Trump: Beirut explosion looks like "a bomb of some kind"

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday cast a massive explosion that killed dozens of people and wounded thousands in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, as a possible attack and offered U.S. help.
"The United States stands ready to assist Lebanon," Trump said at a White House briefing. "We will be there to help. It looks like a terrible attack."
When asked later about his depiction of the explosion, Trump said that he had spoken with U.S. military officials who think the blast seemed to be an attack, "a bomb of some kind."
Lebanon's interior minister said initial information indicated that highly explosive material, seized years ago and which had been stored at the port, had blown up. .
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4 сер 2020





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Sad Cat
Sad Cat 5 днів тому
old fart fuck trump ✨
Moussa Omairat
Moussa Omairat 9 днів тому
nope nope
nope nope 14 днів тому
This is why people dislike trump
Najah Bafit
Najah Bafit 15 днів тому
Bro my house is you know 🏚🏚
Nelson Torres
Nelson Torres 17 днів тому
HA! and you all thought 2016 was bad...
Danielle Saunders
Danielle Saunders 20 днів тому
9-11 please don’t declaim attack to get more votes or to hold the votes to vote its bad when have to you be unprofessional complaining about a Jews man with a book let him sale his book the Virus and all of the soldiers the citizens of color and other deserve a happy life with no Discrimination you promoting guns in movies and also sex the parents deserve respect in a manner of kindness the god to us to study the teachers is explaining more every day with writing ✍️ a letter and voicing opinions or views on a subject or matter can you lead out of a Virus also can lead the nations to peace in Congress and democratic republican the can not be divided has to stand together on deals and laws being passed the normal response is emergency There is a Virus the masks stay on and meet small numbers family dinners same for meeting fix one problem at a time if you can’t there someone that can no one should be fired for mistakes there is a lot to cry over a Virus is one saving the citizens from a fire is two hurricanes warning two three hours before it happens the fires as well to let build and trees burn is wrong the trees gives all of us clean air the name calling is no need it’s unprofessional for are lead and that’s not like you to display unkind words to all generations . It can’t be white or black the god we all love mixed the generations and religions to show his love for all generations to honesty with him god the father Jesus Christ was there to create peace mercy forgiveness prayer worship to healthy care in taking care in the earth and all in the nations . The citizens invited you in there life’s to do what’s right not what’s easy the nations care about other nations that’s god love Jesus Christ waiting to hear the prayer of peace to live on this earth and god love to be in the work and how all generations speak no matter the manner speaks unto god the father Jesus Christ you all be honest in love and to inspire others that as less then you in all forms the increase all generations mixed together be Fruitful to receive the gift of all generations in faith prayer and love . The kindness do matter to Jesus the world was unkind to god son Jesus the important part he Jesus is love . Help the needy prayer because all faith no call there some ways need of your love Affection and passionate faith the words and actions he Jesus made all things new the world is blessed
a cringe user gaming
a cringe user gaming 24 дні тому
"It was an attack" not my president. biden will win
HowTFDoIShoot 24 дні тому
You gonna move to Canada when Trump gets re-elected?
darius rooks
darius rooks 25 днів тому
It was a bomb of some type and Iknow what bomb call my number at 410 916 9731
I was raped by the Pope
I was raped by the Pope 25 днів тому
America carried out this attack
Jon Response
Jon Response 26 днів тому
he knows
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick 27 днів тому
Trump is a complete idiot and the sooner November comes and he is gone, the better it will be for all of us.
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV Місяць тому
What a twat. He gets more dislikes than likes on every UKvid video. HE'S LOST ALREADY. If he wins you know he CHEATED.
Luna Foxfire
Luna Foxfire Місяць тому
Its explosive nitrate in a hangar full of it with a port on fire what do you expect... it isnt a bomb its the component for one in more tons then needed to destroy a city end.
Gaming with mike
Gaming with mike Місяць тому
Trump isn't that bad
Xdevil Gamer
Xdevil Gamer Місяць тому
I was there it was scary but holy LEBANON MADE IT ON THE WHITE HOUSE BROADCAST
Lion Sba3
Lion Sba3 Місяць тому
Trump is not as evil he kept more peace than obama but should not be fooled by israel tricking him into war with iran usa economy will be bankrupted americans should be more neutral and should be smarter than this they shoukd vote him not biden that dude wants war trump would be a great president if he treated all countries nicely look more to the benefits positive things of mexicans iranians cubans venezuela and he can win the hart of the world like putin does 😝👍🏾
Charan G Vivek
Charan G Vivek Місяць тому
People, Be Kind! People, Stay United! People, Live by Morals! People, Be Vigile! People, Refrain from Corruption! People, Save Nature! People, Do Regenerative Farming! People, Say Truth! People, Stay Healthy! People, Learn to Develop Trustworthiness!
J B Місяць тому
Tungsten from Space, the darts of God
Slow Neutron
Slow Neutron Місяць тому
I know this is a dank story, but yeah....whatever Don. Whatever you fuckin' say..............................................now go take a Pez dispenser full of Xanax and go get lost in the WH linen closet like you always do. Jackoff. And don't anyone start calling me a libtard. I'm not a liberal. I just fucking hate morons.
Black Gold
Black Gold Місяць тому
Italian imvestigators working with iran and lebanon found the area was high in radiation.
Black Gold
Black Gold Місяць тому
It was a missile strike from direction of israel. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-I1OJXCrZnDk.html Watch the flash on the smoke before the explosion. It looks like a missile strike because the flash was visible on the smoke from up high to the surface just before the blast. 2yrs ago israel presented tbis port as a point of interest for pre emptive strike. 4 days before the blast, israel declared they will be striking lebanon infrastructure then 2 days before the blast they stopped mentioning it.
SR71ABCD - BETA TYSON Місяць тому
well there you have it.
Joan Manuel Del Valle
Joan Manuel Del Valle Місяць тому
I know who are behind this attack facebook.com/triticumetzizania/media_set?set=a.1208841709490181&type=3
Angel Vic
Angel Vic Місяць тому
Duh it was a bomb. Stevie wonder could see that Sh!T
Camilo Sanchez
Camilo Sanchez Місяць тому
This is pathological lying. There's no other way of describing it
Kenshin73 Himura
Kenshin73 Himura Місяць тому
Wow, this idiot president of ours just has no clue. Where have you gone Ronald Reagan...er...nevermind.
Yoosuf Al-Maliki
Yoosuf Al-Maliki Місяць тому
Sickening how the people in the comments ignore what Trump said, HIS OWN GENERALS BELIEVE it was an attack!
Yoosuf Al-Maliki
Yoosuf Al-Maliki Місяць тому
@NPC501 I'm convinced it was an attack rather than random chemicals conveniently sitting in the city among civilians. It is highly possible it was from that entity below Lebanon, seeing how it wants destruction to its enemies in the ME
NPC501 Місяць тому
Check this, same type of explosion in Syria. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1VNrJO7EY5Q.html
Draggy654 Місяць тому
Yoosuf Al-Maliki he was technically right in a way that much explosive chemicals near a fucking fireworks factory is an attack by Beirut’s government on its people
maseratireid Місяць тому
That's BS it's footage of people running before the explosion
Nathanial 17
Nathanial 17 Місяць тому
I new it 😑 I new it because im Crazy about seeing explosions and tornado stuff and bomb testing and have watched um ever since I was 7 , and that did not look like a *accident*
Base Bear
Base Bear Місяць тому
It was a bomb
MGRIFF Місяць тому
No one preps this guy. He just shoots from the hip. Why is he the first American President not to have an army of people fact check everything before he opens his mouth?
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Місяць тому
roger ayoub
roger ayoub Місяць тому
Im from lebanon... Love and respect for usa citizens.
Kyle KarenSon
Kyle KarenSon Місяць тому
Thats right Trump...israel attacked Beirut
Bharat Shah
Bharat Shah Місяць тому
Only event that remains to be seen in 2020 is US China war !
SUNGEAR59 Місяць тому
Dumb Donald 🤣 "it looks like a bomb "🤣 Really
Skeletor Місяць тому
@sathish Kumar It can be taken three ways and what he meant was that it wasn't a accident.
sathish Kumar
sathish Kumar Місяць тому
@Skeletor Did you understand what he meant? If you yes, can you please enlighten us?
Skeletor Місяць тому
Please tell me that you actually understand what he meant.
slayerkiller 205
slayerkiller 205 Місяць тому
Literally right the only nuke that makes that explosion is an American one like look he seems to be looking smug about it
slayerkiller 205
slayerkiller 205 Місяць тому
They don't have American warheads I know what one looks like when it goes off ma dad works for the us military
Steven Randall
Steven Randall Місяць тому
Do you know how many countries have nukes lol
slayerkiller 205
slayerkiller 205 Місяць тому
Trump launched the attack like cmon look it was a Nuke look at the blast wave it was an American nuke
Mik Hellen
Mik Hellen Місяць тому
Hate to admit it, but I like Pres. Trump more and more on the daily.😊👍
Abdullah Safin
Abdullah Safin Місяць тому
why is expected
TheReal Anonymous
TheReal Anonymous Місяць тому
The end is near
leokid 6
leokid 6 Місяць тому
I likes 2012 the movie but 2020 will be better
Abdi Saidi
Abdi Saidi Місяць тому
It was isreali attack on lebanon
ABM 261
ABM 261 Місяць тому
Marty McFly • 35 years ago ⟮edited⟯
2020 is not over yet everyone, I've seen all of it
ella Місяць тому
You got me for a sec 🤣
Joe Macdonald
Joe Macdonald Місяць тому
It was a bomb, it's a simple as that! The fire was the cover for the bomb and it was either planted beforehand or on the fly. Then the bomb was detonated either by timer or remote.
Norul Ahad
Norul Ahad Місяць тому
Lier. Crook. Your people , UPS executives such as David Abney, Michael Burns and others did that. They need to return gold they took from Twin Tower.
Jaymark Espinosa
Jaymark Espinosa Місяць тому
in UKvid I review every impact of boom and the way it exploded in US, RUSSIA,CHINA, this explosion is like made of small hydrogen boom.. someone have making it first move.. the question is who???
Kosuke Baruch
Kosuke Baruch Місяць тому
Boom.. Generals: "It was explosion from some kind of missile" Thrammp: "It was an attack" Few moment later... Generals: "Our intelligent find new infos, It was an attack from Isr...." Thrammp: "It was an accident"
EM P Місяць тому
This was an ammonium nitrate explosion. Of course it looked like an attack. ANFOs are the most commonly available explosives used by terrorists. It's not like the first thing that went through everyone else's minds was "Oh, this was caused by their government willfully placing many tons of dangerous secondary explosives inside of one area for many years without proper conditions."
Norul Ahad
Norul Ahad Місяць тому
This was done by UPS white caucasians executives such as David Abney, Michael Burns and others. They love to attack Muslims and tower
Noah Tuttle
Noah Tuttle Місяць тому
2020 can't get any worse right?
Karen Schumer
Karen Schumer Місяць тому
Makes me feel so glad that I did not vote for racist trump in 2017!
Propaganda Місяць тому
The Isrаеli millitаry cаused this Bеiruit explоsion. It's called hybrid warfare..
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Місяць тому
Trump: Beirut explosion looks like "an attack". There. Corrected it for you.
yas19sin Місяць тому
can't wait to have fun (dying) in the WW3
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Місяць тому
so is trump against us (probably) or like..?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Місяць тому
Bro that explosion looked like it was from a game or a movie. Prayers go out to them. Just horrible
Prince Місяць тому
I remember the Lebanese were celebrating when the twin towers collapsed and killed thousands in America
syed Ali
syed Ali Місяць тому
Idiot, where did you see that?? Stop making shit up.. people like you disgusting and I feel sad for mother should have swallowed you.. idiot
Brenden Місяць тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-kZ-aWjcy7x4.html clearly a drone attack
Heba Joan
Heba Joan Місяць тому
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Місяць тому
Ok then if he thinks it was a guided missile then either Lebanon bombed its own people or another country did. Is that what your saying Mr. President?
Winter Mix
Winter Mix Місяць тому
Yeah.. because scientists know less than generals in this area of expertise. So you know, it must be true
Thannesh _2004
Thannesh _2004 Місяць тому
1:00 Did Trump just said "A attack"?
RealityHijacked Місяць тому
@Thannesh _2004 No big deal. Half pokin' fun. Cheers.
Thannesh _2004
Thannesh _2004 Місяць тому
@RealityHijacked Yeah, you're right. Thanks...
RealityHijacked Місяць тому
2 gold stars for the grammar police. When you add the word "uh" in there it kind of changes the structure of the sentence. Sure "an attack" would be the most grammatically correct but saying "a...uh...attack" is much more preferable and grammatically correct than simple just "a attack", wouldn't you say?
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain Місяць тому
The way we beautifully united together for George Floyd (rip) let's do the same for Lebanon- Syria- Yemen 🇾🇪 🇱🇧 🇸🇾 and for the 12M Muslims left in the genocide going on in China. And instead of creating and signing petitions For Kylie Jenner to be edited out of Cardi B's music video let's use that energy on signing and creating petitions for our dear Muslim countries and other minorities❤❤❤✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
123 123
123 123 Місяць тому
fuck george floyd
Ness With
Ness With Місяць тому
Some wild assumptions being made by the president here, aswell as this comment section, seems like its human nature to start blaming anyone and everyone.
Ness With
Ness With Місяць тому
@WumboWombat Yeah just like people thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and some acquisitions were enough to warrant nearly whiping the whole country of the face of the earth. But oh well people can be wrong. It's not like serten misjudgements can have huge consequences in this ever growing tense atmosphere we live in.
WumboWombat Місяць тому
i thought it was a bomb too when i first saw it people can be wrong
Your Tech Network
Your Tech Network Місяць тому
David Sosa
David Sosa Місяць тому
If you guys like the how the explosion looked youtube volcano sonic boom Your welcome.
alan h
alan h Місяць тому
gf.me/u/ypu2vk click the link to help with donations for the victims of this tragedy Thank you wherever you are.
Ali Masri
Ali Masri Місяць тому
All of my friends are dead, lebanon is dying💔
a cringe user gaming
a cringe user gaming 24 дні тому
omg rip your friends 😭😭😭😭
scholondpoofa Місяць тому
I'm very sorry for your country and loss. I hope the future for you and the country improves from this current state and God/Allah bless you
Scp 173
Scp 173 Місяць тому
I have no words.... Its just horrible:(( How did you experience the whole thing?
uba chukwudi
uba chukwudi Місяць тому
Trump must make sure that what happened in Beirut never happens in the United States!
rashid roblox
rashid roblox Місяць тому
so is trump against us (probably) or like..?
John Trustworthy
John Trustworthy Місяць тому
Trump: Beirut explosion looks like "an attack". There. Corrected it for you.
RealityHijacked Місяць тому
@John Trustworthy Oh ok, I thought you were criticizing Trump or something. Makes sense.
John Trustworthy
John Trustworthy Місяць тому
@RealityHijacked they are most often used by journalists to show that this is not what the quoted person said, but that it is what is being relayed to you. They are necessary because without them the journalists would be subject to a lawsuit for slander. To put it shortly it is used as nothing more than a scapegoat. The way they are used in the title doesn't properly convey what has been said. It is comparable to clickbait, regardless of how masterful of a bait it is, since it is a proper case of rhetorical misdirection. I put quotes on "an attack" as a form of mockery of this journalistic style of cowardice.
RealityHijacked Місяць тому
I don't think that you understand the use of quotation marks if you think that they're necessary after someone says the words " appears to be" and "looks like"....
DaRealNetherBoy Місяць тому
Yo is this dude stupid, no bomb can create this much of an explosion
Base Bass Forte
Base Bass Forte Місяць тому
Im surprised he didn't respond with "it is what it is"
patai dee
patai dee Місяць тому
Hollywood : I will make disaster movie. 2020 : It's my job.
Daniel Barton
Daniel Barton Місяць тому
Ok then if he thinks it was a guided missile then either Lebanon bombed its own people or another country did. Is that what your saying Mr. President?
Junaidi Omar
Junaidi Omar Місяць тому
I survived 2020 :) "Wait its not over yet"
Jim Mason
Jim Mason Місяць тому
We all have 4 more months yet...!!! Before you can print that up....
WhiteTiger彡 Channel
WhiteTiger彡 Channel Місяць тому
Imagine If that's a Real Nuclear Bomb Attack a City that's so Horrific 😱
unreformed kys
unreformed kys Місяць тому
It would be worse than this
Scott BikeDawg
Scott BikeDawg Місяць тому
What a clown.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Місяць тому
information" can't believe the world we live in
Brody Wallen
Brody Wallen Місяць тому
Bruh trump the real goat
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Місяць тому
Mini Nuke
aarde Місяць тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-nRGK-9a4dr0.html 0:23 bomb
ray Nic
ray Nic Місяць тому
trump= wrong again.
Roo H
Roo H Місяць тому
All these commentors just want to ignore that Biden is utterly compromised by dementia but they will still vote for him. Just goes to show, admit it, it all boils down to your political views and not the person.
Klonowski Maciek
Klonowski Maciek Місяць тому
Good relationship with liban and israel okej its only policy.
sydst Місяць тому
Alot more people have been killed than what they are saying , that was a big explosion
Itz BubbaBruh
Itz BubbaBruh Місяць тому
It was confirmed 200+ dead now
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain Місяць тому
They really minimized it
Gary Daniel
Gary Daniel Місяць тому
How many have been atomized I wonder? That crater is deeper than the WWI mines set off and they were set off underground.
Steve Clark
Steve Clark Місяць тому
I feel like 2020's a new reality horror movie M Night Shyamalan's making.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Місяць тому
glass in my house. Thanks for everyone around the world for supporting us❤️🇱🇧
Mo Місяць тому
And he's a part of the evil elite society that did this as well as hundreds of others like this
The One
The One Місяць тому
he's not
philip streechon
philip streechon Місяць тому
you mix Diesel fuel with ammonium nitrite to make a bomb HE IS CORRECT DONT YOU GET IT
Steve Clark
Steve Clark Місяць тому
He called it an attack, so yea... he was wrong. But at least he sent them well wishes and our support and Hell... he's *usually wrong*. We really expect no less from this fella.
Imjustsaying Thiscouldbegood
Imjustsaying Thiscouldbegood Місяць тому
I got a good idea make the same explosion in a controlled area with the same chems that were there and see if in face those chemicals with that heat would be able to make that sort of explosion to have a good idea how wide it could have been without buildings so you don't have to worry if it would kill anyone it's not like a tsar test when they were just wowed? Then if it can't there you go play mr he did it
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Місяць тому
Imjustsaying Thiscouldbegood
Imjustsaying Thiscouldbegood Місяць тому
I got a good idea make the same explosion in a controlled area with the same chems that were there and see if in face those chemicals with that heat would be able to make that sort of explosion to have a good idea how wide it could have been without buildings so you don't have to worry if it would kill anyone it's not like a tsar test when they were just wowed? Then if it can't there you go play mr he did it
Ben Quach
Ben Quach Місяць тому
He's right it is a bomb there's a video showing it in alpha-red some type of object strikes the place and it explodes
len liao
len liao Місяць тому
I never seen it in alpha red, but my friend pointed out a laser strike too. I then saw it as well.
DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) was used! ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-A0qQOK5gzUw.html
Matt Davis
Matt Davis Місяць тому
Mini Nuke
Mark Weening
Mark Weening Місяць тому
there was a video of the beirut explosion where you could see a bomb drop but, youtube removed as soon as possible so that no one could see the video because was "false information" can't believe the world we live in
Christ Jesus son of ANU
Christ Jesus son of ANU Місяць тому
UFO BEIRUT m.ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Wtfw50oZbaQ.html
Benjamin Abanono
Benjamin Abanono Місяць тому
Hezbollah did this shit for sure.
Training And Development
Training And Development Місяць тому
do you know what your...
DeeJay ViVo
DeeJay ViVo Місяць тому
3 months and 20 days until 2021!!!
Mark Silva
Mark Silva Місяць тому
Maybe it was a stock pile of hydrochloride? Hydrodrocloric acid mixed with metal makes a hydrogen explosion.
soinu foig
soinu foig Місяць тому
requires being cautious with his words.
Jive Ass Turkey
Jive Ass Turkey Місяць тому
Weak title Reuters
Abed jammal
Abed jammal Місяць тому
Fake manni
Fake manni Місяць тому
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