Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

Dolan Twins
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Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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21 тра 2019

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Shadet Webb
Shadet Webb 3 години тому
I wish Grayson actually wore one of those tank tops for his final outfit 😂😭
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz 6 годин тому
Bro it’s so weird like I used to really dislike them back then cause they were sooooo cringe, but now I love them.... also they look so different specially Grayson
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz 6 годин тому
They look older than 19 which is great for them LOL cause 19 year old guys still look like dumb kids but they look manly so blessssss
Latsh Joncas
Latsh Joncas 8 годин тому
at the ending i started crying😭💞💕
Jay or Brenda Demeuse
Jay or Brenda Demeuse 10 годин тому
Honestly why do people watch the video if they just dislike it? yA MiNdS wElL jUsT KiLl tHeM
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 12 годин тому
I miss their vines 😭😭😭😭
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 12 годин тому
“We started social media when we were 14” I started social media when I was like 5 so 2006🤣
T1D Rose AG
T1D Rose AG 15 годин тому
I mean, look at me, we have beards!- a lil bit..
SLT. 17 годин тому
Gray and E did used to wear the muscle tanks with their tits hanging out because i'm sure that's the reason why episode added them to the ink clothing lmao. same with some ripped jeans and flip flops.
Sol Velásquez
Sol Velásquez 17 годин тому
Wow didn’t know they were from NJ. I live in NJ.
Maleah Ginez
Maleah Ginez 18 годин тому
U guys are a LOT hoter now!😊
Gerella Matranga
Gerella Matranga 20 годин тому
They should have done their old outro song
headass День тому
i think the word they were looking for is “regress”
Wenner Lopez
Wenner Lopez День тому
What store did they go to ?
Ami x
Ami x День тому
14:08 ughhh that headshake omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 im actually in love Grayson’s the cutest thing ever. And at 14:59 with that face scrunch why is Ethan so adorable but so handsome at the same time 😩😩😩
Gabriella Ward
Gabriella Ward День тому
Gray’s hat looks like it floating on is head lmao
Annalesa Pond
Annalesa Pond День тому
This is me when I watch the twins lol love them
Brianna Worms
Brianna Worms День тому
They both look so disgusted watching their own videos hahah
hannah yung
hannah yung День тому
old Graysons hairstyle is the same as Ethan’s now - from their first video I think :) lol I love them
U N K N O V V N День тому
0:27 the size difference
Bea the Cheeb
Bea the Cheeb День тому
E-tee-wee-tee 😂😂🥰
Zachary Schultz
Zachary Schultz 2 дні тому
They look so much more alike when they were young
Annie 2 дні тому
Dogz5ever 2 дні тому
I miss the old cringey them, Ethan’s hair was better back then, like if u agree
Harriet Mckenzie
Harriet Mckenzie 3 дні тому
ethan was lowkey finding the baking cake video hilarious
Harriet Mckenzie
Harriet Mckenzie 3 дні тому
i actually loved ethan’s old hairstyle.. when he got rid of that i changed to grayson lane loll
Jada Richter
Jada Richter 3 дні тому
Am I the only one who loved Ethan’s hair back then(still love it now) and also I found the streaks in his hair soooo hot
ㄏㄇㄎㄓAlly 3 дні тому
Ethan looks fcking diffrent
Naya Grahn
Naya Grahn 3 дні тому
Grayson 😃: Ive got a goatee Ethan 🤨: Shave it Grayson 😐: *Shaves it*
Naya Grahn
Naya Grahn 3 дні тому
2:52 why do i love this part so much???
Kristal_Bear Love youu
Kristal_Bear Love youu 3 дні тому
19:43 i can see how many grayson gir s just had a orgasm looking at the pic.
Jenna Jorquera
Jenna Jorquera 3 дні тому
I Imagine the camera man trying to not laugh at how funny there are😂
Mayra Zenteno
Mayra Zenteno 3 дні тому
18:48 they’re EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE, they haven’t changed 😂
Follow My IG
Follow My IG 3 дні тому
The background music tho. 🤣🧐
NAE Issa boss
NAE Issa boss 3 дні тому
Grayson is sooo fine but that goatee makes him look like a super villain 🦹‍♂️😭 “ bUt tHEy aRe TwiNs hoW Is eAthAn nOt fINe tOo”...... cuz I don’t l don’t like his haircut graysons is better 😘😏
NAE Issa boss
NAE Issa boss 3 дні тому
We need the sister squad back (minus Emma )(cuz she is very cringe) 😍😍
Kelcie Pack
Kelcie Pack 20 годин тому
@Cosmic Lemon yeah
Cosmic Lemon
Cosmic Lemon 22 години тому
Kelcie Pack fair enough
Kelcie Pack
Kelcie Pack День тому
@Cosmic Lemon I do accept it but like I was in a bad mood when I commented that so I don't really know why I did
Kelcie Pack
Kelcie Pack День тому
@NAE Issa boss I honestly have nothing to do
Cosmic Lemon
Cosmic Lemon 2 дні тому
can you all just accept that everyone has a different opinion 🤦🏻‍♀️
Georgia Snow
Georgia Snow 3 дні тому
Was I the only one who got jump scare 2:55
Magesh Bothaguru
Magesh Bothaguru 4 дні тому
i cant belive i used to watch that stuff too
Jaiden Curren
Jaiden Curren 4 дні тому
Why was Grayson hot asf more than Eathan aaahhhh
veronica vlogs
veronica vlogs 4 дні тому
ee-tee-wee-tee (only the ogs would know)
A Grumpy Twin
A Grumpy Twin 4 дні тому
Okay now we all know we were complete idiots when we were young lol
Jana Petkovska
Jana Petkovska 4 дні тому
Sis they were hotter tho ..
Montoya Gibson
Montoya Gibson 4 дні тому
Both: *laugh* E:eww I sound like that
avery hammersmith
avery hammersmith 4 дні тому
Ethan 2015: fishhhhh Ethan 2019: crimson chin You are all welcome :) 👍🤡
MadCat :3
MadCat :3 4 дні тому
f*ckboys in sh*tty hats fish 🐟 😁
Isabella Fletcher
Isabella Fletcher 5 днів тому
Grayson with just a goaty makes him look 25 😂😂😂😂😂
Tesla Wesche
Tesla Wesche 5 днів тому
I liked the old Dolan Twins and like the “new” Dolan Twins
Reagan Evans
Reagan Evans 5 днів тому
They were probably the freshman heart throbs!
THE challengers
THE challengers 5 днів тому
Sushi makes me happy😀
Draw Mania
Draw Mania 3 дні тому
Greathan Dolanzz
Greathan Dolanzz 5 днів тому
that perv face from ethan for a full straight 15 seconds 12:13 , 12:27 yes i liked my comment and what
Lola Zimet
Lola Zimet 5 днів тому
am i the only one that went back to their old channel to watch the cringey videos they showed on this? lol
cashthesehands 5 днів тому
I miss there old selves 🥺
Gabby Flame
Gabby Flame 6 днів тому
I like the sentimental music in the back tbh
crazypurpleglow 6 днів тому
I feel so sad when they say Ethan looks like a fish. :(
Kevin1993 6 днів тому
20:09 the answer is : puberty
Natalie Cornier
Natalie Cornier 6 днів тому
Dude they were litterally the cutest things ever no matter what they say💛💛💛😍😍 (i mean they still are...no denying)
Phil Cooper
Phil Cooper 7 днів тому
Who else loves the Dolan twins
Emma Beech New
Emma Beech New 7 днів тому
Did you notice that during intros you guys would change sitting spaces in different videos but now it’s like you have your own side and Grayson sits on the viewers left and Ethan sits on the viewers right I find it cool to be honest😂x
Kimberly Nuno
Kimberly Nuno 7 днів тому
Ok, but does anyone know the background music at the part where they're looking at their old insta ?? It's kinda relaxing lmao
Kimberly Nuno
Kimberly Nuno 7 днів тому
Who else remembers "bromieomie" ?
Teigan Corbin
Teigan Corbin 7 днів тому
Grayson’s smile at 00:27 😁🥰
Ashley Cao
Ashley Cao 8 днів тому
Lol Ethan’s hands are turning pink from the dye
lexi garrett
lexi garrett 8 днів тому
2:19 i honestly love gray’s laugh 😂
Ally Davis
Ally Davis 8 днів тому
I remember whatching some of those videos when they had just been posted
Scott The Person
Scott The Person 8 днів тому
*my favourite pair of socks*
ISABELLA SHEA 9 днів тому
i love when gray laughed like a whole dad
Bella Gacha
Bella Gacha 9 днів тому
I just died laughing the whole time
Jordan Murakane
Jordan Murakane 9 днів тому
You should of made him skunk boy 😂
Carla Carpenter
Carla Carpenter 9 днів тому
Omg when the old e and g came in I actually got scared lol😂
Hi my name is Rubie
Hi my name is Rubie 9 днів тому
Can I just say that Grayson looks pretty fresh in that outfit, like it’s not even bad
Charlotte 123
Charlotte 123 9 днів тому
They look more handsome without the beards
Maddie Clough
Maddie Clough 9 днів тому
Ethan’s face watching the 1st vid he looked so disappointed in himself 😂
Maddie Clough
Maddie Clough 9 днів тому
Why does they’re laugh make me laugh 😂
Maddie Clough
Maddie Clough 9 днів тому
How do you even dislike them omfg
Devon_is_here_lol 9 днів тому
naomi o.
naomi o. 9 днів тому
I highkey liked them more before lmao
Jaetonna Satcher
Jaetonna Satcher 9 днів тому
Grayson was super cute
dede deed
dede deed 9 днів тому
i miss the old twinss really ilysm guys :(
Proud Hufflepuff
Proud Hufflepuff 10 днів тому
They think that the old them were boring, cringey, not funny, and not stylish... but yet those were the boys we fell in love with and still love now🥺 Remember guys you have to get through the bad before you get to the great..🥺💜💜💙😊🥰😊
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