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Featuring Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica
Directed by Dave Meyers
ASTROWORLD OUT NOW travisscott.com
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.




7 сер 2018

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Ethan Cossell
Ethan Cossell 2 години тому
I wanna be baptized by laflame
Sushi Trash
Sushi Trash 2 години тому
How’s this only at 15M 2 weeks later? Wtf are they doing to promote this?
M8Trix Nation
M8Trix Nation 2 години тому
I pet goat
bichão de bigode
bichão de bigode 2 години тому
Algum br?
mikepl9 2 години тому
i want a song made only with kid cudi humming.
DNN-DatNiggaNews 2 години тому
We are Gods though!! Its even in your Christian Bible lol niggas dumb jus learn your history
Gaunzoe On The Beats
Gaunzoe On The Beats 2 години тому
I can relate
일하자일 2 години тому
The message of this video is literally 'stop trying to be god'.
T 2 години тому
Wtf is this? What happened to GOOD hip hop?
dasdas 3 години тому
ツViktør 3 години тому
Snapchat on me nob
arab- arbarous
arab- arbarous 3 години тому
🐑 🔪 today
L casanova
L casanova 3 години тому
The lyrics dont have depth nor jewels to fit a title so dope in all seriousness u ask me...
Yair guetta
Yair guetta 3 години тому
Leigh Wafer
Leigh Wafer 3 години тому
This is crap . Never before listened to a Travis song came here for Kylie.
Darryl Seymour
Darryl Seymour 3 години тому
we are all god in the inside that is a kept secret so u stay in the same position uv been program
Simon Siafwanzya
Simon Siafwanzya 4 години тому
I salute you travis
weev 4 години тому
why is he wearing 2 different sneakers while riding the dragon thing?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 4 години тому
Travis Scott sucks bro
Urban Chains
Urban Chains 4 години тому
HMM MMM Snapchat will be goneee
Cam Mavusana
Cam Mavusana 4 години тому
Thats not who they are Indeed, GOD IS NATURE, I like this one thumbs UP!
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow 4 години тому
having them pretend like a black Jesus is not real makes this an illuminati psy-op as well as everything else in this satan video. Disgusting
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow 4 години тому
this is satanic
Yahyl Ben Marion
Yahyl Ben Marion 4 години тому
Garbage Ass Music. Knowing y’all Puppets, Sellouts, and Traitors for Hire. I don’t buy none of the music and as afar as I’m concerned I hope everyone boot legs y’all cds and never pays. Scum Bag Ass Musicians and Actors.
Yahyl Ben Marion
Yahyl Ben Marion 4 години тому
#Travis Scott. You Soul Selling, No Moral Having Ass Traitorous Devil Worshippers Need To Be Shot In The Face For This Blasphemy. Man.... you niggas may as well be Snitches Cause You Niggas Are Not Real For Selling Out For Money To Devil Worshippers. Plus... I don’t know why y’all think someone hasn’t caught on to you Rap Niggas and that Secret Society Bullshit Y’all Involved In. The Symbolism alone just tells on all of you what you About and Are.... A Devil Worshipper
Pedro Apolinar
Pedro Apolinar 5 годин тому
fuck the money never leave family behind💯💯💯
Felipe Cunha
Felipe Cunha 5 годин тому
só os Br curte aqui
Kealeboga Bagwasi
Kealeboga Bagwasi 5 годин тому
So Stormi already a GOAT? After this week and Nicki Minaj.... DAMN RIGHT SHE IS
GTPrincess123 5 годин тому
Ppl is not gonna like this comment... but nicki needs to stop throwing tantrums and take a metaphorical page out this book ....
Horn Canguio Willie
Horn Canguio Willie 5 годин тому
Tu as un avantage, c'est que tu n'as pas toucher à la personne qui est interdit de toucher ! 👑💭
Last- Hope
Last- Hope 5 годин тому
Disstrack on drake :D
Horn Canguio Willie
Horn Canguio Willie 5 годин тому
Tu es un vrai idiot !
Konrad Bäck Davidsson
Konrad Bäck Davidsson 5 годин тому
Unruly Boii
Unruly Boii 5 годин тому
This song is great 🙌🏽
Peacefully 420
Peacefully 420 5 годин тому
I have this crush at work, and this song reminds me be humble and maybe just maybe lol...
shadowman2418 5 годин тому
Bruh.. the first time I heard the song, I was high af so I didn't really think the sheep's mouth at the beginning is moving... and then the next day I realized... wtf is that lol
Cas 6 годин тому
Banger of a clip
Rinfela Official
Rinfela Official 6 годин тому
ham bahut chukchu hu
Ana Sofia
Ana Sofia 6 годин тому
Ariana: God is a woman Kanye: I am a God Travis: Stop trying to be God 😂😂
T J 6 годин тому
what is that weird ass moaning at 3:37
Danni Armani
Danni Armani 6 годин тому
Irony at it’s finest
Luc Banton Owl
Luc Banton Owl 6 годин тому
cuanto más la escuchas más te gusta
ascendence 6 годин тому
2018 and big million dollar labels cant upload HD content ffs
Soft Fresh
Soft Fresh 6 годин тому
Taina Eleanor
Taina Eleanor 7 годин тому
Getting David Bowie vibe from his last video. Nice try Travis, trash.
Javier Alexander Munoz Nikolov
Javier Alexander Munoz Nikolov 7 годин тому
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 7 годин тому
Gods plan Good is a woman Stop trying to be god Praise the lord We got us a message
King Kong West
King Kong West 7 годин тому
close your eye and listen
James LPGA
James LPGA 7 годин тому
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm stop tryna be god😭🤤
JMelanin28 7 годин тому
This song has such a deep and cool meaning and it’s such a creative and awesome video. I feel like XXXTentacion might’ve inspired this.
D wal
D wal 7 годин тому
Stop tryin to put creepy sheep in ur videos, Travis.
Peter Pen
Peter Pen 8 годин тому
I hope you understand, that its a fake deep
OhCarolina_ 8 годин тому
_Are they chickens!?_
str8 shooter
str8 shooter 8 годин тому
but what if I am god?
Ангелина Берман
Ангелина Берман 9 годин тому
Что за жесть
C'mar The Producer
C'mar The Producer 9 годин тому
3:12 when James Blake came in 😮😌🔥🔥🔥
Big Shark
Big Shark 9 годин тому
ROWDY JACK 9 годин тому
Travis Scott giving fan his favorite ring at Rolling loud Miami 🔥 ukvid.net/video/відео-aR3tqMtT0N4.html
ROWDY JACK 9 годин тому
Go watch Travis Scott giving a fan his favorite ring for singing 3500 live at rolling loud Miami in my channel. Long live la flame 🔥
jed loveday
jed loveday 9 годин тому
Great mean thid stop try to be god all faith fake healrs and so on
jed loveday
jed loveday 9 годин тому
I herd this fort it but his raping i love to traver scott ft notes or maleeky berry
Valtduzs Zaruha
Valtduzs Zaruha 9 годин тому
the sooner the anti christ comes the better, its stupid how people cant see all these satanic fuckers. but when they do its gon be too late ;/
Jeff hufana
Jeff hufana 10 годин тому
He the worse rapper
Li Lou
Li Lou 10 годин тому
Tina Candy FOXX
Tina Candy FOXX 10 годин тому
why she choking the lamb lmaof
La Reyna212 La Reyna212
La Reyna212 La Reyna212 10 годин тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i cant stop playing this song . I'm so addicted
#brianjones1986 10 годин тому
I'm inclined to disagree. 👎
CityMadeFilms 10 годин тому
Watched this like 100x to understand nd idk if im trippin but look at 2:10 - 2:30 nd tell me what u seein they gettin baptized in the other underworld really pay attention to the trasitions in this video its crazy GOD keep me safe
TheFenixSniper 11 годин тому
Drop Astroworld
Missbailey 11 годин тому
the kardashian promo cant make ur music good. nope
Cjmgk Lastking
Cjmgk Lastking 11 годин тому
people really need to stop being god fr ok kanye lol
Oshea Rael
Oshea Rael 11 годин тому
Best music video
potlovingchef14 12 годин тому
he dissin ye dat nigga fink hes god
•3Peeps Playz•
•3Peeps Playz• 12 годин тому
This song should be to Ariana grande because she posted a insulting song called god is a woman I mean wtf why don’t insult god
DNM9 12 годин тому
dislikes came from nicki minaj's barbies
Harold BeaumontFinns
Harold BeaumontFinns 12 годин тому
But it’s God’s plan cause she’s a woman.
Reijo P.
Reijo P. 13 годин тому
Auto tune is too strong. I cannot understand what you are trying to say. Try it again!
arrgyOfficial 13 годин тому
fav part 3:12
Chris Florida
Chris Florida 13 годин тому
This Video Creeps me out.
Julie Bonilla
Julie Bonilla 13 годин тому
You are an Iluminatti mappet Travis 😂😂😂😂😂
josh jordan
josh jordan 13 годин тому
If tupac see this shit. Smh
SpeedHomeAttack 14 годин тому
So you’re telling me this video lost to a basic Nicki Minaj booty comp vid for the VMAs? And you guys wondering why the VMAs aren’t taken seriously
charles thomas
charles thomas 14 годин тому
Best video of 2018 imo.
Kazanchev 14 годин тому
compositing fail at 1:58
Thais Santos
Thais Santos 14 годин тому
Daniel San
Daniel San 15 годин тому
Ya deja de quemarte en los videos, debpor si ya estas bien tostado quieres acabar echo cenizas o ke
Natalie Bonner
Natalie Bonner 15 годин тому
Kid Cudis Hums is like a moment when you go to the beach and close your eyes and everything doesn’t matter no more. 🔥
Beto 15 годин тому
interneet police hate os hahahah
fucking president bush
fucking president bush 15 годин тому
j-mvo 15 годин тому
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortnite Is Overrated
Fortnite Is Overrated 15 годин тому
Pretty good song, dope beat, but most of what I hear in not just this song, but other Travis Scott's songs is: A U T O T U N E
chris hall
chris hall 15 годин тому
Travis showing yall he got reborn again and how .....shit huh
bob bob
bob bob 15 годин тому
This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard
ryan schwerdtfeger
ryan schwerdtfeger 15 годин тому
Auto tune is gay
Jo Dundles
Jo Dundles 15 годин тому
psalms 82 fam
sickedgar 15 годин тому
If uzi and travis music satanist then see yall niggas in hell
JayTopTv 16 годин тому
the talking sheeps make this video even more fire.
Lel Lel
Lel Lel 16 годин тому
Love you
Fuse Fixed
Fuse Fixed 16 годин тому
Took alot of manpower to create this video which cannot be denied and since forever , shall will be respected
Agent J
Agent J 16 годин тому
Over auto tuned piece of crap🤮🤮🤮
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