Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they actually work 2

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Trying Dumb Life Hacks to see if they actually work! Today I'm testing out these lifehacks so you don't have to! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-aGwjq5nYv4E.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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22 лют 2020





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Florie Agrade
Florie Agrade 2 години тому
Hogi and the other two were in the world and I didn't want you in the world to have you as a friend of yours and you are a good friend so you don't have a lot of money
Christopher Rivers
Christopher Rivers 5 годин тому
Christopher Rivers
Christopher Rivers 5 годин тому
And the business is a good 👍 for me too ✋
Christopher Rivers
Christopher Rivers 5 годин тому
So you would get 🤔
natenate2009 9 годин тому
meow meow
meow meow 12 годин тому
You silly and I six you make me happy
Aesthetic is always my fav🥺
Aesthetic is always my fav🥺 13 годин тому
Her:*poops out slime* Me:👁👄👁 Me: TEACH ME HOW TO POOP OUT SLIME.
Susanne Manocchia
Susanne Manocchia 14 годин тому
the first hack looks soo good!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!1
Sarai 16 годин тому
My mom has to eat gluten free stuff your not the only one
Leeann Thomson
Leeann Thomson 16 годин тому
Alma Valdez
Alma Valdez 17 годин тому
You need to look at the end first💻
Joey Wu
Joey Wu 19 годин тому
and how old are you azzyland|SSSniperwolf
•Exmø• 20 годин тому
This is why shes famous.
David Jackson
David Jackson 22 години тому
You are nasty for drinking that and saying it tasting it and saying that it's good
skate or die
skate or die 23 години тому
the milk in soda makes it taste like cream sooda
Rimante Kul
Rimante Kul День тому
Lia: *trys the coke with milk thing* it’s not working but taste good! Me:YOU FORGOT TO SHAKE IT MAD AHH
Hina GamerYT
Hina GamerYT День тому
she chewing the potato hahaha
fredgold dc2 animates
fredgold dc2 animates День тому
fredgold dc2 animates
fredgold dc2 animates День тому
chandrasekhar pediredla
chandrasekhar pediredla День тому
I luv the way she is rich but never flexes and normal
Fiona Jade
Fiona Jade 2 дні тому
Its not really dumb SSSniperWolf its really good maybe i can try this life hack and its really 🆒
UwU_gachawolf 2 дні тому
I watched same life hacks I buyed gleu gun and 3D pen
mitaina kavana
mitaina kavana 2 дні тому
Hi sssinerwolf sorry if i spell ir name wrong am a huge a fan of all of your videos and do u play roblox if u do can u tell me plsssssssssss
kf teddy
kf teddy 2 дні тому
all we need to say is *RIP SHOES*
Pretty Bella
Pretty Bella 2 дні тому
Catherine Joy Palomar20
Catherine Joy Palomar20 2 дні тому
: me
pompom fry
pompom fry 2 дні тому
Bernardo Geraldo
Bernardo Geraldo 2 дні тому
When i went to pe class we where doing laps and evrybody try doing nurotoo run and cant do is and then i came and they got oofd i be doing it like a pro
skatsa skatsa
skatsa skatsa 2 дні тому
I hope all of them worked out good
dinosaur puppet
dinosaur puppet 2 дні тому
You make me crack
MrJackrod69 2 дні тому
Make pancakes with corn and then it is so good
Tiber Wellhauser
Tiber Wellhauser 2 дні тому
•Not_A_Simp• 2 дні тому
It's actually good that ur cheese didn't melt easily with the iron, or it gives a sign that ur clothes can also burn/melt easily.
Garcello and pinkamena
Garcello and pinkamena 3 дні тому
Awww the puppy is so CUTE
Hridaan Kumar
Hridaan Kumar 3 дні тому
The one with a slime was stupid
The Gjgod
The Gjgod 3 дні тому
u shake the soda one dum dum
Twixkitty4520 3 дні тому
Lol da burrito best on earth could happen
Hannah Ambita
Hannah Ambita 3 дні тому
Can you had a house tour
Sofia Garza
Sofia Garza 3 дні тому
lo 3 дні тому
dont put those scrubbys on tephlon!
colly 3 дні тому
I have a guacamole
Sonya Ramirez
Sonya Ramirez 3 дні тому
Hahaha it did not work 💁🏻
Elif_khalid Elif2014
Elif_khalid Elif2014 3 дні тому
In the first one that's not actually that's Vicky
Adri Michelle
Adri Michelle 3 дні тому
SSSniperwolf:*poops out slime* OOh Some sLiMe lEtS uSe iT tO cLeAn mY cOmPuTeR Nobody: . . . . Me:uhhh Okay thats weird as hell tho
JJ Marks
JJ Marks 3 дні тому
You do not live in the driest state!(according to your Wikipedia).But I still love your videos. EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE TO SSSNIPERWOLF AND HIT THE LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE!
skent0279 3 дні тому
WhErE aRe mY cHiPs
Supermanthology 3 дні тому
It hurt me… the way she opened those avocados.
Didi & Afeni world
Didi & Afeni world 3 дні тому
Lana Davis
Lana Davis 4 дні тому
The sponges
Pinaki Aich
Pinaki Aich 4 дні тому
2:09 MmMmMm
✨Chloe and Katniss wonderland ✨
I love how the way she crash the chips😂
Callum Togo
Callum Togo 4 дні тому
your my only friend
Kamarul Rizal Jenal
Kamarul Rizal Jenal 4 дні тому
Are you marryed
Elizabeth 4 дні тому
Her is so cute and big 😍🤧💓💗😭
Rachael Sparta
Rachael Sparta 4 дні тому
Lia: OMG SHOES Boxes: really this is how we get treated Lia: *runs into the boxes* Boxes rip
miyamira san
miyamira san 4 дні тому
Your house is sooooooooo BIG!
Sarah og Amy
Sarah og Amy 4 дні тому
I DONT like avocado its terebol!!!!
*BunnyLux Gacha*
*BunnyLux Gacha* 4 дні тому
I love this part l v 6:06
Anindya Banerjee
Anindya Banerjee 4 дні тому
Rebecca Hammonds
Rebecca Hammonds 4 дні тому
BIF and Frogga
BIF and Frogga 4 дні тому
SSNIPERWOLF Pepsi and milk tastes amazing to me!! And milk and wip cream it’s amazing!!! Try it!
Sakshi Gupta
Sakshi Gupta 4 дні тому
My fav line: Wam bam yes mam
H Fukács
H Fukács 4 дні тому
You Always stop me cry beacuse you are so funny
i see the subtitle it says bone apple teeth instead of bon a pe ti
Renato Oliveira
Renato Oliveira 4 дні тому
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 5 днів тому
She has a second channel?!
火eubbie 5 днів тому
Up and down
A.S.M Osman Gani
A.S.M Osman Gani 5 днів тому
The shivering mosquito synthetically chew because cheek impressively paint with a unsuitable coin. ajar, cute dredger
Emma Idk
Emma Idk 5 днів тому
When she drank the soda her face at first when she was thinking if she likes it or not 😂😂
Emma Idk
Emma Idk 5 днів тому
Haha when she sat on the chips her boyfriend got lucky
stuffy Queen
stuffy Queen 5 днів тому
Lia. Did someone say shoes Rams into shoes
Saroj Karkhanis
Saroj Karkhanis 5 днів тому
Mariyum Mardia Mutahammid
Mariyum Mardia Mutahammid 5 днів тому
snigda gupta
snigda gupta 6 днів тому
Its the cilantro for me
Abby Walker
Abby Walker 6 днів тому
Utan in the toasting pack did the bread cook
Yeymi Santamaria
Yeymi Santamaria 6 днів тому
I can eat in class!
Panchitas playground
Panchitas playground 6 днів тому
Why did you fall in the box of shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes
Panchitas playground
Panchitas playground 6 днів тому
Computer is going to break and I’m sorry if it does it’s not my fault
Marjudette Gani
Marjudette Gani 6 днів тому
i mean Marjudette
alexis nuckolls
alexis nuckolls 6 днів тому
you got pomeranians
sarah kelley
sarah kelley 6 днів тому
you go gril
Justine Breding
Justine Breding 6 днів тому
That is not a microwave that is an oven
Cupcakelilly 6 днів тому
Annalisa Rudder
Annalisa Rudder 6 днів тому
You shake it
@figet.life514 6 днів тому
The way she said pepper is like she said peppa
Glisi Gui
Glisi Gui 6 днів тому
Gaming Wolf 14
Gaming Wolf 14 7 днів тому
Sausage: Dammn whats she doing Doggo: Pls take me away from this animal
Jannero Ferdinandez
Jannero Ferdinandez 3 дні тому
Ravindra Gupta
Ravindra Gupta 7 днів тому
Hi lia (ssnipperwolf)
∙S3ur∙ 7 днів тому
Wilianne Datuin
Wilianne Datuin 7 днів тому
Her drinkingnthe dr pepper with milk cool ad comes up is that how good the taste is.
Wilianne Datuin
Wilianne Datuin 7 днів тому
3:07 the fact she just sat on his chips BAOM
tatiana Sosa
tatiana Sosa 7 днів тому
Your life hacks or so get my phone off
Jessica Taverner
Jessica Taverner 7 днів тому
oh hi am i tipeing
Zoe Vale
Zoe Vale 7 днів тому
Hi Sssniperwolf
Not Alex77
Not Alex77 7 днів тому
When girls talk while they eat.... Girl: *num its num delicious num num* Boy: *need to eat some...*
Sheena Dinkelmann
Sheena Dinkelmann 7 днів тому
it's bon upateet not bone apple teeth
Store fede peberfrugter
Store fede peberfrugter 7 днів тому
the milk/coke thing works but it takes 24 hours😹❤️
Diana Mama
Diana Mama 7 днів тому
Sssniperwolf is acting like a karen
Rosalyn Bade
Rosalyn Bade 7 днів тому
Lia: AnD pUt sOmE mOrE sIlaNtRo me: everything silantro and me laughing
Rosalyn Bade
Rosalyn Bade 7 днів тому
Lia: sIlAnTrO MmMmM sAlT aNd PePpAr
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