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Gabriel Iglesias
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Happy throwback Thursday from 2007!




19 вер 2019





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cattleNhay (aka Eggman)
cattleNhay (aka Eggman) День тому
Can seriously see the huge weight loss between the older vids and current...you lost an entire person in weight!
Piyush 3 дні тому
I still didn't understood what oildale was😓plz help
TheWiseOne 8 днів тому
I just imagine his stomach with Dashie’s voice
Giovanna Arioli
Giovanna Arioli 11 днів тому
When are you coming back to Hawaii ? I really want to see you live
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson 16 днів тому
2:34 you talkin s***** too?
chu 19 днів тому
Would love to meet this guy someday!
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 19 днів тому
Here i was thinking im the only trucker that blows the air horn before calling 911 😂
Khristal DeLacruz
Khristal DeLacruz 21 день тому
That's a fact if you make a cop laugh they would work with you I had it four cops come for me right and next thing you know is for more cops and you know what they do is laugh and they ass off
Nilesh Singh
Nilesh Singh 21 день тому
love your shirts
Hulio How
Hulio How 21 день тому
Very Good 👏👏👏👏👏
unknown child
unknown child 22 дні тому
My other favorite part is 0:25
Awis 23 дні тому
Vasile Hrituc2
Vasile Hrituc2 23 дні тому
With the new autonomous cars you can actually escape jail and blame it on the computer driving the car.😜😂😂😂😂😂
Rekha Mehta
Rekha Mehta 23 дні тому
Any indian??
Moises De Anda
Moises De Anda 24 дні тому
I love fluffy. More than any comedian
-Blue- 24 дні тому
It is true Bakersfield police do not play around they run around catching gang members XD
Carol-Lee O'Reilly
Carol-Lee O'Reilly 25 днів тому
Fluffy you made my day man!
Alondra Castillo
Alondra Castillo 26 днів тому
My ghetto people of Bakersfield wya😹
gamekiller YT
gamekiller YT 29 днів тому
I've always loved this story
Deletable XD
Deletable XD 29 днів тому
I love the “mere” guy 😂🤣😂🤣
Kid around the block
Kid around the block Місяць тому
Me: ohhhhh oildale is Texas! I get it fluffy
Keondre Benjamin
Keondre Benjamin Місяць тому
I'm going go to jail
Pranay Chaturvedi
Pranay Chaturvedi Місяць тому
It's okay, I'm gonna be fine!
Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog
This is so funny
Judrik Talibong
Judrik Talibong Місяць тому
The "mere" part was very funny😂 HAAHHAHA
crash some
crash some Місяць тому
Oh man thats some funny shit glad i fund your channel
*Gαŧєr73™* Місяць тому
mere guy was priceless
patrick greiner
patrick greiner Місяць тому
I got drunk and slept in my truck in a random parking lot an officer tapped on the glass with his flash light and said I’m gonna need to move I was trespassing on a city lot. I proceeded with “offpisser offpisser please I I’m in no shape to driv!” And flirting with her I said still off my ass “p wease let me go I’ll be goood.” She lt me go. Long story short thank you dash cam!
manscharm msn
manscharm msn Місяць тому
I just recently discovered Fluffy! You're so funny and lovable... 😂 😇 😍. Please visit the Philippines 🇵🇭. We will love you here Fluffy!
Yaya’s Living
Yaya’s Living Місяць тому
“What’s the matter? You said you could handle it.....me= 😀😀😀😃😃😄😁😆😆
Chance Місяць тому
Fun fact: This show came out on my 2nd birthday!
Harsh Bansal
Harsh Bansal Місяць тому
Woo he is carrying a Alexa in his throat
Jacob Bennett
Jacob Bennett Місяць тому
2:37 😂😩😩😩😭
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson Місяць тому
Me and some friends had went out drinking. We were out of town and the place was in walking distance from the hotel. I was already pretty drunk and it was one of these places where you can bring in your own alcohol if you pay a charge. Well we had met some ppl who had. They had some moonshine. Not the fake ass shit you get at the grocery store in the Mason jar that says moonshine. The real stuff and had fruit in it. Well we had some. We polished off quiet a bit. I was fucked up by this point. Someone dared the other peson to eat the fruit. He would not so me being drunk as fuck I grabbed the jar and ate a few peices to my friends protest. Well 20 mins later we left because we had to be up early the next morning for a class that we had to be at or the government would not be happy if we missed and would have charged us for plane tickets,hotel rooms, and other stuff. I got up felt drunk as hell but ok. I stepped out the door and it all came up. I puked into what i thought was a trash can. Apparently it was a big ass pot that held a tree. I thought it was all up. So my friends were trying to help me down the street to the hotel room. I ended up throwing up all the way down the sidewalk to the hotel room. I woke up just fine tho.
Carter Springer
Carter Springer Місяць тому
My great uncle died in a car accident a few years ago but this makes me laugh I hate the story’s of drunk driving but I laughed at these jokes
The Family Family
The Family Family Місяць тому
Lady Destiny
Lady Destiny Місяць тому
Can’t wait! Got tickets to see him 3 months ago and am ready to see him this month!
Ronald Hiler
Ronald Hiler Місяць тому
El vejueto Ronaldo de Anchorage enjoy your skiffs as well as yer presentions. Oreley young Holmes!
Michael Zobnowski
Michael Zobnowski Місяць тому
I really doubt he made a cop laugh...
God's Dawg
God's Dawg Місяць тому
Are you that cop Michael ? 😉 👍
Mr. Sandhu
Mr. Sandhu Місяць тому
Fluffy has so busy schedule
Kevster3701 V
Kevster3701 V Місяць тому
Makes some jokes of crisis on infinite earths and the anti matter wave hahahahah with some faces
Smoke Jensen
Smoke Jensen Місяць тому
Fluffy the fluffing fluster.
Jo-Ann Bastings
Jo-Ann Bastings Місяць тому
The guy is a sheer genius genius!🤣👍❤️👏
Alexandria Hunt
Alexandria Hunt Місяць тому
When I'm drunk on tequila, I'm giggling about stupid stuff, headbanging to pop songs and I will get my mom and dad mixed up (which is saying something, because my mom's White and my dad's Black) 😹
junior76126 Місяць тому
Shiroman Deenanton
Shiroman Deenanton Місяць тому
Yo the siren sounds sooo legit b
zammith 254
zammith 254 Місяць тому
Gabriel looks like the older version of Manny from modern family😂😂😄
unknown child
unknown child Місяць тому
My favorite part was 2:33
salil gaurav
salil gaurav Місяць тому
Will Nongsiej
Will Nongsiej Місяць тому
Thanks for the idea fluffy😆😆😆
Kira Aranui
Kira Aranui Місяць тому
Javi p23
Javi p23 Місяць тому
Jared Argento
Jared Argento Місяць тому
4:50 Gabe semi-predicted the post-credits scene of Infinity War!
Mary Ruiz
Mary Ruiz Місяць тому
Thanks fluffy
Joeseph Dirt
Joeseph Dirt Місяць тому
Drinking and driving isn't ok
Meshaal zanda
Meshaal zanda Місяць тому
He is the best of them all
Anime Manga
Anime Manga Місяць тому
I miss young fluff
Inez Ojeda
Inez Ojeda Місяць тому
God he's funny 😁
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Місяць тому
I am afraid he might die of diabetes or some fatty shit complications.
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