Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

Marques Brownlee
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iOS 12 actually has some A+ new features - here they're all in one place!
Dat iOS 12 wallpaper: 9to5mac.com/2018/06/04/ios-12-wallpaper-download/
iPhone X Review: ukvid.net/video/відео-9Ca8zWJOlFQ.html
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7 чер 2018

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GuuzakaTube 2 дні тому
A headphone jack and expandable memory would have been praiseworthy features to bring! 🤣😂😉🤡
Stanley David
Stanley David 4 дні тому
Yeah, good job Apple. But why the volume OSD still like iOS 1??? Smh
Nick Anagnost
Nick Anagnost 5 днів тому
Like the subtle iMessage from Dwayne Johnson lol
Eddd 29
Eddd 29 6 днів тому
iOS is better than android but Samsung is better than Apple
Weiyi Song
Weiyi Song 6 днів тому
Free iPhone X/XS/XR cases,need reviews. if you have interest ,pls pm me or comment
Andrew Li
Andrew Li 9 днів тому
Laughing because I'm imagining marques stick out his tongue over and over just to prove to us animoji works 😂
Lordswim 13 днів тому
You can act on notifications from the tray ya dingus. FORCE TOUCH EM SILLY
Debavi Banerjee
Debavi Banerjee 14 днів тому
Hey Siri Mommy daddy are not at home ! Expectations - Siri opens incognito tab Reality - Siri opens Khan academy
Isaac B
Isaac B 15 днів тому
“Fix the rest of Siri”. Bruh, apparently you have not tried to use Bixby. The Note 9 needs something on the Siri-level, because it sucks.
Connor Ward
Connor Ward 16 днів тому
I must say I love the style of apples notifications...
saidul mirza
saidul mirza 18 днів тому
saidul mirza
saidul mirza 18 днів тому
Melchi Zedeq
Melchi Zedeq 18 днів тому
Welcome to 2018 iOs users! - Android.
Mira W
Mira W 19 днів тому
Didnt know you can place memoji on your body too haha xD thanks
Nrfa 20 днів тому
My iPhone 6s has ran like crap ever since I updated to iOS 12. I can’t even login to do my online banking ever since the upgrade. It kicks me out every time but after I already logged in. I go to Amazon, only shows 1/4 of the website, same with a lot of other sites. Phone is a little faster, but not fast enough to prevent me from doing online banking like prior to iOS 12 update. It also kicks me out of my Verizon app. Also. I’ve noticed all websites now have this black lock to the left of each website I go to. I’m officially done with all Apple. Samsung here I come today!! I don’t care about these five features, I care about how my phone functioned before iOS 12. Not runs like shit. Why? It has locked me out of much used websites prior to before the update.
Nuff Nuff
Nuff Nuff 21 день тому
Animoji is gimmicky shit
Mike No
Mike No 22 дні тому
Tried measuring my dick with that app. Doesn’t work very well said my dick was 2cm
Karel Modisadife
Karel Modisadife 24 дні тому
I’m loving my SE under the new iOS 12
xmasterx fomania
xmasterx fomania 25 днів тому
anshul bhatia
anshul bhatia 25 днів тому
Android lovers will bark
Nojan Hajjeforoush
Nojan Hajjeforoush 25 днів тому
The Animoji and the memojies mouth movement still isn’t good.
jason commins
jason commins 25 днів тому
i have IOS 12!
I main IQ
I main IQ 26 днів тому
r a v e n
r a v e n 26 днів тому
Still no chat head tho
I hate screen time because my dad controls it now
mrlozmoore 27 днів тому
go outside and build a treehouse.
dodymadny 27 днів тому
I'm on this niggas thumb 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Oliver H
Oliver H 27 днів тому
Top 5 Features are an emoji face and a ruler? Or is this Top 5 most useless features?
customteaching 27 днів тому
You can respond to text messages in the Notification Center. I just hold down the message and respond.
customteaching 27 днів тому
This was helpful. -B
Sat Paul
Sat Paul 27 днів тому
There is no feature in ios12🤬
Ashish Rahul
Ashish Rahul 28 днів тому
Is that a google home @4:40? It looks so cool!
chattowncutie 28 днів тому
We’re in 2018 if you’re still using an android grow tf up !
Nick 28 днів тому
that time limit is so stupid if that shit pops up i’m going straight to settings and turning it off for existence
Brandon Kennylz
Brandon Kennylz 28 днів тому
people spend over an hour on instagram?!?! this world is... has gone to shit.
Brucelal kom
Brucelal kom 28 днів тому
can anyone change ringtone to any any song without garage band and download tons of movies and songs for free in iphone😂😝😝apple suck
Marujita Díaz
Marujita Díaz 28 днів тому
Hey Siri, I'm reviewing you. Prepare to die.
Norman Osborn
Norman Osborn 29 днів тому
that notch
Lou Tabajen
Lou Tabajen 29 днів тому
Who finna measure Dey dicks wit that new feature 😂
i dont have a measure app on my iPad Air 2???
Ice killa3hunna
Ice killa3hunna Місяць тому
Team samsung waiting for s10
Jakonate Місяць тому
The thing keeping me from Apple were the notifications so I'm glad they finally fixed that
Karan Saxena
Karan Saxena Місяць тому
when he opened his Instagram the page was of one plus😅😅😅 lol
Amogh Mahesh
Amogh Mahesh Місяць тому
I don't know what problem it is.. when I open WhatsApp in iPhone XS max on horizontal screen it opens well and later when I rotate it back to normal vertical screen..The screen just displays white screen, instead of WhatsApp screen It might be bug of iOS 12 or it might be issue of the larger screen.. Please let me know if you are also facing this issue..
Atef turki
Atef turki Місяць тому
—TheManInDboX —
—TheManInDboX — Місяць тому
Hey Siri.. spank bank..
Oliver P
Oliver P Місяць тому
You can actually act on some notifications when they’re on the notification tray! Use the 3D touch on the notification. Works on most apps, better on some than others
Immy Місяць тому
WAIT NO NO NO, did no one else see Dwayne Johnson on his messages?!?!
InfiniteSkills Місяць тому
R.I.P Houseparty app.
Sean Mcmullan
Sean Mcmullan Місяць тому
Doesn’t work on my iPhone X, followed the exact instructions I get the notification but when I hit turn off nothing happens :/
Selena569 Місяць тому
I think you can act on notifications on the lock screen by pressing on them for a while until the ‘Reply’ option shows up depending on the app the notification is from and the type of notification.
Stu Large
Stu Large Місяць тому
The measure app ...accurate??? Are you kidding? It’s useless and takes more time to measure something than actually measuring it with a tape measure... why would anyone use this app ever? Who is it for? It’s more useless than the compass.. why would I ever use a compass ??? I have maps! I don’t know I think I might just go back to my old Nokia.
Tom Cologner
Tom Cologner Місяць тому
Sorry, just one note... measuring app is incredibly inaccurate. Checked up few times
It’s Maeesha
It’s Maeesha Місяць тому
hold up can i use the measurement thing on my iphone 6 plus?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Місяць тому
Too much google fan boy vibe coming from neutral ground. Any more low blows in here I missed?
h8ncars Місяць тому
Semi-activator (jailbreak shit) for Siri Love the app limits omg my 11yr old hasn’t been so emotional.... wish ios12 opened up more for CarPlay than just 3rd party maps/navigation. Not that I’m upset but miss Group FaceTime that I had in beta where is that in GM12. Thankful that ios12 has been jailbroken it’s time to start saving blobs on my X cause my 5s on 9.1.3 is a dinosaur or unicorn no matter how you perceive it....
Nitesh Chauhan
Nitesh Chauhan Місяць тому
I really want to check out features of these phone, but i don't have one... Mind giving ne yours?
Gamerboi 300
Gamerboi 300 Місяць тому
With that measure feature i could measure my bannana size
Prince Charles
Prince Charles Місяць тому
Gamerboi 300 oh it come’s with a microscope too?
The Card Deck
The Card Deck Місяць тому
How and where do you get the music for the intros/videos?
ASvD Records
ASvD Records Місяць тому
ios12 has an incredible performance increase on older models. All the rest is bs..
Ecpurple22 Місяць тому
King of aesthetics
loser5858 Місяць тому
Ios 12 sucks! Apple fuck off!!
fav cocaboycola
fav cocaboycola Місяць тому
Across the delta across the delta Lit song marquees
Ryan W.
Ryan W. Місяць тому
finally i can get size of my dick from a camera, thank you Apple!
Jonathon McCann
Jonathon McCann Місяць тому
If stock app improvements, a measure app, and Animoji enhancements make it to the top 5 features of a new generation of operating system, Apple is in deep trouble.
Ridwan Atma Wijaya
Ridwan Atma Wijaya Місяць тому
LOL, this time, Apple iOS copied Xiaomi MIUI 9
Dennis Cruz
Dennis Cruz Місяць тому
Measure app, and that stupid screenshot while waking up the phone is prolly the best damn thing I’m really looking forward to lol
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Місяць тому
Screen time really? im a big boy i think i can determine on my own when ive had enough
Sameer Sippy
Sameer Sippy Місяць тому
Gift me ur iphone x
Ryu Tsuchiya
Ryu Tsuchiya Місяць тому
Is there a new feature? Was everything there before...likes years before.
Kerim Місяць тому
Whats that in the top left corner? Easter egg? Or just a mistake?
Abdullah Alawadhi
Abdullah Alawadhi Місяць тому
iOS is iOS still the same since 2015. Nothing changed compared to Android in my opinion.
Derek Montoya
Derek Montoya Місяць тому
Force touch on notifications from lock screen to act on it from the lock screen
ABM W Місяць тому
raven r
raven r Місяць тому
Biggest change its gonna turn your old iPhone to shit...
Es3iya Місяць тому
measure app is not accurate at all. pretty random hits or misses. wanted to measure my fridge, was showing 54cm, but then with a real tape it was 58. so yeah lol.
Pramukh Molugu
Pramukh Molugu Місяць тому
if u try to facetime someone and want to reverse the camera, you have to swipe from down to up to reverse the camera that's how they messed up facetime.
stvnseagull Місяць тому
Hugh Adams
Hugh Adams Місяць тому
Was the iPhone in this video the regular XS?
niclas roth
niclas roth Місяць тому
Dialogue sector avoid specific strip objective circuit live scatter favorite Hispanic eat.
Lil_piball Місяць тому
Nathan Slocum
Nathan Slocum Місяць тому
This seems like an update that should’ve gone unannounced
Stephen Gornik
Stephen Gornik Місяць тому
@marquees, u r the boss man for tech videos, you top everyone on UKvid in tech in my opinion. Your so on point it’s swag.
Sam Parent
Sam Parent Місяць тому
voice does not match the man
Dibyendu Roy
Dibyendu Roy Місяць тому
Still no spit screen mode😥
TodTx Місяць тому
That's depressing when "animojis" is a top 5 feature!! Apple iOS sucks!
Mehdi D.
Mehdi D. Місяць тому
is it true that with io12 we can activite the phone without a sim card ??
Addicted2success DD
Addicted2success DD Місяць тому
Salik Patwegar
Salik Patwegar Місяць тому
Very useful video thank you 😊
Ali Masud
Ali Masud Місяць тому
Apple straight up ripped digital wellbeing from Android P lol
packinstani Місяць тому
Why did you ignore the glitch at 1:36 Normally you would pick up on something like that
cherie bomb
cherie bomb Місяць тому
updated and everything's working fine, except for the group notifications, it works with every app except for Messenger, the only app i need grouped notifications for 😂😭 help?
Anang Sulistyono
Anang Sulistyono Місяць тому
People cheered when Iphone introduced group notifications? Lol you guys isheep need to demand more.
Qk9CWU5ib3x Місяць тому
Jesus....... Group notifications is a new feature??????? No wonder why android users shit on Apple.
John Emmanouilidis
John Emmanouilidis Місяць тому
Good video
Regu Raja
Regu Raja Місяць тому
my iphone X face time is lock. how to unlock face time. i am update ios 12 also please help me
Dante Dreamer
Dante Dreamer Місяць тому
This was the most passive aggressive tech review I’ve ever seen
Joe morgan
Joe morgan Місяць тому
Apple deserve it. Delaying updates just to have 'features' to announce. All of this shit is basic.
Asad Ali
Asad Ali Місяць тому
IOS 12 lol crap
Who cares Abc don't
Who cares Abc don't Місяць тому
Fuck Android
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