Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Captain Marvel Trailer

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Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Captain Marvel Trailer
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Who Are Captain Marvel's Teammates?
It's official! The very first Captain Marvel trailer has finally been released, and it's everything we could have wanted and more! It's our first live action look at the hero, played by Brie Larson, and finally gave fans of the MCU more insight on what exactly her solo film will entail. For those of you out of the loop, Captain Marvel was hinted to at the end of the Avengers Infinity War film, with Nick Fury sending out a distress call to her via a space beeper seconds before he was dusted by Thanos snap. Since, theories have been ablaze as to how Carol Danvers will be involved in the upcoming Avengers sequel, and how her origins would play out in her solo film that will be released this upcoming March. The Easter eggs and references we'll be discussing in this video shine some light on those questions. So without further ado, here's the top 10 Easter eggs you missed in the captain marvel trailer!
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18 вер 2018

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Top 10 Nerd
Top 10 Nerd Місяць тому
Who are captain marvel's teammates? ukvid.net/video/відео-MClvd66VDwE.html&t=1s
Dc Ling
Dc Ling 9 днів тому
Top 10 Nerd pls don’t make click bait it really is not right
JP 19 днів тому
+Pikachufps3 she has the ability, to see Skrulls even if they are in disguise. She's not gonna go and just kill random people
Green _Youtube
Green _Youtube 19 днів тому
I say Captain America cuz Captain america Captain Marvel right right?
smoketinytom 26 днів тому
That moment you refresh your Capt Marvel video and discover you went from 150k views to over 1mil. :)
DaUrbanMunky 26 днів тому
Kendal Nichols
Kendal Nichols День тому
Thumbs down for the click bait!
iiOmqPower 2 дні тому
Kel Green
Kel Green 2 дні тому
So Capt Marvel links up with Ant Man to get him out of the quantum stuff. She must have knowlege of where everyone is. Im looking forward to the movies now. They sound crazy!
Chaotic Rage
Chaotic Rage 4 дні тому
Gokul Kumar
Gokul Kumar 4 дні тому
Kyle Evangelista
Kyle Evangelista 4 дні тому
Clickbait sucks man
Macsima Media
Macsima Media 5 днів тому
I don't know about Captain Marvel, but i'd like to avenger you beautiful :)
Kent Tan
Kent Tan 6 днів тому
Captain Marvel will not be in Avenger 4 She was also dusted by Thanos , 50% gone ! Nick Fury's distress call was picked up by nobody on the other side . So don't have high hopes guys
PowerRedBull 7 днів тому
You talked about the trailer as if it was positively received, which is deceiving. THUMBS DOWN
naturalerectileguide 7 днів тому
"Tonight I'm going to give you a little surprise." > *Freedaypdf*com* 7598
Earl Young
Earl Young 8 днів тому
I read the original Captain Marvel comics back in the late 60's. In 1977 Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel. Read those comics too. Danvers was seriously injured in an explosion, Mar-Vell saved her. Bla-Bla-Bla, she's a super hero. However, Mar-Vell die of cancer he contracted from a nerve gas, his death is 1982. He did get, sort of, resurrected by the Grandmaster into the Legion of the Unliving. Mar-Vell wouldn't be around in the 1990's. Because he's dead. Oh well, it's their movie and I don't think many remember the old Captain Marvel anyway.
Nadeen Marshal
Nadeen Marshal 8 днів тому
See man up okay... Click bait...... Is Not a thing anymore.... Be true... Big dislike.... I liked the video but u guys cheated so..... Disliked
Travis Hammar
Travis Hammar 8 днів тому
This host reading from a teleprompter and the writers of this episode have clearly never read a Danvers comic
Winter_baked_ cookies
Winter_baked_ cookies 8 днів тому
ok i'm commenting before watching the video and fingers crossed that captain america is metioned.
ERICDAPIEMAN 8 днів тому
I'll save you some time don't watch this video
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker 9 днів тому
*Trust me. I didn't find it 'jarring' in the least to see Captain Marvel punch the shit out of that old lady. I'm more then sure she earned it, somehow.* 😎👍💖
AF 11 днів тому
Did you know hyenas have penises too...
T Train
T Train 11 днів тому
and then Deadpool pretends to work with the Skrulls making and training a bunch of Deadpool Skrull clones to take down the Skrulls from orders from Nick Fury. At least that's what happened in the comics... one can only hope...
Ruslan Nabiev
Ruslan Nabiev 11 днів тому
Hey Endgame do you know why you're getting so many dislikes, its because of your clickbait.
YoseF BritinghaM
YoseF BritinghaM 13 днів тому
Why must Be End In Avengers 4😭😭😭😭😭
JUDOK Karma 13 днів тому
Worst Click bait ever.......
Joyce Alameda
Joyce Alameda 13 днів тому
Damn clickbait! I came here because of Ant Man!
sanchit umbarkar
sanchit umbarkar 14 днів тому
Click bairers
ASDF jkl;
ASDF jkl; 14 днів тому
It hurt every time you said "beeper" ... it's a pager, only idiots ever called it a beeper Edit: Also, how are her power's an Easter Egg you missed? That's like saying "hey, she's a female, that's an Easter Egg you may have missed!!!"
CydSprinkles 15 днів тому
That explained so much
Hafizha Sarah
Hafizha Sarah 15 днів тому
Where is my friend? Is that Ant-Man on Captain Marvel trailer? Thank you
Saitama A-Hero-for-fun
Saitama A-Hero-for-fun 15 днів тому
Seriously Ant Man ?!
JOHN DOE 15 днів тому
you have a horrible body and not very attractive.
Blazeinone 16 днів тому
Ha ha you love these click bait videos
Eva Ray Herrera
Eva Ray Herrera 16 днів тому
Wtf where’s ant man?
Jxkkoh 16 днів тому
I think nick lost one of his eyes because of her, he said in iron man that the last time he trusted someone he lost an eye.
Abhishek Tyagi
Abhishek Tyagi 16 днів тому
Disliked it for that antman click bate
m gee
m gee 16 днів тому
Dislike for misleading "clickbait" image
zhiying lim
zhiying lim 16 днів тому
Because he is stuck
zhiying lim
zhiying lim 16 днів тому
There is no ant man in captain marvel
rebel without a cause!
rebel without a cause! 16 днів тому
Adam Warlock please save us from captain marvel !!!!!!
TrpDr Spider
TrpDr Spider 17 днів тому
Is one of the 'Easter Eggs' her changing expressions? Or is the Egg left over from last Easter and thats why she has the look about her for *the entire trailer*
Derek Lamb
Derek Lamb 17 днів тому
I have a Blockbuster Gumball Machine in mint condition fully working.It's still in use since I bought it from them in 2011 of March.
Dominic Cazenove
Dominic Cazenove 17 днів тому
Thumbs down for the blatant click bait photo.
Ricardo Cordova
Ricardo Cordova 17 днів тому
Wait what ??
Karen F
Karen F 17 днів тому
I curse you for that manipulative clickbait.
Andrew Osterman
Andrew Osterman 17 днів тому
None of these are Easter eggs
Tsm- Bugdayli
Tsm- Bugdayli 18 днів тому
Why is there not the avengers,avengers and captain marvel can team up on thanos.
Eric Grr
Eric Grr 18 днів тому
Half of these "easter eggs" aren't even easter eggs.
DatMunkie 19 днів тому
Dislike due to thumbnail misleading.
Derpy Dino
Derpy Dino 19 днів тому
All I want to see is her cat
G Graham
G Graham 20 днів тому
The trailer is everything we wanted and more....... it was a shit trailer.
killafocker 20 днів тому
the ending of infinity war is bullshit, thanos didnt snap his finger until later, the timing is way off and they thought we didnt notice
huge gander
huge gander 20 днів тому
who the hell gave this vid dislike .... THANOS SHOULD SNAP THEM XD XD
Debartha Chakraborty
Debartha Chakraborty 20 днів тому
Why,,why ANTMAN is shown at the thumbnail!!!!???
Erik Hunter
Erik Hunter 21 день тому
Downvoted for click-bait-and-switch thumbnail, and the fact that none of these are "easter eggs". Sorry, but if ya can't get likes/subscribes honestly, then you're not that interesting.
Carla Gómez
Carla Gómez 21 день тому
Yes it's the same beeper, it is beat up and with things added to it, but it's the same beeper. See side-by-side photos
Savage Queen
Savage Queen 21 день тому
the old beeper from captain marvel is the same exact beeper in avengers , it just has some tech attached to the same old beeper
Elias Bracamonte
Elias Bracamonte 21 день тому
Ant man clickbait? Really?? Unsubscribed
marvelstans 21 день тому
clicked for paul rudd
Khawaja Arif
Khawaja Arif 21 день тому
Moon Chasers
Moon Chasers 21 день тому
Nick fury is in the captain marvel
Marco Mendez
Marco Mendez 21 день тому
I didnt know girls can be nerds too
Lucas Sarchis
Lucas Sarchis 22 дні тому
Downvoting just for the thumbnail, click bait is the worst. Shame.
B1gD4ddy Andi P
B1gD4ddy Andi P 22 дні тому
disgusting clickbaiters you are part of youtube cancer.
Brent Strange
Brent Strange 22 дні тому
Thanks for the click bait about Antman....class act
kempmt1 22 дні тому
4:13-She looks good in a helmet 5:35-Again, she looks good in a helmet 6:44-Ouch! She punched a granny
TiitanKun 22 дні тому
I guarantee no one missed the Blockbuster building and signs that were clearly visible in the trailer. I guarantee no one missed the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbols or Nick Fury, all of which were clearly visible and/or audible in the trailer. It's obvious that the beeper in Infinity War IS the same one from Captain Marvel and has merely been modified with advanced technology. I guarantee no one missed Nick Fury talking or him being clearly visible in the trailer. I guarantee no one missed the helmet that was clearly visible in the trailer. I guarantee no one missed the blast that was clearly visible in the trailer and obviously had some sort of effect on her. I guarantee no one missed Captain Marvel taking about missing memories in the trailer. I guarantee no one missed Captain Marvel punching what looked to be an old lady when it was clearly visible in the trailer. Assuming CM has a new power in this movie that lets her see/detect Skrulls is a new reveal not an "easter egg". Just FYI, an "easter egg" is a reference to a PRE-EXISTING thing and is usually shown only briefly and in the background, not for an extended period and as a focal point of the scene. Also, quit the clickbait shit, dumbasses.
MiniMee #1
MiniMee #1 22 дні тому
At the end of ant man and wasp *spoilers* ant man gets stuck in the quantum realm. Maybe Captain Marvel will get him out
Ray-an Bigay
Ray-an Bigay 22 дні тому
Fake thumbnail, for views?. Great ,greedy for views., everyone is doing it nowadays.
Tanya Madhukar
Tanya Madhukar 22 дні тому
Roses are roses🌹🌹🌹 Sky is blue☁️☁️☁️ I got click bated😥😥😥 So did you😏😏😏
Tanya Madhukar
Tanya Madhukar 17 днів тому
+Time Lord INTERESTING🤔🤔🤔👍
Time Lord
Time Lord 17 днів тому
Except I knew I was getting clickbaited. 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Triple-P 22 дні тому
Why didn't Nick fury call her in New York incident i.e in avengers 1? Why did he only call her in infinity war? And I have reported this video for misleading by showing Ant-Man even if he is not there.
Lauren Buynak
Lauren Buynak 22 дні тому
agh this youtube channel sucks
Henry Chavier
Henry Chavier 23 дні тому
There is a image of Ronan the Accuser from behind in one of the quick scenes.
Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters 23 дні тому
click bait unsubscribe
Ning 23 дні тому
this clickbait can suck one..
iSyriux 23 дні тому
captain marvel was injured in a plane crash, but survived. captain america was injured in a plane crash, but survived. both did not age. coincidence?
Malachi Williams
Malachi Williams 23 дні тому
Dang thumbnails; they can't be trusted.
We Are Monsoons
We Are Monsoons 23 дні тому
So is Mar-Vel a white Kree? I know the blue Kree are actually the minority but almost all of the Kree I see in the MCU are blue. Anybody know a bit more about this that could fill me in?
?? ??
?? ?? 23 дні тому
Knew it was clickbait but yeah watevs.
Daniel Intoccia
Daniel Intoccia 23 дні тому
clickbait and straight up wasn't that good of a trailer lol
Jerome Joseph Kennedy
Jerome Joseph Kennedy 23 дні тому
Poor - there are no Easter Eggs in this and the thumbnail has nothing to do with anything.
Gonzalo Alvarez
Gonzalo Alvarez 23 дні тому
Clickbait techniqued video with a bit of too much shit talking.
Billy G.
Billy G. 23 дні тому
u seriously call these easter eggs?
Izzat Sootaga
Izzat Sootaga 23 дні тому
the nova helmet that warlock made could be in here
Fatin Suhimi
Fatin Suhimi 23 дні тому
Does anyone here know this movie is based on which Marvel comic?
Cameron Siemers
Cameron Siemers 23 дні тому
Dont put A circle and put ant man in it if ts not relevant. She travels through the Quantum realm whatever. Its not a big deal but it's misleading. Bs
Awesome Tv
Awesome Tv 23 дні тому
Strategic homeland intervension enforcement legistic divison
The Watcher
The Watcher 23 дні тому
Everyone involved in these videos should take a long hard look at themselves...is this really what you want to do with your life? Endlessly poring over other people's work because you lack the talent or vision to create and then treating your audience like children! You can all suck one of Drax's stools as far as I'm concerned!
marvel ironman boy gameing
marvel ironman boy gameing 23 дні тому
langbo9999 24 дні тому
Deadpool: Marvel captain marvel or DC captain marvel is so confusing.
Tom FromMySpace
Tom FromMySpace 24 дні тому
This video would have still been interesting and I would have watched without the clickbait
Tom FromMySpace
Tom FromMySpace 24 дні тому
Where is ant man
MrUzilara 24 дні тому
you call these easter eggs???
War Zone
War Zone 24 дні тому
Avery Burke
Avery Burke 24 дні тому
Brie is gorgeous
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon 24 дні тому
D D 24 дні тому
It’s 2018 and there’s 2 blockbuster video in Alaska
Inditha inditsch
Inditha inditsch 24 дні тому
i hate the CLICK BAIT!
Kim Daniel Estoy
Kim Daniel Estoy 24 дні тому
If Fury is already aware of the aliens back then, why is he so surprised when Thor and The Destroyer went on earth (Thor 1), and mentioned that in the Avengers 1, which is also the reason of the creation of project PEGASUS.
Zsuzsa Mae Deloso
Zsuzsa Mae Deloso 25 днів тому
Did anyone see them miss number 4?
Josue Nieves-Barreto
Josue Nieves-Barreto 25 днів тому
There is so much about captain marvel that I really would like to hear, and see.
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