Trying To Decorate Our House

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I feel kind of bad posting this kind of video, I know for most of you at this point you genuinely understand and care about Julien and I as people and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I just also know you're here for some funny adventures and it honestly feels like forever since I've done something in that realm because of this massive life change so I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for being patient with me while I just get my life together right now. If it's not unpacking or getting stuff we need it's people coming to do inspections and insurance and repairs and all kinds of unexpected things that pop up when you buy a house. Like our dishwasher spits water across our kitchen which is super cool? lol sorry not important, but anyways I can't tell you enough that although I know this video is really boring and stupid, I am really thankful to those of you who understand why I'm just not quite all the way there yet in terms of making regular videos just yet but hopefully I'll be there soon. Also this video was incredibly frustrating to make (lol) because we have been ordering some stuff online but I thought it would be great to like... go out in the world and get some stuff and make you guys at least like a "Come decorate with me" video and holy shit it is so hard to find stuff in person that you like, well maybe just me because I really am so horrible at it. I'm just not cut from that cloth man it is a skill I do not have. I also really wanted to do this thing called "come nest with me" but honestly that sounds like I'm pregnant and like I said I promise you I'm not and I promise you I'll let you know if that happens lol BUT FOR REAL NOW THAT IM THINKING ABOUT IT woah what a fucking series that would be for a pregnant lady, just going around buying a bunch of baby stuff and having like tired mini mental breakdowns from stress and then needing ice cream in the middle?!? here for that. Sorry. Tangent. Always, between last week and this week I am starting to feel pretty bad for not really posting a formal video if you will, but then again, maybe you like this I don't even know. I really don't know the internet more than anybody else lol, but just know how much I appreciate your patience, love you, thanks for your understanding, and hopefully by next week I can put this table to some good use.
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24 тра 2018





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Katie Champion
Katie Champion Годину тому
I wanna see more of this! Just regular activities..Miss this side of you both
Tara R
Tara R 3 години тому
Peach better not put her stinky butt on this....later....Peach up! Do you like the chair? hahahha
xXPixXx 9 годин тому
I would have suggested just going to Ikea. Like yeah the stuff isn't great but it's a good base to go off of so you can replace items as you go when you find something you really like. It's like a giant store of default items. Just get the base levels and upgrade later.
Tatym Schneider
Tatym Schneider 10 годин тому
Hahahaha! Yaasss! Shopping for things in the real world and not on the internet IS a gigantic waste of time! !!!!! So loved that part! (-:
scyythe День тому
anyone else notice Michelle Chamuel background music at 7:30? no? just me?
Chloe Worrell
Chloe Worrell День тому
Mr.Kate where you at????
KasmiSharil 2 дні тому
I don't know who that is but yeah 😂😂😂😂
Brie Wright
Brie Wright 4 дні тому
I never realized how much my personality traits are like Julian’s. Must be an Aries thing 😂😂😂
Solomon Bacharach
Solomon Bacharach 4 дні тому
I love how Jenna actually writes in the description unlike other big UKvidrs and doesn't care if the it goes too long, because people who care will read it all! :)
angel 4 дні тому
12:25 aries glasses
HaleyJo 4 дні тому
Shepyrd 6 днів тому
8:40 I’ve been thinking lately on who is truly my spirit animal, Harry styles, Cole sprouse... or Julien.. and the fact that I’ve literally done these exact same annoying lil things to my (unfortunate) exes, it’s 10000% Julien 😭🤣🤣🤣
JustJ8 6 днів тому
Buy second handdddd 😌
Sofia Wilson12
Sofia Wilson12 7 днів тому
The boy speaks volume with his bowel movements -Julian solemita 2k18
Clair Bolthouse
Clair Bolthouse 7 днів тому
i love jennas hair like this :)
Plant Mom
Plant Mom 7 днів тому
6:03 Peppa, what are you doing in Jenna's youtube?
eclecticemma 8 днів тому
this triggers me bc my job relies on people shopping and ordering this stuff in store or over the phone :(
Julios mind
Julios mind 8 днів тому
I want a julien Dx
Skylar Sorensen
Skylar Sorensen 8 днів тому
Rip Table.... He had no idea what was comin for him by 2k19
snow G
snow G 8 днів тому
Julien : What floor is bay;when laughing is life; when times stand still... Jenna: stop ✋
Go crazy Go stupid
Go crazy Go stupid 9 днів тому
Julien is a crackhead
luna playz
luna playz 9 днів тому
Nobody is safe from Jenna's rachet salon
MPoopC 9 днів тому
I love that Dior Pure Poison!
Ross Allen
Ross Allen 9 днів тому
I feel like.. going out is for when you don’t know what u want- u just have a general “I need.. something” feel When u know what u want tbh online is the way to go~
Marissa Colmar
Marissa Colmar 10 днів тому
As someone who’s moving soon, I needed to see this again.
Alice Franse
Alice Franse 11 днів тому
I feel the exact opposite, for me buying stuff online is annoying and I never know if I'm really gonna like it when it gets there in person. And I love the experience of going shopping, I love Homegoods, and I always find stuff I want, it's harder to keep myself find spending money on all the stuff I find.
Natasha S
Natasha S 11 днів тому
Don't worry Marbels I also speaks volumes with my bowel movements.
Addy Shea
Addy Shea 14 днів тому
At 15:01 Julian has crumbs in his mustache
Sara Emma
Sara Emma 15 днів тому
Who's here after the new table has been ruined by very similar coffee stains?😂 RIP New Table May 2018 - July 2019 Gone but forever in our hearts 1 like = 1 prayer 💔💔💔
Oliver Fenelon Chee
Oliver Fenelon Chee 17 днів тому
tbh I thought life was gonna suck when I turned 30 but I just realized I’m probably gonna be watching Jenna and Julien annoy each other to laughter when they’re forty and that makes me excited about life down the road.
Oliver Fenelon Chee
Oliver Fenelon Chee 17 днів тому
Y’all remember when she was sitting on her kitchen floor in Boston with baby meeble and now she’s like in a beautiful luxurious home and I’m just like yo. that’s ma gurl.
H Jzz
H Jzz 18 днів тому
Julien: I want this spoon Jenna:Julien it's five dollars! James Charles: this mosturisers 500 dollars
Shannon Powers
Shannon Powers 19 днів тому
I now understand why my husband hates going places with me, poor Jenna XD
Jill 20 днів тому
Why is nobody talking about 5:33
Heather A
Heather A 21 день тому
I know this feeling. Ive purchased my 1st home and I have no idea how to decorate it like an adult. I just dont know how to make things look nice.
Emilie Holmes
Emilie Holmes 21 день тому
When they discovered the angular glasses Jenna said "that makes me so angry" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
J-Hopes Hope
J-Hopes Hope 21 день тому
Jenna, plz deep-fry Flex- tape products? Or dip them in paraffin wax? Idk, no one will like this because it's a stupid idea. ☠ Plz, for The Virgang♍
Alexa 22 дні тому
"'Pasta By Hand'? Yeah, it's called Postmates." I DIED.
Dog Dog
Dog Dog 22 дні тому
Little did she know, that table would get orange paw prints on it that would only be removable by coconut oil.
Aquarius Locs
Aquarius Locs 23 дні тому
The same thing happens with my spoons 😂😂😂
Duncan Robertson
Duncan Robertson 24 дні тому
When time stands still
Diane Magnolia
Diane Magnolia 25 днів тому
“Nobody’s hair is safe”
Hanna Booklover
Hanna Booklover 25 днів тому
Coming back to this video after watching one of her newest ones where she says she's gonna replace this table 😅
Kassandra Villarreal
Kassandra Villarreal 26 днів тому
I do the same when frustrated, wipe off my bfs cooties 💀
Google User
Google User 27 днів тому
Julien low key always using that golden spoon tho
Brian Michael
Brian Michael 28 днів тому
Lmao when Jenna goes “things we learned today, Christian rock bumps”
minka klopper
minka klopper 28 днів тому
When you are a kid and you smuggle candy in the cart and your mum knows and your mum looks at you and you look away
Alexis Perry
Alexis Perry 29 днів тому
Lmao Christine rock bumps 😂
mckie 29 днів тому
1:14 "i don't know if you can tell, but i done ruined this table" remembers that she did the same thing to her new table but 10x worse
derpy squid
derpy squid Місяць тому
honestly i am julien in the store when i go to the shops with my mum
Lexie Cardwell
Lexie Cardwell Місяць тому
Her house reminds me of Colleen’s
Laura Selfridge
Laura Selfridge Місяць тому
Jenna destroy my hair for me
horchata tee
horchata tee Місяць тому
Did y'all miss Julien's "Stick a fork in me, cause I'm done" at 8:21 because that fucking killed me an no one is talking about it
Ramonerdna Місяць тому
"When Floor is Bay" LOOOOOL
Amelia MacEachern
Amelia MacEachern Місяць тому
And then she dun ruined the new table
Evy V
Evy V Місяць тому
I love going back and rewatching these videos, it's so nice to see your guy's normal aspects of life. Even if it's nothing "exciting" it's relatable and comforting, especially things like you guys buying a house and getting settled in this new period of your life. These videos comfort me while I'm looking for a home of my own with my husband and going through school and a new job. I'm so happy for you guys and I love seeing your struggles and successes. You guys are the best and all of your content is quality.
Bognar Evelin
Bognar Evelin Місяць тому
11:54 - 11:59 little did he know, he wasn’t joking..
Miss Zebios
Miss Zebios Місяць тому
I can't hear the phrase "What do ya think" without hearing SimplyNailogical
J L Місяць тому
Teaspoons go missing in my house 😩
Ann C
Ann C Місяць тому
“Suggestion pamphlet”
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