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Travis Scott - STOP TRYING TO BE GOD (Official Music Video)

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Featuring Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica
Directed by Dave Meyers
ASTROWORLD OUT NOW travisscott.com
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.
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7 сер 2018





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Vaishali Kulkarni
Vaishali Kulkarni 9 годин тому
I'm very sure that astroworld is the best album ever or of the year but cardi b got the Grammy . when I saw it I cried Alot
Yen R
Yen R 12 годин тому
Satanic blasphemous piece of shit, you and all of your sheep followers are going straight to hell. Repent and save yourself in the name of Jesus Christ.
Rio Putra
Rio Putra 12 годин тому
Lagu setan bangsat
mts rjzn
mts rjzn 12 годин тому
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 14 годин тому
Why is god blake? Hes white unfortunately and nothin we can do bout it
Poser MC
Poser MC 15 годин тому
travis is god
Satlan 15 годин тому
that song have a good lesson.
Shakira Sampaio
Shakira Sampaio 16 годин тому
Algum brasileiro??😁
Celso Bravo
Celso Bravo 22 години тому
like tha music
LasaVadoR День тому
ELİF ÇİL День тому
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez День тому
that sheep low-key thicc
Soul Garcia
Soul Garcia День тому
Kid cudi’s humming 👌
J21 День тому
Take a shot every time he goes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
KnockingMaster Jason
KnockingMaster Jason День тому
I feel like this is a sneak diss to Kanye
ItsssAngel День тому
guys, i made a scarface edit to this song, check my account, thank you
Stefanie J
Stefanie J День тому
I can see what he may be saying ? I you can mock God and Christ all you want and Christianity . It’s hard listening to the truth with what the world may say first Anyone that watches or listening to this music 🎶 blocks you from the truth you make have the last laugh but you won’t be laughing once you are separated from God for eternity. I pray everyday that God may show his presence to you I pray he will open your heart so you can feel his overwhelming love and peace he will put upon you that you’ll understand him and his words let your eyes be opened . You mean so much to God he is waiting for you to open up to him even if your faith is as small as a mustered seed he can transform your faith you’ll be able to see clearly when you let Christ into your heart ❤️ . Peace y’all
Cheech Fl33k
Cheech Fl33k День тому
Look up to the sky we have two suns ! ( a conspiracy theory ). Do ur research Its not demonic I see a different view. All this rappers are rapping about being a god he saying stop trying to be a God cuz you're not the one that is is the one that created Commandments our lord & saver jesus Christ.
pringelsthegamefreak 2 дні тому
That outro is one of the most amazing outros to any song I've ever heard.
Jaytee Guerrero
Jaytee Guerrero 2 дні тому
Stop trying be God
FullMetalKaliber X
FullMetalKaliber X 2 дні тому
“Stop trying to be god” *|Tries to Deify his girlfriend|*
Chief Massa
Chief Massa 3 дні тому
Mile high is better
Raman Preet
Raman Preet 3 дні тому
4:22 IS SHE KYLIE???
Sane the Mane
Sane the Mane 3 дні тому
Mmmmm, Look at all these delusional people in the comment section thinking that God and Satan actually exist. 😂
TrollsEC 3 дні тому
just know what this about
DANZA 1 3 дні тому
I didnt know that god rolled with a bunch o' sheep
M. O .B
M. O .B 3 дні тому
2:06 could be a flipped vision of gods view
Kenny Green
Kenny Green 3 дні тому
He's mocking God how do you guys not think this is not demonic?
Valetto 3 дні тому
He stole my heart by making Kylie Jenner pregnant
What? 3 дні тому
People will see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear but will never accept it for what it is without their own perception.
SXBER k 3 дні тому
The sheep in the beginning represent us the blinded people following Travis Scott him will lead us to hell were the sheep while Travis Scott another illuminati puppet that sell his soul is an wolf in sheep's clothing fooling us he plays as God in the videos shooting Lazer beam so much symbolism mocking God and shit
SXBER k 3 дні тому
For you know very well that the day of the Lord comes in like a thief in the night.While people are saying, "Peace and safety" destruction will come on the suddenly, as labor pains a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. - Bible
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 4 дні тому
Stop trying to be god 🌅
Ari Trim
Ari Trim 4 дні тому
Why does god look so freaked out at the sight of Travis?
Elijah Ashman
Elijah Ashman 4 дні тому
Lmfaooo I might dip my sister head in water see if she comes out as one Travis Scott Ragers.
Movie Room
Movie Room 4 дні тому
All the best myman A L L THE B E S T
Dara Udobong
Dara Udobong 4 дні тому
Wow. This is such a good song and video. Respect to Travis after this
Emo crown princess
Emo crown princess 5 днів тому
Half of y’all commenting on this being demonic are heathens anyway. And y’all in love with ye and he claims he’s god so what’s the issue 😂😂 did you click off this video and work on getting right with the most high or are you just typing? Also, Jesus is not his name- you’ve been sheepishly mislead; do your research and get right.
RudeBoyJemo 5 днів тому
How does Cardi B have more views than Trav?
juanita parrish
juanita parrish 5 днів тому
Stop trying to be god
Josiah Merino
Josiah Merino 5 днів тому
Travis is my god
Luxe Vásquez
Luxe Vásquez 5 днів тому
Black Jesus. YIKES
Heela Nawabi
Heela Nawabi 5 днів тому
SCOTT * PILL ENEUCHE* 5 днів тому
🔵 (JESUS)™ will saVe 😢🙁
SCOTT * PILL ENEUCHE* 5 днів тому
🔵 (JESUS)™ will saVe 😢🙁
SCOTT * PILL ENEUCHE* 5 днів тому
🔵 (JESUS)™ will saVe 😢🙁
SCOTT * PILL ENEUCHE* 5 днів тому
🔵 (JESUS)™ will saVe 😢🙁
Jony Wade
Jony Wade 5 днів тому
This is the real action The pot party, the trippers, the grasshoppers, the hip ones All gathered in secrecy And flying high as a kite Hmm-hmm Just know what this about Hmm-hmm-hmm Hmm-hmm Palm trees, oceans, fresh air that can break your heart Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Ride for it every night Visions and these ankles tight Truth be told I never try Diamonds are the wife of life All three Rollies look alike After two you get a hook-up price Stripper never worked a nine to five Delta and I ship it overnight Stop tryna be God almighty Fuck the money, never leave your people behind It's never love, no matter what you try Still can see it comin' down your eyes 'Cause they did not create commandments (ooh, ooh) When you hustle, always make it fancy (ooh, ooh) The signal's far from what you can be (ooh, ooh) 'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Stop tryna play God almighty Always keep your circle tight I been wantin' shit my whole life I'm warning you, you best not try to play God tonight If I love her I'ma pass her on First rule of war, you find an act of one You can't win a trophy or a plaque off her But never turn your back on her 'Cause they did not create commandments When you hustle, always make it fancy The signal's far from what you can be 'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah You won't succeed tryna learn me Stick to the roads in my journey Stay out of court when you got the attorney She say she love 'em, want to really burn me Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Is it the complex of the saint that's keepin' you so, so still? Is it a coat of old paint that's peelin' every day against our will? Is it too long since the last open conversation you had? Oh no And did you see the void in the past? And can you ever see it comin' back? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh That it?
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba 6 днів тому
Kanye West : I Am God Travis Scott : Stop Trying to Be God
Elena 6 днів тому
Am I the only one who gets sad listening to this
George 6 днів тому
17ballislife 6 днів тому
I don’t like it at all 👎
Nehemiah Hicks
Nehemiah Hicks 6 днів тому
Revelations=Prophecy wake up ppl😳
Technique Secrète
Technique Secrète 6 днів тому
Massive Yt
Massive Yt 6 днів тому
2:33 Hes riding a fkin Baphomet, wow, Bible said, God is like a Shepherd, and we are the Sheep, Ariana Grande said "God is a Woman", BOOM, on the Video theres a Girl with a Sheep in his Hand
sylenceexposed 6 днів тому
Wow this is bad
mimi stevens
mimi stevens 6 днів тому
What made the song, were the harmonicas to be honest.
kiss my ass
kiss my ass 6 днів тому
markus maga
markus maga 6 днів тому
Zean Paliaky
Zean Paliaky 6 днів тому
The most stupidest thing I've ever seen in my entire life... The fuck is this
Bohlale Mpeke
Bohlale Mpeke 7 днів тому
Stop Tryna Be GOD
Chick-fil-A Wi-Fi
Chick-fil-A Wi-Fi 7 днів тому
Imagine the memes 😂
muhamadnurarifin 7 днів тому
Satan is dajjal
Septawani Helen
Septawani Helen 7 днів тому
They mocking of baptised and lamb of God (stop trying to be God)
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres 7 днів тому
One of my friends showed me this song like a month ago and ive gotta say its a killer track!!
Tyler 1223
Tyler 1223 7 днів тому
For all of you who think this video and song is a bad influence or is showing things that’s “misleading” or “blinding” you’ve got to do some homework. Go to his song “Pray 4 Love” then come back watch this again and then realize that he blew up off music and then got out of control and he was doing shit the wrong way the whole time. After Who portrays God in this video killed him he was then born again. All that to say he messed up and realized it and noticed that the whole music industry is a bunch of white men who are making money off of all these rappers and getting rich by sitting on they ass and making all the rules. Point is he found Christ and I recently went to his concert and after he sung this song he said “make sure no matter what happeneds in life always put God first” and then of course he moved on to the next song.
lay baby
lay baby 7 днів тому
This is pure trash
aesthetic blue
aesthetic blue 7 днів тому
Travis Scott: *STOP TRYING TO BE GOD* Ariana Grande: *God Is a Women-*
Erendira Love
Erendira Love 7 днів тому
Kylie holding the lamb. Smh....
Erendira Love
Erendira Love 7 днів тому
Mocking God? Hmmm, that’s a no no.
Ruby Goff
Ruby Goff 7 днів тому
This title speaks
Holl Dixon
Holl Dixon 7 днів тому
This is ass
ItsArii Here
ItsArii Here 7 днів тому
Everyone who liked this video is asleep😴Meanwhile I’m awake just watching everyone follow the world😲
Sami Marabha
Sami Marabha 6 днів тому
ItsArii Here shut up
Remington 700
Remington 700 7 днів тому
Wow so blasphemous and just a smack in Jesus face father forgive them for they know not what they do. I know Satan is just loving this. Prepare you self we are in the end times and i believe we are the last generation. Lord forgive us
Bushra Khaliq
Bushra Khaliq 5 днів тому
Remington 700 the video is about the sheep being followers and following famous people blindly and influencing them.. it’s nothing satanic or mocking to god, it’s his way of saying that just as god gave us power, don’t misuse it and act like god or he will take you out as fast as he brought you in, hence why he Ended Travis and made him become reborn as a sheep again, a follower, it’s confusing but it’s not about satan or mocking the actual god almighty.
Konly Rose-Brandon
Konly Rose-Brandon 8 днів тому
Revelation 21:8
Friday 8 днів тому
James Blake is my favorite. This video is wild
Nasty 😫
Averie Stephens
Averie Stephens 8 днів тому
Who’s here to see Kylie?
6_acee 8 днів тому
*I said it once, stop trying to be god*
jessica macmillan
jessica macmillan 8 днів тому
iS tHaT A cHiCkEn?
Miga odewole
Miga odewole 8 днів тому
Cudi pull up with the hummsssssss tho
Only came for the vibes, and Kylie 🥰
Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack 8 днів тому
dawn d
dawn d 8 днів тому
dawn d
dawn d 8 днів тому
Yarel Yahudah
Yarel Yahudah 8 днів тому
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews 8 днів тому
kid cudi ruined this
Viktorya Pavlova
Viktorya Pavlova 8 днів тому
Anyone here from Snapchats story?
Jimdrea Ramirez
Jimdrea Ramirez 8 днів тому
SATAN & I 8 днів тому
Enora Desravines
Enora Desravines 8 днів тому
Does Kylie represent god or something
RENIKA XO 8 днів тому
Enora Desravines lol an angel of light.
lil saff21
lil saff21 8 днів тому
These lame niggas are sale outs. Stop tryna be god but yet he's god in this crazy video! The hypocrisy is crazy and mockery is crazy.
Jaylin Moulard
Jaylin Moulard 8 днів тому
Tf is this . 😐😂😂
shelby jaycie young
shelby jaycie young 8 днів тому
I love the way Travis thinks of Kylie. Portraying her as god in this video, and in Stargazing saying “my baby mama is a trophy”. I desire a love so strong❣️
Dayadope 8 днів тому
This video is straight up satanic. Mocking the Bible. Mocking Christ. These artists are not hiding what they’re up to.
C. cal
C. cal 8 днів тому
Snapchat brought me here
Edisson P.
Edisson P. 8 днів тому
why doesnt anyone question how satanic this video is?
紅人人Emil 7 днів тому
What do you mean exactly ?
baby love
baby love 8 днів тому
Because they are all mind controlled and brainwashed,i dont know where this world is heading to,with these people not questioning anything...
Nia Solomon
Nia Solomon 8 днів тому
This ain’t about nun but the devil.
Nia Solomon
Nia Solomon День тому
Pringlesthegamefreak The song is obviously about religion, so if I point something out about the message of the song how tf is that over analyzing when the song itself has to do with religion. Video is clearly demonic chose to believe it or not, My opinion and nobody asked any of you to respond to this comment. Grow up stop tryna argue with mfs over UKvid.
pringelsthegamefreak 2 дні тому
Cringe lol, stop overanalyzing a rap song and enjoy the music
MadTrax 3 дні тому
+baby love it disgusts me that people dont ALSO question the validity of some rando conspiracy theorist
Nia Solomon
Nia Solomon 3 дні тому
Maybe just maybe.
What? 3 дні тому
Lolololololol waaaaaay over thinking it
LightPierces Darkness
LightPierces Darkness 8 днів тому
Hey Travis and all your million dollar friends, stop trying to be God. Leave Christianity alone.
Juman Sanduman
Juman Sanduman 8 днів тому
Damn this is some satanic illumunati shit
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