Tina and Newt Dinner Scene - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - 1080p

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
Starring : Eddie Redmayne , Katherine Waterston




27 лют 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemEddie RedmayneKatherine Waterston





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barbiquearea Годину тому
Queenie is so sweet here. Too bad she becomes a toxic control freak who essentially brainwashes Jacob to be in love with her and later joins Grindelwald.
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto 2 дні тому
I want queenie as mom
Samia Islam
Samia Islam 4 дні тому
I love how Queenie got Jacob whipped I'm seconds of their meeting
ice bear
ice bear 6 днів тому
Luna is the reincarnation of Queeni
Max Walsh 99
Max Walsh 99 7 днів тому
0:36 that was funny what Tina said
wings of despair
wings of despair 7 днів тому
It's so sad to see what happened with Queenie. The first movie showed us her positive traits while COG shows her flaws. It's good that she would fight for her love and things that she believe in, but... Not that I disagree with her. I think I would do the same.
Bruce Goodchild
Bruce Goodchild 8 днів тому
Climbs in suitbox " HA HAA ''
Kusum Bhattarai
Kusum Bhattarai 10 днів тому
Newt is so cute ❤❤❤
rafsolo 10 днів тому
Queenie must be a powerful legillimens (correct me if I spelled that wrong). Last I checked, you need to make eye contact to use that. She barely makes eye contact until after she reads someone's mind
Nova M.
Nova M. 10 днів тому
Man, cooking and cleaning would be SO much easier...
Melissa Bisner
Melissa Bisner 10 днів тому
Jacob felt flushed when he first saw Queenie
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 11 днів тому
always alone mrs. Despacito
Ale Portillo
Ale Portillo 11 днів тому
QUEENIE is the cutest witch ever
Annie body
Annie body 11 днів тому
I was always a fan of Alison Sudol aka A Fine Frenzy , with her music. (you should check her music out) and watching her here too made me a bigger fan of hers!
Ahna L.
Ahna L. 13 днів тому
True luvvvvvvvvv love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️💝love I ship it hehe
Nur Hidayah
Nur Hidayah 13 днів тому
3:38 This is where Tina had her reserved salivating moment towards Newt hmmmm😎
SandyTheMaster 14 днів тому
Love that scene 4:12 Queenie & Jacob: *heart eyes* 4:14 - 4:18: Newt & Tina: -_-'
Lauren 14 днів тому
I wish the sequels would delve more into Queenie and Newt’s dynamic. She’s one of the few characters who knows exactly what he’s thinking, try as he might not to let anything slip.
RAUNAQ DHINGRA 14 днів тому
Name of the song playing here...... Any1 ????????/
Daniel Field
Daniel Field 15 днів тому
Queenie: “hotdog? Again?” Tina: “don’t read my mind.” Q: “not a very wholesome meal”
Wolfmaedchen 15 днів тому
I think I´ve hardly ever seen something as believable in a movie as the look of pure bliss on Jacobs face throughout this entire scene :´D
Debate Boi
Debate Boi 16 днів тому
Newt should get a tighter case
I. Th.
I. Th. 16 днів тому
Queenie looks like a 1920's movie star.
flashes girlfriend from justice league justice
Newt is my boyfriend
hannah mulder
hannah mulder 16 днів тому
1:44 to 1:48 Tina just being cute in the background. Looks like she's trying to flirt with Newt a little. ^^
EarOfRam 16 днів тому
I am sad....watching this scene after watching the Crimes of Grindelwald
JJand Blue
JJand Blue 13 днів тому
EarOfRam i was wondering who was going to come here i am so sad tbh
Archington 17 днів тому
03:29 - 03:34
Harbor Quick
Harbor Quick 18 днів тому
Tina and Newt. They have mountains of conversations between their awkward eye glances and Im living for it. They understand each other but are too shy to see one another for too long. They are my sweet children and I love them very much
1234twilighters 13 днів тому
The scene in the first movie when Newt goes to help Credence and gives Tina the case, and just looks into her eyes longer than necessary... 😍😍😍😍
Silva Areadna
Silva Areadna 18 днів тому
I love how when Queenie asked what a Nifler was Tina is like “Don’t ask,” as if it’s this horrible monster but then the Nifler is this adorable platypus thing that literally everyone loves!
The Beast
The Beast 19 днів тому
I am in love with Queenie. She’s the most beautiful and gorgeous witch in the entire world.
i hate sakura haruno from naruto
I wanna kiss Qunnie so hard, omg. I'm fucking gay for her.
Life Logic
Life Logic 19 днів тому
Does anyone notice at 0:43 Tina looks at Newt to make sure he isn’t look at her underwear while she grabs it . Hmmm...
Potter Nerd
Potter Nerd 20 днів тому
666th comment. Is that bad?
Zhining Ong
Zhining Ong 20 днів тому
Tina and Queenie are so different it's hard to believe they're sisters. Tina is strict and abides by the rules, and doesn't really flirt a lot. Meanwhile, Queenie is always happy and giggly and optimistic and is not as serious as Tina. Also, she flirts a lot with Jacob.
Komal Khan
Komal Khan 20 днів тому
Poor queenie legillemency made her feel like an outsider and that's how grindelwald got to her...
Komal Khan
Komal Khan 20 днів тому
4:14 living for the awkwardness
Komal Khan
Komal Khan 20 днів тому
Lol newt tryna leave is me in every social situation
Komal Khan
Komal Khan 20 днів тому
Tina "always alone" 😂😂 0:09
Carol Danvers
Carol Danvers 20 днів тому
NewTina 💛💙😍
Stella Bright
Stella Bright 21 день тому
First ever likeable main characters
StephenHeart 21 день тому
I get very strong Marylin Monroe vibes from Queenie. I wonder if she inspired the character.
David Tejada
David Tejada 21 день тому
OMG, is it me or Queenie brings me back (and she's SO ALIKE) to Luna Lovegood???
David Messer
David Messer 22 дні тому
I hope that Queenie and Jacob get together in the series.
MysticTopaz Art
MysticTopaz Art 22 дні тому
I'm here watching this actually despising Queenie because of the 2nd movie
Monica Gianna Battuello
Monica Gianna Battuello 22 дні тому
Tina's eyes look like a salamander's
1234twilighters 13 днів тому
+Elisa- Nope So cute! And they have their own little music which played in their moment in the first movie AND in CoG 😍😍😍😍
Monica Gianna Battuello
Monica Gianna Battuello 22 дні тому
+Elisa- Nope 😍😍😍
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
This scene in the crimes of grindelwald is just... SOOOOO CUTTTE😍
Grace Zhou
Grace Zhou 22 дні тому
Always alone Mrs Despacito
Valeria B Peralta
Valeria B Peralta 23 дні тому
Queenie and Jacob for the win, god i love them
Estela Cornejo
Estela Cornejo 23 дні тому
Oh no 💔
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
My reaction when I've seen the end of the crimes of grindelwald 😭😂
Stel Lucas
Stel Lucas 23 дні тому
Jacob and Queenie are the only ones who are interesting. The other two are a snore.
ChrisTuckerexpress 23 дні тому
Jacob and Queenie are the over the top characters. Newt and Tina are the quiet characters who communicate with looks rather than words. Both pairings have their own charms. To say Newt and Tina are a snore shows a lazy outlook on storytelling. Newt in particular is clearly on the spectrum, so it's amazing to see a character like that in a mainstream blockbuster. And him being on the spectrum doesn't stop him from being a hero and saving people and animals. Amazing.
Wernher von Kerman
Wernher von Kerman 23 дні тому
Life goal: Getting someone to look at me like Jacob looked at that Strudel
Renzo Salvador
Renzo Salvador 23 дні тому
Quennie reminded me of marilyn monroe here
Christian Romeo
Christian Romeo 23 дні тому
The music when Queenie makes the strudel is different to that of the HP movies but, my God if that's not a wizarding world theme, they really fucking nailed it in this movie!
trone 24 дні тому
can someone explain why tina look nwet that way at the end. it seems like looking at a weird one.
luxy_09 24 дні тому
Did Queenie’s accent change in the second movie?
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
No.. 🤔🤔I don't think so...
Shannon Buckley
Shannon Buckley 25 днів тому
Queenie and Jacob are adorable.
jack hawk
jack hawk 25 днів тому
Queenie is grandmother of luna lovegood
Draco wolf
Draco wolf 24 дні тому
She's her great-aunt-in-law when Luna marries Newt and Tina's grandson in the future. Does that count?
Targaryen Girl
Targaryen Girl 25 днів тому
"Are you alone?" "Always alone Mrs. Espacito." *Same girl. Same.*
fanfictionxwriterin 5 днів тому
+Nova M. omg that was my thought 😂😂
Nova M.
Nova M. 10 днів тому
De...spa..cito! Something-somthing-I-can't-pronounce-but-I-sing-along-anyway
angelina sepulveda
angelina sepulveda 26 днів тому
The way they look at eachother. Life!
min ji
min ji 26 днів тому
I love Newt and Tina's short glances at the table. Their atmosphere is so different from Queenie Jacob's and looks a bit awkward but that makes them so special! They are so alike.
0Chujo0 26 днів тому
no-maj and wizard together, abomination!!!!!!!
0Chujo0 22 дні тому
+Elisa- Nope MTWGA
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
+0Chujo0 no, we must kill wizards like u grindelwald, u don't deserve this wand and ur powers... U don't deserve to Live
0Chujo0 22 дні тому
+Elisa- Nope make the wizarding world great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
U r grindelwald😂
Zacharias 220
Zacharias 220 26 днів тому
Just don’t mind me here crying after watching Crimes of Grindelwald. Why Queenie, why
Elisa- Nope
Elisa- Nope 22 дні тому
She was perfect but she had one default, she was naive. And she loved Jacob so she thinks grindelwald will help her and he manipulated her because she believed him She thinked he won't hurt no majs
Celluloid Queer
Celluloid Queer 27 днів тому
Queenie is a dream
Tan Lee Lee
Tan Lee Lee 27 днів тому
Anyone here after watching CoG and feeling sad about Queenie
fanfictionxwriterin 5 днів тому
Me 😭😭😭 i love her so much
ldr xplicit
ldr xplicit 6 днів тому
MEEE but i still love her
proserfina21096 15 днів тому
no. cuz the only thing that bothered me is that whole Credence story.
amanda paramytha
amanda paramytha 15 днів тому
Me 😭😭😭
anand parameswaran
anand parameswaran 18 днів тому
Heartbraking as fuck but I can't blame her for the choice she made
Wobbly Yapper
Wobbly Yapper 28 днів тому
Quinnee is like Luna
Forgotten Memory
Forgotten Memory 29 днів тому
Gilbertdu62 Місяць тому
I thought at first that she was some kind of nymphomaniac but then realized she was just another Luna Lovegood
Ben7seven7 Місяць тому
This was a great scene, loved the innocent flirting between the two and that meal looked great! I hope binging with babish shows how to make it.
I can’t think of a creative name
that strudel looks so amazing wow
ckeller 89
ckeller 89 Місяць тому
I saw this movie in theaters in 4D and when that strudel came out it smelt sooooooo good lol
holy carnid
holy carnid Місяць тому
i only just realised this but at 1:45 you can see tina looking at newt and pulling her hair back behind the same ear newt did
1234twilighters 13 днів тому
I caught that too!
Viktoriya Xavier
Viktoriya Xavier Місяць тому
I need to find myself a Kingie.
Vulter 44
Vulter 44 Місяць тому
Is queenie part veela?
cecilia wallerström
cecilia wallerström Місяць тому
what is she calling her land-landy?
Mehnaz moh
Mehnaz moh Місяць тому
What's the background music?
Michale Bejarano
Michale Bejarano Місяць тому
i can't get over how cute Queenie and Jacob are together
Ari Love
Ari Love Місяць тому
Newt has a sexy accent
Anna M
Anna M Місяць тому
After the Harry Potter series ended I really wasn't going to bother watching this series but the main character is so hot GAH
Jwen7836 Місяць тому
I never noticed this before but Queenie intentionally stopped Newt from trying to leave but makes it look low-key. Nice.
annonymus annonymus
annonymus annonymus Місяць тому
She seems quite a skilled witch
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead Місяць тому
I find it kind of attractive, the way Queenie speaks
William Craig
William Craig Місяць тому
I was in Jacob's position for the whole movie - I was awestruck by all the magic, but I had no idea what was going on.
Alaunt2009 Місяць тому
I just realized how much the actress playing Tina sounds like Sandra Bullock (especially from her “While You Were Sleeping” role).
maryam moustafa
maryam moustafa Місяць тому
Is it just me or does queenie give off that Marlyn Monroe vibe
Gary Peyton
Gary Peyton Місяць тому
I’m glad to see that Jacob is going to make a return with Crimes of Grindelwald, hopefully him and queenie have started over since the end of Fantastic Beats
Afeez Ahmad Ahmad
Afeez Ahmad Ahmad Місяць тому
queenie probably the most positive things ive ever seen in a movie
Prior2Popular Місяць тому
Newt is so awkward lol it’s hilarious
FlasH TJ
FlasH TJ Місяць тому
I’m getting ASMR from this - w-
chantalevantassel Місяць тому
Lydi a
Lydi a 2 місяці тому
This is random but I just wondered, do foreign wizards have houses? Like is there an American version of gryffindor, slytherin, etc??
Lydi a
Lydi a 2 місяці тому
I didn’t think I ever would, but after watching the movie I really like how Rowling gave us not only a view of the wizarding world of America, but therefore a true understanding of the concept that magic exists (at least in the Harry Potter universe) everywhere. There’s not just hogwarts, there’s beauxbatons, durmstrang, Ilvermorny and more. There’s not just british wizards in oxford street, there are american wizards in Times Square. So cool
Devyn Thomas
Devyn Thomas 2 місяці тому
I have two things to say about this scene: 1. I guess Hermione was wrong about Gamp's Elemental Law of Transfiguration. Or Queenie's existence is so ridiculous compared to her goddess of a sister that she can defy the laws of physics. 2. Queenie's overrated, Hermione's a nerd, Tina on the other hand...is truly stunning. 3:58 Damn she's fine.
the 9th planet
the 9th planet 2 місяці тому
I'd have queenie's strüdle everyday if I would get diabetes.
vaggos013 2 місяці тому
This scene makes me real calm. Their voices, the sounds in the background, the feelings of caring they have, the fact these 4 are so different but they make ideal pairs (as lovers, as friends) and all the warm environment in this scene is perfect. I could close my eyes and listen to them for hour.
meatard slayer
meatard slayer 2 місяці тому
-Yes Mrs Despacito -Always alone Mrs Despacito.
ChrisTuckerexpress 23 дні тому
musicalman1995 2 місяці тому
In what universe is queenie and Luna comparable? Queenie is sexy as hell and Luna is sweet and cool and fun
vaggos013 2 місяці тому
Queenie is both sexy and sweet. They both have calming voices and are "free spirits".
Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker 2 місяці тому
Jacob's look of "sit down and shut. Up" at Newt when they're about to eat
08gameplaya 2 місяці тому
First time watching this I thought to myself Queenie is a breath of fresh air.
Ron Bon
Ron Bon 2 місяці тому
The strudel scene gave me asmr 😍♥️
vaggos013 2 місяці тому
All the scene except of Mrs Esposito. ;-P
Loki te
Loki te 2 місяці тому
newt is so awkward
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