Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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Huge thanks to MKBHD for letting me unbox this new 18 year old iBook! Check out the video we did on his channel: ukvid.net/video/відео-nIs8xAr_nIo.html
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16 лип 2018

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Diamond HTV
Diamond HTV 3 години тому
I wasn't even alive in 2000 Since I was born in 2010 my first piece of technology was a blackberry running a version of something like android 2.0 and you literally had to control it with the keypad
Will Cartoons
Will Cartoons 8 годин тому
I was 28 and I had the Bondi Blue Summer 2000 iMac DV. It was awesome! My first Mac
spencer saget
spencer saget 10 годин тому
I was only in 5th grade
YTGAMING PRO 11 годин тому
YTGAMING PRO 11 годин тому
I was not born in 2000
Kelsey Snavely
Kelsey Snavely 14 годин тому
I was -5 years old
NMD Gaming
NMD Gaming 16 годин тому
Mark ass brownie
Oof - Roblox...
Oof - Roblox... 21 годину тому
But Can it run Minecraft?
Henry every. Dr
Henry every. Dr День тому
This video is great 👍
FaZeDouchebag420 День тому
I was -4 years old when it came out
loretta shea
loretta shea День тому
i was not born get when it came out
Thomas Rose
Thomas Rose День тому
I was 9
Rich Girls
Rich Girls День тому
O years old
Lance Nostrum
Lance Nostrum День тому
In 2000 I was -4 years old
Trash Can
Trash Can День тому
I bet he tore that pussy up after he finished rec
ChickenStripz День тому
Tetlus Adams
Tetlus Adams День тому
6:19 laptops have been around since the late 70's not the mid 2000's
Apex 0101
Apex 0101 День тому
I was born in 2006
Ace PvP
Ace PvP 2 дні тому
3:42 that reminds me of fin's hate from adventure time lol
PandaBro 2 дні тому
James Burke
James Burke 2 дні тому
In the year 2,000 I was 9 years old. Y2K !?!. INTERNET YAYA!
Jason Mahannah
Jason Mahannah 2 дні тому
Can I have it
dan75 2 дні тому
That's a Spyderco knife. I knew I liked her for a reason.
Elin Vikhagen
Elin Vikhagen 2 дні тому
what does the fox say is from my country:) its a weird flex but okay ;)
Liutauras Pac
Liutauras Pac 3 дні тому
I was -7 in 2000
Joschua The Gamer
Joschua The Gamer 3 дні тому
I wasn’t even born in 2000
Nat D
Nat D 3 дні тому
I was -5
IMPERIAL BLUE 3 дні тому
Not born
Jacob S
Jacob S 3 дні тому
It’s so funny how Justine is going crazy (I would, lol) and Marques just completely calm lol
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen 3 дні тому
Is she having an orgasm
norah Posey
norah Posey 3 дні тому
I was just a tiny tiny egg in 2000
Smilla Anema
Smilla Anema 3 дні тому
I wasn’t alive 👍 Anyone else?
Anton travels
Anton travels 3 дні тому
I was -4 in 2000
Ajdloverfan YT
Ajdloverfan YT 3 дні тому
It’s called iBook clamshell
slimer.com 3 дні тому
Azrielic 4 дні тому
Gasp SHOCKING im born at 2006 sooooooooooo
AWUNDERLICH 11 4 дні тому
Lysette W.
Lysette W. 4 дні тому
I wasn’t even born My brother was barely one year old
Maryy B
Maryy B 4 дні тому
This is the Legally Blonde laptop 😱😱
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 4 дні тому
I was 14 and a freshman in high school.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 4 дні тому
Apple also had Steve Jobs back then. Jobs would have definitely put out more color options for iPhones, iPads and Macbooks.
Giggidygiggidy12 4 дні тому
If anyone wants to see Brownlee freak out there is only one record of this occurrence and it's when he met Elon Musk
Goomoo 98
Goomoo 98 4 дні тому
I was -5 lol
Jackpbug 4 дні тому
in the year 2000, i wasn't even conceived.
The blond bros
The blond bros 4 дні тому
I was -7 years old
Lover joy
Lover joy 4 дні тому
I wasn’t born by then
RogersDead 4 дні тому
vkallmünzer 4 дні тому
Wasn‘t existing yet😂
Phoenyx Young
Phoenyx Young 4 дні тому
I wasn’t born in 2000.....
Tobi Johnson
Tobi Johnson 4 дні тому
The laptop was shipped on my birthday😲😲😲
Zawawasas Lol
Zawawasas Lol 4 дні тому
-5 lol
Patryk Gamer and Vloger
Patryk Gamer and Vloger 5 днів тому
I wasn't born then
StaciJ 5 днів тому
I had the orange one
Rabbin Rabbit
Rabbin Rabbit 5 днів тому
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 5 днів тому
i grew up in the iPad 2 era... back when the internet was.. easier... to access XD
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan 5 днів тому
I was -3 in 2000
Penny Locke
Penny Locke 5 днів тому
I wasn’t born yet
Ema Llama
Ema Llama 5 днів тому
I was dead in 2000 😂
Dan Angeles
Dan Angeles 5 днів тому
My favorite part is when she pulled out the Spyderco
chayenne gorp
chayenne gorp 5 днів тому
3 years
N i k k i C h a r l e s
N i k k i C h a r l e s 5 днів тому
I was 4 in 2000 😂 my mom and dad actually have the laptops and sometimes I try to use it but of course I fail. But my mom has the orange and my dad the blue one. Ah, the days. 😂
ToxicViper107 5 днів тому
Jack Scarle
Jack Scarle 5 днів тому
I was only 3 years old in 2000
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing 787 Dreamliner 5 днів тому
I born in 2004.
PP Mctoasted
PP Mctoasted 5 днів тому
chris galeana bravo
chris galeana bravo 6 днів тому
I was 3 years old when. This came out
Christoffer Sand
Christoffer Sand 6 днів тому
I was 6 years old in 2000 😍
malcolm X petry
malcolm X petry 6 днів тому
i was 7 in 2000
Collin Turner
Collin Turner 6 днів тому
I was -5 in 2000
Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Trainer 6 днів тому
I was -8when it came out.
Soraya Parks
Soraya Parks 6 днів тому
i was not born in 2000 i am 9
Emily O
Emily O 6 днів тому
She’s hella annoying
Rijul Garg
Rijul Garg 6 днів тому
-4 years old
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson 6 днів тому
I was -3 yrs old
Jose Moralez
Jose Moralez 6 днів тому
Holywood .plastic fantastic.cut cut cut cut.can you make 1 minute video without cut ?is so unnatural.
Alexandru-Andrei Neagu
Alexandru-Andrei Neagu 6 днів тому
If you guys are so nuts about this laptop, keep this in mind: I STILL HAVE A MACHINTOSH MARIA THAT BOOTS AND COMPLETELY WORKS.
Crazy Turtle7184
Crazy Turtle7184 7 днів тому
Photographer: what’s your prop? Me: just my fresh new computer. Photographer: ........
Benson Smith
Benson Smith 7 днів тому
Lmaoooo i was 2 years old
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 7 днів тому
Reminds me of rngmrfreshasian playing with muselk
AshleyWonder LandMimiHelloPeople
I was nothing in 2000 not a living thing
Kenny Jones aka relientkenny
Kenny Jones aka relientkenny 7 днів тому
this feels like when they discovered the computers on the island in LOST
Rockyes124 7 днів тому
i was -6 years old in 2000
Hich kuche
Hich kuche 7 днів тому
She's overreacting!!!
Axl Gonzalez
Axl Gonzalez 7 днів тому
I was 7 in 2000! 🤙
Marely Cool Channel
Marely Cool Channel 7 днів тому
I was not born I born in 2008 🙄
Jay ジェイ
Jay ジェイ 7 днів тому
Justine’s reactions are so cute 😊 I would have loved to have that laptop growing up. Too bad I was only four years old at the time
Carlos Dieguez
Carlos Dieguez 7 днів тому
I was not born. I was born in 2008
Savannah K
Savannah K 7 днів тому
😂😂I was born in 2000
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore 7 днів тому
1 for most of the 2000 and 2 in nov.
GGYT 7 днів тому
I was 1 yr old in 2000
Wade McLure
Wade McLure 8 днів тому
I was 22 in 2000, but I got my first laptop in 1996, and my first desktop in 1992 (it was a 386)
Kirsty Rodger
Kirsty Rodger 8 днів тому
I was -5......
Piggies 4 Ever
Piggies 4 Ever 9 днів тому
I was -3 in 2000 but I do remember growing up always asking my parents if I could use the iBook, and at some point I did but from the times I can fully remember, it was dead, so I would sit in the study and pretend to type and 'do work', copying my parents. Now, at 15, I'm finally saving up for one thing I've always wanted, an iMac (well, growing up my Christmas list was 1. an iPod 2. an iPad 3. a MacBook 4. an iMac 5. an iPhone (whatever iPhone was most recently released)) P.S I love your videos and I've been watching a lot recently because I also just got a 4-year-old MacBook Air from my dad and I am super broke right now because I am using all my pocket money to pay monthly for my brand new Series 4 Apple Watch (I have a job, I just haven't started yet) that was a super long comment.
EDAI 9 днів тому
I was a couple months
digitvideo 9 днів тому
like 2 chimps trying to put a square peg in a round hole.
Peyton Harness
Peyton Harness 9 днів тому
I wasn’t born yet
Boiling Tea
Boiling Tea 9 днів тому
Why is everyone so mad with Justine being excited? Because it’s honestly non of your guys’ business and she’s just excited
Adam Daniel
Adam Daniel 9 днів тому
i was 2 xD
Jeremy Gordon
Jeremy Gordon 9 днів тому
Wow she's contributing nothing except annoying noises.
Margarita Castillo
Margarita Castillo 10 днів тому
I was 13 . Now I feel old everyone here wasn’t born .
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