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At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on UKvid: thedo.do/fuller527.

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22 лют 2021





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Martin Herglotz
Martin Herglotz 3 хвилини тому
Former Australian prime minister puts Rupert Murdoch on blast - UKvid
Dante Bell
Dante Bell 21 хвилина тому
so adorable!
SaturnineXTS 27 хвилин тому
Beautiful stoats, I really hope they're successfull in their lives in the wild and kill a lot of tasty, nutritious bunnies!
Connor Hamlin
Connor Hamlin 2 години тому
I would have found it impossible to let them go, at that moment I would say "well, you are mine now"
Александр Агапов
Александр Агапов 5 годин тому
Смешная мышка...
bafouilleux 5 годин тому
Glad that Thomas Brodie-Sangster is doing alright :)
Bichon Frise Sky
Bichon Frise Sky 6 годин тому
Aww that is so cute. That step before the wild... the enclosure was well made. That is awesome. Stoats (never heard of them before) are so cute wow!
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison 7 годин тому
What a nice man. Thanks for sharing
bradley rogers
bradley rogers 7 годин тому
Is a stoat the same as a ferret?
whiteknightcat 5 годин тому
No. Same genus, Mustela, but different species.
Joy Claville
Joy Claville 7 годин тому
Hala ang kyut naman yan kuya, ngaun lang ako naka kita nito, salamat sa pa share
Lesbian Cookies
Lesbian Cookies 8 годин тому
What a darling little creature
Bishesh Shrestha
Bishesh Shrestha 8 годин тому
Soo cuteeee
Lion3000 8 годин тому
_I don't understand the thumbs down.🤷‍♂️❓_
GhengisJohn 9 годин тому
I couldn't release them. You've got some strong nerves there freindo.
Tamas Mihaly
Tamas Mihaly 9 годин тому
Way to save some lives. Good on you.
D P 10 годин тому
I’ve only wanted stouts in the form of beer. It now I want two stouts in weasel form
Desperate Lad
Desperate Lad 11 годин тому
Wholesome Videos U can Find on the Internet are From Dodo
Molly Rose
Molly Rose 11 годин тому
The sweet little ears!!
Neena Norto
Neena Norto 13 годин тому
Oh nooooo, in the wild🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY 14 годин тому
Wow....just when I thought I saw every animal from the Wild Kingdom...out comes a Stoat. God make no junk....I keep sayin'. Oh yes....everyone...Got Jesus Christ yet? Time is running out...make your choice for him now...NOW.
You Hoo
You Hoo 14 годин тому
they are just too cute for their own good
Kaushik Dutta
Kaushik Dutta 14 годин тому
What the hell is a stoat?
BIG little girl IN this BIG little world little
I never seen stats before. Were they trained to hunt before releasing them in to the wild?
Michael Northup
Michael Northup 14 годин тому
I never wanted an animal so bad
Daniel Goodland
Daniel Goodland 15 годин тому
JerseyJoe 15 годин тому
They are very vicious animals !! They go for the throat until blood is drawn! They attack animals ten times their size !
Jonathan Vogel
Jonathan Vogel 15 годин тому
beautiful :-)
s f
s f 15 годин тому
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They're right cute! 💗
MrBean5268 15 годин тому
Aren't those ferrets? What's a stote?
T T 17 годин тому
They are freaking adorable 🥰
Kate Jeany
Kate Jeany 17 годин тому
I want one give it to me
WasGibtEs Leute
WasGibtEs Leute 17 годин тому
Super sweet! But don't they need an adult to learn how to survive?
Kathleen Donohue
Kathleen Donohue 18 годин тому
How are they doing now? That was adorable. You built a wonderful enclosure for them to gradually get acclimated to the wild.
Marilyn Meredith
Marilyn Meredith 18 годин тому
I've never heard of these before. They are adorable.
Adam Imrie
Adam Imrie 19 годин тому
Fabulous what you have done for these lovely animals. Being brought up in the country, I used to see Stoats every year and, sitting back watching them from a distance was a favourite pastime of mine. They reminded me a lot of our pet polecats and ferrets.
Cheytac Praetorian Composite
Cheytac Praetorian Composite 19 годин тому
For a second i thought im watching a UFC fight lol
Geeks of Mucklebee
Geeks of Mucklebee 19 годин тому
2.7K have disliked this video?! Why?! They are adorable. Loved it.....I need a love button!
SHIFTY CHEF 20 годин тому
Adorable little critters.
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier 20 годин тому
The American name is Short Tailed Weasel. Brilliant! Well done!
elizabeth green
elizabeth green 20 годин тому
How did Robert Fuller's footage get onto your channel please?
dinofish 20 годин тому
Rojesh Art and life
Rojesh Art and life 21 годину тому
So lovely
f 21 годину тому
So cute! I’ve never seen a stoat before :)
bertholdt 15 годин тому
@EpixDefenders why the f not?
EpixDefenders 16 годин тому
Why f?
Cristina Tanase
Cristina Tanase 23 години тому
😍😍❤❤❤❤ sooo nice
bogdanlomza channel
bogdanlomza channel 23 години тому
Terrence White
Terrence White 23 години тому
I have never seen a stoat before. Very cute! Can they be kept as pets?
Christian День тому
How would they survive against predators though
Beth Bessemer
Beth Bessemer День тому
I love this video!! Thanks for taking such good care of two of God's creatures. You did a fabulous job! I hope you don't miss them too much!
R. S. Robertsen
R. S. Robertsen День тому
This made my day 😄
멀티팬단 День тому
As a nzer, im horrified
Joetta День тому
Love this!
Castleridge Studios
Castleridge Studios День тому
I would worry that a predator could get these precious creatures. Would it not be better to keep them safe with you? They are a delight!
Frenchie Ann Dionisio
Frenchie Ann Dionisio День тому
That adorableness is a top notch
martin_e День тому
How is this a real animal? Aww
drew День тому
Plot twist: Her mothe left her on his doorstep
NewB Wake
NewB Wake День тому
Ddid they lose eachotherr in the wildd though D::
Crackli'nBraap День тому
You know you have a good girl if she already bitting at 6th month.
Haziq Saffari
Haziq Saffari День тому
Thanks for raising those two and preparing them to return to the wild. Nice guy.
InTheZone День тому
That was so pleasant to watch.
MC Pope
MC Pope День тому
How wonderful! ❤️♥️
Puerto Rican Pablo
Puerto Rican Pablo День тому
Aww 🥰
Shaila Walsh
Shaila Walsh День тому
“Stewart is a girl” we love an androgynous queen
Raimunda Azevedo
Raimunda Azevedo День тому
Canal budismo nichiren daishonin
InsomniaFun День тому
Karen League
Karen League День тому
I don't know what they are, but man are they cute!!! It had to be bittersweet watching them leave!
Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes День тому
Great video Robert :)
Adan M
Adan M День тому
Your evil if you thumb down this.
Margaret McCann
Margaret McCann День тому
Very cute
A Paz
A Paz День тому
Carol Pitcher
Carol Pitcher День тому
So sweet such a wonderful distraction from our world
Geof Turner
Geof Turner День тому
How do you tell the difference between a stoat and a weasel? A weasel is weasily recognised and a stoat is stoatally different!!
tchornobog День тому
i wonder how many nintendo switch owners made the same soyface the stoat is making in the thumbnail before clicking the video
Riley Klinck
Riley Klinck День тому
The dude: Yeah, she's calming down a bit Whisper: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE More like scream
richietwoshoes День тому
Robert Fuller , is the Best of humanity ,kind and loving ,to the most fragile of life. thank you
gosia g
gosia g День тому
how are you sure that they will be ok outside?
Front Tech
Front Tech День тому
The females are aggressive.
mark b
mark b День тому
Too cute!
Arbitrium Liberum
Arbitrium Liberum День тому
I`ve got a very simple thought... Why are we watching this now?! Вecause nobody will be able to make a fur coat or even a hat from this 2 small stoats...
Maltodekstrin День тому
Stoat? Ok this is new for me. Never knew there's animal named stoat.
Alia Therkildsen
Alia Therkildsen День тому
That is just adorable, my cat died yesterday & this is the first smile that I've had since. Thank you.
James Town
James Town 2 дні тому
With all the socio-political turmoil in the US today, I really needed this. Thank-you!
AlienRobotGhost 2 дні тому
I wonder if they will hang out forever or if they will each go their own separate way...
Crimson Butterfly
Crimson Butterfly 2 дні тому
Stoats look like miniature Weasels, so cute!
Bénédicte fleurdemiel
Bénédicte fleurdemiel 2 дні тому
Ohhhh I want to adopt her ! ! I love love love!!
raprezenta 2 дні тому
SUYPIKZ fighter
SUYPIKZ fighter 2 дні тому
this man needs all of the money any where t ohelp these lil tings
Derek Miles
Derek Miles 2 дні тому
They look cute, but you do not want to see them hunting and killing their prey, they would tire out their prey, before finally going for the kill. And they can very trigger happy sometimes, which means they can go on a killing spree without even being hungry
Lucy Holmes
Lucy Holmes 2 дні тому
Adorable!!! So your gardens in the UK are just full of baby stoats!!?? I actually have duel citizenship, so I can move to the UK and raise Stoats. I’m going to start packing immediately!
KatraDiction 2 дні тому
I think youtube is trying to break me.
Morkie Flash
Morkie Flash 2 дні тому
That's great.
8Rincewind 2 дні тому
Sue Uustalu
Sue Uustalu 2 дні тому
I’ve never seen a Stoke and never heard that name. They are both very adorable. You did a great job raising them.
Food Leveling
Food Leveling 2 дні тому
He look so cute I Food Leveling
Chris Trudell
Chris Trudell 2 дні тому
A cross between a sheep and a goat Stoat
Samuel Sweeney
Samuel Sweeney 2 дні тому
Thee things are pests that kill off our native birds WTF are you trying to make them look like good guys for. Horrible nasty little murderers is what they are!
W Pontius
W Pontius 2 дні тому
They are cute little critters!
Kelly Francis
Kelly Francis 2 дні тому
Adorable little weasels!
Markel Minions
Markel Minions 2 дні тому
Umm a stoat? Thank you DODO for another great vid!!! And I learned something new today!!!!
Tanuki sleep
Tanuki sleep 2 дні тому
owowow the stoats looks so adorable!! Guh
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