Upchurch "Midnight in Montgomery" (OFFICIAL RENDITION VIDEO)

Ryan Upchurch
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Andrea White
Andrea White 58 хвилин тому
Come on now! Sooo good!
Melanie Kelley
Melanie Kelley 5 годин тому
Yes sir!
glen cannon
glen cannon 12 годин тому
ouuuuuuu thats fire church
High Priestess Angelique
High Priestess Angelique 20 годин тому
2:22 okay that made me cry 😢
tobin baker
tobin baker 23 години тому
40 miles from my house. Ol Hanks grave is a site to see too
William McArthur
William McArthur День тому
This is the worst thing anyone has ever done to a country song.
Reubin Hudson
Reubin Hudson День тому
Upchurch ... Much love and respect!!! Hank has to be proud and awesome job . Pure Genius and I could've told you Hank was in the hood . I live in Mobile , Al .
MrSlimshady649 День тому
Ryan, that must have been an amazing experience!!! I’m sure Hank loved your visit . I know I would. Your a lucky Man. I’d love to lay my hand on Hanks grave. God Bless you and yours Ryan
Garry Faust
Garry Faust День тому
My favorite song man !!! Loved the video good job wow
Frank Hays
Frank Hays День тому
Awesome fuggin that fire remix especially the end fuggin
Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia День тому
Love it but would totally have been better with a old pickup truck not a lambo 🙂 keep it country my friend!
Dale Massie
Dale Massie День тому
Church that’s kick ass really enjoyed cranking it on the radio. Thank you for another banger to add to the playlist
Rico Dog
Rico Dog День тому
Extremely gay
Justin Miller
Justin Miller День тому
Fucking Bad Ass 🤟
Музыка для души_Music for the soul_2021
super clip !!! thanks like !!!
Brandi Wisen
Brandi Wisen День тому
When music gives you chills . It sings to your soul. ❤
LeeAnn Morrison
LeeAnn Morrison 2 дні тому
This is one of my favorites that you have out but I have other ones but I'm sorry you almost got shot you are the MAN
Dustin Wehry
Dustin Wehry 2 дні тому
Hard Rock version of this song?
Chris Sealey
Chris Sealey 2 дні тому
Dude you should do a song with Hank3
James Kerns
James Kerns 2 дні тому
Real tribute, need it in music these day!!!
Shane Kyzar
Shane Kyzar 2 дні тому
Kick ass job Church!!! This is one of my favorite Alan Jackson songs. And this brings back some damn good memories!!!
Captain Stupid
Captain Stupid 2 дні тому
Thanks for the flag ;)
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell 2 дні тому
Absolute LEGEND you are! 🤘
Hommie May
Hommie May 3 дні тому
I hate how the new country crop think they can redo songs Please stop fucking up songs
Hommie May
Hommie May 3 дні тому
God you fucked up one of Allen Jackson's best songs
Mike Gann
Mike Gann 3 дні тому
Nailed it man you gave that song New life
ROARtheRAPPER 3 дні тому
Lol every time I see you looking around I just remember what you said about the video shoot and think there's gunfire going on around you! Glad you were safe!
Kim Polson
Kim Polson 3 дні тому
Have you considered doing "The Ride"?
the gaming rider
the gaming rider 3 дні тому
Will this song make it to Apple Music?
Lady Sleuths
Lady Sleuths 3 дні тому
LOVE IT !! Keep up the amazing work !!!!
Sara Nicholson
Sara Nicholson 3 дні тому
FoxOfficial 3 дні тому
Wow! I love this!
james_mccullors 3 дні тому
Why can I imagine hank looking at y'all like "the hell these motherfuckers doin"
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 4 дні тому
Makes me want an adderal and jonnie walker
gary p Achord
gary p Achord 4 дні тому
I honestly listen to this song at least 3 times (really more than that) a day since it came out!
Barry Jones
Barry Jones 4 дні тому
when is upchurch and hank jr gonna hookup? /
Garrett Mcmunn
Garrett Mcmunn 4 дні тому
You should do a remake of cocane blues my favorite sing by jhonny cash
Jonathan Tidwell
Jonathan Tidwell 4 дні тому
Bro this is so sick. You tube needs a heart button for this. I was born in Montgomery so this is one of my all time favorites and you turned the f up on this one. You make the south proud. Keep killing it bro and you ever want to shoot some river videos come to Gadsden Alabama. We live on the river up here. Nothing but love for you bro. Keep crushing it skin.
Outdoor Legacy
Outdoor Legacy 4 дні тому
Yes yes and yes fucking yes bro love your talent a song for every mood in your discography brother keep slaying
Justine Robison
Justine Robison 4 дні тому
Justine Robison
Justine Robison 4 дні тому
tammy duke
tammy duke 5 днів тому
Wow🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 you are Awesome 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 From Alabama
Christina Huber
Christina Huber 5 днів тому
You are incredibly sexy 😏
justin baird
justin baird 5 днів тому
Hurts me too say it I think he's getting bored like rappers need too eat other rappers too survive
Ashley Day-Tripp
Ashley Day-Tripp 5 днів тому
Best best rendition ever made thank you!
Nic Elizabeth
Nic Elizabeth 5 днів тому
The feels 🔥
Rocky Loveless
Rocky Loveless 5 днів тому
This cover made me tear up
Rhonda Brondum
Rhonda Brondum 6 днів тому
You are badass ! Love your music I’m a new fan. I discovered your music about 3 weeks ago on UKvid... I’m so excited! Wish you nothing but the best!
Kait Richardson
Kait Richardson 6 днів тому
There’s not one single song by you church that isn’t good. Cause they are all amazing! I love how you keep it real and it flows so natural even when you hit some tough spots. Thank you for doing what you do. Your music helps all of us. I hope to one day being alb to go to one of your concerts. Your amazing at what you do man. Keep it up. We’re all proud of you. And ignore the haters. Thank you❤️🤘🏻
Richard Murray
Richard Murray 6 днів тому
Can should make a cover album
Dawn Keener
Dawn Keener 6 днів тому
I just discovered you about a week ago... And I must say... Country is country and you can spot country a mile away. Thank you for just doing it your way. I have a lot of catching up to do but I must admit I'm on it! Probably 30 videos so far... Not just here but podcast and other's reactions.... Just keep being real and I can tell I ain't gotta say don't change cause looks like ...Fuck it... said it to em all. Hell yeah man!
325thabn 6 днів тому
harmony is killing it, get it church love it man
Staci Anne Marie
Staci Anne Marie 6 днів тому
I haven’t heard this in so long. I love this. 🙏🏻💕
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez 6 днів тому
Great cover and I hope my city treated you with all the love and respect when you were here for the video Keep it rockin🤙🤙🤙
chris hopkins231
chris hopkins231 6 днів тому
Him and his band are too good🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
OffroadOutlawsGamer101 6 днів тому
Is this coming to spotify?
Autris Garner
Autris Garner 6 днів тому
Just got taken back to my child hood. You the best. 👍❤️
1Alone 7 днів тому
haunting site this place is! live right up the road and visit often... I swear you can feel the spirit of all of it when standing there! and Heavy!!
Ronald McCoy
Ronald McCoy 7 днів тому
Danget brother that’s awesome
Randy Loads
Randy Loads 7 днів тому
Nathaniel Goldsberry
Nathaniel Goldsberry 7 днів тому
Fire 🔥
Grand Springdale
Grand Springdale 7 днів тому
If thing's keep going the way they are the people of West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas and all points to the Southeast might have our new Capital in Montgomery👍 I'm just saying.......
William Reeder
William Reeder 7 днів тому
this sounds bad fuckin ass
BJJ and BS
BJJ and BS 7 днів тому
this is awesome if you dont want to hear it sung by someone really amazing like Alan Jackson. basically karaoke
Cynthia Terry
Cynthia Terry 7 днів тому
church i love everything u do. but idk about this. love it but i wish it was more slow.
Annie Oops
Annie Oops 8 днів тому
This gave me chills
Ty 8 днів тому
Would LOVE an album of just his covers!!! Always gold. What I love about it is he knows you can't upstage a legend so he gives them all the church twist and it works every time
Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris 8 днів тому
I am on my wife’s you tube but I found my new walk out to the ring music -JohnathenMayfield
Josh Flowers
Josh Flowers 8 днів тому
Been to that grave many times.
Kyle Webb
Kyle Webb 8 днів тому
This is a good dam song right here
#Ya boy Blue
#Ya boy Blue 8 днів тому
Killed it brother
FIXED IS FIXED 8 днів тому
Don't dislike it by any means but Alan Jackson's version will always be number 1 in my mind.
Isak Haverinen
Isak Haverinen 8 днів тому
I think Alen Jackson sings it better
Bertie_b72 8 днів тому
Well, I wasn't expecting to like this... lol. Dont judge me. 🤷‍♀️😂 Anyway, I listened twice... ok... I fockin like it!! Respect To Ya Upchurch!!
Steven Fields
Steven Fields 8 днів тому
Just think, man. Way far in the future, someone's gonna be standing on your grave singing a song about a legend. Much respect for this humble work of art🤘🏼
Dizzle theDevil
Dizzle theDevil 8 днів тому
All I do in music city I reckon is make the racket...
Dizzle theDevil
Dizzle theDevil 8 днів тому
Tennessee Titan on the mic...
Redneck girl01
Redneck girl01 8 днів тому
I love Upchurch but nothing beats Alan Jackson I went and saw Hank and Audreys grave about a month ago there’s really a strange chill that goes through you when your standing in front of them
Merranda Kimble
Merranda Kimble 9 днів тому
Nice..\m/😛\m/..Everything about the way this song was wrote is 🔥
Vator Self
Vator Self 9 днів тому
MAN.... Keep this on repeat! Awesome job sir! Always killin it!
Noah 9 днів тому
I absolutely fucking hate country…no offense to anyone it’s just the same shit like how mainstrain rap and pop is but this dude….THIS is gold….you’re the first country singer I have ever added to a playlist sir. Thank you for blessing my ears and expanding my music taste
Natural Born Rebel
Natural Born Rebel 9 днів тому
sent from KARISTINkELLY.... 2 thumbs up. kick (_v_)
AMY LEBEOUF 9 днів тому
L Good
L Good 9 днів тому
Jeffery Hergenroeder
Jeffery Hergenroeder 9 днів тому
Hey church are u still doing creeker fest in Taylorville Illinois
🐬 Joyfull dolphin 🐬
🐬 Joyfull dolphin 🐬 9 днів тому
Niiice 😁😎
littleshell27 9 днів тому
Wow this game me chills
Darien Dominiak
Darien Dominiak 9 днів тому
Gives me chills everytime!!!! Love this shit!!
K Harris
K Harris 9 днів тому
Chills man 🤘
Christina Huber
Christina Huber 10 днів тому
I wanna sing this with you 😏 can't stop listening to this one
Christina Huber
Christina Huber 10 днів тому
Sing this to me 😛 please
Joshua Simpson
Joshua Simpson 10 днів тому
Roll Tide! 🔥🤟 Fuggin
C H 10 днів тому
good thing I'm real
C H 10 днів тому
i love your voice in this so much mmhmm
Little Suzi86
Little Suzi86 10 днів тому
You made me a fan and I am subscribed ☀️🙋‍♀️First time hearing your singing voice and it’s sweet.💕
B-MO 10 днів тому
Samuel Walden
Samuel Walden 10 днів тому
Alan Jackson wrote this song originally
Ted Patton
Ted Patton 10 днів тому
Kevin Reaves
Kevin Reaves 10 днів тому
This song definitely grew on me. The more I listen to it the better it gets. I think he killed it👊🤟
Rusty_Shakleford 10 днів тому
Hey man I live in Montgomery now. My brother has lived here for years. I've moved here with my wife and 3 kids from NC. But I've smoked blunts at Hank's grave. Wish I would've known you were coming down to do this video. Next time let me know. My brother and I have owned some tat2 shops in tupelo and NC in past years. My brother was working outta a shop here in the Gump and I was tat gun will travel. I was going to ppls houses and doing tats for awhile sum years back. Talk about hood.. I can show you the hood. Also we had our roof worked on awhile back and the roofer brought down a hand full of squished bullets that he had dug out of the roof. These crazy mfers shoot in the air. Not giving a fuk where they land. I could tell ya some stories about Montgomery. Locals call it the Gump.. Be safe. Next time hit me up. I'll show ya around. This place is very historical. And very dark. Wink wink. Lol
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