Throwback Thursday: My Mom Never Got My Jokes | Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias
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CRL 1129
CRL 1129 2 дні тому
I have a competition on who is my favorite comedian. Gabriel Iglesias vs Kevin Hart. Who wins I still don't know
nemphesus 2 дні тому
Hi gabriel, please come to Malaysia. I'll be the first to buy your ticket
edgar allan frog
edgar allan frog 3 дні тому
Oh my god, my granma is the same way, can’t tell a funny joke without questions
Mr. Variant
Mr. Variant 6 днів тому
Comedy Central special, tip of the iceberg you got a history sitcom on Netflix and a few specials there too. Only reason I keep my subscription. Sorry about your deadbeat dad. Glad you broke the cycle with your kid
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 7 днів тому
Gabriel’s dad’s life was a Ernesto de la Cruz type story.Exempt the Mariachi part
Troy Thompson
Troy Thompson 8 днів тому
I can't wait for new episodes of his show
Grace Given
Grace Given 8 днів тому
His Mom reminded me of a funny mom on the movie McFarland so cute!!
flaming vortex433
flaming vortex433 8 днів тому
his father story reminds me of disney coco
MMChoza 9 днів тому
You made her very proud!☺️
Mommy and Me
Mommy and Me 10 днів тому
R.I.P mama
Not Famous
Not Famous 12 днів тому
But it was funny, huh
Cee Lao
Cee Lao 13 днів тому
Now I hope he gets a Netflix Special
Albon Queely
Albon Queely 14 днів тому
Heddy St George
Heddy St George 15 днів тому
My mom is the same way when you try to tell her a joke
sukruoosten 18 днів тому
been to 2shows of him in Amsterdam !!! fluffy is GOLD BABY !!!!!! HAHAHAH
USBEN 18 днів тому
Fluffy daddo do an escapo
John-boy 18 днів тому
I thought he was playing smallish venues 'til I saw the last two, the Staples Center and the Honda Center, big time
Viktor NalgasdeOro
Viktor NalgasdeOro 19 днів тому
Bless your mother in heaven for having you
Jlynnon 19 днів тому
Hey fooo drop season 2 of mr Iglesias
Isaac Villalpando
Isaac Villalpando 19 днів тому
May she Rest in Peace
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga 19 днів тому
Aidah Di Leoni
Aidah Di Leoni 20 днів тому
The chicken crossed the road to get on the other side.
Doonsbury 20 днів тому
Hm so it's rubbish like this that masquerades as comedy now days? Ah well if an audience is that easily pleased, then more power to the talent less morons like this guy who are milking them of the their hard earned cash.
Sandra Brody
Sandra Brody 21 день тому
Hey. Its FLUFFY!!!! Your the bestest You more than deserve every bit of success you have
Doug Schneider
Doug Schneider 21 день тому
Sounds like Joseph Smith. This is the apostasy, people believing in false doctrine.
Cosmic Bunny728
Cosmic Bunny728 21 день тому
Looking forward to seeing you in September at the Eastern Idaho State Fair!!!
Ron Morris
Ron Morris 21 день тому
what a crazy schedule that must be hard!
Oh right, he's got a show scheduled in the same city more then once, but can't have 1 within 250 miles of where I live. Of course he can't spread the fluff, figures.
mario mtz
mario mtz 22 дні тому
Tapatio" is the name of the hot sauce
malataur 22 дні тому
Your mom looked like a nice person. Sorry for your loss.
Joshua Ramos
Joshua Ramos 22 дні тому
It’s no joke baboso, you know how much I pay for those chickens?!
jimthar17 22 дні тому
Lose the subtitles please.
Samantha Peters
Samantha Peters 23 дні тому
My mum doesn't get my jokes either. But strangers will hear it. They grab hold of a pole or friend while laughing, and hyperventilating.
ruserious ijustdidthisshit
ruserious ijustdidthisshit 23 дні тому
Chris Thornycroft
Chris Thornycroft 23 дні тому
I still remember in Vancouver Canada a few years ago when the audience at the theatre repeated back your jokes to you. It was epic. Especially when you decided you'd "babbled on" for the entire show and didn't tell your best, classic jokes, so you kept going for hours. It was great. Everything was great. Get back here. Vancouver needs the funny!
inyoudeep1 23 дні тому
Your new show on Netflix as a teacher was so bad that after 5 minutes of libtard beliefs and bad jokes to voted it down and stopped watching. I normally always find you funny, but that show is bad, really bad!
Footy FM
Footy FM 23 дні тому
Do a UK Tour
Caissa lumancas
Caissa lumancas 23 дні тому
Hey Fluffy! I've watched your Netflix special Mr.Iglesias litrrally you'r3 the coolest history teacher 😎😁 aI've your Eason 1:Episode 1:Some Children Left behind. I love your making jokes about the president and also your switching from different accents haha and you have nice voice. I'm going to do2nload more episodes on Netflix. Great job! I'm rooting for you 😊😁
Cosmic Wanderer
Cosmic Wanderer 23 дні тому
Dude, Its the Same thing with Me and My Jokes
Jeremiah Garza
Jeremiah Garza 23 дні тому
Gabriel I finished watching your show it is funny and awesome
Robert Chavez
Robert Chavez 23 дні тому
I remember when Gabriel was on Last Comic Standing ... He doesn't mention it but when he did that there were " problems " he ment that he was kicked off the show 4 cheating ... If I'm not mistaken he had a cell phone in the house all the comedians were staying in and was making out calls 2 God knows who , but that was a Huge No No as far as the strict rules of the show and it's understandable if you think about it ... Cuz the show wanted 2 be able 2 listen in on all out going phone calls by all comedians 2 make sure they weren't trying 2 come up on material outside that house and " cheat " ... So just wanted 2 throw that out there 4 those who didn't know that 😏 but will always love Gabriel Iglesias and his stories
Kassem Raya
Kassem Raya 23 дні тому
hello fluffy, im from Lebanon ( search it on google ) u have lot of fans here, im a journalist id like to do an interview :*
miguel saavedra
miguel saavedra 23 дні тому
blackman tp
blackman tp 23 дні тому
kitkataway Productions
kitkataway Productions 23 дні тому
May she Rest In Peace ❤️
Chris LUMALA 23 дні тому
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 23 дні тому
Pobrectia~ she must have been old and a little slow.... but at least she didn't twist your stories around, and invent random crap about you! lol ~
los loquitos bobetos
los loquitos bobetos 24 дні тому
Fluffy yo se que tu entiendes español y tu tiene una serie en netflix y primer episode 1 la tasa de cafe dise flaco te recuerdas por favor lea esto :-)
workmanboss 24 дні тому
Seen Gabriel's new show? Don't bother it's nothing but an anti Trump rant from start to finish, (I now know why no networks wanted to take it) and this coming from someone who was punked on stage with a racist picnic basket and hated it - you think he would have learned from that.
That dude Joe
That dude Joe 24 дні тому
Wish he would post the part where he met his father. The one from the "THE FLUFFY MOVIE". 😞 Love that one. Oh it got me in the feels.
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