UFC Fighters slam Jake Paul 's actions

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UFC Fighters gives thoughts on what they think of Jake Paul and his KO win over Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club Boxing event

Uriah Hall, Anthony Smith and Chris Weidman.

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22 кві 2021





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David Jarrah
David Jarrah День тому
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LoS fan 🙌🏾
LoS fan 🙌🏾 День тому
Mayweather is a bum, then, huh..
LoS fan 🙌🏾
LoS fan 🙌🏾 День тому
Can't blame Jake! He found a way to make money! Can't really hate on the kid. Plus, it highlights how ufc doesn't pay their fighters well.
Jordan Forbes
Jordan Forbes День тому
These guys are the wrong weight category. The Pauls only fight people 3 or 4 weight divisions below themselves, and preferably those who are retired or close to retirement.
🚗 День тому
jake wouldn’t last in mma or ufc lol
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 2 дні тому
Humans and their "opinions" 🤣 and the idea that they think the world needs to live up to them 🤡 the whole "respect" "pay homage" "be humble" "ego" yada yada yada....humans are so full of shit lol
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 2 дні тому
You can hate all you want but it's a perfect example of brawn vs brain 🤷🏽‍♂️
CSeamus H
CSeamus H 2 дні тому
the Paul brothers are disrespecting combat arts. and this generation of tiktokers and youtube kids support him. there are many more deserving real martial artists and athletes to be given a spot than have the Logan brothers make a mockery of combat sports we all love and respect. stop giving the Logan brothers attention and airtime in combat sports.
Trevor Clausen
Trevor Clausen 2 дні тому
Hasbullah's interviews are more entertaining than both those gay brothers fights.
robtafi jufomnob
robtafi jufomnob 2 дні тому
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Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 2 дні тому
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Peter Masani
Peter Masani 2 дні тому
Since jake's calling out MMA fighters why don't he call out Jorge.???
Jian Guan
Jian Guan 3 дні тому
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Tonisha Garland
Tonisha Garland 3 дні тому
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Henri Boulerice
Henri Boulerice 3 дні тому
Great video
Vincenzo Pinto
Vincenzo Pinto 4 дні тому
These guys are talking shit about Jake Paul, PRAYING he finds out about it so they can be his next opponent and make more in one night than they have their whole careers combined. They won’t admit it, but I guaran-damn-tee that’s what they are hoping.
Epsilon День тому
Who wouldnt? Two main pros of fightin jake is getting the opportunity to beat the shit out of him and the big ka-ching
Tabarnacus 5 днів тому
Well looks like he is fighting a top 5 striker after all.
ImmaZoeKO 🇭🇹 👑
ImmaZoeKO 🇭🇹 👑 6 днів тому
Anthony and Uriah are some solid, intelligent brothers
phrozac 8 днів тому
Man, Lionheart is a super likeable dude.
Good Life
Good Life 10 днів тому
Anthony Smith “ aka the red Skull 💀 “ is a very smart guy.
J R 13 днів тому
Most articles about the Paul brothers in combat sports have comments describing how fans don’t care. In fact, many of them are showing symptoms of alienation from the sport. The only time most MMA or boxing fans want to see them fight is if they suffer a brutal beating at the hands of a female fighter. That would serve as a nice warning to them not to joke around as combat athletes.
J R 13 днів тому
In the unwritten trash talk rule book, it clearly says don’t mention your opponent’s family. But Jake Paul trolled Conor McGregor’s wife Dee Devlin and also went after Dillon Danis’s girlfriend Savannah Montano. It’s obviously wrong to involve such people, but Paul has no class at all. Nate Diaz warned him not to joke about things like this because he’ll experience pain.
Stephen Cunniffe
Stephen Cunniffe 13 днів тому
You know full well they would all fucking destroy him in fight 😂
Aaron NoneYa
Aaron NoneYa 13 днів тому
I personally don't even tune in for either of the Paul brothers' fights. I wouldn't even validate them by recognising these idiots as athletes. They've got money, but that's all.
Tyrone Bates Libra!
Tyrone Bates Libra! 13 днів тому
I agree fighters like Jake Paul need to fight their way up, that's an slap in the face to ever pro fighters who been fighting for years & don't make that kind of pay.
nano4778 13 днів тому
Why not put all the winnings towards charity? and make it mandatory, we get to see Jake Paul get his face smashed in and charities benefit as well, so win win
Petter Tran
Petter Tran 14 днів тому
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dylan trieu
dylan trieu 15 днів тому
Jake Paul like the 6ix9 of boxing!
Tsaka Yeptho
Tsaka Yeptho 16 днів тому
Joke paul
theymademe pickaname
theymademe pickaname 16 днів тому
Hall said he would beat him with one arm. Weidman would do it with one leg.
The Devious
The Devious 16 днів тому
Respect for these three men
Courtney Gillespie
Courtney Gillespie 17 днів тому
Floyd is going to smoke Logan Paul
Toa Kasi
Toa Kasi 18 днів тому
We'll spoken guys Jake is a fucking marketing genius it's generating interest and money to him he has anxiety and knows how to promote the issue well without delving into the logistics of mental wellness kids got game let's hope this gen will rise up though and do more for others father and mother not just themselves.
AI fan
AI fan 18 днів тому
I think these MMA fighters being called out by Jake Paul should say: Yeah I'll fight you at boxing, if you fight me at MMA. 2 fights. The 2nd fight would have to be the MMA fight because he probably wont fight again after that.
Sphincter911 20 днів тому
You clearly dont need to put in the same amount of time or training for boxing than mixed martial arts. More moves, more angles, more threats. Boxing you can wing it with simply punch hard and taking punches.
J R 20 днів тому
Another planned out play around I can't call it a fight cuz it won't be you can't call a dude with three stupid fights a real boxer ok it takes yrs plus to really be a pro boxer not some dude on UKvid claiming be that Lol Lol any how if you pay money to watch this shit that's why it was cancelled already cuz not enough interest what. A disgrace to boxing
GET TRIGGERED 21 день тому
Joke Paul only fights UFC fighters that are grapplers because if fights strikers he knows he would get knocked out. If he wants to fight UFC fighters then get in the octagon.
J R 22 дні тому
Mayweather-McGregor fight, or anytime since: "The whole thing was rigged. Floyd was just playing with him for a few rounds to make it look legitimate in order to sell a rematch and/or heighten the drama. Any fighter out for blood would have knocked McGregor out in two rounds, and you're a stooge if you think it was on the level."
Jenna 23 дні тому
I wanted to let everyone that Jesus Christ loves you and wants the best for you and is coming very very soon. It’s the end times and I pray and hope everyone will repent and come to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. I love you all as I’m praying for everyone’s health and for everyone to have peace. Romans 10:9-13 and 1 John 1:9 John 14:6🙏🕊🌈✝️💜
metalman 95
metalman 95 24 дні тому
Uriah would kill that boy
joel erulu
joel erulu 26 днів тому
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Piete Koo
Piete Koo 26 днів тому
Jake Paul will fight any MMA as long as they sign to loose to get paid. However, let one fighter sign and knock him out. We crowdfund the purse.
the Chuck Rast Channel
the Chuck Rast Channel 27 днів тому
Good. One of you real fighters clean this punks clock. Do it for the baby sea turtles!
Frankie Reyes
Frankie Reyes 27 днів тому
Love how real fighters keep telling Jake and fake fighters that they'll fight em for free, wherever. Whenever. But of course cowards, don't want to prove themselves.
Iñaki Retegui
Iñaki Retegui 28 днів тому
11000 th comment
Master SHANGO 29 днів тому
“I’ll literally beat you with one hand, because you don’t deserve my right. And I’ll do it for free.” DAMMNNNN!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🧯🧯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Ross, CMT
Thomas Ross, CMT 29 днів тому
“It humiliates real athletes.” Does Dancing With the Stars humiliate 'real' dancers? Do the Paralympics humiliate 'real' Olympians? Does little league humiliate MLB? Sorry so many of us like seeing celebrities and non-celebrities alike do stuff badly more than we do the best people that we don't know as well. It sucks that the game works like that, but y'all just look bitter and it ain't pretty. And short-sighted. How many Logan Paul fans do you think have become boxing fans because he's doing these fights? He's the biggest promoter you've had for the sport in years, which frankly has been in decline compared to UFC.
Miciah Burrell
Miciah Burrell Місяць тому
I still don’t understand how he’s even in the same circle as other boxers!?!? Like how do you get close to Floyd Mayweather?
Big Lion
Big Lion Місяць тому
Breaking News: Jake Paul’s new opponent revealed to be retired bowling champion who just had a wrist surgery! His name, Litreally Notaboxer!
mlonjuice43 Місяць тому
Watch the fight and tell me that the fall wasnt forced lmao mans straight jumped onto the ground😂
Man from Earth
Man from Earth Місяць тому
Jakes fights are mostly for money isnt it?!
JOHN JACKSON✅ Місяць тому
i want to see paul get into a fight with that russian martial artist
TheOne Місяць тому
Yeah Ben was all that but he’s also the guy that let Jake Paul pay him to sell his reputation. Either that or he actually lost to the guys. Idk what’s worse
Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner Місяць тому
This is the same as Harvard graduates being upset with Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and saying they have no true intellect because they have no degrees.. Jake Paul doesn't even have his green belt! And he made more than me and I got my black belt woo woo woo
Bree Ortiz
Bree Ortiz Місяць тому
Those 1.5k who disliked are Paul brother fans 😂😭😂
Billiard Bob
Billiard Bob Місяць тому
Jake does put in the time for training, don’t hate just because you chose the wrong profession 😂 it’s comical how he has these grown men in their feelings because he’s making more money than them 🤣 and disrespect? It’s all a show 🤣 it generates money, and views, y’all need to get out y’alls feelings 🤣 I watch ufc over boxing but just because of how flustered he has y’all I’d like to see him beat up more mma fighters in the ring 🤣 lmao
I WANT MY SLAW!! Місяць тому
They're jealous. Jake makes millions, and rose up the ranks overnight. I would be jealous too. I'm not even a fighter, and I'm jealous of how much money he makes.
Thảo Hý
Thảo Hý Місяць тому
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Josiah Місяць тому
These people know facts about Jake Paul. Sad but true
iqrxhx bukhari
iqrxhx bukhari Місяць тому
I hope no athlete gives him the opportunity to fight he doesn’t deserve the talent they possess
SuperChocoDevil Місяць тому
prerty sure people pay ppv to see Jake the shit beaten out of him
Maximilian Smith
Maximilian Smith Місяць тому
Yall doing exactly what these idiots want which is giving them attention
I WANT MY SLAW!! Місяць тому
well they were asked the question.
Metal Storm47
Metal Storm47 Місяць тому
Who's Jake Paul? What did he do?
I WANT MY SLAW!! Місяць тому
A guy who's laughing all the way to the bank.
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CoolMan Caravan
CoolMan Caravan Місяць тому
Lmao Jake is laughing his ass off at you salty fools.
plainawful Місяць тому
Salty 💀🤨
conclone Місяць тому
Yeah sure
Simon Hagsten-Nielsen
Simon Hagsten-Nielsen Місяць тому
Everyone who watches his fights wants to see him get KO:ed
LucasHood92 Місяць тому
I’m not watching the Mayweather vs Paul fight, I have zero interest!
Emma Glynn
Emma Glynn 28 днів тому
But it’s going to be so hilarious
Doan Minh trang
Doan Minh trang Місяць тому
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Capt. Rob Atkinson
Capt. Rob Atkinson Місяць тому
Go fight Manny Pacquiao he knows how to make people humble 😂
Julia Phillipsvuiuyf
Julia Phillipsvuiuyf Місяць тому
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Thommy2n Місяць тому
Celebrity/influencer matches are not a new thing in MMA. Pro wrestlers (Lesner, Batista and Punk), some do better than other. Viral fame (Kimbo, that fat ex cop who punched him that one time, Dada 5k) some do better than others Hell we've even gotten the original Green Ranger of the Power Rangers, and Jason David Frank unexpectedly kicked SO MUCH ASS. So agreed, if you are aware of the risks and how mismatched you probably are and still want to get beat up for money, go for it. Just show some goddamn respect. And the fact that the Paul brothers just don't seem to have that last part in their vocabulary that makes me just on principle say "Fuck you Jake Paul and Logan Paul, I hope it hurts and they don't show you any mercy."
You'll See My Name EveryWhere
You'll See My Name EveryWhere Місяць тому
1:08 *You’re a genius you moron*
Stephen Cano
Stephen Cano Місяць тому
My man really said that Jake don't even deserve his right hand, the disrespect
Ivan Chua
Ivan Chua Місяць тому
Anthony Smith seems like he's got it set as a fight promoter or manager after he retires from the ring.
Antoinne Lamah
Antoinne Lamah Місяць тому
stay mad.cope... seethe.
Galvatorrix Місяць тому
You know who's a fighter cause the cauliflower ears
Caleb Lambert
Caleb Lambert Місяць тому
Jake paul makes all eat their actual words. Kids unbelievable and talented..
Michael M.
Michael M. Місяць тому
Jake Paul would def call out weidman now that he only has 1 good leg as of today.
Shan Ashes
Shan Ashes Місяць тому
Uriah Hall vs Jake Paul ❤
Abel Chavez
Abel Chavez Місяць тому
Man i gotta get into mma. Very insightful dudes
leenyburghers Місяць тому
This is completely true. Paul is a total arsehole I could beat the shit out of the arsehole and I'm a girl
Stinkmeaner Місяць тому
I would so watch that 🤣
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Місяць тому
After hearing Chris talk im even more hurt that he is injured he fasho would smash jake no question
Jack Burton
Jack Burton Місяць тому
Whats a jake paul?
Brendan Price
Brendan Price Місяць тому
“These fighters are selling out to fight him” *is asked what would happen if jake Paul wanted to fight* “I’d knock him out and say thank you for the opportunity” lmao meathead can’t even keep track. Maybe you been punched a little too much so you suck more as a fighter than if you were in your prime and started. These dudes been fucked up so bad that their %100 isn’t as strong as it could be had they not been beaten the shit out of
Rollo Місяць тому
Ufc took an L period. Jake Paul whipped his ass Askren shouldn’t of fought in a boxing ring ufc guys got no hands
Terd Ferguson
Terd Ferguson Місяць тому
Imagine not saying anything and moving in.
Calum Rodgers
Calum Rodgers Місяць тому
everything these guys are saying is predominantly correct
banned for nothing
banned for nothing Місяць тому
The guy at 2 min ish with glasses is a ticking time bomb trust me
banned for nothing
banned for nothing Місяць тому
@Never trust a man who edits his comments gonna go postal
banned for nothing
banned for nothing Місяць тому
@Never trust a man who edits his comments he looks like he's going to jail for 50 years lol
Never trust a man who edits his comments
in what way?
Connor Місяць тому
I would pay alot of money to watch Jake Paul fight a current ufc fighter. Or even a current boxer.
Antiquarian Місяць тому
True but not every fighter needs to be paid a lot of money. It’s an entertainment business and the most entertaining make the most money.
lil yup
lil yup Місяць тому
Any shit fighter: jake paul😈
Daniel Mace
Daniel Mace Місяць тому
But they're all talking about him, that's what he wants
ToatsMcGoats Місяць тому
"whatever bum he drags into the fight" next words: "I'm all about respect"
LoriParker213 Місяць тому
Jake Paul can beat all of them.
Da world
Da world Місяць тому
Lol nice joke man 😂
Billy The_Kid
Billy The_Kid Місяць тому
Sneakz N' Heat
Sneakz N' Heat Місяць тому
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MrIsrael55 Місяць тому
You guys think it’s jakes fault for you not being paid enough 🤡😂
Violet Wade
Violet Wade Місяць тому
Uriah Hall a.k.a. Moses speaking preaching the gospel
kai moore
kai moore Місяць тому
Haters gonna hate lmao
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