Troye Sivan - Easy (Official Video)

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“Easy” available now: TroyeSivan.lnk.to/Easy
‘In A Dream’ EP: TroyeSivan.lnk.to/InADream
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Production Company: Collider (www.collider.com.au/)
Director: Troye Sivan
Producer: Annie Schutt
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Production Designer: Jackson Dickie
Editor: James Ashbolt
Post-Production: FIN Design (www.findesign.com.au/)
VFX Producer: Jess van Roosendaal
VFX Supervisor: Mikey Smith
You ran away to find something to say
I went astray to make it okay
And he made it easy, darlin’
I’m still in love and I say that because
I know how it seems between you and me
It hasn’t been easy darlin’
I can’t even look at you
Would you look at the space just next to your feet?
The wood is warping
The lines distorting
This house is on fire, woo!
Burning the tears
Right off my face
What the hell did we do?
Tell me we’ll make it through
‘Cause he made it easy
Please don’t leave me
Leave me
What’s left of the dance?
That’s all on my hands
The rock in my throat
A hair on my coat
The stranger at home my darling
(Like some kind of freak, my darlin’)
Now I’m vulnerable
So sad and alone
But don’t cry for me
‘Cause everyone knows
You reap what you sow my darling
I can’t even look at you
Would you look at the space just next to your feet?
The wood is warping
The lines distorting
This house is on fire, woo!
Burning the tears
Right off my face
What the hell did we do?
Tell me we’ll make it through
‘Cause he made it easy
Please don’t leave me
Leave me
I can’t even look at you
Would you look at the space just next to your feet?
The wood is warping
The lines distorting
This house is on fire, woo!
Burning the tears
Right off my face
What the hell did we do?
Tell me we’ll make it through
‘Cause he made it easy
Please don’t leave me
Leave me
#TroyeSivan #Easy #InADream
An EMI Recorded Music Australia Production © 2020 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.




16 лип 2020





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Secret Stigler
Secret Stigler 55 хвилин тому
Ok i can't stop replaying this song ❤❤
Raymundo Zarate
Raymundo Zarate 3 години тому
The devil made it easy, God, my Lord, Christ Jesus... please don't leave me. - from a reprobate mind. P.S. I love you Jesus. I mean no harm. Amen.
Raymundo Zarate
Raymundo Zarate 3 години тому
You do reap what you sow. A very wise Proverb.
Isabella Nassar
Isabella Nassar 3 години тому
Te amo tanto
Hanna Ramalho
Hanna Ramalho 7 годин тому
I listen to this song all day! this boy is the most beautiful thing I discovered this year. Kisses from Brazil my dear !! ❤️❤️
APEX GAMING 13 годин тому
Dang this song gonna change lives 🧡🧡
gre ssy
gre ssy 14 годин тому
chau t stanneo rey
Anastasia Sonora
Anastasia Sonora 14 годин тому
Support the young and the performer! Song 💥💥💥 Ivan Grap "And I Said Just Take Me Home"
Rena Estate
Rena Estate 15 годин тому
Troye, I love this EASY song !! 😁
Reveca Paco torrez
Reveca Paco torrez 15 годин тому
re genial
Francisca Muñoz Ortega
Francisca Muñoz Ortega 18 годин тому
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Francisca Muñoz Ortega
Francisca Muñoz Ortega 18 годин тому
Several times the number of visits has decreased, manipulating the counter
Francisca Muñoz Ortega
Francisca Muñoz Ortega 18 годин тому
UKvid manipulates the hit counter
Scharmell 19 годин тому
I started to Know this song when it hit on my radio and idk why i use Shazam and got impress by his song..easy
Sebastian Paul
Sebastian Paul 23 години тому
I desire to perform with a spirit as glorious and thrilling as that of Troye Sivan. I love and admire him.
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This gem is so underrated. People don't know what they're missing out because of prejudice.
Endri Chayadi
Endri Chayadi День тому
U see Joker vibes?
Berlín herrera
Berlín herrera День тому
Diego Tarone
Diego Tarone День тому
Easy 👍🏼 👋😎
Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock День тому
So when is the tagalog lyrics of this will come out?? Jk!! XD
Haylen Reynolds
Haylen Reynolds День тому
so good......
Frank Willian
Frank Willian День тому
Wasseem Khader
Wasseem Khader День тому
Where are you located
Untamed Sportz
Untamed Sportz День тому
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann День тому
finally i find this song....
12pm._ らヤッ l
12pm._ らヤッ l День тому
esta cancion me pone muy mal xd
esther empiang
esther empiang 2 дні тому
currently cant stop listening to this. i just want to vibe with somebody, this song makes me feel like im in another world. i kept on hugging my pillow imagining how would it be great to be with someone. and this song has all the reasons to blow up!! ❤️
Luan Armando Hernández Lopez
I love you too much, your music moves me to imagine, you have become my favorite artist #TS 🤟💌💓💗
اسماء DAY6
اسماء DAY6 2 дні тому
Im crying
Tuba 2 дні тому
kafayı yicem çok güzel abii
Ivan Kryzh
Ivan Kryzh 2 дні тому
Are you David Bowie?
Jonafzan official
Jonafzan official 2 дні тому
Troye you will kill me with ur fav voice ❤️😍🥰💔
Sreelexmi Sai
Sreelexmi Sai 2 дні тому
He is talented artist
Sreelexmi Sai
Sreelexmi Sai 2 дні тому
Fav song
michael taylor
michael taylor 2 дні тому
Thanks. I like the low sexuality in the song.
Awang Fitrie
Awang Fitrie 2 дні тому
wichayada pasai
wichayada pasai 3 дні тому
I love you Troye! You have my full support.💕 #Thailand
SERME세아미 3 дні тому
اسماء DAY6
اسماء DAY6 3 дні тому
Nicki Nicki
Nicki Nicki 3 дні тому
Te amo ❤️❤️
Elroy Heesbeen
Elroy Heesbeen 3 дні тому
❤🥺😥 ...repeat day by day ...touching, sad ..
eu i
eu i 3 дні тому
(⑉• •⑉)♥️
bikash mishra
bikash mishra 3 дні тому
Needs much improvement,,,
Sreelexmi Sai
Sreelexmi Sai 2 дні тому
Okay it's your opinion but for troye fans this is good.
Alyne Pereira Dos Reis
Alyne Pereira Dos Reis 3 дні тому
Será que só a única brasileira 🇧🇷 aqui
BTS Army Forever
BTS Army Forever 3 дні тому
This song hits differently 😭 💜
James Galvesolo
James Galvesolo 3 дні тому
Troye you're so amazing artist!
yeeep 4 дні тому
Lyrics hit different when yu know why he wrote this song 🥺 however I wish him the best ❤️
Smita Prasad
Smita Prasad 4 дні тому
행쇼아미TV, BeHappyARMY
행쇼아미TV, BeHappyARMY 4 дні тому
nobody: troye on his tiktok: thank you everybody for....take it easy everybody 😃
Rachel MP
Rachel MP 4 дні тому
the perfect song to listen to when you're laying in the dark at 2 am,,wishing you were somewhere else
Fa Dila
Fa Dila 4 дні тому
i like to see your dance.. looked how you so enjoy with your music.. with the beat your music, your voice really good to hear too.. 🥰🥰🥰
La_Fica_Regna 4 дні тому
ciotta ciotta 😍💕🤷‍♂️
Skitlz XD
Skitlz XD 4 дні тому
Bro I’m the 7,800,000th viewer LETS GOOOOO
Weiba Mawrie
Weiba Mawrie 4 дні тому
i accidentally listened to the slowed reverb version now this feels to fast
Sreelexmi Sai
Sreelexmi Sai 2 дні тому
Haha I know
The Insidia Project
The Insidia Project 4 дні тому
*Кому нравится мой новый трек?* 😜🙌
Irfan Uqail
Irfan Uqail День тому
I dont understand but i think your comment is funny😂
Ankalime 1136
Ankalime 1136 5 днів тому
Core meaning of this song is “distortion “ Dance like you are happy But painful inside Oh yeah I’m crying with dance song😂😭woo!
Tatsie Rose
Tatsie Rose 5 днів тому
How can someone never make a bad song.. UNFAIR
chris bors
chris bors 5 днів тому
I like it but... He really doesn't need so much autotune. His voice is amazing already. No need to alter it.
Stephanie 2 дні тому
It’s probably an artistic choice. If you can tell there’s autotune its purpose is probably not to keep the artist in tune I do agree w you thought, I prefer a more natural voice especially when the artist already sounds great
David Zuniga
David Zuniga 5 днів тому
I just found this song and I have to admit that I love it! Will be listening more from Troy from now on. Great song!
Bri 5 днів тому
i love this song so much, plez make more
Grace Wells
Grace Wells 5 днів тому
This is a bop don’t try and tell me otherwise
xandinho sol
xandinho sol 5 днів тому
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Jonny Reyes Reyes
Jonny Reyes Reyes 5 днів тому
I just ......,...... CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT....... OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I'M GOING MAD CRAZY MFLMFG.........😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😉😜😜😜
례봄 6 днів тому
아 진짜 요정같아요
Mariana Resendiz
Mariana Resendiz 6 днів тому
This house is on fire Woo!!❤️😍
Lazuritt Alina
Lazuritt Alina 6 днів тому
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma 6 днів тому
omg just came back to this video for the 5th time and saw sooo many Indian comments. let's get him to India pls 😩😩😩😩
Sreelexmi Sai
Sreelexmi Sai 2 дні тому
Ricky Sacro Morales
Ricky Sacro Morales 6 днів тому
This song hits differently after you listened to its slowed down reverbed version
Izaque Ferreira
Izaque Ferreira 6 днів тому
Amei essa música ❤️
Y K 6 днів тому
احس ببكي
Sofía 6 днів тому
mucho texto....
Sadek Kpbs
Sadek Kpbs 6 днів тому
SAKIB MOKERS 6 днів тому
Mobey Us Trip
Mobey Us Trip 6 днів тому
Imma need to know where this is filmed. I've never seen a room like that with the pool wall.
Mobey Us Trip
Mobey Us Trip 6 днів тому
Feel like the music video doesn't match how energetic the song is but I guess that's just because I associate the song with dancing in my room and going for a drive.
roz shan
roz shan 6 днів тому
Nice song ... gonna explore... and i saw some comments as gay artist.... i searched artist lauv and came here... and i am happy that i came to know about him even if late... good artist ❤️
-Cherry;; 6 днів тому
Aún no supero esta canción :")
Frida Tabares
Frida Tabares 5 днів тому
X2 hoy no se cómo me di cuenta de que salió hace 2 meces ._.
Cindy Rose Gan
Cindy Rose Gan 6 днів тому
Troye should do a duet with conan gray :)
Aan Samad
Aan Samad 7 днів тому
I just love this song even when I had my nasi lemak for my breakfast i surely sing together. 😂😂
Hailey Spear
Hailey Spear 7 днів тому
This man is beautiful 😭❤️
I don't know GM
I don't know GM 7 днів тому
this song is art :') ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
SPA PRoMOTIONS 7 днів тому
اسماء DAY6
اسماء DAY6 7 днів тому
Nai 17
Nai 17 7 днів тому
Nevaeh Hodgson
Nevaeh Hodgson 7 днів тому
love this song
•west coast east coast•
•west coast east coast• 7 днів тому
0:40 when I see a rabbit anytime, I can't help but think of Jungkookie, forgive me! Who's here with BTS Army LOVE 4 LAUV?
LSD Hybrid
LSD Hybrid 7 днів тому
Wolverine is growing up
Tribe Sail
Tribe Sail 8 днів тому
Is that the flute sound. So good with his voice
Sofia Paul
Sofia Paul 8 днів тому
this song is so good I go through all the stages of grief every time I listen to it
ᄒᄐᄉᄃᄒ 8 днів тому
한국인 없냐?
Eleer Hernandez
Eleer Hernandez 8 днів тому
David bowie - spece oddity
Conecta Arapoti
Conecta Arapoti 8 днів тому
GamingShittyShit 8 днів тому
Eternium G4M1NG
Eternium G4M1NG 8 днів тому
Dear friend I Read More
Dennis Yorch Salas
Dennis Yorch Salas 8 днів тому
I'm in love :´)
Ravyn Official
Ravyn Official 8 днів тому
YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! #TroyeSivan is f*** BOMB!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
moly rose
moly rose 8 днів тому
Marry me!!!!!
alma lyngdoh
alma lyngdoh 8 днів тому
your voice is so amazing I love you my dear👌😊
alma lyngdoh
alma lyngdoh 8 днів тому
wow so amazing
eu i
eu i 8 днів тому
Creeper2.o Fan of jelly and preston likes green
Good song dude not to shabby
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