Ubisoft Forward: Official Livestream - July 2020

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0:00:00 Countdown
0:19:47 Pre-show - Trackmania deep dive
0:59:34 Pre-show announcements
1:28:16 Ubisoft Forward
1:29:05 Watch Dogs Legion
1:43:49 Brawlhalla
1:45:04 Might & Magic, Era of Chaos
1:46:06 Tom Clancy's Elite Squad
1:48:00 Rainbow 6 Siege
1:50:33 Hyperscape
1:58:12 Assassin's Creed Valhalla
2:08:46 Yves Guillemot's speech
2:09:28 Far Cry 6
2:15:58 Post-show - Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay
2:47:38 Post-show - Hyperscape gameplay
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12 лип 2020





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Scott Redford
Scott Redford 6 годин тому
It bugs me that in the game synopsis it says that the main character for Valhalla comes from Norway.. but all the Anglo Saxon characters are calling her a Dane in the video...
Marluci Santos
Marluci Santos 4 дні тому
#the crew 3
kab gaming
kab gaming 5 днів тому
1:42:58 dude futuristic graphics
Saurajit Sarkar
Saurajit Sarkar 6 днів тому
Hello ubisot sorry to write you soo big To be honest ubisoft i was one of the fans who really loved to play your games and my childhood spent on splinter cell and ac games and almost every year we get three most common franchises far cry, ac, and almost expected the recent common game wD, there is no offence on your game quality its surely good but dont you think in a time where there are so many companies are releasing games which are tough competitors, not by only gameplay but the content and the story because that what makes games so lovable to give time to stay on that game world and if you see the games you guys are making (i know its not easy to make a game ,)are almost same and even you can doo soo much in the game its still gets boring and the reason is you dont give time to the game which i think by playing some games created by the companies which are almost old like ubisoft in game industry had raise our expectations more high because the place ubisoft is standing is not a small place , so its obvious to expect far more than you have given us before , while valhalla is on the release on that time another ac is comming ? It’s wrong its shows you dont appreciating the work that your team produce that is still standing on a release , its like you are a mechine that makes news paper everyday , if you dont value the games you are making then how can you expect us to value your game (no offence)i dont know wether i am qualified too tell you all this because you know what you are doing but as a fan i dont want ubisoft goes down , if you can release Ac almost every year then i must tell you splinter cell is the game from where i start to know ubisoft and ac is not the game that keeps ubisoft up , you have created so many games and if you create a new ip we will still with you its not ac that recognised these company nor farcey nor watchdog its only ubisoft that makes it happen so please we expect far more better and please stop releasing same games every year , take your time and make sure ehen a game is release its not a copy of other games , other games should copy you . Love you ubisoft
Mannuel Sanchez
Mannuel Sanchez 7 днів тому
Now i know why the new assassin creed seemed familiar They took things from For Honor
nour ahmed
nour ahmed 8 днів тому
Ubisoft pls dont stop FAR CRY we need this game forever ❣️❣️❣️
Asphine Nytrix
Asphine Nytrix 9 днів тому
Irish Drunken man specializing in fist combat..... uhm :D ofc why not. Also loved that heavily inspired John Wick character.
Tower Productions
Tower Productions 9 днів тому
@ubisoft You guys really REALLY dropped the ball with breakpoint. I dont know how you create such a great base in Wildlands and then pretty much turn it in to a horrible looter shooter. Not every game need to be the Division, which was also highly disappointing. Yall need to fix Ghost Recon, and im not talking about fixing breakpoint because that game is absolutely pathetic for a AAA game.
AdiSS 9 днів тому
why did i move here? 😳
Norbert Srodka
Norbert Srodka 9 днів тому
PLEASE - SPLINTER CELL. Stop kiddy games now its not funny anymore!
shrimp 9 днів тому
Ayo if i cant play as the queen and be immortal in legion im gonna be pissed
PeterHSPeter 10 днів тому
Ubisoft is garbage
dsa0224 10 днів тому
Jade Raymond invented assassins creed in 2007 when she was a lead designer at Ubisoft . She left the company several years ago stating she was not happy with the direction that AC is taking . Assassins creed stopped bring assassins creed when AC 3 came out. Origins left a bad taste in my mouth . Will not return to playing AC until they fix their identity issue
Diyah George
Diyah George 10 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-nHbRCd8yzaw.html Watch dis pop redemption i bet ubisoft, u have more fanbase of POP than AC
Lorna Williams
Lorna Williams 11 днів тому
What do you guys play I play just dance 2020 and 2019
nicscov 11 днів тому
Another private military bad, game? Even though they have a better track record than the government. Have clearer, open records, more terminations (of bad apples), less aggressive tactics (than standard police). Bad timing ubi.
[̸͇̈C̵͔̽Ä̵̖́Ŕ̷̬L̷̯̿ ̶͕̉Ẃ̶̨H̷̔ͅE̸̎͜E̷̳̾Z̵̙̑E̸͉̎R̸͖̓]̸̟͘
so will watchdogs legion just be the same copy and paste open world game with hours of the same side missions?
GN_ KILLER 13 днів тому
Good Luck
Good Luck 14 днів тому
@Ubisoft, how many employees were verbally, sexually, and physically abused in the making of this hype stream? Just curious.
Penroum 14 днів тому
The game, which is called Assassin's creed, isn't only a game, but also a spirit of our old players.
M19 18 днів тому
Wann kommt Far Cry 5 Remastered mit den selben charakteren?
AGAW 07 19 днів тому
Please make a R6S mobile i really want to play it cuz it looks soo good but sadly i dony have a pc or console so please make R6S mobile
AGAW 07 13 днів тому
@Scotty Gaskin yes just worsen the graphics like area f2 or codm and activition just worsen the graphics for cod to work on mobile
Scotty Gaskin
Scotty Gaskin 13 днів тому
You think it can run on mobile?
AGAW 07 19 днів тому
1:48:30 "we quickly adopted that vision" if you guys adopted that game then please do a R6S mobile ill wait
33melonpaws77 19 днів тому
Ubisoft protects rapists
thabi Modise
thabi Modise 19 днів тому
And m2 lci pls
thabi Modise
thabi Modise 19 днів тому
Can u guys pls do a walkaround pls and pls add m2 compettion
Alex T
Alex T 19 днів тому
I wonder how many Ubisoft employees were sexually, verbally and physically assaulted in the time it took to make this video. Probably we will never know because Ubisoft protects abusers.
ObviousTrollFrom2007 13 днів тому
That's mainly the CEO dodging the blame I think
Cameron DaPrato
Cameron DaPrato 19 днів тому
diddy2445 19 днів тому
I hear Roman Polanski is about to go work at ubisoft. Seems like his kind of place.
The Skeletal rebeL
The Skeletal rebeL 19 днів тому
This seems like a distraction
schranzendorf _
schranzendorf _ 20 днів тому
SneakToxin 20 днів тому
Where’s R6 Quarantine or Ubi don’t do anymore?
Avery plays
Avery plays 20 днів тому
nobody wanted farcry 6 we WANT Beyond good and. evil 2
Avery plays
Avery plays 20 днів тому
Avery plays
Avery plays 20 днів тому
greasy bacon
greasy bacon 20 днів тому
Skull and bones cmonnnn Ubisoft
Siddharth Ghosh
Siddharth Ghosh 20 днів тому
No splinter cell, prince of Persia?
turningtides 100
turningtides 100 20 днів тому
it shocks me how you show all these dedicated teams and all these good games and the division 2 team is just “DUCKS”. why did you even hire that team ever?
The one And only
The one And only 20 днів тому
Ubisoft forward: new games Chat: CANT LOGIN
Common걍인간 21 день тому
cantlogin = very popular
what thefuck
what thefuck 21 день тому
Everyone: "i CAnT lOgIN bAD sErVIce!!!!!!!😠😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😠😠" Spotify when juice wrlds album came out: welcome to the resistance
lord dambeldoor
lord dambeldoor 21 день тому
These games are going to be so bad i can just feel it
Mais vlogs Mais
Mais vlogs Mais 21 день тому
Why just shows that takes so long and they say they only do it for a day
HORSE SIX ZERO 21 день тому
RB6S, everyone who plays it, loves it. We who were expecting Patriots were pissed. Then it got released and it is still shyte to this day. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.
Willian Mourão
Willian Mourão 21 день тому
Conflict_Code YT
Conflict_Code YT 21 день тому
Hopefully Scott pilgrim could make a return. I know that's random but yeah I would like to see a return for the game.
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira 21 день тому
Amazing 👏❤😃
Zift Ylrhavic Resfear
Zift Ylrhavic Resfear 20 днів тому
Have you heard of what is going on with ubisoft recently?
Paulina Garcia
Paulina Garcia 21 день тому
make a split screen in far cry 4
Unknown Celeb
Unknown Celeb 21 день тому
So is anyone going to call out the nostrils at 1:32:57?
33melonpaws77 19 днів тому
jesus christ, i clicked the time stamp on a whim and it's terrifying.
HotSizzleTV 21 день тому
Why no new splinter cell game
lieutenant angel
lieutenant angel 22 дні тому
Yo my copy of Far Cry 4 does not work on PC please help
Journey awaits
Journey awaits 22 дні тому
Fix your broken monopoly you pricks, shouldn’t be allowed to sell games like that
NicTheGreek1979 22 дні тому
Look at your like/dislike ratio and LEARN FROM IT.
Ferreira de Évora
Ferreira de Évora 22 дні тому
Damn, the animation from Far Cry look GUD.
Omar Khaled
Omar Khaled 22 дні тому
Can you make rainbow six siege cross platform
Sum0rdinaryprogramr 22 дні тому
The wait was worth it, WDL looks gorgeous. Can't wait to recruit random pedestrians for my ragtag band of criminals.
P Koleva
P Koleva 22 дні тому
I got WD 2 on Thursday. Thanks, Ubisoft. My husband and I like more the old games - Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Splinter Cell. They became unrecognizable these days. I'm playing the old ACs now and start to like them even more. The horses in AC I and II were the best in whole series?! It's suppose to be otherwise. But I really enjoy the camel in Origins! It was almost like a goat in rocks climbs :) Valhalla looks like FC and even Tomb Raider? WHY? I think that if there will be new SC I'm gonna be disappointed of it. Sadly.
munta_5 22 дні тому
Um why did you make the start sooooooooooo long
ツ6Ropzy 22 дні тому
Myzx isn't racist
Greg Dickinson
Greg Dickinson 22 дні тому
Boo I hat lid
Ibrahim Swaid
Ibrahim Swaid 22 дні тому
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