Top 10 Movie Tropes that Would Not Fly Today

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Wow, times have really changed, haven't they? Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Movie Tropes and Trends that Would Not Fly Today. Suggestion Tool►►www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Subscribe►►ukvid.net/u-watchmojo Facebook►►www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Twitter►►www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►instagram.com/watchmojo Channel Page►►ukvid.net/u-watchmojo
For this list, we're looking at previously common plot elements, practices, devices or clichés in filmmaking that would most likely not be used today, either because of changes in what is considered acceptable by modern standards, or changes in the film industry itself.
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11 чер 2016

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Phoenix_ Flame
Phoenix_ Flame День тому
22K likes to 22K dislikes? Wow.
kahle День тому
Imagine putting a category as "violence against women" and not "domestic violence". If a man does something and deserves to get hit, and a woman does the same thing, does she not deserve to get hit due to gender? Talk about equality
TrueTypeFont 2 дні тому
Wow... seems like we haven't come such a long way after all. Most people still think the current generation is a pussy one, living in old thought concepts of how things should be. They don't get that becoming more sensitive and empathetic will be very important in the future to avoid wars etc. but doesn't mean you cannot kick someones ass if you have to.
Gary Callan
Gary Callan 2 дні тому
But America is evil. Jeez
Chris .Collins
Chris .Collins 2 дні тому
Nonsense. You can talk all the shit you want about russians now. It's great! Your target doesn't even have to be russian!
christopher craig
christopher craig 2 дні тому
Are we just not gonna discuss the films in which the Women raped the Men? Horrible Bosses 1, 40 Days and 40 Nights, and The Wedding Crashers just to name a few.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 2 дні тому
What is this!? In MOTHER RUSSIA, if people don't have theze in their movie, ve vill execute zhem
Donde Merlin
Donde Merlin 2 дні тому
Meanwhile, as our country did all kinds of bad things to others in nations close and far, we americans are upset over what is depicted in film as if this decides the fate of people. Talk about convoluted morality. Fred Nietzsche would have a field day with this stuff!!!
jack woyshnar
jack woyshnar 2 дні тому
I miss the days where everyone wasn't so offended... How did we go from the 80's to this?
Rich T
Rich T 2 дні тому
Today there’s nothing but a bunch of ladyboys. Toughen up people.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 2 дні тому
People need to learn the difference between real life and FICTION, e.g., movies. I'm offended by people who get easily offended and I'm done with it.
Lance Snow
Lance Snow 2 дні тому
If you're offended your a pussy
Bill Post
Bill Post 2 дні тому
You forgot about presidents who are ok with white supremacists.
ray follis
ray follis 2 дні тому
All the comments say what needs to be be said about this video.
carrychris2010 3 дні тому
one of the trops would be if you were a boss / Owner of company ,You could smack around your employees. I used to believe this was true when seeing so many TV shows where the Boss terrified everyone and could just about do anything to anyone. What would you do if your Boss smacked you ?
carrychris2010 3 дні тому
I wonder if the creators of this video actually saw some of these movies they were quick to deem as racist. Some of these films were trying to imply the opposite.
master of all memes
master of all memes 3 дні тому
He watchmojo go fuckyourselfs
blake gandalf
blake gandalf 3 дні тому
I would actually like more of steriotypes and RDJ in black face please
padretienesseis 3 дні тому
The 20th century made the best movies ever! Now everyone is a sissy-mary!
david white
david white 3 дні тому
"one of the most regrettable aspects of American history" try changing this line to "the world's history", America is not the only place on Earth, and it's not your only audience
DrakkTrash 3 дні тому
ToonsTVAustralia 3 дні тому
9:46 what about violence against men?
Derry Sexton
Derry Sexton 3 дні тому
*GROAN*.... I see a lot of comments actually trying to validate some of these things on this list or going to the extreme in the opposite direction... Here's my two cents: 1.) I don't give a Flying Ugly Cake Killer if some slaves were treated "well"...a human being actually "owning" another human being as if they were a pet is COMPLETELY WRONG!!!! Even if some were okay with being slaves, it's because they did not know any better or were conditioned to believe that their status was okay. I actually own Song of the South, beings it was released in Canada and I bought a copy at a convention. It most assuredly glamorizes this. It's taken me years just to be able to sit through it, but I would still take it over that atrocity known as Green Pastures. 2.) Nobody should be striking anyone...unless, maybe if they were struck by said person first, and even then it depends. Hollywood back in the day made it perfectly okay to strike women to put them in their place. Wasn't cool then, and definitely not now. 3.) Every once and a while, someone will still slip a racial stereotype or caricature into the national conscious. Uhm, no. There is simply no need to paint yourself a different color to portray someone. If it is used to satirical effect, Like Downey Jr's character in Tropic Thunder, that's one thing. But to pass it off as something that represents that particular group of people in real life?!? Get the fudge out of here! 4.) Some of these should have been victims of progress...the smoking one, violence in PG movies, casual attitudes about bullying (although it was because of the casual attitude that some of us had to take matters into our own hands with dealing with bullies. I've been in plenty of fights having to stand up for myself to bullies because no one would do anything. That shouldn't have always been the case). But any type of discrimination is a no-no. The casual attitudes toward homophobia and slavery should have definitely been done away with. But, who were the ones driving these attitudes in cinema in the first place? Honestly, we're all at fault to a degree, but mostly those who were in positions of power.
Travis Kale
Travis Kale 3 дні тому
WatchMojo is getting a little too sensetive for my taste.
Jay-t Robo
Jay-t Robo 3 дні тому
I completely disagree with this list, stereotyping is funny. I didnt hear about "white facing" this channel is biased bullshit. The only thing worse than watching this list is listening to the liberal cuntbag narrorating it. No!!!! Progress according to you is horseshit. I've been offended, you've been offended, we've all been offended but the point is to not be a complete pussy about it and stop ruining creativity and movie magic altogether. If you dont want to see it, don't watch it. Much like this page. No more for me WATCHMOJO. You can fuck yourselves in a peanutbutter faggy assed gangbang, vomit on eachother and die for all I care. P.S. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cobey Daigle
Cobey Daigle 3 дні тому
People are to sensitive now a day's
Sharanya Mukherji
Sharanya Mukherji 4 дні тому
You guys make a movie with all the politically correct tropes you can think and tell a fucking good story and then we will talk :) Otherwise just fuck off 👌
ant cri
ant cri 4 дні тому
You give a coupe examples of black face but didn't mention white face.
brett kovak
brett kovak 4 дні тому
Might as well pad everything with nerf! All this PC crap makes me sick!
Walter Jones
Walter Jones 4 дні тому
this is a crock. pretty soon they gonna ban rudolph the red nosed riendeer cus it promotes drinking........fuck ya all going to my compound ......come get me
Cristina fultz
Cristina fultz 4 дні тому
10:16 Best line of all time
JWil42 4 дні тому
With regards to blatant homophobia, I wonder if Muslim homophobia would be okay (they routinely lynch homosexuals in the Middle East)
JWil42 4 дні тому
Heavyweights is one of my favorite movies. It’s a shame to see that it wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s world
peter tuann
peter tuann 4 дні тому
damn, I loved Splash Mountain at Disneyland, but any ride based on such a racist movie, wow, I have to boycott.
jesse haaland
jesse haaland 4 дні тому
All Germans eat live babies.
jesse haaland
jesse haaland 4 дні тому
I'm a third german.when i get accualy mad at someone ,I will turn into a German.lol
Doug DeBolt
Doug DeBolt 4 дні тому
Anyone who hasn't seen "Song of the South" should watch it before criticizing it. I'm betting that the folks at WatchMojo just ran with the "Disney is embarrassed" line when they made this video. What's amazing is that Disney was so "embarrassed" by the depiction of race relations that they did release it on video and laserdisc in the rest of the world. Perhaps it was less about embarrassment and more about avoiding political fallout at home. Honestly, I do see some of the romanticism of life on the plantation, and I get why many people don't like that. However, I also see the portrayal of Uncle Remus as the one truly good and trustworthy adult in the movie. Everyone loves Remus, regardless of his color. The two main white children don't see an old black man, but instead someone who brings joy and happiness into their lives. When Johnny thinks about his "happy place," he realizes that it's the time he spends with Uncle Remus. Is it a perfect movie? No. But is it a racist movie? Absolutely not. Watch it with an open mind and tell me otherwise.
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 4 дні тому
This video epitomizes what is wrong with America and why someone like Donald J. Trump got elected. Political correctness gone way to far. The whole purpose of movies is escapism from real life. This video makes me want to just throw up. i have never bullied anyone or been mean or nasty to members of the LBGTQ community or engaged in domestic violence. but somehow i'm a bad person for enjoying some of these movies. As my grandfather told me the most homophobic, racist and gender biased book on the planet is the holy bible.
Jqbogus 4 дні тому
9:45 Casual violence against men is, of course, still A-OK.
Eevee Roxy
Eevee Roxy 4 дні тому
Thank god we’re growing as a Society
Soldier Blue
Soldier Blue 4 дні тому
Why hasent the sterotype of a white "redneck" been added into this ? Or because their white thats still okay is it ? Double standards .
Torsten Fink
Torsten Fink 4 дні тому
Good video to get fascist assholes exposing themselves in the comments ... well done WatchMojo, one of your better videos!!!
safehandsltd 4 дні тому
"Do you agree with out list?" No not really.
Rob M
Rob M 4 дні тому
They'd fly. I'd still watch any movie with these in them. In fact now I have to seek them out to find anything truly good to watch.
Martin Ingall
Martin Ingall 4 дні тому
The most libtard MOJO ever.
Lorin Leatham
Lorin Leatham 4 дні тому
I think you are stupid liberals who have ruined the movie industry trying to tell the rest of the world what is funny and what's not. You ignorant peices of garbage are why movies now suck donkey balls! Go suck a fat out of Mongo's ass!
terry witzu
terry witzu 4 дні тому
Meaning - Remember, people you know longer have the freedom you once enjoyed.
Eddie B
Eddie B 4 дні тому
Otherwise known as a list of ways we've sanitized the movie industry to ensure it will never look at sensitive topics ever again.
jeffrey lee robinson
jeffrey lee robinson 4 дні тому
some of these are legit. a lot of these are a stretch - seriously, Indy stealing an idol from a temple is now offensive to indigenous? do you know the word... context? I don't know a single Jew offended by the idea of searching the arc. maybe uncarefully researched youtube tropes to meet a deadline should be considered offensive.
jeffrey lee robinson
jeffrey lee robinson 4 дні тому
Jesus Christ a minute of her explaining the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again OMG she's still talking
James Woosley
James Woosley 5 днів тому
horse shit!
Ray Prince
Ray Prince 5 днів тому
I thought Soul Man and Tropic Thunder were justified. By the end of both films, the characters realized their flaws and became better men. Also, both films were VERY funny. They showed how black men are stereotyped in society. I also wonder if these movie tropes shouldn't exist today. Hitting women, racism, violence. We all still think this way, we just don't say it due to political correctness. Al this has us all on edge.
Bro. Tolliver
Bro. Tolliver 5 днів тому
Reading these comments of all these white men upset that they can no longer offend people for the sake of their humor.
Joker Gregory
Joker Gregory 5 днів тому
The world is now just full of dicks!
manifestgtr 5 днів тому
PC mania has really ruined things. Back in the day, this is how it went. We used to call eachother coons, crackers, the Cambodian kids nips (to which they would come back and call us stupid assholes for thinking they were Japanese), retards, spicks, whatever...and it made us all closer. On my grandfather’s grave, there were a pair of black sisters in our group who INSISTED that calling them niggers was hilarious. Joking about our differences made them inconsequential, light-hearted and it fostered the idea that what actually mattered was everything else. At the end of the day, when you had a group that hung out, you knew what was in their hearts. People are racially divided WAY MORE than when I was in high school/college and it’s because some gang of middle class, white idiots wants to propagate the idea that these differences are deadly serious and joking about them is tantamount to bigotry. It’s actually really repulsive and condescending the more you think about it. Saying that one group or another can’t be made fun of is implying that they can’t handle it and in a very real way, that they’re actually “lower” than you. It’s not good to joke about such things...you shouldn’t be punching down at black people. Because we alllll know that’s what it is. Punching DOWN. Fuck all of you. I won’t follow you down that road.
robb 5 днів тому
This is the bioggest bullshit I've seen on UKvid.
trha2222 5 днів тому
Worst video ever.
trha2222 5 днів тому
Liberals ruined movies.
MorphicStates 5 днів тому
3:37 Kids who never learn how to stand up for themselves grow up into adults who never stand up for themselves.
MorphicStates 5 днів тому
9:38 Let's be thankful for the progress we've made? Number 2: Casual violence against women bad. Casual violence against men good.
yyzwdm 5 днів тому
2/3 of the crap being promoted today wound have never seen the light of day 30 years ago. While you're busy trying to demean culture of decades past, you don't see the repressiveness of today. Sad.
Yowzoe 5 днів тому
So many dumb-ass comments on this. Trump has fucked us.
bigl81079 6 днів тому
If it’s not ok for men to hit women then it’s not ok for women to hit men.
scott smith
scott smith 6 днів тому
People are too soft. When did it become recreational to be outraged and butthurt??
Matt751 6 днів тому
Number 1 should be the Hollywood lie that all slave owners in America were racist and that all black people were slaves. Only about 10% of white Americans owned slaves and about 25% of black Americans owned salves. Also slavery wasn’t a racist thing but cultural as almost every country in the world had slavery and slaves. It also was 2 predominantly white countries that (America and Britain) that led the world to end slavery as a cultural norm.
labyrinthodont 6
labyrinthodont 6 6 днів тому
Those men slapping those women putting them in their place
tompatriot12 6 днів тому
Outdated movie tropes are perhaps useful in that we may ALL learn what was and what is now. Moreover, they can direct us in making better films as social issues arise. It should be stated, however, that ignoring, condemning, and labeling these tropes as irresponsible is, to be fair, a form of censorship; which if examined with justifiable credence, is limiting to the creative artistry in film-making. Consider that point. History is formed through trial and error.
G Hall
G Hall 6 днів тому
Everyone knows that the only group of people , who can be bashed, are Caucasian. It's even en vouge to virtue signal ,on how badly whites hate themselves.
fearless102 6 днів тому
"Movies that are no longer made today" answer: good ones.
Gambit2483 6 днів тому
Comedy Shows like "In Living Color" were soooooo ahead of their time...it would never fly today
CatNact 6 днів тому
Emotionally unstable, overly sensitive snowflakes indoctrinated by PC culture have ruined comedy and any entertainment’s ability to incorporate or portray real life. However what is acceptable today is mostly the reverse of this video. Women hitting men, Black people ‘white facing’, Black people stereotyping / mocking whit people, gay / trans mocking straight, atheist mocking religions. Etc. the more things change the more they stay the same.
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here 6 днів тому
"Cultural appropriation" gimme a fucking break
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 6 днів тому
Every movie made before 2000 will have to be banned! And everybody over 50 needs to die.
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense 6 днів тому
This just proves we’ve gone way too PC!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey 6 днів тому
I agree with that Blazing Saddles and History of the World part 1 were two of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
Iafiv Iv
Iafiv Iv 6 днів тому
The authorities have replaced the bullies that's what's changed in schools.In the past you had the bully jerk nowadays the system itself is the bully with increasingly authoritarian attitudes and an increasing surveillance and control culture masked behind 'the right kind of child development'.So yeah great we went from a bully individual to an entire system that is the 'bully' but they mask it behind 'we need to root out improper behaviour' which is a codeword for whatever stuff they don't think is right.Out of the frying pan and into the fire awesome.I blame 9/11 for this.Maybe someone should do a movie about that how teachers have become the 'bullies' and the system itself is destroying the kids.Or would that be tooo 'controversial' even moreso if they establish a direct link between the authoritarian opressive paranoid school system and the mass shootings that take place.
Danimal1177 6 днів тому
"You mean I'm going to stay this color?" That was the absolute _funniest_ line ever in any movie! I laughed so hard the first time I saw it there was a moment where I was scared I wouldn't breathe again.
Ken Summers
Ken Summers 6 днів тому
The three piece suit was invented by an Englishman called Beau Brummell. So all you blacks, browns, yellows, green, Yanks and other aliens are guilty of Cultural Appropriation!!! Even today, Hollywood regularly depicts people who are NOT 19th century Englishmen wearing suits! The horror! The Shame!
rippedgenes 6 днів тому
It's why I like Tarantino movies, if it happened he's going to put it in a movie and not act like it doesn't happen in real life. Over the top stuff notwithstanding.
Felonious George
Felonious George 6 днів тому
I bet you all laughed or at least wanted too!
IcedFate 6 днів тому
i just want to say..the trope about authority figures taking a lax attitude towards bullying, could be an example of what tv tropes calls “truth in television “. because during that time, even in the 80’s and 90’s , at least in the schools I went to, the authority figures really did take a lax attitude towards bullying. often looking the other way and letting the bullies get away with it, or punishing the victims when the victims fight back and and then brushing it off , telling the victims to simply “ignore the bullies” or even going so far as to make up excuses for the bullies, claiming the victims have a “persecution complex” and it’s all in their heads.
Bear Brown
Bear Brown 6 днів тому
It seems now that you can't offend anyone that is embraced by the radical left but it is ok to offend anyone that is part of the conservative right. When we end up with no one being allowed to offend anyone in movies any more... oh what a dull existence!!
Dakota B.
Dakota B. 7 днів тому
After watching this im so woke
Mr. Opinionated
Mr. Opinionated 7 днів тому
What about how they portray country folk, people from the south. The southern accent is always on some buffoon I guess that is fine....what about the stupid blond bullshit after WW2? What about the movie White chicks? That is whites it don't count. Isn't it racism to not bring that stuff up and only stuff done to non-whites? Btw many so called stereotypes are close to the mark. You ever talk to non Americanized East Asians? Or realize how slaves dressed and talked? This post is racist towards Whites!
0976rob 7 днів тому
The scene in Revenge of the Nerds is not rape because she ended up dating him and marrying his character if she was raped she wouldn't have done that not to mention women like you initiate sex but don't want you to discuss or ask for it first I guess that's so they can have an excuse to claim rape if they decide not to like you one day classic feminism.
Henry McCoy
Henry McCoy 7 днів тому
doing away with these outdated trends is a large part of why movies today just are not as good as movies back then for example the hitting of women in film you know women some of them like that shit anybody remember Fifty Shades of Grey ever read a romance novel written by women for women the reason the Golden Age of film was so much better than today is you could do stuff you can push boundaries you can make people uncomfortable without a ridiculous insane backlash cuz people can't take a joke nowadays back then people have thicker skin we weren't crybabies snowflakes
fumblerooskie 7 днів тому
Teachers and schools really didn't care what was going on, and they would often punish the victim of bullying.
Mohammed Cohen
Mohammed Cohen 7 днів тому
whole damn country is pussified!!! STFU and enjoy the film...if you can't handle it go home!!!
Thorfinn Galahad
Thorfinn Galahad 7 днів тому
Looking forward to see movies with several people of all colors and sexes sitting around of a table doing absolutely nothing for two hours.
paranoidboytoy 7 днів тому
I disliked it because people shouldnt get so offended the video was good
Rory Shipowick
Rory Shipowick 7 днів тому
Liberal sensibilities
brent vance
brent vance 7 днів тому
Sounds like snowflakes got butt hurt.
Todd T
Todd T 7 днів тому
Well, I guess I just don't care because given enough time, I can find racism in everything. Look at kids cartoons. Ever notice every villain or evil person has a non North american accent?
Juan Cueva
Juan Cueva 7 днів тому
I'm gonna see all of this movies 😂
Daniel Picciotti
Daniel Picciotti 7 днів тому
These wood fly today except a few pussies with big mouths that are somehow affecting culture. Put them out and dont listen to complaints and people would watch no problem
Daniel Picciotti
Daniel Picciotti 7 днів тому
I cant even finish the video our world is disgusting now, no bullies. So when you're a teen with hormones and face adversity you just shoot everyone at school. Victory over bullies in life and film make kids realise there is a way out and life is not futile
Knoxx Black
Knoxx Black 7 днів тому
It's unfair to judge movies of the time. I'm sure 100 years from now a UKvid video will talk about the people of the 21st century and it won't be flattering.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren 7 днів тому
Jaws wasn't a PG either. It was an 'X'.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren 7 днів тому
Gremlins wasn't a PG, it was a 15 upon cinema release. I know, as it was the first '15' I went to see (aged 13 and standing on tip-toes at the ticket booth). In 1984 there was no bridging certification, that didn't come until 1989 with the release of Batman with the new '12' certification.
robert jaramillo
robert jaramillo 7 днів тому
Modern society = pussies.🙄
rrrrw999 7 днів тому
And sooo many of ours wouldn't have flown back then.....
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games 7 днів тому
Sixteen Candles? Neither of the two remember what happened. That's not rape. That's drunk sex.
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