Trying On Wedding Dresses From Amazon

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Dresses In The Video!
Boho Beachy: amzn.to/3y4i6Wx
Jeweled Bodice: amzn.to/3zuSHpe
Flower Jeweled Bodice: amzn.to/3i0LQ0M
Off The Shoulder: amzn.to/3iKwr3V
Mermaid Bottom: amzn.to/3iKwAnZ
Bodysuit: amzn.to/2WmKUM5
Tulle Skirt: amzn.to/3x7HDg6

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25 лип 2021





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Kiara I
Kiara I 4 дні тому
My favourite dress has to be 10:15
Katie Honest To Me
Katie Honest To Me 6 днів тому
Definitely need a part two you look beautiful!!!
Macy M
Macy M 7 днів тому
The sleeves are twosted in the dress at 9.30… i think they should be off the shoulder, they just dont look good because theyre twisted
Marije S
Marije S 7 днів тому
i love all your “wow”moments
Violeta 8 днів тому
I love the video
Reihana Herbst
Reihana Herbst 8 днів тому
The second last dress is kinda dream wedding dress and the last one looks so good on her!!
Rylie Phoebe
Rylie Phoebe 4 дні тому
watchgirls18. com the most beautiful bride ever 😍
Laura Clark
Laura Clark 14 днів тому
You spend to much time on talking than showing.
Amy Va
Amy Va 16 днів тому
How desperate are you to get engaged? smh
SerenaT 21 день тому
I will tell you what is interfering with my happiness...hearing EVERYONE calling EVERYTHING a "Journey". I can't wait until that word phases out of our vocabulary unless you are talking about a fairytail. That word is used so often and in such ridiculous concepts that it lost its meaning...now it is just a word everyone uses to try and sound deep.
Krista H
Krista H 22 дні тому
Love to see a thrifted wedding Dress video
IndigoSunflowerLove 22 дні тому
Laura why am I book marking a dress when I don’t have a bf 😭😂
Hey Hey
Hey Hey 23 дні тому
that two piece was so pretty
MelinaStyles 29 днів тому
Omg! I am standing behind that idea of just a lace bodysuit & a Tull skirt. That is literally my dream wedding dress situation since I was 15. And my goal is to add some Selfmade things to it. Like making a throw over for the skirt in lace or polka dot. And maybe also making a corset instead of a lace bodysuit. 😍😍😍
Itshxwwii Місяць тому
Her merch is the only kind that is actually affordable
Cristina Antoniuc
Cristina Antoniuc Місяць тому
Keep going girl. It was aesthetically pleasing to watch. We absolutely need more content from you ❤❤
Maddie Karr
Maddie Karr Місяць тому
Lauren should be prego for 24 hours again lol
Charlottes Chapters
Charlottes Chapters Місяць тому
You should do dresses from Shein~
farah khan
farah khan Місяць тому
please do a part two of wedding dresses but from Hebeos i’ve been looking for an affordable dress for so long that fits my style (long sleeve)
Maci Maya
Maci Maya 4 дні тому
watchgirls18. com Omg i so badly wana see Jeremy's reaction😂.. i know this isn't shot in the house..but imagine Jeremy walking in on Lauren trying random wedding dresses😂
Maya McKee
Maya McKee Місяць тому
Omggg the poofy sequin dress looked so good on you! It was my favorite!
Syrease Місяць тому
Oooh! For part 2 you should look for dupes of your dream dresses. Dhgate always has Berta and Pnina dupes.
Tina Zeqiri
Tina Zeqiri Місяць тому
Omg the last one would look so beautiful with a belt with a crystal belt 😍
arwa Місяць тому
you talk too much on your intros🧍🏻‍♀️
puppycornshakira Місяць тому
Wow your dress is so beautiful Lauren ❤️
*insert name here*
*insert name here* Місяць тому
Alie Scott
Alie Scott Місяць тому
Thrift store or Ross/TJ Maxx
Jordyn Whitehouse
Jordyn Whitehouse Місяць тому
Absolutely do a thrifted version!
Caitlyn Wallace
Caitlyn Wallace Місяць тому
Last dress idea was pretty. The one before I loved the best tho. I am actually getting married next month
Alexa Merrill
Alexa Merrill Місяць тому
Wish wedding dresses next?
Beckah M
Beckah M Місяць тому
I've been wondering about Hebeos wedding dresses! Hebeos for part 2?
Martina Do
Martina Do Місяць тому
Love the last one tho! She cute!
Diksha Khurana
Diksha Khurana Місяць тому
dont donate diy them 1
minime123 Місяць тому
Do wish next
yessie 0815
yessie 0815 Місяць тому
Yes please make a part 2 of this video!
Lauren Pretzel
Lauren Pretzel Місяць тому
thanu shree
thanu shree Місяць тому
the princess vibes were immaculate 🤍 and we need a part 2 of course , please !
Mar. 777
Mar. 777 Місяць тому
JESUS loves y’all! GOD bless y’all! John 3:16! Romans 10:9!💜
Faith James
Faith James Місяць тому
saundra selby
saundra selby Місяць тому
do wish
Sheikh Rumon
Sheikh Rumon Місяць тому
Wow beautiful 🌹
Paula Faria
Paula Faria Місяць тому
Just wanted to say as an ex bridal consultant the corset should be double knotted and pulled through, secondly the sequin dress the seamstress removes those beads so it doesn't irritate the skin
Ashlee Aguero
Ashlee Aguero Місяць тому
Lauren you need to do wedding photos here!!!!😍Anyone agrees????
Memoirs of Epiphany
Memoirs of Epiphany Місяць тому
Her swinging on the swing on the swing and the flowers is giving very much …..” on the ground “ vibes
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow Місяць тому
💮💗🌟🌠💙👙🎄✨🌠✈💮✈🎋💮✈💮👙💙💙🌙👙 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Wanda Jackson
Wanda Jackson Місяць тому
What's Lauren's Hair, Eye, & Skin Color/Tone?
Jessie Jenkins
Jessie Jenkins Місяць тому
What's Lauren's Birthday & Birthplace?
Josea Johnson
Josea Johnson Місяць тому
1.What's Lauren's Ethnicity, Race, & Nationality? 2.What's Lauren's Parents, Grandparents, & Siblings? 3.What's Lauren's First, Middle, & Last Name?
Lyla Seitz
Lyla Seitz Місяць тому
Guys I think she’s engaged
jn Місяць тому
Miranda Stewart
Miranda Stewart Місяць тому
I love dresses 4 and 5!!!! They both def give off princess vibes!!!
Darcy Haas
Darcy Haas Місяць тому
dont worry i would give the last dress 10 champagne glasses
kimcaokim Місяць тому
Yes, part 2, 3, 4 and 5!! I need to see all the dresses!
Park3r3 2
Park3r3 2 Місяць тому
Girl I already knew that 🙄
Claudia Enriquez
Claudia Enriquez Місяць тому
It's so pretty yea do part 2 hey I looking for some weeding dress for my family church dm me
Tessa Stink
Tessa Stink Місяць тому
remember when the fortune teller said they saw marriage at 27? Maybe this is what they were talking about!!
Anastasia Popova
Anastasia Popova Місяць тому
I loooooove the 1993 necklace 😍😍😍😍
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Місяць тому
Vote for Part 2! So so good
Emma Walker
Emma Walker Місяць тому
Julie Spudic
Julie Spudic Місяць тому
Please tye dye one of them !!
Sienna jade music
Sienna jade music Місяць тому
Carmen Aviles
Carmen Aviles Місяць тому
What a hint for Jeremy
Chloe Bertuola
Chloe Bertuola Місяць тому
The second last one was by far my favourite on her
Dani Wyse
Dani Wyse Місяць тому
Do them all! Thrifted, wish.. so in c:
pro fortnite123
pro fortnite123 Місяць тому
also btw we still smoking on your dead boyfriend we smoking on boyfriend pack
I’m glad she gave that disclaimer because in my head I was like “Is she engaged and doing a wedding vid because it’s on theme rn? Or does she just wanna play dress up cause it’s fun?”
Brooklyn Thompson
Brooklyn Thompson Місяць тому
no hate at all but i feel like you would look so pretty with more of a natural lash just because the ones u have on almost cover and u see less lashes more just solid black
Tyler Mac
Tyler Mac Місяць тому
Ashley M
Ashley M Місяць тому
I’m speaking this into existence now: you’re going to collaborate with an actual wedding dress brand and do a giveaway, IMAGINE THAT ✨
Sarah Gomez
Sarah Gomez Місяць тому
She wants to get married lol
⚡️TheFlashVibes⚡️ Місяць тому
Very cute ! Do some brides maids ones next
Monica Arencibia
Monica Arencibia Місяць тому
To the all eBay thrifted wish and also Jeremy going to see this video and be like damn Imma marry her one day
Kimberly Mahoney
Kimberly Mahoney Місяць тому
Vote for Part 2! So so good
Alexis Ray
Alexis Ray Місяць тому
I just know that she's gonna be the most stunning bride ❤️❤️
Dorie M
Dorie M Місяць тому
Wedding dresses from SHEIN?
Olivia Burley
Olivia Burley Місяць тому
you should do thrifted wedding dresses
Carmella Ottens
Carmella Ottens Місяць тому
But what one was Jeremys favorite
princess_moon_savage Princess_moon_savage
Those wedding dresses are so cute Lauren love you Lauren
casey hooper
casey hooper Місяць тому
Now I need to see what her real dress choice would look like..😍
Ella Delos santos
Ella Delos santos Місяць тому
Is this a sign that your getting married !?!?!?
Ксения Багонко
Ксения Багонко Місяць тому
Славяне, отзовитесь?! Кто ищё из наших смотрит эту тётю
Dasha Albert
Dasha Albert Місяць тому
I think it’ll be interesting to get a custom wedding dress off Etsy!
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace Місяць тому
You are so beautiful it is borderline infuriating 😹 ❤️❤️❤️
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Місяць тому
Hello, Humans. Underneath the streets of Beijing, there are over a million people who live in nuclear bunkers. TERRANCE OUT
senni bgon
senni bgon Місяць тому
Do them all: thrifted, ebay, mercari/poshmark, wish, etc.
Julie Ratter
Julie Ratter Місяць тому
Wow you look even more beautiful than usual Lauren! Stunning xx
Bianca Abello
Bianca Abello Місяць тому
lauren i love the mermaid dress omg
Morgan Barnes
Morgan Barnes Місяць тому
great video idea Lauren you should make a wedding dress
Sunny R
Sunny R Місяць тому
I wish she filmed this in a wide angle so we can see how the whole dress looks like from a far. Some of these looked so nice but you can't see the full length from a good angle
09bikerman1 Місяць тому
the most beautiful bride ever 
Mariana Hernandez
Mariana Hernandez Місяць тому
Drknight Місяць тому
Okay but like the escape the night dress is probably a better wedding dress ngl🤩
Miss Kieraxx
Miss Kieraxx Місяць тому
Naomi Jon and Lauren are my top youtubers I watch UKvid like once a week but always them
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Місяць тому
U should do a part two but dress on shien
Nick Burns
Nick Burns Місяць тому
White wedding dresses are a symbol of purity and virginity. In other words, most women should never be allowed to wear a white wedding dress
Lucy Hauge
Lucy Hauge Місяць тому
Lucy Hauge
Lucy Hauge Місяць тому
hint hint hint
Jenna Gianakos
Jenna Gianakos Місяць тому
Should’ve had Jeremy react to them and rate them
Daryan Ficks
Daryan Ficks Місяць тому
Do them all: thrifted, ebay, mercari/poshmark, wish, etc.
April Vice
April Vice Місяць тому
Ok but can you save a dress and tie dye it puhlease!!
Andrea Kirkpatrick
Andrea Kirkpatrick Місяць тому
Does better help accept insurance by chance? I honestly am just curious
nin m
nin m Місяць тому
my jaw dropped at the Cinderella dress 😭❤️ that was my fave by far!!
Holly Behringer
Holly Behringer Місяць тому
oh my god please get your next wedding dresses at SHEIN!!!! IVE SEEN SO MANY ON THERE and I feel like they're questionable but still wanna know if they have potential
Dayna Forbes
Dayna Forbes Місяць тому
Lauren please please please try TPBridal dresses! They look exquisite!
workingclassmf Місяць тому
I’m over here biting a knuckle
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