! I'll rotate with soy, hemp (if I find a good local place) and oat . Dairy will become more of a treat (I do support local, but that doesn't change impacts really).
TheLucidDreamer 12 днів тому
At least rice milk's water usage is balanced out by the fact that rice requires hot, humid tropical or subtropical climates to grow, which have pretty extreme excesses of water.
rothy5678 12 днів тому
I love these soy boys!
Krešimir Jurilj
Krešimir Jurilj 12 днів тому
Nut juice, you damn herbivours. And oat milk tastes like carboard.
WTFisMYname24 12 днів тому
yay for plant based future :)!
Daniel G
Daniel G 13 днів тому
Dairy milk is straight up better. Tastes better, has more nutrients, is "real milk". All the other ones are just fakes lol
EchotheEhko 13 днів тому
Rice milk the water that was used to cook the rice, and the rice water is boiled you get rice milk
roymoderatto 13 днів тому
What if Soy Milk is really just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish? Lol! Ok, sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Dad joke alert!
Gren tree m
Gren tree m 13 днів тому
I wish oat milk was more easy to find here - . -
Jasmine Purewal
Jasmine Purewal 13 днів тому
can you make a video on how your brain acts when in sleep paralyses. and is it the same as when you astral project. :) looking forward to it!
xXMountain DewXx
xXMountain DewXx 13 днів тому
Havent tried oat juice, just almond, rice and soy. Rice juice tastes best though imo
For me it was Tuesday.
For me it was Tuesday. 14 днів тому
But whats the best healthiest milk that goes with cereal or chocolate chip cookies?
Lincoln John
Lincoln John 14 днів тому
"I've been informed that I actually have drank coconut milk out of a coconut," Me, who has lived in the Caribbean my whole life-⁉️🤔
Black and Blue
Black and Blue 14 днів тому
So I watched this video when it came out and I made the choice to switch to oat milk from almond milk, and it is just fine in baking and cooking, but by itself I hated the taste. Then I found banana milk and ohmygod it tastes FANTASTIC on its own!! Also the CEO of the company says its good for the environment? But idk if that's a reliable source.
The Pumpkin Gamer
The Pumpkin Gamer 14 днів тому
Why are there so many dislikes?
si_mags 15 днів тому
I feel so sick after ingest oat...
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 15 днів тому
пейте такое молоко, и ваши дети будут геями как етот слева
MANSI JHA 16 днів тому
I LOVE UR VIDEO, nice🔥👍🏼 i m from India (❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️)😁 see BOLLYWOOD actor mimicry "PANKAJ TRIPATHI"🤣🤣🤣 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-AzKag0nTPDQ.html
Chillblizzard 17 днів тому
Almond milk gang rise up 👆
Chillblizzard 17 днів тому
I have drunk so much milk in my life so far that my bones feel like steel
Sir Admin
Sir Admin 17 днів тому
I want milk that tastes like milk from cows. Any alternative?
Sir Admin
Sir Admin 17 днів тому
I want a milk alternative that is also the same as coffee milk
king in yellow
king in yellow 17 днів тому
I'm lactose intolerance but I rather keep the diarrhea
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 17 днів тому
I am drinking factory milk
Pherotone Studios
Pherotone Studios 18 днів тому
I genuinely laughed out loud at several moments during this video. Great work
Andre 18 днів тому
Love how humourous you guys are in this vid. You guys rock!
TrollMonkey 18 днів тому
Can't even find soy milk anymore. Can't complain. I just hate every other alternative milk. Dairy addiction is a real thing and I feel like a terrible person.
Sudeshna Sen
Sudeshna Sen 19 днів тому
You guys are awesome as always, but now I gotta find some affordable oat milk & I got a feeling that it's gonna be hard.
Narasamma Enjeti
Narasamma Enjeti 19 днів тому
I love it
steve honeybadger
steve honeybadger 19 днів тому
How does oat win when soy milk beat it in 2 of the 3 categories?
Mya Tatum
Mya Tatum 20 днів тому
I have oat milk all the time!
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